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Kate, John, and Belle left for Germany to be by Philip's bedside. Everyone warned Shawn to stay away from Belle because her place was with Philip. Tony pressured Sami to stick with the plan, or he would reveal her true identity to her family. Nicole kept Brady from learning that Chloe was alive.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, June 6, 2005

On the Basic Black jet, an impatient Brady wondered why Nicole had not told him about Chloe if she had known his lost love was alive. He also talked to his picture of Chloe, telling her Nicole was history if Chloe turned out to be alive.

Nearby, Sami was preoccupied by the idea that the truth would get out about her as Stan. Lucas could tell that something was on her mind and asked for the truth. Sticking to her story, Sami insisted she had done no wrong and that she didn't remember how she had ended up with Tony, just like she didn't remember getting into bed with Brandon. Lucas promised Sami he would get to the bottom of whether or not his mother had had something to do with the Brandon mess, as well as why Sami had ended up with Tony.

A meek Sami felt that Tony was either long gone or dead, but Lucas did not think the authorities would give up their search for Tony, because they wanted justice. Shaking off the subject, Sami wanted to think of seeing her son and possibly planning a future with Lucas. A wary Lucas said there were still too many questions, so they would have to wait and see about that future.

After telling the group on the plane about Philip being injured in the minefield, Shawn prepared to fly home to Belle. Before the jet took off, Philip's captain boarded and gave Shawn a letter from Philip. The letter asked Shawn to look after Belle while Philip was recovering from his injuries and thanked Shawn for organizing the mission. The letter also gushed of Philip's love for his wife and asked Shawn to tell her that nothing would get between them again.

After takeoff, Rex cautioned Shawn to give up on Belle, but Shawn refused to let go. Rex also warned that Belle would not leave Philip while he was recovering and that she belonged with Philip like Shawn belonged with Mimi. Sick of hearing about Philip's recovery, Shawn sulked off to another corner of the jet as it landed in Salem.

Outside Alice's Restaurant, Kate worried about the lack of news on Philip as Roman tried to comfort her by telling her the explosion had probably been nowhere near the boys. Kate continued to fume over her fight with Belle, stating how sickened she was that Belle had pretended to care about Philip while she had been emotionally cheating on him the whole time with Shawn. When Kate mentioned the sacred vows of marriage, a guilty Roman thought once again of his night of passion with Marlena.

Roman started to tell Kate something but instead reminded her that Alice's was where they had gotten married. A helpful Kate then reminded him it was also where he had been killed. Sharing a moment, Roman thanked Kate for sticking to her word to look after Sami while he had been gone, especially because it could not have been easy for her when Sami had gotten engaged to Lucas. Roman received word from the ISA that the hostages were on their way home, so Kate and Roman started to make calls and plans to throw a celebratory party that night at Alice's.

At the penthouse, Marlena briefly comforted Belle before Mimi arrived. John received word that all the hostages were on their way home on the jet. With Belle relieved, Marlena excused herself after getting a phone call from a patient. Belle and Mimi were convinced that if Philip were not okay, the Marines would have already called. Unfortunately, the Marines were calling Belle to counsel her, but they were calling her answering machine at home. Instead, Belle and Mimi talked in blissful ignorance of Philip's condition and focused on the upcoming emotional annihilation of the men they loved.

Mimi got word that her sentencing date had been moved up to her wedding day and begged Belle to help Rex find someone new. Belle did not think Rex could ever move on, even if he thought she was a killer. After getting a call from Roman about the party, the two headed down to Alice's, where a still-angry Kate asked Belle to worry more about her husband than Shawn.

At the clinic, Chloe decided to call Marlena to ask for advice about Brady's return to Salem. Nicole thought it was a bad idea, but Chloe explained she had always been a good friend to her. Nicole fretted that Brady would never forgive her for not telling him about Chloe being alive, and Chloe felt it was all her fault for making Nicole keep mum. Nicole thought it sounded like Chloe had made up her mind to tell Brady that she was alive. Nicole also thought it was brave and told Chloe that Brady would return to her because he loved her and was a good guy.

A little peppier, Chloe swore that when Brady learned about the nurse that had caused her infection, he would track her down and make her pay. A shifty-eyed Nicole thought to herself that Brady would definitely kill her. Later, Marlena arrived and counseled Chloe to tell Brady she was alive because he needed to know. Under the pretext of giving Chloe time to think, Nicole took Marlena into the hallway to warn Marlena that Chloe needed time to make the right decision. When a sarcastic Marlena questioned Nicole's motive, Nicole guessed that Roman and Marlena had slept together and had not told John. The conversation effectively at a stalemate, the two returned to get Chloe ready for the coming-home party.

Inside Alice's an overjoyed Sami reunited with Roman while a somber Lucas told his mother that there was bad news about Philip. A frightened Mimi was relieved to have Rex home, but when he talked about how much he couldn't wait to marry her, she led him away to talk. Belle was standing alone outside the restaurant when a single pink rose brushed her cheek. Turning around, she found a clean-shaven Shawn and told him how afraid she had been of losing him.

When Belle asked whether Philip had been on the jet, Shawn had to tell her Philip was seriously injured, but there was no word on how bad an injury it was. He then told her of the letter Philip had given to him, which prompted a panicked Belle to yell, "He can't die! I can't lose him!"

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

At Alice's, the ex-hostages were reunited with their loved ones. Shawn and Mimi were there to support Belle. Belle tried to be optimistic, but a Marine chaplain showed up with news about Philip, and she feared the worst.

Philip was on a military transport jet, being flown to Germany for emergency surgery. It didn't look like he'd make it. He fantasized about returning home to Belle and thanked Shawn for being there for his wife. Philip was rushed to the operating room, and it looked like it might be too late.

At the reunion party, Sami was reunited with her parents, Roman and Marlena. Roman asked Sami how she had gotten mixed up with Tony DiMera. Sami had to cover. Will arrived, and Sami and Lucas embraced their son. Will asked if his dad trusted his mom again, and Lucas decided to give Sami the benefit of the doubt. Lucas told her that from there on out, she had to always tell him the truth.

Roman and Kate were reunited with their children. Rex was blown away when he realized his father was still alive. Roman surprised Rex with his twin sister Cassie. After an emotional reunion, Rex invited Cassie to his wedding. It was turning out to be the best day of Rex's life, but a guilty Mimi couldn't make herself give him the bad news that she was going to jail on their wedding day.

Bo and Hope reunited with Shawn. They were grateful their son was okay, but they worried about Philip and what his injuries would mean to Shawn's future with Belle. Bo and Roman wondered if Victor and Caroline could still be alive. They wouldn't get answers until they could capture and question Tony. Grandpa Shawn was excited about the possibility of Caroline returning home to him. Bo whisked Hope away for a romantic surprise.

Brady grilled Nicole about Chloe. He asked if Nicole knew where she was. Nicole desperately tried to cover. John arrived and thought Brady might be onto something. He continued to warn Brady not to trust Nicole.

Marlena tried to convince Chloe to show herself to Brady, but Chloe was still deeply torn. Marlena then told Nicole she had made a mistake in not telling Brady the truth when she'd had the chance. Nicole contemplated the worst night of her life as Brady seemed to reject her and she learned Victor might be alive.

Victor and Caroline were being held prisoner on a remote DiMera island. Even though they were in the lap of luxury, they might never be able to escape. Victor was resigned to his fate, but as long as he was with Caroline, he could get through anything. Caroline wanted to get back to her family but knew deep down that Victor had to feel the same way about Brady and Philip.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Philip was on the operating table, and it was not going well. He fantasized about reuniting with Belle and then leaving her to move on to the next life.

The Marine chaplain arrived to give Belle news about Philip. Belle was relieved to hear Philip was still alive but in surgery. John told Shawn to leave Belle alone, but Belle asked Shawn to pray with her. When he did, Kate told Shawn that Belle might decide to stay with Philip when he returned home. The doctor called Belle on her cell phone, and she let out an anguished cry.

Sami agreed to be honest with Lucas yet was secretly planning never to tell him the truth about Stan. Sami was hopeful Tony was gone for good, but her phone rang, and it was Tony. Tony wanted to expose her to everyone.

John confided in Roman. He thought he knew who could lead them to DiMera.

Mimi kept trying to cover with Rex; he couldn't wait to marry her and start their future together. Finally, an emotional Mimi couldn't take it anymore. She blurted out that she couldn't marry him.

Nicole warned Marlena they had to keep lying to Brady if that was what Chloe wanted. Chloe decided she had to face Brady. Brady was with Marlena, trying to figure out if he was a victim of a mind game or if Chloe could still be alive. Marlena saw Chloe out on the terrace over Brady's shoulder. She told Brady to go out for some fresh air, and he'd have the answer he needed.

Bo surprised Hope with a romantic picnic at the lake. Since Shawn was home safely, Bo promised Hope they would have the happy future they'd always dreamed about. Bo vowed he would not let Billie get between them. Hope asked if, on some level, Bo might have known he had been making love with Billie. Bo promised Hope was the only woman for him. He wanted to prove it to her, so they made passionate love.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Bo and Hope were still sitting on the blanket, talking. Hope was optimistic about things going back to normal, but Bo was not that sure. Bo explained that he was concerned with Billie's involvement with Chelsea, but Hope tried to make Bo feel better about it and told him to look on the bright side. Bo mentioned that he was also worried about Shawn and his situation with Belle, and they argued over Shawn's motives for rescuing Philip.

Nicole continued to try to change Chloe's mind about telling Brady that she was alive, but Chloe wanted to tell him the truth. Chloe asked Nicole to go and tell Brady that she was out on the terrace, waiting for him. Nicole asked if Chloe was sure and tried to manipulate her. Eventually, Chloe caved in to the pressure.

Brady talked to Marlena about Chloe and told her that he did not understand why Chloe would not go to him if she were alive. Marlena did not have any answers for him but spotted Chloe out on the terrace with Nicole. Marlena told Brady to go out on the terrace, get some fresh air, and clear his head. Brady went out on the terrace and was surprised to see Nicole. He told her that he needed some answers from her. Chloe looked on from the bushes. Chloe wanted to see how Brady acted first and to wait until the right time to let him know she was alive.

Brady questioned Nicole, but she told him that she had nothing to say except that he was right. She told Brady that Chloe was alive in his heart, and Brady became irritated with her. However, Nicole continued, claiming that Brady was in love with a ghost. Brady told Nicole that he did not trust her and that he thought that she would give anything to keep him from finding Chloe. Nicole lied to Brady and said that the voice that Brady heard was probably a ploy from Tony.

John and Roman discussed how they would find Caroline and Victor if they were alive. John said that they had to find Tony and suggested that Sami would be the key to finding him. Roman was confused about why John would suspect Sami and questioned John. John stated that he had not heard an explanation as to why Sami had been in the war zone or how long she had been there with Tony. Roman looked a little defensive as he asked if John was suggesting that Sami was working with Tony.

Roman refused to believe that Sami would get involved with Tony and asked John why she would. John reminded Roman of Sami acting out when he had been gone and said that she had probably wanted revenge. Roman and John argued over Sami and her involvement. Marlena and Lucas joined the discussion when they heard the men's loud voices. Lucas defended Sami and said that she had saved them and that the real villain was Stan. John called Shane at the ISA to find out what was going on with Philip. He did not learn anything new.

Sami was on her cell phone with Tony and pleaded with him not to tell everyone that she was Stan and what she had done. Tony threatened to tell Lucas, and a worried Sami asked what Tony wanted. Tony referred to Sami as "Stan" and told her that he wanted her to continue the operation. Sami said that she had done her part, but Tony told her that she had ruined his plans and that their relationship was far from over. He threatened to expose her if she did not agree to work with him.

Shawn told Belle he knew that they couldn't be together until Philip returned home safely. Kate overheard and verbally attacked Shawn, telling him to leave Philip's wife alone. In the meantime, Belle's cell phone rang, and it was the surgeon who had operated on Philip. Belle burst into tears because before he could tell her how Philip was doing, Dr. Gage was called back into ICU and had to get off the phone. Belle thought the worst, and Shawn comforted her as Kate looked on.

Kate yelled at Shawn and told him to give up the act that he cared about Philip. Shawn yelled and argued with Kate over his motives, but both ended up upsetting Belle in the process. Lucas took Shawn aside to ask him to leave Belle alone to keep from aggravating Kate and putting Belle in the middle. Belle told her parents that she would stay with Philip no matter how long it took to help him get better. A little later, she received another call on her cell phone and cried out, "Oh, God, no!" and almost collapsed in Shawn's arms.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Chloe watched Brady from the bushes and resisted going to him to keep from being a burden to him. She decided that if Nicole could not convince Brady that she was dead then she would have no choice but to reveal herself.

Nicole's excuse for Brady hearing Chloe's voice was that it was one of Tony's manipulations, but Brady did not buy it and asked Nicole how she thought Tony had set it up. Nicole continued to make up lies. Brady admitted that he would leave Nicole for Chloe. Nicole left Brady out on the terrace alone, and she got a call from Tony, who said that he knew what she had done.

Tony threatened Sami. However, he said he might not go after her directly but perhaps go after her parents or Lucas. Sami told him to stay away from her family, but Tony told her that "this time" she was going to go down for what she had done.

Bo and Hope were still cozy up on their blanket. They discussed Philip and how he probably couldn't wait to return home to Belle. Bo stated that Shawn should be prepared to live his life without Belle, despite the fact that they loved each other. Bo continued that it would be wrong of Shawn to break up Belle and Philip's marriage.

Bo and Hope started to argue about Shawn being with Belle, and Hope thought that they should be together. Bo was convinced that Belle needed to stay true to her vows and gave examples of people who loved each other and couldn't be together. Hope added the example of Bo and Billie. Hope and Bo continued to disagree, and Hope asked Bo if he wanted to see Shawn with the woman that he loved. Bo asked her, "No matter who gets hurt?" but Hope did not answer.

Bo told Hope that she was encouraging Shawn to break up Belle and Philip's marriage, but Hope said that she was encouraging him to be happy. Billie was again mentioned as an example of Hope's flawed thinking. Bo and Hope disagreed but finally decided that it was Belle's choice, and they should stay out of it.

Shawn tried to find Belle, but Kate stopped him and yelled at him. Roman pulled Kate aside and offered support to her, but she remained very concerned about her son. Shawn saw Marlena and John dancing and asked why they were not with Belle. They explained that they had given her a ride home to the loft and that she had wanted to be alone. They told Shawn to leave Belle alone.

John threatened that if Shawn went after his daughter then John would stop him. John eventually was able to get three seats on a military transport, and it was decided that Kate, Belle, and John would go. Roman asked John to take good care of Kate for him, and John asked Roman to do the same with Marlena.

Rex was concerned that Mimi had told him that she couldn't marry him, and he looked for her. Rex told Lucas about what had happened with Mimi and wondered if she had heard the news about Philip; Rex asked about the news. Lucas had to break the news to Rex that Philip's left leg had needed to be amputated below the knee. Lucas and Rex blamed Stan for what had happened to Philip.

Lucas went and looked for Sami. He found her in a back room alone, talking on her cell phone. He asked her who she was taking to and what she was doing there. Sami played it off like she was on the phone with Will and was telling him goodnight.

Both Belle and Mimi were at the loft, in tears over their predicaments. Seeing Belle in tears, Mimi feared the worst. Belle told her that Philip had survived the surgery, but they had needed to amputate his leg. Belle asked Mimi to help her pack because Philip needed her, and she was going to be by his side.

John tried to arrange for his jet to take Belle to Philip, but it was down for maintenance. He looked to other options. Shawn approached Marlena and said that maybe Belle should not go, and maybe seeing Philip like that would make her more upset. Kate interrupted and questioned his motives.

Roman told Shawn to put his feelings aside and to leave Belle alone. Roman had a heart-to-heart talk with Shawn about the possibility of Belle staying with Philip. Rex and Shawn went back to the loft to wait for Mimi. Shawn went to Belle's loft and knocked on the door. Belle answered and told him that he shouldn't be there.

Shawn expressed to Belle that he was not letting her go. Mimi finally went back to her loft and met with Rex, who wanted to know what was going on with her and why she had said that she couldn't marry him. Shawn offered Belle support, and they embraced one last time before she left. Kate saw the embrace.

On the phone, Tony told Nicole that Stan worked for him and that he was at the party. He also told her that the reason that she did not see Stan was that Stan was not in his disguise. Tony was happy at the thought of the problems that would result from both Nicole and Sami having dirt on each other. Nicole recognized Stan's eyes and realized Sami was Stan.

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