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Monday, May 23, 2005

At Mimi's arraignment, Mickey tried valiantly to defend her, but Mimi insisted she wanted to plead guilty and avoid a trial so that Rex would not have to learn about the loss of their baby. Tek testified that Jan was cognizant when she accused Mimi and that one of Mimi's nails was on Jan. Mimi continued to demand no trial and when Mickey tried to interject, Mimi fired him. Worried, Belle stood up and pleaded to the judge to let Mimi out on bail because she was innocent but pleading guilty out of remorse for something else entirely. Frustrated, Mimi exclaimed she didn't want a lawyer, at trial or bail. Suspicious, the DA leaned over and whispered to Tek to quietly continue the investigation. The judge se the bail at a million dollars, to Bonnie's great dismay. On her way out, Mimi made Belle promise to tell Rex that she loved him but that he should try never to see her again.

In the police station hallway, Kate ran into Hope. Kate blamed the disappearance of the boys on Shawn's selfish behavior while Hope thought the acts of the boys were brave and noble. When a sarcastic Kate asked whether it was noble to come between Philip and his wife, a smirking Hope called her a hypocrite considering she was engineering Hope and Bo's break up via Billie.

In the police station commander's office, Bo and Roman checked on the ISA information about the boys being in Marine custody. A sniping Kate and Hope entered the office at the same time and an ecstatic Hope welcomed Roman home. Hope gave Roman her condolences to Roman about Caroline while Bo tried to remember when Hope heard the news. Bo informed the mothers that their sons were in marine custody but that there was no news of Philip yet. Roman and Bo went out into the hallway where Bo updated Roman on the recent gas mishap and accidental foggy sex with Billie. Feeling like bonding, Roman confessed to Bo that he made love to Marlena back at the castle but that they did not want to tell their spouses. Uneasy, Bo cautioned that their spouses would understand unless they heard the news from someone else. Roman refused causing Bo to ask, "Did you fall in love again? Are you afraid that will come out?"

At the penthouse, John celebrated his first 48 hours of being drug free by continuing to monitor ISA resources for information on the boys. Billie stopped by to tell Marlena about Abby and Chelsea's accident and to ask for her professional help with grief counseling for Chelsea. Marlena cautioned Billie that she might be setting herself up for a disappointment if Chelsea rejected her health. All of the sudden, a sour John stood up and informed them he had new information on the boys. Once all the parents were rounded up at the penthouse, John showed them satellite video of the boys being captured after falling into the trap of a fourth person. John then identified him as Stan, but told the group he knew him as a local punk. Kate told Roman it was all Shawn's fault which caused Hope to yell at Kate, but then turn her wrath on Bo. Billie stood up for Bo which led to Hope wheeling around and yelling at Billie for distracting Bo in the first place. Kate posited that Bo knew who he was sexing up and that he wanted to sleep with Billie. With the whole living room in turmoil, roman calmed everyone down by asking that they set aside their differences until they could get the boys home.

Meanwhile, Rex, Philip, Shawn, and Brady paced their holding cell, discussing the traitorous Stan. A captured Lucas was later brought in, and swore he shot Stan. Philip learned there was no ransom on his head and the group thought that was odd for about a second. Noticing the two-way mirror, Shawn proposed they break it and make their escape. A more reserved Brady and Philip advised against it since there was not telling how many guards were on the other side. Philip and Shawn got snippy with one another until Brady and Rex let Philip know the whole thing was Shawn's plan. Philip was touched that Shawn planned the rescue. Apologizing, Philip thanked Shawn for being a good friend and for finally accepting his marriage to Belle. Shawn admitted the rescue wasn't selfless and that he was doing it for Belle.

On the other side of the two-way mirror, Tony asked Sami how awkward things would be back in Salem if everyone knew she was Stan and what she had done. When Sami saw Lucas brought into the holding cell, she began to panic. Tony called her a fool for loving Lucas even though he never wanted to see her again and took his lying mother's word over that of the woman he loved. Playing it up a bit, Tony sneakily wondered aloud what would happen to Will if Lucas found a new woman or if Kate wasn't punished. Despite Tony's best efforts, Sami refused to continue helping him. When it looked like Sami would actually back out, Tony explained he would expose her as Stan to everyone in Salem, including all the things she did to help Tony. Scared, Sami muttered she had made a deal with the devil. Sami finally gave in, agreeing to help, but only if Tony promised not to hurt any of the boys. Tony said he understood. On her way out, a worried Sami peeked through the hole of the cell door to check on Lucas, and he recognized her eyes and called out her name.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


At the penthouse, John and Marlena are awaiting more news from the ISA regarding the boys' hostage situation. Nicole comes to see if there is any information about Brady, not knowing about the boys being captured. John tells her that it's bad news, just as Belle step in the doorway. Both Belle and Nicole are upset, and Nicole tells John that Brady is going to ask her to marry him when he gets home and that she'd like his support, ending her statement by calling him "Dad." John is not impressed and excuses himself to get back to his research. Before Belle leaves, she mentions that Mimi is in jail and John asks if there is anything he can do. Belle tells him that Mimi's bail is set at $1 million, and John calls to get the money wired right away. Belle leaves, with Nicole not far behind. In the hallway, Nicole calls the clinic, attempting to get some information on Chloe's condition, but she is denied. She heads over to the clinic to find out more.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, Chloe has just come out of her anesthetic and is asking about the result of her surgery. Craig gives her the bad news, and Chloe is upset, claiming that she won't be able to sing, have a career or be with Brady ever again. Craig, distressed by Chloe's bleak outlook on life, suggests that they call Marlena to come and counsel her. Nancy does so, stating that she has an emergency and Marlena comes right away. Chloe is resistant at first, but agrees to talk to Marlena with the exception that she must not tell Brady that she is alive. Marlena tells Chloe that she has news about Brady that may change Chloe's mind about keeping her existence a secret.

In the lobby of the clinic, Nicole arrives and begins snooping through the papers in Chloe's file. Nancy spots Nicole and says that she sees that Nicole is looking through Chloe's file and she asks why Nicole doesn't look surprised that Chloe is alive.

Back at the Penthouse, John comes across a bottle of pills that were on the table in the living room. He seriously considers taking them, but states that he can't let the addiction control him. He takes the bottle of pills out to the balcony and flings them over the side.

At the jailhouse, Bonnie and Patrick arrive to talk to Mimi. Patrick says that he believes that he has a way to help Mimi. He suggests calling some "people" to get Mimi a passport, a new identity and a job so she can live a new life somewhere far away. Mimi says no, and that she is staying right where she deserves to be - in jail. Belle arrives and tells Mimi that John posted her million dollar bail for her. Mimi says she can't take the money and that she is just protecting Rex before he finds out about the abortion, which would hurt him even more. Belle then tells Mimi that all of the boys have been taken hostage. Mimi is upset, and Belle urges Mimi to hire Mickey back as her lawyer and fight for her life. Belle pushes that if Mimi won't fight for herself and her family, then she should at least fight for Rex.

Meanwhile in the hostage holding cell, Sami is peering in on the boys from another room. Lucas sees her eyes and is sure that it is Sami. Brady tells him that he's crazy and that there is no way that Sami is there. Lucas agrees and sits down across the room. Lucas then realizes where he saw those eyes before: on the same guy that Lucas and Will saw at the pier in Salem. Brady asks the boys what they each will do when they get home. Brady wants to marry Nicole. Rex wants to see Mimi. Shawn can't wait to see "Bel....uh, everyone." Philip wants to renew his vows to Belle. Sami, listening in from behind the door says that none of the boys will be leaving for a very long time. A couple of Tony's men come around the corner, and talk about Tony's orders to "take care" of the boys tonight. The men then begin readying their guns. Sami looks panicked, as she hides around the corner.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sami confronts Tony after hearing that he plans to kill Lucas, Brady, Shawn, Rex and Philip. She will not allow it! Tony insists it is the only way; with Lucas not around, Sami can have her son. He puts her on the phone with Will. Sami's son is still furious at her and wants to stay with his dad. Kate gets on the phone and threatens to help Lucas get full custody of Will, and then get a restraining order to keep Sami away from her son. Fuming Sami vows that will never happen and that Kate deserves to lose all her sons! Sami gets off the phone and blinded by anger, tells Tony to go ahead with his plan.

Lucas and Brady try to rest. They dream about the women they love and Brady realizes Chloe is still the one true love of his life. Lucas dreams of Sami... Brady is sure their captors will want a ransom for them; they are more valuable alive than dead. Suddenly, Tony bursts into the room, and tells them to think again! The guys realize that Tony is alive and they are at his mercy!

Marlena tells Chloe that Nicole and Brady are now engaged and will be married very soon. Nancy blurts out the truth to Nicole. Hoping to use this to her advantage, crafty Nancy brings Nicole in to visit her daughter. Chloe is aghast that Nancy did this. Alone, Nancy confides in a wary Marlena that they all promised not to tell Brady that Chloe is alive. Nancy plans to force Nicole to be honest with Brady. Nicole presses Chloe to tell Brady that she's alive; Brady will love her even though Chloe looks ghastly, and even though she's not the same woman he fell in love with... Chloe stuns Nancy and Marlena: she makes Nicole promise not to tell Brady that Chloe is alive. Smug Nicole turns to Nancy and says there is nothing she can do.

Billie and Abby bring Chelsea home and break the news that her late parents were about to lose their house. Billie offers to take Chelsea in as she hopes someone did for her own missing daughter. Emotional Chelsea accepts Billie's heartfelt offer.

Celeste keeps getting bad vibes about Tek. Tek realizes Abe is practically emotionally abusing Lexie. Tek still has feelings for Lexie. Tek learns that Abe is impotent and this is why Abe is turning his back on his wife. Lexie protests against Tek's advances and says she still loves Abe. Tek says an unhappy marriage is no environment for a young boy to grow up in; he wants to be with her and she has to make a choice. Inside, Celeste tells Lexie that Tek is a home wrecker. Lexie is deeply shaken and conflicted.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Marlena confronts Nicole outside of Chloe's room about the agreement not to tell Brady about Chloe being alive. Nicole tries to make it seem as if she is doing Chloe a favor by not telling her about Brady being a hostage in a war zone especially after the surgery mishap. Nicole and Chloe have a moment alone and Nicole tells Chloe that Brady would come back to her no matter what she looked like but then tries to manipulate her to not reveal herself. Marlena tries to convince Chloe to tell Brady but Nicole continues to manipulate her. Marlena points out Nicole's true motivation for encouraging Chloe to remain hidden while Nicole asks if Marlena stayed true to John while locked up with Roman.

John continues to look for the guys on the Satellite feed. Roman questions John on how he knew the man who betrayed Rex, Shawn, and Brady. John has memories of getting drugs from Stan but tells Roman it is not important how he knows him. Roman is hopeful that any information will lead to a rescue and tries to convince John to tell him. John lies to Roman about their connection. The two men begin to discuss Roman and Marlena being trapped in the small room. John thanks Roman for taking care of Marlena but tension builds when they talk about how close John and Kate got while Marlena and Roman were gone however Roman eventually thanks him for taking care of Kate. Roman and John talk about what happened with Sami and Roman does not think Kate could have set Sami up even if she wanted to but John disagrees and says she is capable but did not do it. They both agree that it is good that Sami is not there. John, Roman, and Marlena receive news that Tony is alive and is the one holding the men hostage.

Rex, Shawn, Brady, Lucas, and Philip are shocked to see Tony as he and his guards enter the cell and force them out of bed. The men have words with Tony and Shawn tries to hit Tony but he defends himself. Lucas questions Tony on his hidden agenda. He agrees to tell them his plans because they can do nothing to stop him. Tony explains that he wants to punish all of their families for all the rotten things that they have done to his family and to ultimately do what his father could not do. Lucas asks if Sami is there when Tony mentions her name. Tony tells the five men that he has some shocking secrets for them to hear and he has some "beauties" for Philip.

Sami is anxious and fights to enter the cell but Bart continues to block her path. Bart attempts to calm Sami down and convince her not to intervene but Sami slaps Bart and tries to figure out what to do next. Sami tries to convince Bart to help her stop Tony! Tony shows Sami video of her parents in Salem and promises that they will get back together if she stays in line. Sami tells Tony that nothing is more important then her parents' happiness except for her son's happiness and that she won't let him hurt Lucas or the others. Tony takes Sami captive! Tony reenters the men's cell to continue their conversation and to tell them time is running out.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Hope and Bo arrive at Jack and Jennifer's house to inform them about Tony being alive and the one responsible for holding the men hostage. Billie arrives there to see if there is any news and Hope yells at Billie and tells her that she does not belong there because it is her fault. Hope blames Billie for the men being in danger because she drug Bo with her to look for Georgia. Jennifer asks Billie to leave but Jack steps in and defends Billie and points out that she has three brothers out there and is just as concerned. Jack and Billie take a walk outside where Jack asks Billie if she followed Bo over to his house. As Billie is about to leave Jack nearly collapses. Billie helps Jack to sit on the bench but when he is about to speak he passes out.

Shawn, Rex, Brady, Lucas and Philip try to find a way out but have doubts with all of the guards outside in being able to escape. The boys hide when they hear someone coming into the cell but are surprised to see Sami.

John downloads images from the ISA spy satellite as Roman, Kate, and Marlena look on and hope that they can locate the hostages. John is confident that Tony will not win because he is in for the shock of his life. John establishes a weak video link as Tony tries to block the signal. A visual comes up on the screen and they see all of the men but also a sixth person. John figures out that the figure is female and tries to enlarge the picture. Marlena thinks it may be Sami. John loses the satellite feed as they all discuss the prisoners. Kate and John disagree with Marlena and Roman about Sami. John is able to reestablish a weak signal. Kate continues to "bad mouth" Sami and Marlena continues to defend her daughter and tells her to reserve judgment until their children are safe. A picture comes up on the computer and they see their loved ones surrounded by guards.

Mimi and Belle wait at the loft for news about the men. They both try to stay positive and hope that the hostages can be located so that John can figure out a way to rescue them. Marlena calls Belle and Mimi and tells them that Tony is still alive but lets them know that John is working on a rescue plan. Belle is confident that her father will stop Tony. Belle is shocked with the news that Sami is also with the guys. Mimi wonders if Sami has ties to Tony.

Working on a computer, Tony tells Bart that John should have tried to use the ISA spy satellite to locate them by now and that he isn't going to make it easy on him. Tony diverts the signal so their position cannot be traced but decides he will let John, Marlena, Kate and Roman see their loved ones one last time. Bart is alarmed to see a knocked out guard in Sami's room on the monitor. Tony learns that Sami is in Philip's cell with the men and says that she is going to pay dearly. As Bart tells Tony that the prisoners have escaped Tony tells Bart that he is to blow up the bunker and leave no survivors. Bart is upset as he says to himself "Bye-bye boys, bye-bye Sami, bye-bye Bart."

Lucas tells the others that it is obvious that Tony captured Sami. The other men question why Tony would want to capture her but she insists it is because she is a Brady. Lucas adds that Tony likes to get to people while they are vulnerable however the men continue to doubt and question Sami. She tries to convince them she learned Tony's plan, knocked out a guard and found them. She tells Lucas that she could not let anything happen to them because even with everything that has happened that he is still Will's father and Lucas tells her that he believes her. Sami pulls out a gun and gives it to Philip. She explains that she got it from fighting off a guard and she shows them a bad bruise on her neck. Sami continues to insist that she is on their side and asks Philip to get them out of there. Brady is not convinced but says they will talk about it later as they all try to plan an escape. Sami gives the men the keys and they begin their escape and separate into groups of two.

Sami questions Lucas why he defended her to the guys and wonders if he will give her another chance when they get home. Lucas and Sami get separated. Sami runs into Bart in the corridor. Sami pleads with Bart not turn her in and Bart tells her that it's every man for himself and adds that he thinks that she did the right thing. He tells Sami that Tony has crossed over the fine line between insanity and criminal genius and that Tony is losing it. He also tells her that she can expect some misery when the guys find out that she is really Stan. Sami finds the room she changed in and finds her Stan disguise. She tried to hide it as she hears Lucas call for her. She meets up with Lucas in the corridor and they search for the others.

Two guards catch Rex and Shawn but Shawn fights one of the guards and is able to get his rifle. They are at a stand off as the other guard still has his gun pointed at Rex. The guard asks "what's it going to be" and Shawn aims his gun at the other guard and shoots him. Rex picks up the gun as Brady and Philip come into the room. Not long after, Tony sneaks in with a gun and grabs Brady from behind. Lucas and Sami run into the room, accidentally distracting the men and Tony's guards surround them and take the weapons. Philip refuses to give up his weapon and points it at Tony. The marines then enter and surround Tony. Philip takes Tony's gun and elbows him across the face knocking him down! The marine commander informs the guys that he was able to trace them because they had planted tracking devices on them when they were in custody. The commander also tells them if it weren't for them then they may not have ever found Philip or caught Tony. The men have questions about Stan and Tony interrupts and says that Stan is there.

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