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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sami lurked outside Eugenia's apartment as a frantic Lucas called her and begged her to go to the opening of Maggie's new restaurant, "Chez Rouge." Sami grudgingly agreed and left to change just after a dressed up Eugenia left for the same party.

At Kate's apartment, Lucas and Billie prodded Kate to tell them why it was such an important day and why she was avoiding Roman. Kate broke down and told them that she would be renewing her vows to Roman today but not to tell anyone. When Roman showed up unexpectedly, Kate ran out of the room, confusing Roman. Billie covered and told him it was Basic Black business. Lucas passed a tuxedo to Roman to wear and after a feeble protest, Lucas shut Roman down, stating that Maggie likes to overdo things. Roman agreed and left with his tux.

At the penthouse, John gave Marlena a beautiful white gown to wear. At first Marlena protested, saying she couldn't wear white to a wedding, but John talked her into it.

Outside the penthouse, Belle arrived with the wedding bouquet for Marlena and was surprised by a lurking Shawn. Upset about Marlena's secret, Belle was shaken by Shawn's presence and asked him to leave her alone. Shawn swore that he intended to be there for her to make up for all the time that he was not in the past. Softening a little, Belle asked him to prove it and take the bouquet down to her car for her. Shawn obliged as Belle went inside to talk to her parents. Unfortunately, Belle was freaked out to learn that Marlena still had not told John about the baby. Marlena confided to her daughter that she was scared, but Belle insisted she had to tell him before they got to the restaurant.

Outside "Chez Rouge," Mickey guided a blindfolded Maggie inside and revealed the restaurant and its five star chef to her as her wedding present. Meanwhile, a happy Bonnie thought the restaurant was Maggie's divorce gift and that she was renewing her vows to Mickey. Poor Bonnie was rudely awakened when Mickey broke the news to her that the restaurant was a wedding present to Maggie, whom he was remarrying. Bonnie ran off heartbroken, and confided to Mimi that she really did love Mickey. Mickey and Maggie later caught up with Bonnie and broke the news that Bonnie's settlement was to be Alice's restaurant. When Alice overheard Bonnie was no longer Mrs. Horton, she said, "Hallelujah! Glad to see you've come to your senses." Maggie then gleefully broke the news that all of Bonnie's credit cards and accounts would be frozen tomorrow. As Mickey and Maggie walked away, Bonnie contemplated spending as much money as possible for the remaining 24 hours that her accounts were open.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Brady asked Belle and Chloe to join him for a surprise. He took them into a nearby room and waiting for them, was Chloe. Hugs and kisses all around for the reunion, Philip and Shawn also came in to reunite with Chloe. When the others left, Chloe and Philip discussed their mutual recovery and how happy they both were to have Brady and Belle in their lives.

Bo and Hope were excited their son was out of jail, but Bo told Shawn he should show his appreciation to Philip by staying away from his wife. Shawn was less than thrilled by his father's recommendation, and said he intended to convince her they should be together. While Bo worried Shawn's future might be behind bars, Hope prayed for true love to find its way. Hope also blamed Kate for Shawn's arrest, and though Bo agreed, he also felt Shawn should take responsibility for his own actions. When Bo promised not to turn his back on his son, an eavesdropping Billie asked him if he would turn his back on their daughter too.

A furious Kate confronted Eugenia who explained she got an invitation. Kate warned her it was a bad idea to be seen together, and right on cue Sami arrived and provoked the twosome. Later, Kate promised she would secure a job for Eugenia but that she had to leave the party because Sami was too suspicious.

When Marlena arrived, Roman asked her if she told John about the baby yet, so that he could tell Kate. Marlena admitted she had not, and complained about keeping secrets. Sami overheard and asked what it was, to which Marlena replied that Chloe was alive. Not interested, Sami prattled on about how much her parents should be together and were each other's one true love before walking away to leave Roman and Marlena guiltily looking at one another.

Marlena started to tell John about the baby, but she was interrupted when Chloe began the ceremony by singing "the Rose" as the various couples throughout the room eyed one another. Sami told Lucas that she wished she was marrying him and he agreed but not until he could trust her again. Sami once again promised to prove that he could trust her.

Mickey and Maggie renewed their vows, and Maggie said, "I want the restaurant to be special because to me, it symbolizes true love and true love never is lost. It is reborn." As the two said their I love yous, John turned to Marlena and told her they were next. Startled, Marlena asked what he meant, but then said she needed to talk to him first. John said there would be time to talk later. Marlena started to go after him, but was intercepted by a nervous Mimi who asked for more advice on whether to talk to Rex. Seeing John on the other side of the room, Marlena advised here that a relationship could not survive with secrets. Rex overheard, and angrily told her he knew all about the baby and he demanded to know whether she had been lying to him all this time.

Marlena and Roman decided to finally tell Kate and John about the baby. Marlena took John aside and exclaimed that she had something to tell him and that their lives would never be the same afterward.

Bo hugged Hope and promised that no one would get between them while elsewhere in the restaurant, Billie received a PDA message with the sign of the Phoenix. The message said that if she solved the puzzle, she would get her daughter.

In the back room, Brady found Chloe holding his mother's wedding ring. A tearful Chloe admitted that she took the ring from her urn and has worn it ever since. A smiling Brady asked her to marry him but Chloe said that couldn't. Not shaken, Brady reminded her that he loved her and still thought she was beautiful.

Outside the restaurant, Belle went to fetch the bouquet from her car and was surprised by Shawn who said, "I've been waiting for this all day," then grabbed and passionately kissed a not unwilling Belle. Just then, Philip rolled his wheelchair out the front door and saw the two in their passionate embrace.

Back at Eugenia's, Sami broke into the apartment to find some evidence. Right as she found an interesting letter, Eugenia returned home and caught Sami red handed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Marlena and Roman try their best to tell John and Kate that Marlena is pregnant with Roman's baby. They keep getting interrupted by Brady, Lucas, Mickey, and Maggie. Kate and John announce that they want to renew their wedding vows with Roman and Marlena. In shock, Marlena and Roman realize they have to be honest with their respective spouses now! But before they can confess they get caught up in a romantic ceremony. Roman manages to speak his vows to Kate. As Marlena is about to say her "I do's" her morning sickness and nerves get to her and she faints. John tries to revive her and Roman blurts: be careful, she's pregnant!

Philip doesn't see Belle and Shawn kissing; he is distracted thinking about his father... Philip hopes Bo and the police find Victor and Caroline soon. Bo vows to do all he can. Billie gets another clue from Tony DiMera about Georgia. Bo will investigate the clue, but he's not going to let DiMera draw them into a trap again. Hope is glad to hear this because she doubts the puzzle clue is legit, but if they solve it, Hope promises to search with them. Bo is moved; he still wants to take a sailing trip with Hope. They'll bring the clue along and keep trying to solve the puzzle.

Rex is stunned when he overhears that Mimi was pregnant. Why didn't she tell him? Why would she lie? Mimi freaks and tells Rex in strict confidence that she's not the one who's pregnant-- it's Marlena. Rex apologizes profusely; he should have known Mimi would never lie to him about something like that. Mimi tells Rex that Jan was trying to break them up by blaming Mimi for not getting to the doctor sooner when she had the infection. Rex buys this and is intent on marrying Mimi.

Eugenia catches Sami breaking into her apartment and Sami tries to blackmail her way out of it by pointing out Eugenia owes back taxes. Eugenia is too smart for her Sami, and responds that she is on a payment schedule. Sami tells Eugenia she overheard her on the phone talking about being in cahoots with Kate. Eugenia freely admits she and Kate set Sami up. Lucas arrives and Sami thinks she has Eugenia caught dead to rights. But wily Eugenia turns the tables on Sami and tells Lucas that his ex-fiancée tried to bribe and blackmail her into lying about Kate. Sami is furious: how can Lucas believe Eugenia?! Lucas can't trust Sami anymore and announces he is finished with her for good! Lucas slams out, Eugenia gloats and Sami burns.

Chloe's voice is strained after singing in the previous episode. Brady has to take her home. Chloe still wants to marry Brady but she wants her face to look normal again. Chloe calls Dr. Travis to make an appointment. When they get home, Chloe worries that the surgery may not be successful. Brady is very loving. If taking care of the scars will make her feel more comfortable at their wedding then have the procedure. Brady will always see her as beautiful, no matter what! Chloe is deeply moved, and they make passionate and romantic love.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Everyone is still reeling that Marlena is pregnant. John is thrilled that he's going to be a father again. Belle is worried, knowing the baby is Roman's. She warns her mother that she has to tell John the truth. Roman and Kate accompany John and Marlena back to the penthouse. John takes care of Marlena as Kate asks Roman if he thinks he might want another child. Roman says he does and he secretly steels a look at Marlena. After a phone call from Belle and feeling the mounting pressure, Marlena is poised to tell John the truth.

Belle, Shawn, Philip, Rex and Mimi go back to Belle's loft. Philip announces that he wants to start a family with Belle as soon as possible. Shawn is upset and angry and Mimi continues to feel guilty about having the abortion. Rex waxes on about how much he wants to be a parent, too. Mimi casually asks Rex how he feels about having another half-sibling... then realizes her slip. Belle realizes Mimi knows Roman is the real father of Marlena's baby. Shawn presses Mimi to tell Rex her secret. Shawn lets Belle know he knows Mimi's secret, too, and pressures Belle to follow her own advice to Mimi in revealing the truth to Philip. Belle feels ill and thinks it must be her ulcer. Mimi suspects it's more than just an ulcer.

Lucas returns some things of Sami's he found in his apartment. He wants nothing more to do with her since he caught her at Eugenia's apartment. Eugenia said Sami was trying to bribe her to blame Kate for ruining Lucas and Sami's wedding. Lucas talks about Sami's legacy of lies and betrayals of his love and trust. Sami has no defense and has to agree she's hurt him badly. Sami dissolves in tears; Lucas comforts her and then kisses her! Lucas admits he still loves her but he can't trust her. Sami swears Kate and Eugenia set her up to be found in bed with Brandon. Lucas says if that were true, he'd take her back but Sami doesn't have a shred of real evidence or proof. Lucas goes and Sami vows to get the proof she needs and destroy Eugenia and Kate.

Bo and Hope are preparing to sail off for a romantic getaway on the Fancy Face III. Billie stops them, wanting to pursue the new clue from Tony concerning Georgia. Bo promises they will if the clue turns out to be real, but refuses to run off on another wild goose chase. Bo is also driven to look for his mother and father. Bo realizes they've been going about this all wrong. The key to finding Georgia, Victor and Caroline is finding Tony DiMera!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chloe looks into the mirror and is grateful that Brady does not care about the scars but she still is concerned and hopes Dr. Travis can fix her face. Brady walks into the room in a tux and brings a very curious Chloe something to wear. Chloe is worried about going out and tells Brady that she is not ready to go out for some big event. Brady tells her that he must have misunderstood but asks her to at least try on the dress for him anyway. Chloe dresses in a beautiful red dress and looks in the mirror. She comments on how Brady treats her like a queen but wished that she did not have those nasty scars. Just then, Chloe notices a jewelry box in the room that she did not see before. She opens it and realizes that the things inside must have belonged to Brady's mother. She notices a beautiful jewel encrusted hair comb and places it in her hair. She looks in the mirror and suddenly realizes that she does not see her scars. She goes out and tells Brady and Brady tells her that he cannot explain it but she must finally be seeing herself through his eyes. Chloe is overjoyed and the two share a kiss. Brady and Chloe enjoy a romantic dinner and head for the bedroom. In bed the comb falls out of Chloe's hair and as she gets up she notices her scarred face in the mirror and is upset but Brady tells her that he loves her.

Belle thinks about the kiss that she and Shawn shared but tried to put it out of her mind because she felt it was disloyal to Philip.

Marlena sits John down to tell him about the baby but the phone rings and it's Belle. She asks to talk to her mom who takes the phone call on the balcony. Belle questions her mom why she has not told her dad the truth about the baby but Marlena says that she is having a difficult time putting the words together. Belle tries to convince Marlena to tell her dad but Marlena says that she is going to tell them but Roman and Kate are still there. Belle offers to come and offer support to Marlena but Marlena says that she has to handle it on her own. Shawn overhears Belle's conversation on the phone and learns Marlena's secret. After she returns inside, Marlena tells John that she is tired and needs to lie down and so John and Marlena decide to go upstairs and ask Roman and Kate to show themselves out. Roman is reluctant to leave and tells Kate that he is not going anywhere right now. Kate tries to get Roman to leave but he won't and decides to go make a pot of coffee for them and John. Kate asks Roman what he knows that she does not. Roman tells Kate that he wished that he could spare them from this. Kate asks if it has to do with Marlena's baby and he says yes. Roman tells Kate and Kate is mad that while John and her were mourning that Roman and Marlena were sleeping together. Roman tells her that it was not like that and tells her how they were not sure if they would live from one day to the next and they were chained together and had to sleep in the same bed. He finally tells her that he and Marlena saw the video feed of John and Kate in bed together.

John offers to wait until morning to talk to Marlena but she tells him that they need to talk now and it cannot wait. John asks what wrong and if there is a complication with the pregnancy. Marlena begins to cry and tells John that the baby is Roman's not his. John asks how could she be pregnant with Roman's child but before she can answer him he comes to the conclusion that Roman took advantage of Marlena in Tony's castle. Marlena tries to correct his misconception but John is too angry to hear her. John asks Marlena if Roman knows that the baby is his and Marlena tells him yes. John becomes enraged and leaves the room. Marlena starts to follow him but is stopped by pain and has to sit down on the bed.

Kate yells at Roman that her and John thought they were dead but he and Marlena had no excuse. Just then John comes down stairs and punches Roman. The men begin to argue but Kate tries to stop it. Marlena appears at the top of the staircase and yells for them to stop as she is coming down she gets woozy and falls down the stairs. John runs to Marlena and yells at Kate and Roman to call 911.

Shawn tells Belles that her parents love each other too much to let this ruin their marriage but Belle is unsure because the baby is Roman's and she does not know how he is going to get over that. Belle compares what's happening to when she was born and it broke up Roman and Marlena's marriage. Shawn continues to say that what happened between Marlena and Roman was not an affair because they were trapped and didn't think they would escape and turned to each other because of their history. Belle starts to cry and Shawn hugs her and their embrace turns into a kiss but Belle eventually pulls away and says that they can't do this. Shawn tells Belle that he has been thinking about it and he thinks she is right and she should stay with Philip. Belle asks about his change of heart and Shawn tells her that he tried to look at it through Philip's position and she needs to stay with him until he's strong enough but when he is ready then Belle can leave him and be with Shawn. Belle thinks she should honor her vows but Shawn gets her to admit that she loves him. Shawn tells her that he will wait for her as long as it takes because he loves her and the two share another kiss. Belle is unsure about having Shawn wait for her but Shawn tells her that he will wait forever and asks for only one thing. He asks Belle to remain faithful and not sleep with Philip. Suddenly, Belle begins to get sick and runs inside.

Bo and Hope prepare for their trip. Hope looks at the message that Tony sent and tells Bo now that they are working together that she thinks that they can figure it out. Just then Jack and Jennifer walk up and Jack tells them not to count on it. Jack tells them that nobody ever wins against Tony and both Jack and Jennifer express deep concern for Bo and Hope and the possibility of losing them. Bo explains that they have to go after Tony or else they will forever be sitting ducks waiting for Tony to come after them. He continues on to ask Jennifer how she would feel if Tony took Jack again which upsets Jennifer. Jack tells Jennifer that Tony is not going to take him away from his family. Bo asks Jack to give him a hand on the deck while the women talk. Hope tells Jennifer that they will beat Tony. Jack offers to help Bo go after Tony but Bo tells him that he can't do that to Jen because she would worry too much and she needs him. Jack winces in pain and Bo asks him if he is ok but Jack says that it's just the disk in his back. Inside Hope asks Jennifer that if something happens to them if they would raise Zack as their own and Jennifer agrees. The men go back inside but they all soon hear a loud noise outside that makes Bo get his gun and check it out. It is a delivery person with a gift for Bo. Inside is an expensive bottle of champagne and a note that says "Bon Voyage and happy hunting" with no name signed. The four know it's from Tony. But Jennifer looks at the bottle and tries to convince everyone that it may not be from Tony but Jack and Bo say they won't drink it and Bo throws it into the trash. As soon as the four start to go inside the trash can blows up.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Max and Chelsea take a nighttime swim and start to make out. Billie and Patrick talk about the heat and are glad they have the pool but then notice Max and Chelsea. Patrick is ready to go after Max but Billie stops him saying that it will only make matters worse. Billie has an idea that she says would help and tells Patrick in his ear. Billie joins Chelsea and Max in the pool and Max tells Chelsea that he will get rid of her and swim over to Billie. Max does make the comment that he and Chelsea wanted to have a little alone time but just as he says that Patrick asks Chelsea if he can join her and goes into the pool. Billie tells Max that Chelsea is talking to Patrick now but told him she would go anyway and take a cold shower. Max tells her to stay so they could get to know each other better. Billie asks Max what he is doing with Chelsea because he could have any woman that he wanted and Max replies that he likes Chelsea ok but he continues on to tell Billie that wouldn't mind being with her. Chelsea tells Patrick that she wanted to enter a dance contest at Alice's and told Max she would do anything if he would enter with her because the prize for the winner is a car and she needs one. Patrick offers to give her what little money that he has for a car but she tells him that she can't take his money and tells him that she's going to the dance and there is nothing he can do about it. Chelsea then asks if Patrick really wants to keep her from going with Max then he should take her instead. At first he says no but reconsiders and agrees when she says that she will go with Max if he does not. Max continues to flirt with Billie but Billie says it wouldn't be a good idea. Max asks her what the harm is in one date and Billie agrees and he tells her about the dance at Alice's. Billie thinks it's short notice so Max starts to say he will take Chelsea instead but that makes Billie change her mind and say that she will go.

Frankie puts on working gloves and uses a box cutter to open an old box of things. He picks up a picture of Jennifer and himself together, touches it with his finger and seems deep in thought.

Jack and Jennifer plan to go out and Jack returns from taking Jack Jr. to his mom and Verne's for them to watch. Jack and Jennifer discuss the explosion at Bo and Hope's boat. Jennifer is worried about what could have happened and what can happen to Bo and Hope who plan to pursue Tony. Jack admits that he offered to help Bo and Hope but tells Jennifer that Bo wouldn't let him go. At first Jennifer is relieved but then asks Jack when has he ever let someone tell him no and she is suspicious. Jack tries to say that he is glad he's staying home to be with his family but Jennifer tells Jack that she knows something is going on and demands to know what's wrong. Jack denies it but that does not convince Jennifer. Jack starts to feel sick and Jennifer is concern however Jack tells her it's a migraine coming on. She lays Jack back and goes to get medicine for Jack but after Jen leaves the room Jack takes his prescription. Jack tells Jennifer that he will be fine and Jennifer covers Jack up. Jennifer looks out the window and notices someone in the garage, grabs a fireplace poker and goes to check it out. Meanwhile, Frankie is in the garage reminiscing about his past with Jennifer and he suddenly hears a noise. He goes out of the garage and gets hit with the poker by Jennifer who yells at him and tells him that she will call the police until she realizes who it is. She apologizes profusely and checks to see if he is ok. Frankie insists that he was able to block the blow but Jennifer is visibly upset. Frankie asks what's wrong and she tells him about the champagne bottle blowing up at Hope and Bo's boat and that she will not lose her husband again. Frankie hugs her in support. Jennifer looks around and notices that Frankie is going through boxes. He explains he got some of his stuff from the Brady's and he was looking for something. Jennifer offers to help look but then notices the old picture of Frankie and Jennifer together and asks him if that was what he was looking for. Meanwhile inside Jack has a nightmare of his death, everyone mourning him at his house, and Patrick getting close to Jennifer. In his nightmare Patrick tells him that Jennifer is his and there is nothing that he can do about it. He continues on to say that if it isn't him then it will be someone else that Jennifer is with but it won't be Jack. In the garage, Frankie explains that he is going through the boxes because he is checking for water damage but asks Jennifer if she has any old love letters and she smiles and says that she does. They find one of the old mood rings that they wore and Frankie tells her to keep it because she said she lost hers senior year. Jennifer asks why he kept all of the stuff and he tells her that he was saving it to give it to his wife. Jennifer finds it strange that he would save something from another relationship to give to a wife but Frankie explains that at the time that he boxed it up that he thought that he would end up marrying Jennifer. Frankie quickly tells Jen that it was a long time ago and he is glad that he found it because it brought back great memories. Jennifer wonders what else Frankie has in the boxes and they start to look and Jennifer finds something interesting and Frankie makes the comment that if something is worth holding on to that he'll never let it go. Jack wakes up to find Jennifer missing and runs around the house looking for her. Back in the garage Jennifer finds an old tape of Frankie and her old songs and insists on playing it so she gets out the tape player to hear it. Jack hears music coming from the garage and looks in to see Frankie and Jennifer standing in the garage together and he begins to wonder about Frankie and says his name to himself.

Marlena is rushed into the hospital. John wants to go into the room with Marlena but Lexie tells him to wait there. Before she can go John stops her and tells her that Marlena is pregnant. Roman and Kate enter the hospital and Roman asks about Marlena but John tells him to go. Roman tells him that he has every right to be there. Kate manages to pull Roman away from John. Sami rushes into the hospital after receiving a call from Belle. She rushes to her dad and asks what happened when nobody answers she looks at Kate and says that Kate must having something to do with it but Roman says no that he is the one to blame. Belle also rushes in and goes to her dad and hugs him as Shawn and Philip watch and hope that Marlena will be all right. Roman tells Sami that he got Marlena pregnant and now the baby can die and so could Marlena. Sami is convinced that Kate had something to do with it and tells her if her little brother or sister dies then the blood would be on her hands. Roman tells Sami that is isn't Kate's fault end of story and Sami walks away. Roman starts to talk to Kate but she is upset that he betrayed her and then lied about it. Meanwhile Belle asks John about what happened. John tells her about the baby but Belle tells her that she already new that the baby was Roman's. John is upset that Marlena did not feel that she could tell him but Belle tells him that the only thing that matters right now is that Marlena and the baby are ok.

Sami tries to offer support for her dad and bring him water. He apologizes for the way that she acted and explains that she was upset. Roman tells her that it's no excuse and that she owed Kate an apology. Sami agrees and goes to apologize to Kate but Kate is not receptive and tells her to save it because she knows that her dad put her up to it. Sami and Kate start to argue and Kate tells her if that is her idea of an apology then she needs to work on it. Sami replies that she already said she was sorry and to go to hell.

Lexie works on Marlena and her heart rate goes up to a point where she is at risk for a heart attack, stroke, or seizure. Just then Marlena's eyes fly open and she starts convulsing. Lexie orders medicine for Marlena and eventually she calms down. Marlena starts to say John's name and Lexie lets him in to see her. John takes Marlena's hand and says he is there and she looks up and tells him that she is sorry. John tells her not to apologize and they will get it sorted out later. He tells her to focus on getting better for him, the kids, and the baby. Marlena smiles at John and squeezes his hand but suddenly her hand goes limp and she passes out as the machines start to go off. Lexie quickly comes into the room and asks John to get back. Marlena starts to stabilize but Lexie says that they have to watch her closely. Kate comes into the room and asks John how she is doing and John tells her that she is stable. Sami soon enters, as well, and starts to argue with Kate and John making Roman enters to try to get Sami to stop. Marlena begins to call out to stop the fighting and the machines start to go off again. Lexie rushes back and tells everyone to leave. John tells Sami that if anything happens that he will hold Sami responsible.

At the hospital, Philip asks Shawn what he was doing on the roof with Belle. Shawn tells Philip that it was hot in his apartment and he went on the roof and found Belle there on the phone upset. Philip inquires about the phone call but Shawn tells him that he should ask Belle. Philip goes to support Belle and tells her that Marlena will be ok. He notices something is wrong and Belle attributes it to her "ulcer" but Philip mentions Belle and Shawn being on the roof and asks about it because he knows that she is upset. Belle starts to think about what Shawn said about waiting for her but tells Philip that she was on the phone and Shawn overheard that the baby's father is Roman. Philip is shocked to hear the truth about the baby and can understand why Belle's ulcer is acting up. Belle starts to feel sick and goes to get water as Philip is asking her if she is going to be ok.

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