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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, April 4, 2005

Down at the Salem docks, Mimi struggled to figure out how the mysterious stranger, Stan, knew she had an abortion. A light bulb went off when Meems spotted Jan at the opposite end of the peer. Mimi confronted a bewildered Jan who insisted she told no one. Getting increasingly angry, Mimi punched Jan, knocking them both into the Salem River. Once the two climbed out, looking like drowned rats, they went another round in the blackmailing blame game. Jan told Mimi her blabbing to a stranger was illogical, but when Jan said "you've sinned against God" just like Stan did, Mimi's anger was renewed. Frustrated, Jan told her to worry more about Stan telling Rex than her.

Back at his motel room, Sami, as Stan, swore over Mimi, almost blowing his cover just to get even for Mimi's badmouthing Sami to Lucas. A cooler head prevailed and instead, Stan called St. Luke's to track down Chloe. Stan managed to get an address for her, but decided to put it off so that he could get a new batch of drugs to John.

At the penthouse, John lifted free weights, while Kate spotted his work out. John blamed himself for the ISA plan failing, saying the drugs and pain clouded his judgment, prevented him from staying three steps ahead. Kate brushed his blaming off and went to take a shower. With Kate out of the room, a tortured John went for his stash of drugs. John was horrified to find the bottles were empty and panicky, began to tear apart his dresser drawers looking for a back up supply. Mid-search, Kate came out and saw the painkiller bottles. Quick thinking, John said they were empties he was throwing out. Kate told him how proud she was of his kicking the habit and of Phil she said, "you are on the case, you're drug free and I trust you more than anyone in the world." After Kate went to her room, John dealt with his pain and Stan called him to offer a fresh supply of drugs. John said no but Stan insisted that without them, he couldn't help Philip, and John would never want to disappoint the women he loves. John hung up and checked on a sleeping Kate. Once dressed, John swore to find out who Stan is and why he knew all about him.

Belle asked Hope for advice on how to handle her worrying. Hope told her to keep praying. Deep in melancholy, Belle thought about how much worse things would be if they had kids, then said she didn't plan to have any. Hope was visibly shocked so Belle clarified that she meant no kids until she was truly ready to be a mother.

In his living room, Shawn informed his father that he planned to save Philip so that Belle wouldn't fall apart. Bo plead with Shawn to leave the rescue mission to the professionals. Shawn kept hinting at a secret weapon and after much pressing, admitted to Bo that he meant Rex. Bo reiterated that neither are qualified for such a mission, but Shawn explained he couldn't watch Belle hurt anymore. Hope and Belle entered the room and heard of Shawn's idea. "I can't lose you too," Belle exclaimed, hugging Shawn. Shawn agreed to leave it up to the professionals, but disbelieving him, Hope pulled Bo aside and asked him to be there to stop Shawn if he tried to go through with his plan. Meanwhile, Shawn promised Belle he wouldn't go after Philip.

At the clinic, Nancy showed Chloe a gossip piece in the newspaper that hinted Nicole and Brady's romance was hotter than Brady and Chloe's. In denial, Chloe insisted she no longer had the face he fell in love with. Softening, Nancy explained that she didn't have the same face Craig fell in love with, but he loved her still just like Brady loves Chloe. Still, Chloe resisted and Nancy tore out of the clinic promising to tell Brady that night that Chloe was alive. Chloe tried to call Nancy's cell phone to stop her, but Nancy would not answer.

At the Kiriakis mansion, an overwhelmed Brady worried that he was slipping with his work. A nearly naked Nicole offered to ease his tension, but Brady instead asked her to review the import/export figures. When Brady returned later, a newly naked Nicole was pleased to announce the business was in the black and the staff had the night off. Brady began to kiss Nicole and told her she reminded him of Chloe in that she was "kind, loving, tough, but underneath vulnerable." Touched, Nicole made love to Brady. Afterward, Brady ran in Nicole's flowery robe to answer the doorbell, believing it to be a pizza he ordered. Instead he found Nancy who said she had some important news about Chloe.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Sami/Stan lures John to the pier and John suspects Sami/Stan is following someone else's orders. John seems to recognize that Sami/Stan is not a man, they struggle and Sami/Stan injects John with drugs. Sami/Stan leaves John in pain but with a new stash.

Brady and Nicole's evening is interrupted by Nancy; she is determined to tell Brady that Chloe is alive. Nicole has some harsh words for Nancy. Back at the clinic, Chloe calls in reinforcement in the form of her father, Craig, to neutralize Nancy's effort to "unmask" her. Afraid that won't be enough she herself goes to the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe hears Nancy blurt out that Chloe is alive. Nancy talks around her mistake and sees Chloe outside; she tells Brady about a memorial service for Chloe. Both Chloe and Nicole think they are safe until they both get a call from Sami/Stan...

Mimi nearly tells Rex the truth about the abortion but he throws her for a loop when he surprises her on the roof with a special tribute/romantic evening.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Bo and Hope are still at the loft with Shawn and Belle. Both Shawn's parents and Belle insist he not do anything crazy. Shawn promises he won't do anything reckless. Rex and Mimi return from their romantic time on the rooftop. Hope learns Mimi and Rex are engaged and she is thrilled for them. Belle wants to celebrate but Mimi says no, she wouldn't feel right about celebrating while Philip is still a prisoner. They decide to have a small dinner party for family and close friends. Bo and Hope leave and the kids go to Alice's. There, they encounter Billie and Patrick. Mimi tells Belle about her encounter with Sami/Stan and the threat to tell Rex about her abortion. Belle says Mimi has to tell Rex the truth before someone else does but Mimi just can't; if Rex learns the truth, he'll leave her. Shawn subtly asks Rex how to hack into the government website and he tells him.

After they leave the loft, Bo and Hope end up on the pier where they almost argue again about Billie. Bo sees a boat for sale, the same model as the Fancy Face. He and Hope sneak aboard, reminisce about their time on the boat and make love. Hope wonders if they can recapture their past happiness.

Chelsea and Abby are still watching Patrick with Billie on the pier. Chelsea is more determined than ever to make sure Billie doesn't stand a chance with Patrick. Abby is nervous they'll get caught but works with Chelsea -- she doesn't care who Patrick is with as long as it isn't Abby's mother. They follow Patrick and Billie and sneak into Alice's. Bonnie still wants Patrick to make a play for Jennifer, but when she realizes Billie is Kate Roberts' daughter, gives Patrick her blessing. Abby tells Chelsea about Billie's addictive personality and her arrest for hitting the cop at the Cheatin' Heart. Chelsea gets an idea and pours vodka into Billie's juice/drink. It appears Bonnie has caught them, however.

When the gang arrives at Alice's, Shawn and Billie have a tense confrontation about her going after Bo and Shawn being with Belle.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Sami/Stan confronts Jan outside Alice's bar: she/he knows all of Jan's secrets. Jan is aghast as she realizes this is the creepy guy Mimi was so freaked out about. Mimi sees Jan talking to Sami/ Stan and realizes she was right, the two are in cahoots! Mimi goes out to confront Jan after Sami/Stan has moved off and accuses Jan of telling the weird guy all her secrets. Jan denies but Mimi will not put up with her blackmail any more. A fight ensues and as Jan lunges at Mimi, she falls on a rock and hits her head. Mimi panics and thinks Jan is dead! Sami/Stan is hiding nearby and is thrilled at this turn of events.

Patrick and Billie dance and ride the bull at Alice's. Billie sips her spiked drink, unaware she is drinking alcohol. She gets very uninhibited and makes a pass at Patrick. They go back to Bo and Hope's house.

Bo and Hope discuss Billie and Patrick -- Bo is against Billie getting close to Lockhart. Hope thinks it would be good for Billie. When Bo and Hope get home they hear the bedsprings getting a workout in the guest bedroom. Suddenly, there is a crash as Patrick and Billie break the bed! Bo and Hope burst in on them and Bo is furious that they have been sleeping together!

Shawn is secretly determined to find and rescue Philip on his own and tries to use Rex's laptop to gather intel. Rex catches him and thinks Shawn is making a huge mistake. Shawn is willing to risk his own life to save Philip but are his motivations for the right reason?

Belle visits John and Kate and they are shocked when Belle tells them that she (and Shawn, Bo, Hope, and Rex) watched a live satellite feed of the failed attempt to rescue Philip. John goes to beef up his ISA computer security. Alone with Kate, Belle blurts out Shawn's idea to rescue Philip himself but thank goodness they talked him out of it. Kate stuns Belle when she thinks Shawn should go ahead; Kate would do anything to rescue her son. Their argument builds and builds until Kate slaps Belle across the face. John, fresh from another drug injection, walks in and asks what the hell is Kate doing?!

Bonnie catches Chelsea and Abby at the bar (but she doesn't see Chelsea spiking Billie's drink). The girls are desperate that their moms not know they are here. Bonnie tells Patrick and Billie that she'll drive the girls home and Chelsea is furious when Patrick hooks up with Billie.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Bo and Hope burst in on Billie and Patrick. Bo can't stand seeing Patrick being intimate with Billie. Hope is pleased that Billie and Patrick are together and in private, accuses Bo of still having feelings for his ex. Bo denies and Hope thinks Bo is in denial. Patrick asks if Billie hooked up with him just to make Bo jealous? Billie thinks that's ridiculous! Patrick leaves and tells Billie she should figure everything out before they get together again. Hope kicks Bo out of bed and Billie once again sees trouble in paradise.

Shawn makes a heartfelt plea to get Rex to help him rescue Philip. Rex thinks it is too dangerous and would never work. Shawn keeps pressing and Rex gives in. Shawn and Rex sit down to plan out their strategy to save Philip.

John walks in on Kate slapping Belle. Kate apologizes and Belle surprisingly defends Kate; she is stressed about her missing son. John is upset when he hears that Shawn is thinking about trying to rescue Philip but Belle assures him that Shawn promised to stay out of it. John knows Shawn can be hotheaded and stubborn but again, Belle tells her dad not to worry.

Mimi is horrified that she has killed Jan. Sami/Stan watches from the bushes and calls 911. When they arrive, Mimi hides and the cops confront Sami/Stan. She/he tells them he saw two women fighting and the police believe her/him when they find a press-on nail on Jan's body... the assailant must have been a woman. Sami/Stan is released as Mimi, still hiding, is stricken when she sees her missing [fake] nail. After the police move off, Sami/Stan gets Mimi alone and threatens her; if Jan dies, Mimi will go to death row! Mimi runs off upset that Jan now has another terrible secret of hers.

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