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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, April 18, 2005

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole remembered overhearing Nancy and Chloe at the clinic, talking about going after Brady, and worried. Stan popped up to reassure her that he would take care of Chloe and that he just wanted everyone to get what they deserved.

Inside the Kiriakis mansion, Rex, Shawn, and Brady reviewed plans to save Philip. Brady was bothered by the fact that Philip was being held in an area that was relatively peaceful before because it meant there was new leadership there. Rex couldn't nail down exactly where Philip was being held, and Nicole bust through the door just as he was saying that. Nicole begged Brady not to do it. Brady took her aside and informed her that he promised Rex and Shawn the money for the mission only if he could go. Nicole worried the only thing Brady would come back to was Chloe. Confused, Brady assumed she was talking about when he proposed to Chloe's ashes. Nicole reiterated her fear that Brady would never get over Chloe but Brady assured her that the proposal was about moving on with his life. He also said that when he gets back, he would have an important question for Nicole. Frantic, Nicole exclaimed she couldn't wait, dropped to one knee and proposed. Chuckling, Brady told her no, he wanted to do it the right way.

In the living room, Shawn complained that Nicole would tell everyone about the plan but Brady and Nicole returned with Brady vouching for Nicole's discretion. Nicole begged the threesome to think about the ones who love them and how it would affect them if the three did not return from the mission. Later, Brady reviewed the plans with the boys, in where they would go in by plane, land, and go on foot after Philip. When Rex said a fourth would be needed, Brady said he had someone in mind if he will agree to it.

Jennifer prepared for Abby's surprise 17th birthday party and accidentally found a bracelet for Abby from Jack. Jennifer remembered when Jack had shown the bracelet to her and told her he made it while on the island and wanted to save it for her upcoming 17th birthday. Back in the present time, Jennifer happily wrapped the gift and got ready for the party.

While out driving, Patrick asked Billie how she felt about Bo kicking her out of the house. Billie said she was planning on leaving anyway but Patrick said that after making love to her, he knew Billie's heart was with Bo. Billie quickly said Patrick's heart was with Jennifer. The conversation soon turned to Georgia, and Billie felt like something bad was going to happen to her before she could find her. Suddenly, Billie spotted a car accident on the side of the road. Lying on the roadside was a bloody and unconscious Abby, Chelsea, and Chelsea's parents. Billie attempted to call 911 but a riot at a basketball game had the police tied up. She then attempted to call Bo but got Hope instead. Hope, in disbelief that Billie had barely left the house and was now calling Bo, hung up. A bloody Mrs. Benson asked Billie to take care of her baby and a barely conscious Chelsea asked Billie to help her. Frustrated with the lack of help on the scene, Patrick grabbed the phone and called Lexie. He was next going to call Jennifer but Billie advised him to tell her in person about Abby.

Bo and Hope rekindled their love life at home. After hanging up on Billie, Hope had a brief conversation with Jennifer about Billie and Abby's party. When Bo returned, Hope didn't tell him about Billie's phone call.

At the DiMera castle, Jack and Roman attempted to knock down the door to get to the fire filled room holding Cassie and Marlena. Cassie opened a window inside, causing a back draft and blowing the door off the hinges, temporarily knocking out Jack and Roman. When a guard came and checked on Roman, Jack knocked him out and together with Roman went after Cassie and Marlena. Tony and Bart arrived to block an escape. While Roman ran inside the room to save the women, Jack grabbed a gun and shot Tony in the stomach. Roman pulled Marlena and Cassie out into the hallway, just as the roof in the hallway began to collapse. Bart tried to drag Tony away but a hole opened up, swallowing Tony, followed by the collapse of the rest of the roof in the hall.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Abby, Chelsea, and the Bensons' lives hang in the balance after the car wreck. Billie does her best to help Chelsea hang on, even giving her mouth to mouth. Lexie arrives and gets everyone to the hospital. Patrick breaks the news to Jennifer about Abby. Lexie informs Billie that she didn't make it and Jennifer thinks that Abby is gone.

At the castle, Victor and Caroline attempt to escape but Bart comes in to rescue them from the fire. Unfortunately, an explosion seems to cut their escape short. Marlena and Cassie flee the castle, courtesy of a secret passage Jack found, as Jack and Roman find themselves trapped in the castle when it explodes.

Brady forges ahead with their plan to save Philip and enlists the help of Lucas. At first Lucas doesn't want to assist but after questioning Rex and Shawn about the plan, he gives in.

Bonnie urges a guilty Mimi to leave town. Tek lays into them, saying he has proof against Mimi and he is planning to get a search warrant. He warns Bonnie and Mimi not to leave town. Mimi wants to turn herself in, saying that once they find Jan's diary, she is history anyway. Bonnie convinces Mimi to sneak into Jan's country house to find the diary, but Tek is there, waiting for them. Tek arrests Mimi for Jan's attempted murder.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Roman and Jack escape from the castle and are reunited with Cassie and Marlena. Roman uses a satellite phone he discovered to call for ISA help. Excited, he tells the others they are going home.

Caroline and Victor survive the explosion and with Bart's help they escape. They head out unaware Roman and the others are alive and have also escaped.

Unfortunately Tony is not so lucky; Bart finds his lifeless limb.

It is touch and go at the hospital for Abby and Chelsea at the hospital. Patrick is there to support Jennifer and Bo is there to support Billie -- much to Hope's displeasure. Lexie lets them all know that Chelsea's parents have died and Billie steps up as medical guardian; she gives the hospital permission for a life-saving operation. In the end, Billie rails at Hope, telling her that if she had let her speak to Bo when she called, all of this could have been prevented.

Mimi makes a full confession to Tek, despite Bonnie's best efforts. Tek doesn't arrest her but wants to hear Jan's side of the story. He warns Mimi that if Jan dies, she will be arrested for murder. Bonnie thinks they have dodged a bullet but Mimi her freedom depends on the word of Jan Spears.

Kate catches the "four musketeers" Rex, Brady, Lucas, and Shawn -- in John's office, getting information from John's top secret ISA equipment. She is determined to stop them by calling John but Brady will not let that happen.

Nicole decides to work with Stan to keep her hold on Brady. Stan tells her the only way to prevent Chloe from getting back with her beau is to botch her reconstructive surgery.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kate is determined to stop Lucas, Rex, Shawn and Brady from going to rescue Philip. She threatens to call John but they stop her. Kate does not want two more of her sons (Rex and Lucas) to put their lives in danger. Shawn, Brady and Rex leave to get ready, leaving Lucas to convince Kate they have to do this to save Philip. He makes her promise not to tell John. Finally, it appears that Kate relents. Lucas goes, leaving Kate bereft and frightened.

Mimi tells Belle she was involved in Jan's fall and that Tek knows it! If Jan dies, Mimi will be arrested for murder, the truth about the abortion will come out and Mimi will lose Rex. Belle tells Mimi she has to tell Rex the truth. When Rex comes home, Mimi is about to tell him but he announces first that he is going away for a few days. Secretly relieved, Mimi decides not to tell him anything.

When Shawn gets home he makes a farewell video to Belle and leaves it in a secret hiding place where he knows she'll find it. Belle comes over and sees that Shawn is packing. He doesn't tell her about the plan to rescue Philip, only that he is leaving for a few days to clear his head. Belle explodes and accuses him of refusing to face their problems and running away!

At the trauma center, Bo is shocked to hear that Billie called him for help and Hope hung up on her. If Billie had gotten through, Chelsea's parents might still be alive and Chelsea might not be in danger of dying. Hopes tries to defend herself but knows what she did was wrong. Jennifer learns what happened and also blows up at Hope. A nurse tells Bo and Billie that Chelsea's surgery is over and Billie fears that she is dead.

Chloe is at church praying that her surgery is successful. Brady arrives to pray for a successful mission and almost discovers Chloe.

Sami/Stan brings Nicole a nurse's uniform and ID badge so she can sneak into the clinic and botch up Chloe's surgery. Nicole isn't sure she can. Brady goes back to Nicole; she is worried about him going to rescue Philip. Sami/Stan is listening. Brady promises he'll come back safely and when he leaves to pack, Sami/Stan tells Nicole that Brady will come back to either her or the beautiful Chloe -- it is up to her.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Shawn, Rex, Brady and Lucas prepare to leave on their rescue mission, but John may be onto them; he knows someone has been hacking into his ISA computer files. Kate returns to John's and when he questions her, she breaks down and tells him about her sons' secret plan to rescue Philip. John reacts and says he'll do whatever it takes to stop them.

Belle and Mimi meet up and compare notes -- Rex and Shawn are both going out of town and they wonder if it is a coincidence. They race to Shawn's loft but the guys are already gone. Belle finds the videotape Shawn recorded and they realize the men they love are putting their lives at risk. Mimi and Belle race to John's. He gets the ISA to ground all private jets and they race off to the airport.

Shawn, Brady, Rex and Lucas are at the airport and learn their flight is grounded. Brady bribes the pilot and they take off just as John and Kate, Belle and Mimi arrive at the gate. Belle is beside herself and begs John to find a way to stop them!

Sami/Stan gets an anonymous letter with Philip's name spelled out in cut-out letters. Intrigued, Sami waits for further instructions. A package appears with a mercenary's uniform and directions how to get to Philip.

Philip is desperate to escape from his captors. In private, the guards get word that the DiMera castle has exploded and assume Tony DiMera must be dead. With no further instructions, they decide that Philip must be killed along with anyone who comes to rescue him!

Billie and Bo are still angry at Hope for hanging up when she called. Hope blames herself but Patrick comes to her defense -- further inciting Bo. A fistfight almost breaks out and Patrick escorts Hope out of there; he thinks Bo and Billie need time to cool down. Alone, Bo gets a call from Shawn letting his dad know he's okay, saying goodbye without telling his father where he is going.

Lexie tells Bo and Billie that Chelsea has survived surgery but her recovery will be very difficult. Losing both her parents won't help. Billie is emotional and compares Chelsea's plight to her own daughter's. Billie receives a duffel bag with a sweater in it labeled Georgia. When Billie examines the garment she sees it is covered with dried blood!

Lexie speaks with Abe on the phone and it is clear their relationship is very strained.

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