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Monday, June 13, 2005

Outside Alice's restaurant, Brady waited on the porch while a cloaked and bandaged Chloe lurked nearby trying to work up the nerve to reveal herself. Judge Fitzpatrick stopped by to talk to Brady about Philip and she told Brady that Philip had a leg amputated. Upon hearing the news, Chloe gasped. Although Brady heard her, he did not find her. Finally, Chloe stepped out from behind the bushes to reveal herself, but Brady was already headed back inside the restaurant. Figuring the time was not right, Chloe returned to the clinic.

Back at the clinic, Craig comforted Chloe who filled him in her evening and Brady's discovery that she was alive. Confused, Chloe cried in her father's arms.

Inside Alice's restaurant, Nicole sat at the bar contemplating whether Sami was Stan based on a tip from Tony that Stan was in the restaurant without his disguise. An edgy Sami squirmed under Nicole's gaze, but Lucas told her not to worry that Nicole hated her because everyone in Salem did. Lucas played off Nicole's stares to her impending loss of Brady. Nicole sauntered over to the table and said that if Lucas did not hate her, he would when he heard what she did now. Nicole gave Sami a good once over and pegged her as a perfect match for Stan. Lucas took Nicole aside but she continued to push and asked Sami how she got to be in the war zone. Not buying the hostage story, Nicole and Sami started to tussle but Lucas pried them apart. When Lucas commented that Nicole should let Brady be happy with Chloe if she were alive, Nicole stormed off commenting that Lucas deserved to end up with Sami.

After Lucas left, Nicole walked up behind Sami and asked, "Stan?" Foolishly, Sami turned around. With her suspicions confirmed, Nicole promised Sami that she couldn't wait to tell everybody that she was Stan.

Outside Alice's, Brady and Lucas discussed Philip's condition. When Lucas asked about Chloe, Brady chalked it up to wishful thinking and told Lucas he was beginning to doubt that Chloe really was alive.

At the loft, a hugging Belle and Philip were interrupted by a fuming Kate who screamed at Belle for betraying her wounded husband and that she couldn't believe Belle turned out worse than Sami. Belle protested to the innocence of the situation, but Kate had already worked up a head of steam. When Kate said she couldn't understand how Belle could love one man and still have feelings for another, Marlena entered the loft and pointed out Kate's engagement to John when she still loved Roman. An annoyed Kate argued that the situations were totally different because Roman and Marlena were believed to be dead. John then entered the fray and tried to calm everyone, but with a declaration that Belle was only going to Germany out of guilt, Kate flounced out of the room, with John in pursuit. Belle tried to tell Marlena that nothing was happening, but Marlena pointed out that she needed to proceed cautiously with Philip because he had already lost so much. Frustrated, Belle told Marlena, "everyone seems to forget that I still love Philip."

Outside the loft, John tried to calm down Kate who apologized for her behavior. Kate agreed with John that Belle was also having a hard time but that she lost control when she saw them hugging. The two agreed that love was contemplated, but John refused to get involved because their kids were adults and should lead their own lives. After John returned to the loft, a disagreeing Kate called Judge Fitzpatrick and offered her a job as the head of legal affairs at Basic Black if she would docket Shawn's criminal case as soon as possible. The judge resisted but once Kate told her about Shawn's meddling in Philip's life, the judge agreed to help her.

When John returned to the loft, he tried to explain to Marlena why he didn't trust Shawn. A tired Marlena stopped him and told him she knew what Shawn was like because she had a video feed of certain instances thanks to Tony. John was taken aback by the revelation, but Marlena changed the subject by asking John if he wanted to see his daughter in a loveless marriage. John said no, but that a part of Belle still loved Philip.

Off in the corner of the loft, Shawn returned with Belle's last suitcase and offered to accompany her to Germany. A firm Belle said now way, because Kate was desperate and Shawn's presence would just antagonize her. An oblivious Shawn told her not to worry about Kate because he could take care of himself.

Back in their apartment, Rex yearned to spend the evening with his girl, Mimi. Nervous, Mimi kept blaming her fidgeting on worrying about Philip, Shawn, and Belle but when Rex started to talk about their future, Mimi yelled "Stop!" and stormed up to the roof. On the roof, Mimi called her mother and told her she had to tell Rex everything. Just then, Rex appeared on the roof to find out what was wrong. When Rex started to talk about a small civil ceremony instead, Mimi lost it and told him she couldn't marry him anywhere because she was going to jail.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


On the roof, Mimi is ready to tell Rex why she is going to jail. Bonnie, downstairs in Mimi's loft, sees the wine glass and wonders if Mimi told Rex the truth, he left her, and then Mimi jumped off the fire escape to her death. Bonnie says that it would be all her fault. Patrick appears in Mimi's doorway, and tells Bonnie that she's right. They both go up to the roof where they find Rex and Mimi. Mimi has just told Rex that she is going to jail for attempted murder. Bonnie pulls Mimi aside to talk to her, as Rex asks Patrick what is going on. Patrick advises that he better let Mimi tell him everything he needs to know. Bonnie asks Mimi if she's really prepared to tell Rex that she got rid of his baby. Mimi replies that all the secrets are going to come out tonight. She then tells Rex that she is going to jail for trying to kill Jan Spears, and she tells him how the events unfolded. Rex says that they will fight this thing and asked why Mickey didn't try to help. Bonnie says that Mickey was involved in the case but no one could talk Mimi out of pleading guilty. Mimi says that's the way it has to be and that since she is going to jail, that she and Rex are through.

At the Deverauxes', Jenn, Abby and Chelsea are all getting the cake ready for Jack's birthday celebration. Bo and Hope enter and Jennifer invites them to join in on Jack's birthday plans. They fill Jennifer in on Philip's condition and tell her that Belle has gone to be with Philip during his ordeal. Billie then enters the kitchen and agrees that that is exactly where Belle should be - by Philip's side. Abby has the cake ready to go and is standing by the kitchen door when Jack comes through the door, knocking the cake from Abby's hands onto the floor. Jack jokes and says that he'll even eat the cake off the floor. Bo's cell phone rings, and he excuses himself to take the call. Hope approaches Billie and expresses her concern for Philip. Meanwhile, Jenn, Jack, and Abby are all making another cake. Chelsea, feeling out of place in the family scene, heads outside. Billie and Hope discuss Philip's situation further in the living room. Hope believes that Belle being there for Philip may only make matters worse. Billie thinks that Belle will choose Philip because he is a war hero. Bo returns from his phone call and tries to make peace. Billie says that Hope is a hypocrite for believing that Billie is always trying to break up her marriage, when she is encouraging Shawn to do the same thing. Something catches Billie's eye and she excuses herself to go outside. She catches Chelsea about to light a cigarette. Billie chastises her and then goes on to admit about her smoking at a young age too. Chelsea reiterates the fact that Billie is not her mom, and that she needs to butt out (no pun intended). Billie returns to the kitchen, where the cake is done and the candles are lit. Jack wishes for Philip to return safely and they all blow out the candles.

Meanwhile at the Penthouse, Belle, John and Kate are preparing to leave. Kate and Belle attempt to call a truce, and they embrace. John and Kate say goodbye to Marlena and Roman, respectively, and gather their things. Belle is outside in the hallway saying goodbye to Shawn and giving him a hug. Belle, Kate and John leave for the plane. Roman leaves to make a phone call, and Marlena and Shawn have some time to talk. Marlena empathizes with him and states that she knows the pain he is going through. Shawn admits to her that he is terrified of losing Belle to Philip. Shawn's phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it. Belle is on the other end, calling from the plane. She wanted to tell Shawn that she loves him, and that they will be together when this is all over. Inside the penthouse, Roman steadies Marlena as she experiences a dizzy spell. She claims that she's fine, and Roman leaves. As Marlena begins to stand up again, she drops her water bottle and clutches her stomach. What is wrong with Marlena?

Meanwhile on the plane, Belle has fallen asleep and is having a variety of dreams about her past with both Shawn and Philip. After a dream about the war zone, she calls out Philip's name. John tells Kate that Belle is very confused and she is going to have to make some hard decisions later. Belle dreams about a romantic embrace with Shawn, but Shawn then turns into Philip. Belle wonders out loud, "Why am I kissing Philip?" Kate overhears this and a smug grin appears on her face.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Belle, Kate and John arrive at the military hospital in Germany to see Philip. He's very weak and groggy... just waking up from surgery. They realize Philip doesn't know that his leg has been amputated. Philip falls back to sleep. Belle, Kate and John talk to the doctor and he says Philip has been heavily medicated but now is ready to hear about his injuries. Belle won't allow it; as his wife, Belle wants to be the one to tell him. Kate is deeply moved and John is very proud of his daughter. In a series of very emotional scenes, Belle breaks the devastating news to Philip that he lost his leg. Philip reels in anger and denial. Belle tries to comfort him. Having Belle here with him means the world to Philip however he never wants to lose her. Emotional Belle tells Philip she's not going anywhere.

Rex finds Shawn on the roof taking out his frustration and fear of losing Belle. Rex still thinks Belle and Philip belong together but Shawn isn't giving up; just like Rex will never give up on Mimi. Rex drops the bomb that Mimi is pleading guilty for attempting to murder Jan. Shawn burns. Jan Spears is responsible for all the pain in their lives. He urges Rex to do whatever it takes to free Mimi. Shawn is committed to having a future with Belle and he's going to Germany to be with her. Shawn leaves, and Rex gets to work trying to save Mimi.

Marlena still feels ill... She arranges for tests to be run anonymously at the hospital. Upset Mimi comes to Marlena for help; she confides in her about lying to Rex, having an abortion, and pleading guilty to attempted murder. Marlena counsels Mimi to tell Rex the whole truth but Mimi isn't sure she can. Hasn't Marlena ever kept a secret from a loved one? Marlena remembers making love with Roman at the castle and admits she's kept secrets. Mimi needs to be honest with Rex. Torn, Mimi thanks Marlena for her help and exits. Alone, Marlena gets the test results back and she is shaken to the core when she realizes... she's pregnant!

Lucas warns Brady not to trust Nicole. Brady has the same advice for Lucas about Sami. Lucas tells Brady not to give up on finding Chloe. Sami is with Nicole... desperately trying to deny she was Stan. Nicole tells Sami that Tony called her and Sami is aghast... Nicole has her caught. The two adversaries compare notes and Sami admits she worked for Tony and now he's holding it over her head. Nicole admits she infected Chloe's face. Sami and Nicole realize they have to keep each other's secrets. But can they trust each other? Brady and Lucas see Sami and Nicole together and they confront the two women.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Belle is by Philip's side and tells him it could have been a lot worse but Philip is upset to have lost his leg. Philip continues to thank Belle for being there but insists on not being a burden on her to which she replies that he could never be a burden and that "he is her husband and she is his wife and that they can get through this together." Philip tells Belle that knowing that she was at home waiting for him is what got him through everything. Col. Cochman comes by and visits Philip to tell him that he is a hero for all that he has done, thanks him, and gives him a file for Philip to look through with options to look over. When the Col. leaves, Belle tells Philip that she has a surprise for him. Belle gives Philip a portable D.V.D player with a DVD made by Rex. It shows a lot of moments shared by Philip and Belle but instead of making him happy Philip throws the D.V.D. player and is upset. A worried Belle asks Philip what is wrong and Philip tells her that it was hard to see the man he used to be. Belle tries to make Philip feel better by telling him that he is strong and will make it through this but Philip is still upset. The doctor has to give Philip a sedative to calm him down. The doctor explains to Belle that Philip's reaction to seeing the D.V.D was normal and tells her that there is something that she could do to help. Belle says that she will do anything to help Philip. He tells her that what Philip needs is to know that she loves him and the loss of the limb does not change her feelings toward him. She tells the doctor that she will stick by Philip.

John offers Kate support when she is upset about Philip's injuries. Kate starts to feel better after John convinces her to eat some soup. Kate expresses that she feels awkwardness between her and Roman since his return and John tells her that John and Marlena have been feeling that way too. John confides in Kate that he has noticed that Marlena has been distracted and seems to have something on her mind leading him to wonder if something happened between Marlena and Roman while they were at the castle. Kate does not believe they would have gotten that close in the castle but John continues to say that Roman and Marlena came back with a deeper bond then before. Kate tries to explain away their closeness as being natural having been prisoners alone for all of that time. The cornel stops and sees Kate and tells her that Philip will need a lot of support from his loved ones and gives her his card if there is anything that Philip or the family need in the meantime. John later tells Kate that he plans on asking Marlena to renew their vows.

When Nicole proposes that Sami works together with her, Sami tells her that she cannot trust her. Nicole continues to tell Sami that they need to keep each other's secrets and to protect each other and tries to get Sami to shake on the deal. But before they can, both Lucas and Brady come out on the terrace and are suspicious of why the two women are together and ask what they were talking about. Sami covers and says that she was desperate and was asking Nicole for a job. Nicole plays it off and tells Sami that she already told her before the guys got there that she would not give her a job. Sami accidentally mispronounces Kiriakis and Brady is suspicious because Stan mispronounced it the same exact way. Sami explains that she must have picked it up from Stan when she was a prisoner of Tony's. Lucas takes Sami to talk alone. Lucas asks Sami what is going on between her and Nicole. He lets her know that he does not believe that she was asking Nicole for a job but Sami tries to stick to that story. She tells Lucas that she is desperate because she has not had a paycheck in a long time blaming being fired by Kate and being held prisoner. Lucas questions Sami and tells her that he still does not know how she got over to the war zone and wants to know the whole story.

After Sami and Lucas leave to talk, Brady tells Nicole that he needs to find Chloe and he remembers his discussion with Lucas. Brady tells Nicole that she is right and the voice of Chloe that he heard was all in his head leading him to apologize. Brady all the while is thinking to himself that he does not trust her Nicole and that he will find Chloe.

Marlena is taken aback by the positive pregnancy results and thinks back to the night that she shared with Roman. Marlena calls the lab thinking it must be a mistake and asks them to rerun the test explaining that it is a delicate situation requiring her to be clear about the results and they agree to rerun the pregnancy test but they say they are sure to have the same result. Marlena is at a lost of what she will due if she is really pregnant. Roman drops in and notices that she is upset and questions her on it and she responds that she received some test results that she was not expecting. Roman explains that the reason that he is there is that he was looking for information on Caroline and Victor and found evidence of a witness who saw an older couple walking toward the village after the explosion. Roman believes it may have been Victor and Caroline and that Tony may have gotten to them first. Roman gets a call from the station and has to take down information and writes it down on the back of Marlena's test results. After he gets off the phone Roman notices that the paper is pregnancy test results. Roman asks about the pregnancy and Marlena lets Roman think that results are from a patient. The conversation goes back to Victor and Caroline and Roman tells Marlena that she could be the key to finding them. He questions her about maybe remembering anything that Tony or Bart may have said about another secret place. They kick around the idea and Roman decides to go talk to Lexie. Before he leaves Marlena asks about the possibly of Patrick knowing anything and Roman decides to talk to him. As Marlena and Roman are about the have some tea, John calls. He tells her of all that is going on and apologizes for his behavior before he left. Roman yells as he spills tea and John realizes Roman is there with Marlena. Marlena explains that Roman is there to work on finding Victor and Roman and he had some questions for her. Roman is later called back to the station giving Marlena more time alone to wonder what to do if she is indeed pregnant. Marlena gets the call back from the lab confirming the first result. Marlena is upset as she says "Oh my gosh, I'm pregnant with Roman's child."

Friday, June 17, 2005

At the hospital, John gives Kate a red rose to cheer her up. Kate is has a difficult time thinking on the bright side of things because of Philip's leg although she is happy because she thinks Belle will stay with Philip. Kate explains to John that Belle probably remembered her vows and feel she has no choice but to honor them, which brings up the whole topic of vows. John answers that that is why he needs to renew his vows to Marlena because he wants to reaffirm his love but Kate suggests it maybe because he fills guilty for breaking his vows. John reminds her that they got together because they thought that Roman and Marlena were dead. John expresses that he is happy and is sorry for being jealous of Roman and Marlena. But Kate thinks John is just trying to convince himself of that because he feels bad for accusing Marlena of having deeper feeling for Roman. John admits for feeling bad for what he said to Marlena and for cheating with Marlena when she was married to Roman. John suggests to Kate that she and Roman consider renewing their vows too.

Philip wakes to see Belle asleep on the chair in his hospital room and is surprise to hear Belle call out for Shawn in her sleep repeatedly. Philip wakes Belle up and asks her why she was calling out Shawn's name. Belle answers Philip that she must have been thinking about Shawn because he was with her when she got the news on Philip but Philip wonders if it is because Shawn is a "whole" man. Belle tells Philip that he can't think that way and that she is there with Philip and she is his wife. Kate and Philip have a private moment and discuss Kate renewing her vows with Roman and Philip coming home. Getting coffee, John says to Belle that he is proud of her for holding her commitment to Philip but asks where that leaves Shawn. Belle answers that she will be with Philip as long as he needs her and right now her place is with Philip.

Bo receives a letter for Shawn from Salem Superior Court. Hope looks at the envelope and wonder what the letter could be. Bo opens the letter and it is worse then he thought. Shawn is facing serious charges for crashing his bike into the church and the court date has been moved up. They realize that if he is convicted that he could go to prison. Just as Hope and Bo are going to call Shawn, he shows up and asks to borrow money to go to Germany to be with Belle. Bo refuses and tells Shawn that he has no right to go over there and tells him that he cannot go. He gives Shawn the letter from the court and tells him that his court date was moved up but Shawn tries to blow it off and say it is not a big deal. Bo explains that Shawn would be violating the conditions of his bail if he left however Shawn thinks he could make it back before anyone realized he was gone. Bo decides to call Mickey to try to talk to Shawn. Alone Shawn begs Hope for money and Hope give him her debit card and password.

Mimi considers telling Rex the truth but is unsure because she does not want to hurt him anymore then she has already. Rex has a sleepless night worrying about Mimi and trying to reach her to no avail. Shawn explains to Rex that the reason that he did not leave for Germany is because his credit card was rejected. Shawn asks Rex for a loan to go but Rex tells him "no way" and asks him not to interfere with Philip and Belle. Mimi daydreams of telling Rex the truth about the abortion and she imagines Rex being angry with her and calling her a murderer. She decides that she could never tell Rex the truth. As Shawn is leaving Mimi arrives back at the loft where Rex says that there is something that he has to tell her. Rex tells Mimi that he is not going to ask her what Jan was holding over her or why they were fighting. Mimi lies and says that she has nothing to tell and that there was no secret but eventually admits there are things that she never told him about. Mimi noticed Rex is up to something and he tells her that when he's through she will not confess to a crime that she did not commit.

Brady goes by Lucas' apartment to talk to him about Chloe and Nicole. He tells Lucas after thinking about it, he told Nicole that he believes her which bring disapproving comments from Lucas. Brady tells Lucas that he believes that Chloe is alive and more people than Nicole must be conspiring to keep it a secret. Lucas and Brady discuss who would have conspired to keep Chloe being alive a secret and they wonder why Craig and Nancy lied about it. Brady admits to leading Nicole on to try to get answers about Chloe.

Nicole receives a visit from Sami argues with her for the name calling the night before. Nicole tells Sami that it came naturally but she was just trying to play it off in front of Brady and Lucas. Nicole seems to believe that she is in the clear because Brady believes Chloe is dead and asks Sami why she should help her cover about Stan with Lucas. Sami asks Nicole if she would rather have her as an ally or an enemy and Nicole agrees to be an ally. Sami is forced to hide when Brady comes home. Brady continues to make Nicole believe that he thinks Chloe is dead and apologizes for doubting her. He also tells her that he is going to talk to Nancy to be rid of any doubt and Nicole tells him that he cannot talk to Nancy. Nicole tells him that calling Nancy would only upset her and Brady tells Nicole that she is right but he already left a message that he wanted to meet with her in person about Chloe. Nicole tells him to make something up and Brady agrees to call Nancy at the office. Brady goes outside hoping that Nicole will lead him to Chloe. Nicole is panicked that Nancy will tell Brady that Chloe is alive and Sami tells her that the only way to stop it from happening is to get rid of Chloe permanently.

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