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Monday, May 16, 2005

At Salem Hospital, Lexie pleaded with Tek to provide details on the suspect in his investigation, but Tek steadfastly refused. When Lexie asked why, Tek said he worried about Abe and Lexie's stress levels. Tek admitted he still had feelings for Lexie, but that not telling them who the suspect was had nothing to do with that. He went on to tell Lexie that he couldn't turn his feelings off like a faucet and that he would continue to be there for her. Lexie told him she didn't want to rehash the "I'm with Abe" conversation but when Tek later flirted with a nurse, Lexie's face told a different story.

Out in the desert, the men prepared to go after Philip the next night. Stan was ready to lead them into Tony's trap but the guys still did not trust Stan and had a bad feeling. Brady decided to break out the satellite phones so everyone could call home in case the rescue mission went badly the following day.

Nicole debated with her alter ego about whether to go through with sabotaging Chloe's surgery. When the doctor asked Nurse Nicole to sterilize the equipment for Chloe's surgery, alter ego Nicole got giddy. The doctor explained the patient he just finished with had flesh eating bacteria so Nurse Nicole would have to be especially careful to sterilize the equipment. After the good doctor left, alter ego Nicole started to convince Nicole to skip the sterilization and just wrap up the equipment for the morning. When Nicole finally decided to take out Chloe, Brady called from the desert to tell Nicole how much he loved her and the goodness in her. After being briefly disconnected, Nicole tried to convince herself that Brady only loved her, but when he called back, he admitted if Chloe were still alive, he'd probably go back to her. After saying their I love you's, Nicole hung up and prepared to sabotage Chloe's facial reconstruction.

Down the hall from Nicole, Belle tried to calm down Mimi who feared Tek couldn't prove that Jan's injuries were from an accident. Shawn called via satellite phone to tell Belle he loved her and then they passed their phone off to Rex and Mimi. Rex worried about Mimi's crying, but she just asked him to come home safely. Rex told Mimi he couldn't wait to come home and plan their future together.

Kate drank wine on her couch as Billie and her freshly broken arm stopped by. Kate filled her in about the return to the living of Tony's hostages. Billie was thrilled but then had to launch into her story about the events of the evening, culminating in the Bo sex. Billie lamented the probable loss of both Bo and her daughter but Kate told her to stay positive. Trying to switch subjects, Billie asked her mother whether she was in love with both Roman and John but Kate didn't answer. Tired, Billie borrowed Lucas' keys and told Kate on the way out to think about whom she wanted to be with and Kate told her to do the same.

Lucas sat with his gun trained on Stan, with a nagging feeling about him. Brady brought a satellite phone over for Lucas but he declined calling Will for fear of his questions. When Brady asked if he wanted to call Sami, Lucas vociferously declined. Then Lucas warned Brady to give up on Nicole because women like she and Sami don't change. Meanwhile, nearby Stan was desperate to hear about Will and settled on calling Kate. Kate, as generous as ever with Sami, told her Will was fine but would never forgive her and neither would Lucas. Then Kate hung up. Sami popped her voice changer back into her mouth just in time to verbally lament her son Will as a suspicious Lucas listened from two feet behind Stan.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

At the reconstructive surgery clinic, Nurse Nicole prepares to take the unsterilized instruments to the O.R. for Chloe's surgery. An O.R. nurse comes out of the room and interrogates Nicole as to what she is doing with the instruments. The nurse states that it is HER job to sterile all of the instruments, and that she is going to do them again "just to make sure."

Nicole quickly says that she can't do that, and then makes up a story about Dr. Weiss being angry that the nurse left early the night before. Nicole explains that she "covered" for her and did the instruments twice. The nurse thanks Nicole and then gets ready to take the unsterilized instruments to the O.R. She then instructs Nicole to go and retrieve Chloe to prepare her for surgery.

Meanwhile, Chloe has just awoken from a very disturbing dream in which Brady is in the room with her after her surgery. Just as it looks like everything went perfectly, her face begins to melt and turn into a ghoul. Chloe wakes up and tells Nancy and Craig that she doesn't want to go through with the surgery. Craig brings in Dr. Weiss, who answers Chloe's questions and calms her fears about the reconstructive surgery. Chloe is excited and states that once she and Brady are together again, she can finally be happy.

Nicole, standing in the hallway, overhears this and quips "over YOUR dead body." A masked Nurse Nicole then brings a wheelchair into Chloe's room and takes her to prepare for surgery.

In suburban Salem, Celeste is also having a terrible dream in which she is standing outside of Lexie and Abe's house. She believes there is a "sense of foreboding surrounding Abe and Lexie's house." The dream turns dark and foggy, and she enters the house. The house seems empty, but TEK appears from a hallway and states that "the Carver family doesn't exist anymore." Celeste wakes up and rushes off to Lexie's house. Meanwhile, Lexie and Abe are having a heated discussion after a difficult night's sleep. Abe says that his impotence makes him half a man, and that Lexie deserves more than that. Lexie thinks that is ridiculous and is just thankful to have him home after such an ordeal. Abe suggests getting a divorce, as he believes that it is "unacceptable" that he can't satisfy his wife anymore. Lexie is frustrated and goes downstairs, where the doorbell rings. It is TEK, and he has come to make things right with Abe. TEK joins Abe upstairs, where Detective Adams has been briefing Abe on the Jan Spears case. Abe feels that TEK lacks respect for him and that he is sick of his betrayal. TEK says that he has never betrayed Abe and that he hopes that they can become friends again, and be in touch. TEK leaves the room and Celeste comes in just as Abe says "You'll be in touch...with my wife." Celeste chastises Abe for giving up on his marriage and his life and for being selfish. Celeste tells Abe that if he doesn't fight for Lexie, he is in danger of losing her.

On the warfront, Stan has a map and is ready to lead the boys to Philip. Lucas will follow the rest of them, but says that if it comes down to it, he can't shoot Stan because he's just learned that he has a son, too. Stan manages to steal away from the boys long enough to give Tony a call. Stan says that he won't continue on with the plan unless Tony lets her know that Will is safe and sound. Tony says he will make good on his promise and that Stan is to lead the boys into his trap. Bart gets a call stating that the boys are being tailed by soldiers and that they are under attack. Tony fears that their plan is going to fail, as he believes that Sami/Stan, Brady, Rex and Shawn might all be dead soon. The show closes with shots of the 4 of them being shot at and ducking for cover.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shawn, Rex, Brady and Sami/Stan are stopped by Marines! Lucas hangs back in the shadows. Sami/Stan is afraid her cover is about to be blown when Brady reveals that "Stan" claimed he was held hostage with Philip. The Marine captain wants to question Sami/Stan. Tony listens in on the button mike and Bart frets Sami/Stan could blow their whole operation! Tony decides to take counter measures and sends in two operatives disguised as military police to get Sami/Stan out of there. The Marines are furious when she/he disappears. They throw Brady, Shawn and Rex into protective custody. Lucas uses a combat knife to cut a hole in the tent where the guys are being held. Tony gets word that the musketeers have escaped and Tony's plan is back on. Now it is time for Sami/Stan to get her revenge!

Bo is at the police station searching for word on missing Shawn. Billie arrives to see if there's news. Bo rips into her for allowing him to believe she was Hope when they made love in the pit. Billie can't defend what she did except to say that she still loves Bo. Emotional, Billie admits she's given up on ever finding their missing daughter, Georgia. Bo stuns her, telling Billie they can't give up on getting their little girl back.

Belle visits Hope to tell her that Shawn called. Hope is furious at Bo for ignoring his own son while he was off searching for his daughter. Arriving at the police station, Hope is livid when she finds Bo with Billie. Bo tries to explain, but Hope warns: if anything happens to Shawn because Bo was preoccupied with Billie, Bo and Hope's marriage will be over!

Mimi consults with her lawyer. Mickey tries to get her to keep the faith but Mimi is convinced she will be found guilty of attempted murder now that Jan is in a coma. Belle meets up with Mimi. Mimi has a horrible feeling that their boyfriends will be killed wherever they are. Belle gets a shock, as fatalistic Mimi says she's going to turn herself in, plead guilty, and go to jail. Therefore, Rex will never find out about her abortion.

Jennifer and Jack prepare to take Abby home. First, they have to give Chelsea the bad news that her parents are dead. Jennifer wants to find out if Chelsea has any other relatives. Jack investigates and finds out Mickey Horton is the executor of the Bensons' estate. Mickey confides that Chelsea's parents died penniless and Chelsea has no living relatives to help her now. Billie arrives, thrilled to see Jack with his family; she wishes she were in the same position with Bo. Billie is hit hard when she hears about Chelsea's situation. No girl Chelsea's age should be all alone so Billie decides to be the one who gives Chelsea the shattering news that her parents are dead.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Abigail comes home from the hospital to find a surprise party thrown by her parents and the Horton Family. The Devereux Family embrace and talk about how happy they are that the bad times are over. The whole family discusses a possible vacation for Jack and Jennifer and asks Grand for use for the Horton Cabin. Maggie suggests that a second honeymoon would be nice but then quips that he probably would not want to leave Bonnie behind. Mickey agrees with Maggie and says it would not be fair to leave Bonnie at home! Abigail receives Gwen Stefani concert tickets from Grand for her birthday but has a difficult time celebrating thinking of Chelsea's situation. In the meantime, Celeste has a vision in her mirror about the Devereux Family. She sees them in an embrace and happy but then flames suddenly overcome them. She comments on how bad times are far from over. Celeste consults her crystals and feels that "a mother's prayer will not be answered" and that misery will result. She is also struck my memories and visions of Lexie with Tek and is very concerned for her welfare. Talking to herself, Celeste says, "A friend must intervene before it is too late." Soon Celeste arrives unannounced to Abigail's party and makes an eerie statement about "cherishing ones children." Everyone is concerned by Celeste's words and question her on what she means. She expresses concern for Lexie and inquires on how to do a thorough background check on someone, which makes everyone worried but curious. Celeste then has another vision of the whole Horton/Devereux family disappearing and a glowing scull appearing.

Nancy prays for Chloe. Craig comforts Nancy and tries to make her feel better about Chloe and the surgery but Nancy still fears the worst. They also discuss Chloe and Brady reuniting but Nancy is worried about what Nicole will do to "keep her claws" in Brady. Craig again tries to reassure her and talks about going home together when everything gets back to normal. In the meantime, Nurse Baxter (Nicole) scrubs for surgery and is startled by Dr. Weiss who walks in and says he won't let her into his OR. Apparently, he witnessed her washing her hands and it wasn't thorough enough for surgery. He makes her rewash her hands and questions her on the sterility of the surgical instruments. She convinces him that they are sterile. Once in the operating room and preparing to begin surgery the doctor asks for the scalpel. Nicole hands Dr. Weiss the infected instrument. He quickly begins surgery and disgusted by the blood and trying to avoid being caught, Nicole sneaks out of the OR. Dr. Weiss notices that the instruments look dirty and asks the real nurse if they were clean. She admits that they may not be and they both look around for "Nurse Baxter." Dr. Weiss quickly stops surgery and orders antibiotics for Chloe but fears that she may already have damage. Fleeing the scene, "Nurse Baxter" is noticed by Nancy who demands to know if something was wrong. Nicole escapes without saying a word. When Dr. Weiss comes out of the OR and calls to Chloe's parents to give them the bad news.

Mimi decides that she will plead guilty and go to prison to avoid hurting Rex and telling him about the abortion and the lies. Belle tries to talk her out of it but Mimi is steadfast. Mimi does not want to break Rex's heart and thinks that Rex needs to move on without her. Belle tries to convince Mimi of the opposite and tells her that Rex would not give up and would visit her in jail and write letters but Mimi says that she would not accept visitors or his letters. Mimi asks Belle to swear to not say anything to Rex.

On the war front, Rex, Shawn, and Brady escape with Lucas' help but the group is divided. Rex and Shawn discuss the women that they love and Rex can't wait to go home to Mimi and marry her and that he can't live without her. Rex is upset that Philip will be hurt by Shawn and Belle being together and tells Shawn not tell Philip until they are safe and sound at home. Brady and Lucas who are hiding together discuss Sami, Chloe, and Nicole. Lucas says that he still can't forgive Sami for what she did and does not want to talk to her. It is Brady's Birthday and he says that he should be in Vienna with Chloe right now but is happy to be with Nicole and glad he was able to hear her voice on the satellite phone earlier. Lucas tells Brady that he should not trust Nicole. Rex, Shawn, and Brady are reunited with each other when they run into Stan/Sami again but Brady holds her at gunpoint and begins to question her. Stan/Sami finally tells the three that she is a traitor as Tony's guards surround them and they are captured. Words are exchanged and one of the men lunges at Stan/Sami but is blocked by one of the guards who hits him and knocks him down. Lucas, away from the group, is watching what is happening and does not want Stan to get away with it. He aims his scope at Stan and finally pulls the trigger. Stan/Sami falls to the ground unconscious.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Jack and Jennifer look through an old scrapbook of their family and reminisce of times past. Maggie is convinced that Celeste had a vision that something bad was going to happen, but she does not want to admit it. Maggie tells Celeste that the bad times are over and that she needs to stop having premonitions about doom and gloom but she continues to have them anyway. Jack and Jennifer are concerned that Celeste is hiding something and think she may have had "vibes" but decide they don't want to know. Celeste almost faints and lies down in the guest room. Jack and Jennifer hear one of their special songs from the past and they dance.

Dr. Weiss tells the Wesleys that what happened was his fault and explains that the surgical instruments were not properly sterilized. Craig and Nancy are outraged and upset. They threaten to shut down and sue the facility. Dr. Weiss takes full responsibility and will investigate what went wrong. He says he will try everything to see if the damage can be reversed. Trying to disguise herself and escape, Nicole is caught by the real nurse and asked to explain her actions. The nurse then thinks that she made a mistake and lets Nicole go but finds her nametag on the ground and chases after her. Craig hears the nurse call after "Nurse Baxter" and chases her too. Nicole runs into a dead end and hides in a storage closet. A cleaning lady comes down the hall and asks Craig what he is doing. Craig explains what happened and asks her to look in the closet. The woman spots Nicole but is bribed into saying that she is not there.

Bo is called to the station and is told that there is a new boss. He learns Roman is alive and they reunite. Bo is upset by the information that Caroline and Victor most likely perished in the castle fire and that he might have been able to save them when he was at the castle searching for Georgia. Bo calls Hope to tell her about Roman being alive but gets her voice mail. Abe visits the station and tells Tek that he wants justice to be served. He causes tension when he asks Adams if he would have made an arrest by now if it were his case. Roman and Abe reunite and are happy to see each other. Roman announces that he will come back to his job until Abe is ready to come back. He also tells Tek to stop delaying in making an arrest and that he wants the suspect in custody today!

Mimi feels that she is getting what she deserves. Belle continues to try to to convince Mimi that pleading guilty is a mistake but Mimi will not listen. Belle finally gets Mimi to say that she won't plead guilty and discusses the plan of action with Mickey but she still is unconvinced. Tek arrives at the hospital and arrests Mimi.

Lucas shoots Stan/Sami and she collapses to the ground! Tony's guards fire back. Lucas has to retreat to escape. Tony orders that Rex, Shawn, and Brady be locked up with Philip. Tony has the guards clean Stan/Sami up and bring her to him and lets them know not to be surprised that "he is a she." Sami wakes up (out of disguise) to see Tony and experiences pain. The bullet grazed her arm but she does not care what the cost is as long as her enemies "burn in hell" especially Kate and the guy who shot her. Tony informs Sami that there was a fourth man there to help rescue Philip. Philip is reunited with Rex, Shawn, and Brady and is shocked to see them. Philip embraces each man including Shawn. Rex explains to Philip how it was Shawn's idea to come and rescue him. Philip scolds the three for coming to rescue him with no training or experience but is touched and tells Shawn that he cannot be mad at him anymore. Philip asks about Belle. Shawn tells Philip that Lucas is there on the outside Lucas searches for his friends but is captured. Sami learns that Lucas is the fourth man as she sees him being brought into the compound.

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