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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, May 30, 2005

In the Deveraux living room, Bo told Jennifer and Hope that the boys were going to be airlifted that night and would return home. Delighted by the prospect of having her son home again, Hope eagerly accepted Bo's assurance that they were going to be a family again.

Outside the Deveraux home, Jack passed out on Billie's shoulder. A worried Billie pressed Jack to get checked out, but he insisted he was exhausted from his DiMera ordeal. After a moment's rest, he fumbled standing up, just as Jennifer was racing outside to tell them about the rescue of the boys by the Marines. Jack fibbed and said he was comforting Billie, who agreed with him. Excited that Tony was in custody, Billie ran inside to tell Bo that they were finally going to find Georgia and be a family again. Though Jennifer felt everything was going to be just fine, Jack went to get some champagne to celebrate and noticed his left hand had a severe tremor. Soon, Jack passed out on the floor in the dining room while Jennifer, Bo, Hope, and Billie celebrated out in the living room.

In the bunker, Philip held Tony at gunpoint as the Marines arrived. Philip punched Tony as the Marines took him into custody, and Tony swore the pieces to his plan were still in play. As a parting shot, Tony yelled out to Sami to tell everyone about Stan. When Lucas asked her if she knew him, Sami simply said they had met but that she didn't know him well. None of the guys trusted Sami because she appeared out of nowhere, but Lucas wanted them to give her the benefit of the doubt. With loved ones on their minds, the men dispersed to call home. After they left, Lucas turned to Sami and told her he would get all the answers from her at some point.

At the penthouse, John told Kate, Roman, and Marlena that the boys and Sami were fine and with the Marines. Kate wondered aloud how Sami could have ended up there if she were not working for Tony. Roman and Marlena staunchly supported their daughter, saying Sami would never help Tony hurt her own family. Brady called John and let Philip talk to an emotional Kate. Kate implored Philip not to let anyone come between him and Belle, especially Shawn. After Philip agreed, he handed the phone off to Sami who had a weepy reunion with her parents on the phone. On the other side of the Penthouse living room, Kate cautioned John that Sami was up to no good and John promised to get to the bottom of it when everyone returned home.

Somewhere in the bunker, Sami talked the guards in to letting her tell off Tony. Once Sami was inside his cell, a chained Tony told her how disappointed he was by her double cross and that she would pay. Sami felt he was in no position to threaten her, but Tony assured her that he had the list on Stan's deeds as well as evidence that she was Stan. Tony tried to convince her to help him escape so that he could then protect her, but Sami told him, "I'd rather die than help you. You can go straight to hell for all I care!"

Back in Salem, Mimi asked Belle if she was still going to tell Philip it was over, and Belle insisted she would once he was home and out of danger. After learning of the Marine rescue, Mimi hesitantly answered the phone when Rex called. Rex told her he loved her and would never leave her again. Emotionally distraught, Mimi handed the phone off to Belle and ran to the corner of the room. Belle covered for her and told Rex that Mimi couldn't wait to see him home.

In the bunker, Shawn interrupted Rex's call to talk to Belle and told her he was going to tell Philip it was over. Belle begged him to let her do this her way and wait till after Philip came home. Philip entered the room, figured out Shawn was talking to Belle, and grabbed the phone. Philip promised to come home, but the phone went dead just as explosions sounded outside.

Back in Salem, Mimi and Belle comforted one another, saying that this was both the best and the worst day of their lives. Belle once again begged Mimi to change her plea, but Mimi insisted it was too late and soon her future with Rex would be impossible.

With the bunker under attack, Philip went to the commanding officer and asked permission to rejoin the ranks in support of the Marines who helped rescue him. Though wary, the officer gave Philip permission. Shawn, Brady, and Rex tried to convince him not to volunteer, but Philip could not be swayed. Brady told him Victor would be proud, and Philip ran off to help protect the bunker from attack. A livid Shawn was furious about this development, insisting it would just end up hurting Belle even more. Lucas returned to the group with Stan's shed clothing, pointing out that there was a long, blonde strand of hair on it. With Sami lurking nearby listening, she ran out into the desert as the bunker continued to be attacked. "I'm better off dead than having Lucas learn I was Stan," Sami thought.

Out in the sand dunes, Philip offered to crawl toward the enemy with a grenade as the rest of the troops shot cover fire.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


At Jack and Jennifer's house, Jack has collapsed in the kitchen after going to open some champagne. In the living room, Hope and Jennifer discuss the bright future that they all have now that that everyone they love is on their way home. Jennifer is convinced that everything will be alright from now on. Hope and Jennifer plan a family trip to the Horton cabin once the boys return from overseas. Jennifer leaves Hope to go check on Jack, who she doesn't know is on the floor in the kitchen.

Bo and Billie are discussing the possibility that they may be able to get information about Georgia's whereabouts from Tony, now that he's been captured. Billie is still discouraged that she may never find Georgia, and goes outside to clear her head. Bo follows her, ready to reassure her once again. Billie claims that Georgia is all she has, and if she loses her, she doesn't know what she'll do. Bo is confident that they will find Georgia eventually. Hope appears outside and states that she hopes that Bo and Billie do find their daughter someday soon.

A scream comes from the kitchen. Bo, Hope and Billie rush inside the house to find Jennifer and Jack, with a nasty cut on his head. Jack states that he just tripped and fell, and that he is fine. Billie then tells everyone that Jack passed out when they were outside the first time. Jenn, Billie and Jack head for the hospital, while Bo and Hope stay with Jack Jr. While they wait, Hope tells Bo about the Horton cabin idea, and even invites Bo to bring Georgia along if they find her in the near future.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Lexie checks out Jack's cut and does some blood work on him to help her determine the cause of his fainting episodes. Lexie returns to the room and asks Jennifer and Billie to leave so she can talk to Jack. She then tells Jack that his test results are back and it's "not good news."

Overseas, Brady, Rex and Shawn are still reeling about the fact that Philip returned to combat. Shawn leaves the room to call Belle, and Rex and Brady agree that Belle would be much better off with Philip. On the phone, Belle scolds Shawn for putting everyone's lives in danger to save Philip. Shawn reminds her that Philip probably wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for his actions. He asks Belle if she is having second thoughts about their future. Belle claims that she is not - she loves Shawn and wants to be with him. Shawn then lets Belle know that Philip went back into combat. Belle is upset and asks Shawn how he could let Philip put himself in danger again. Belle states that if Philip doesn't make it home, that she and Shawn can never be together.

Meanwhile, Lucas confronts an imprisoned Tony and asks him what he's done with Sami, and how Stan and Sami know each other. Tony claims that Stan and Sami spend a great deal of time together. Lucas tells Tony that if he did anything to hurt Sami, that he would kill him. No sooner does Lucas leave the room than Bart, dressed in a marine uniform, enters through a panel in the wall to release Tony. Brady, Rex and Lucas then go back in to see Tony, who has disappeared. They go outside to look for him, and see Sami in the distance, hiding behind a sand dune. Lucas runs out to rescue her, as Brady and Rex take off inside to find Tony.

Meanwhile, Sami fears she is going to die. She imagines telling Lucas about all of the things she did as Stan, and Lucas wants nothing to do with her anymore. Sami realizes that she can't tell Lucas, or anyone, about her stint as Stan. Lucas then runs in amid gunfire to where Sami is hiding. Lucas and Sami then both run back to the bunker to safety. Exhausted, they run into Rex and Brady, who still can't find Tony. Brady and Rex split up, leaving Sami and Lucas to catch their breath. Sami asks Lucas if he would really have risked his life to save her if he didn't still have feelings for her. Lucas simply stated that when they get back to Salem, they "need to talk."

Meanwhile, Tony, now dressed in a marine uniform, is re-captured by a real marine. "Marine Bart" steps in a "relieves" the marine of his duties. Tony and Bart get separated, and Brady rounds the corner and asks "Marine Tony" if he's heard anything about DiMera. When Brady spins him around, he realizes it's Tony!! He holds a gun on him, and Tony tries to make Brady a deal - if Brady lets him go, he will bring Chloe back from the dead!

Meanwhile, Philip and his men are taking shelter behind a dune. Philip tries to get closer to the rebels and gets his men to cover him. He sees a sniper and tries to take him out with a grenade, but the blast knocks him backward, injuring him. He crawls along the ground, and when he looks up, he is faced with a wooden sign that reads "DANGER - MINE FIELDS."

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Lexie fears that something is wrong with Jack. Jack is reluctant to buy into it and tells Lexie as his doctor, she must honor his wishes not to tell Jennifer. Jennifer takes him home and they notice that Abby has found all the fishing gear necessary for their planned trip to the cabin. Jack, however, is privately worried as Lexie finds a disturbing sign about Jack's health.

Tony tells Brady that if he lets him go, he'll reunite Brady with Chloe. Brady doesn't believe this until Tony places a call to Chloe. Tony escapes as Brady listens to the woman he loves on the line.

Nicole tells Chloe that Brady is attempting to rescue Philip and that everyone is on their way home. Chloe isn't happy about this and fears he could be in danger. Her phone rings and she hears Brady's voice; Nicole has to grab the phone and cover for her.

Philip finds himself caught in an abandoned minefield. Shawn wants to save him. Belle is connected via satellite phone and talks to Philip. She also speak with Shawn and is horrified as she hears both Philip and Shawn under heavy fire.

Sami and Lucas have an emotional reunion with Will via webcam.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Jack, Jennifer and Abby pack for the family trip to the Horton cabin. Abby invites Chelsea to go on the camping trip but she says that she doesn't have outdoor equipment and can't afford to buy any. Billie offers to buy Chelsea's equipment but Chelsea is upset and yells at Billie. Billie talks to Chelsea alone and tries to bond with her by telling her about feeling alone when her abusive father told her that her mother was dead when she was a child. Chelsea decides to go on the camping trip. Jennifer continues to be concerned if Jack is up to the trip but Jack insists that he is fine.

Lexie arrives at the Devereux house and thinks about Jack's blood tests and hopes that Jack and Jennifer's happiness is not short lived. She tells them that Jack's blood test results are in. The blood tests did not show anything but Lexie is concerned that something maybe going on that they don't have the ability to pinpoint so she sent his blood work to the Mayo Clinic for a more thorough analysis.

Lucas and Sami board John's jet and are anxious to get home and to Will. Lucas tells Sami that he regrets not getting Stan for what he had done to them. A distracted Brady arrives at the jet and asks where the others are. He tells Lucas that Chloe is alive, what Tony said, and about hearing Chloe's voice on the phone. Brady waits on the jet for the others and says to himself that if Chloe is alive that he will find her even if it takes the rest of his life.

Chloe, back at the medical facility, is upset and worried that Brady heard her voice on the phone. Nicole tells Chloe that she will try to convince Brady that he did not hear her and she is not alive but both are worried that Brady will throw everything away to be by Chloe's side. Nicole tries to think of what to do to make Brady believe that Chloe is dead and says, "Maybe it's time you were.." Nicole fantasizes about smothering Chloe with a pillow. When Chloe wakes up Nicole tells her that she has a plan to keep Brady from finding out that Chloe is alive. She says that she is going to have to die but then adds that because that can't happen then they are out of options. Nicole gets a call from Stan (Sami with the voice changing mouthpiece) who asked her if she did anything to Chloe. He tells Nicole not to because they both will go down for it but Nicole tells him that it is too late. Stan tells Nicole to have a good story ready for Brady why Chloe is still alive because he is on his way home to find Chloe. Chloe asks Nicole about who called and an upset Nicole tells Chloe that it's over and that Brady is on his way home to reunite with her.

John, Marlena, Roman, and Kate learn that Lucas, Sami and Brady are on the jet and Rex is helping with technical issues. They learn Shawn is missing. Belle arrives in tears to tell everyone about being on the phone with Philip, hearing the explosion, and the connection being cut off. Kate is upset and Roman tries to comfort her. John tries to contact Shane to get answers. Belle tells her mom that she blames herself for what is happening. John talks to Shane and he has put in a request to the military to know what's going on with Philip and Shawn and they hope they will know something soon. Belle fears the worst and continues to blame herself. Kate overhears Marlena and Belle talking and tells Belle that it is good for her to take responsibility for her actions because it is her fault. Roman, John and Marlena defend Belle but Kate continues to verbally attack her. Kate tries to leave but Roman follows her and tries to give her support. John gets a call from Shane with the news that the Marines have not responded yet.

Shawn is with the communications officer in a tent and asks him to try to contact Philip again. The officer said that he did and that Philip's radio was dead. Philip is shown unconscious and motionless with a bloody hand on his radio. Shawn is worried and decides that he is going to find Philip himself but is stopped by the communication officer who threatens to have him arrested. While arguing with Shawn, the officer gets a message that Philip was found. Shawn asks the officer if Philip was ok and the officer tells Shawn that he told him how dangerous the landmines were and there was not much they could do.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Belle is beside herself, fearing Shawn and/or Philip may have been killed. Word comes in that Shawn and the other ex-hostages are boarding a private jet for Salem. Belle, deeply relieved, mistakenly thinks Philip is onboard, too.

On the jet, Shawn gives Rex, Brady, Sami and Lucas bad news about Philip. He was badly injured and the Marines airlifted him out. Capt. Owens enters with a message for Shawn from Philip. Shawn is gut-punched as he reads Philip's note asking him to look after Belle. Shawn should tell her that Philip will recover and come home to her and nothing can keep them from having their future together. Rex warns Shawn that he may never be with Belle.

Roman asks if Kate still has feelings for John. Kate counters by asking about his feelings for Marlena and what really happened at the castle. Before he can answer, he gets the good news about the boys. Roman calls Belle to suggest they set up a welcome home party for the ex-hostages.

Everyone gathers at Alice's bar for the emotional reunions. When Belle sees Shawn, she hugs him tearfully. But where is Philip? Shawn has to break the bad news. Belle freaks out, fearing Philip is dead.

Brady is on fire to get home to find Chloe. After hearing her voice on the phone he is certain she's alive. Back in Salem, Chloe is torn about showing herself to Brady when her face is so hideously scarred. Nicole is secretly praying Chloe will decide to stay dead to Brady. Chloe calls Marlena to help her decide what to do. Marlena is adamant: Chloe must tell Brady the truth. Nicole takes Marlena aside and tries to fish: Marlena is keeping her own secret from her husband, isn't she? Marlena is unnerved but doesn't give in, she persuades torn Chloe to attend the reunion bash at Alice's. When Brady shows up he grills Nicole and demands the truth.

While waiting with Belle for Rex to return, Mimi gets the news that the judge moved up the date of her sentencing to her scheduled wedding day. Tearful Mimi is reunited with her loving fiancÚ. Rex holds Mimi close, vowing nothing will ever separate them again.

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