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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, May 9, 2005

At Salem Hospital, Mimi thought about the night Jan had her accident and her subsequent confession to Tek of the particulars of that accident. Jan's monitor started buzzing when Mimi asked her to wake up, but a relieved Mimi learned it was the I.V. warning. Tek entered the room just as Mimi was thanking God Jan was still alive, and he told her not to get too comfortable. An exasperated Mimi told him she wanted Jan to wake up and tell the truth for the first time in her life but that it was more likely this would not end well. Mimi said that either Jan wouldn't wake up or she would and accuse her, so either way, her future looked bleak. Tek warned that blackmail causes desperation in people just as Jan woke up calling out, "Murderer!" Mimi rushed to her side and begged her to tell the truth. When Jan said Mimi attacked her, Mimi insisted she either didn't remember or was lying. Jan continued to say Mimi tried to kill her so Tek took Mimi into the hallway while the nurse checked on Jan. After Tek called into the station to apprise them of the likely upcoming arrest, he advised Mimi to get a good lawyer.

In the desert, Stan approached Shawn, Brady, and Rex, spinning Tony's yarn about being an imbed journalist, held hostage. When Stan said he was chained up with Private Philip Caracas, the group started to think the story was too pat to be believed. Brady sent Rex off to find Lucas so that Lucas could use his good instincts and judge Stan from afar. Stan admitted Philip may have been executed by then, but that he couldn't take them back to the bunker. When Brady reproached Stan as an American for leaving a marine behind, a shaky Stan said he was a coward who had a son to think about. Rex returned, gun pointed and told Brady and Shawn that Stan was a fraud.

At the gas laden trap, Hope reproached Billie for taking advantage of Bo when he thought he was making love to Hope. A defensive Billie claimed that she also had hit her head and was overwhelmed by the gas but Hope wasn't buying it. Hope begged Billie to take responsibility for her actions for once, but Billie continued to insist that Bo accompanied her of his own free will and was trying to save her when he hit his head. A disgusted Hope continued to vilify Billie's behavior, going so far as to say that it proved what she knew all along, "that you're a whore." Billie attempted to smack Hope, but Hope deftly stopped her hand and swore that if she ever tried that again, she would kill her. Patrick tried to cool tempers, and Billie admitted she should have been stronger and resisted. Bo began to rouse from unconsciousness, and vaguely remembered the events of the evening, excluding the sex with Billie. While Patrick helped Bo out to the car, Hope warned Billie that until Georgia was actually found, she better stay away from her family.

After Bo and Hope left, Patrick tried to comfort Billie by saying, unless she realized what was happening, Hope would come around. With a guilty look affixed to her face, Patrick realized Billie knew what she was doing. A tearful Billie exclaimed, "I could have stopped but God help me, I needed him!"

At the Penthouse, Marlena wanted to tell John about making love to Roman in the castle but decided to wait until Roman and Kate returned. Belle stopped by to talk to John and was overwhelmed with joy to reunite with her mother. The two chatted about her situation with Philip and Shawn. Marlena wondered if the fact that she still wore her ring meant she had not decided what she wanted, but Belle explained that she wore it to remind her to be faithful to Philip. Marlena agreed that hurting people was unavoidable in this situation, and Belle continued to reiterate her wish to avoid adultery. A guilty Marlena looked on as John told Belle, "You're your mother's daughter. You make a promise and you do the right thing." When Marlena said people make mistakes, a chirpy Belle said that though she may have cheated on Roman with John, she would never cheat on John now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hope breaks the news to Bo that he made love to Billie. Bo can't believe it; he thought he was making love to Hope. Hope tells him that Shawn is in trouble and she is angry that he chose to be with Billie again. Bo worries about his son as well as for his marriage. Hope realizes Bo is still not well and privately, she vows not to let Billie win.

Billie... sort of... accepts responsibility for her actions.. Patrick tries to comfort her, saying despite what happened Bo won't abandon his child. Billie is shocked when she gets a call from the hospital saying Billie is listed as a perfect blood donor match for a young patient; Billie thinks they're talking about Georgia.

Shawn, Brady, and Rex continue to drill Sami/Stan. Sami/Stan delivers, coming up with a variety of half-truths that make Shawn, Brady, and Rex angry and suspicious. Little does Stan know Lucas has a gun trained on him from a distance.

Belle and Kate exchange words and Marlena tries to intercede. Kate thinks Belle is trying to minimize her guilt when the fact is, she pledged her love to Shawn while Philip was away. Roman and Marlena realize Belle's situation mirrors their own when they see John comforting Kate.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rex, Brady and Shawn question Sami/Stan; they believe he's hiding something. Lucas, hiding nearby, gets a good look at Stan. Lucas knows who that is! He recalls meeting Stan back in Salem and he wants to question him, but Brady won't let him come near. Sami/Stan doesn't know Lucas is there and the guys want to keep it that way. Lucas can cover their backs. The guys find the gun that Tony gave Sami/Stan and suddenly there's a huge explosion. When the smoke clears everyone is fine but Stan has escaped. Shawn catches up with him and warns he's going to find out who Sami/Stan really is!

Jennifer wants Lexie to give Jack a complete checkup to make sure he's okay after being held as a DiMera prisoner. After Lexie and Abe react to the news that everyone is alive, Jennifer and Jack wait in the exam room for Jack's physical. Jack has to be honest with Jennifer and tells her that he slept with faux-Jennifer during an earlier escape to Salem. Jennifer is devastated and Jack wonders if she can forgive him? We see this is very painful for Jennifer but she doesn't blame Jack for what happened. It was all the DiMeras' doing and Jack vows he'll make it up to Jennifer.

The strain continues in Abe and Lexie's marriage due to Abe's blindness and impotence. Tek offers to lend an ear or a hand, but Lexie declines. Abe lashes out at Lexie for not being able to take him home right away. Lexie cries on Tek's shoulder.

Tek has gotten Jan's statement on tape and it could send Mimi to jail. Bonnie is so furious that she'd like to throttle Jan to death. Mimi has to stop her. Bonnie wakes Jan up and insists she tell the truth, but weary Jan is never too weary to taunt Mimi with the fact she'll lose Rex and end up in jail. Mimi tries to throttle Jan herself and now Bonnie holds her back. Resigned, Mimi believes her life is over but Bonnie is not ready to give up.

Nicole studies a medical textbook in order to sabotage Chloe's facial reconstructive surgery. Meeting a hideously scarred patient, Nicole is not sure she can go through with her plan. While Chloe dreams of being with Brady, Nicole visualizes Brady happily reuniting with Chloe after a successful operation. Nicole's mind is made up; the diva will never be beautiful again!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shawn grills Sami/Stan as Tony and Bart listen in on Stan's button mike. Shawn almost discovers the bug, but Sami/Stan covers. Shawn slips and almost lets disguised Sami/Stan know that Lucas is here in the desert with them. Tony sends Stan a message: time for the secret weapon. To convince Shawn that his story is legit, Sami/Stan produces Philip's dog tags. Shawn is convinced and agrees to work with him.

Philip is still being held hostage as he dreams of being reunited with Belle. Philip will do whatever it takes to get back to his wife and knows that she will always be faithful to him.

Abe hears Lexie crying on Tek's shoulder. Lexie assures him that Tek is only being a friend. We see the strain is hurting Abe and Lexie's marriage.

Bonnie calls Mickey in to defend Mimi. Mickey is confident he can break Jan's story under cross-examination. With Jennifer's encouragement, Maggie tries to get Mickey to choose between her and Bonnie but Mimi's predicament takes precedence. Belle argues with Jan over Shawn and Jan goes into cardiac arrest! Mickey is afraid he'll have a much harder time defending Mimi if Jan dies. Tek will have no choice but to arrest Mimi. Lexie comes out of Jan's ICU room with bad news...

After Jack gets a clean bill of health, he surprises Jennifer with a romantic getaway in the hospital exam room. Jack has set up a lovely table for two. They drink champagne, eat truffles... and make love!

Billie and Patrick arrive at the hospital. Billie got a call about a young girl who was an exact blood match and needs help. Emotional Billie thinks she has found her daughter and rushes into ICU... but it's Chelsea in need. A nurse explains Billie and Chelsea share a rare marker in their blood. Billie is deeply disappointed that she hasn't found her daughter but she will do whatever it takes to save Chelsea's life. Billie gives Chelsea a blood transfusion and when Chelsea wakes up calling for her mother, Billie is reduced to tears.

Friday, May 13, 2005

In the desert and the bunker, Tony and Bart listen as Sami/Stan continues to try to convince Shawn, Brady and Rex that he knows where Philip is being held. The threesome keeps Lucas out of sight to "watch their backs" in case Sami/Stan tries to double cross them. Shawn is driven to rescue Philip and Brady is more wary and cautious. Shawn shows Brady and Rex Philip's dog tags but Brady is still suspicious yet agrees to Sami/Stan's plan. She/he draws them a map to Philip and Tony is thrilled that Sami/Stan is leading them into his trap.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Mimi, Belle, Mickey, Bonnie and Tek that Jan has lapsed into a coma and it may be irreversible. Mimi is despondent. Abe, unaware Mimi is the prime suspect, has overheard and rails at Tek for not making an arrest yet. Tek simply tells Abe he isn't ready yet. Lexie overhears the argument and defends Tek. Abe, bitter and angry because of his blindness and impotence, lashes out at Lexie and accuses her of having an affair with Tek. Lexie is angry and tries to defend herself. Belle implores Tek not to arrest Mimi because she didn't try to murder Jan, she fell and accidentally hit her head. Abe is furious when Tek refuses to make an arrest yet. Mimi is convinced it's only a matter of time before she's arrested, goes to jail and loses Rex... all punishment for having the abortion.

Roman and Kate are at her hotel suite; this is their long delayed and highly anticipated wedding night. Kate takes out her wedding ring and Roman re-pledges his love and returns it to Kate's finger. They make love but Kate can't stop thinking about John.

Marlena finds one of Kate's negligees in her bedroom. John apologizes, knows how much this has to hurt her and Marlena understands. John and Kate grew close because they thought Marlena and Roman were dead. Marlena is troubled and guilty because she is keeping a secret from John. John, not wanting any secrets between them, reveals his drug addiction and Marlena is extremely upset. John tells her his dependency has lessened and he's sure now that Doc is back to help him, he will get clean. They make love.

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