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Monday, July 25, 2005

When Jack saw Frankie and Jennifer reminiscing about the past, a worried Frankie insisted that he did not want Jack to get the wrong idea about his relationship with Jennifer. A smiling Jack told them both that he hoped they would always be close and that Frankie could stay as long as he would like. Overly happy, Jack exclaimed that he would go make his famous jalapeno dip. While Jack contemplated how perfect Frankie would be for Jennifer after he passed, Jennifer and Frankie wondered what was wrong with Jack. Later, Jack brought out his jalapeno dip to play truth or dare with. Jack asked Frankie what his perfect woman was. When Frankie described her, Jack said, "In other words, Jennifer!" Uncomfortable, Frankie took a big bite of dip and nearly choked on it. After a gulp of water, Frankie asked Jack where he saw himself in five years and a confident Jack said, "Heaven!" When Jennifer questioned his answer, Jack told her he meant with his family because it was like heaven. Suspicious and a touch uncomfortable, Jennifer broke out the Scrabble board and the threesome had a fun time playing. Jack daydreamed about Frankie being his children's stepdad and playing scrabble with Jennifer and Jack's photo. After Frankie and Jennifer tied the game, Jack dressed up in his cowboy gear and insisted they enter the dance contest at Alice's.

At Salem Hospital, Lexie informed the group that she couldn't save the baby. When John asked about Marlena's condition, a downbeat Lexie said she was still critical. John went in to see Marlena, and Sami stayed behind to berate Kate. Roman begged her to leave Kate alone since there was enough blame to go around for everybody. The two parted and Kate walked to the corner to talk to Philip who recommended she support Roman. A stoic Kate said it wasn't her place and ran off to the cafeteria.

Inside Marlena's room, John talked to Marlena who woke up. Soon after, John told Marlena about the miscarriage and she broke down into tears in Belle's arms. The crying was brief as Marlena went catatonic, staring straight ahead without acknowledging anyone. Belle and John left the room so Lexie could examine Marlena.

In the Salem Hospital cafeteria, Rex and Mimi talked about Marlena. Soon, Rex once again asked about Mimi's secret and Mimi put him off until Philip came in and told them about Marlena's miscarriage. As Rex and Mimi went off to check on Marlena, Philip went over to Kate and asked her about being there for Roman. A tearful Kate admitted things would have been worse if Marlena had had the baby. Sami overheard Kate's statement and swore to tell Roman what an evil woman he was married to.

In the hallway outside Marlena's room, an increasingly pained Belle clutched her stomach. Moments later, Lexie called a code blue on Marlena who was in cardiac arrest. Overwhelmed, Belle passed out into Shawn's arms as Philip sat helplessly by watching.

Lexie informed the group that Marlena's injuries were more serious than she thought, but specialists were on the way. A worried Philip asked about Belle and Lexie said they were running tests but that she should be fine. Philip went in to see her and Shawn asked him if he could tag along. Philip reluctantly agreed and they went in to find a smiling Belle. When Philip blamed himself for Belle's ulcer, Shawn tried to take some of the blame too, raising Philip's suspicions. Belle brushed it off and asked for Mimi.

Back in the cafeteria, Roman showed up and chided Sami for not staying away from Kate like he had asked her to do. When Sami told Roman that Kate admitted she was glad Marlena lost the baby, Roman told her to shut up and stop telling him what to do. As the fight began to escalate, Rex ran in to tell them about Marlena's cardiac arrest.

Mimi went in to visit Belle and update her on Marlena's condition. Seeing Mimi's sad face, Belle asked her if the situation reminded her about her own baby. When Mimi admitted that it did, Belle asked her why she still had not told Rex. Mimi exclaimed that she was afraid to lose him but a frustrated Belle said if she kept lying she would lose him anyway because lies destroy relationships. "You were pregnant with Rex's baby and he deserves to know," Belle said just as Rex walked in. Devastated, Rex asked her about it, to which a stuttering Mimi tried to cover. Fed up, Belle wouldn't cover for her and Mimi was forced to admit that it was true. Hurt, Rex ran out leaving a fuming Mimi to tell Belle, "Damn you, Belle!" A tearful Mimi ran out after Rex, while a relieved Belle was comforted by Shawn. Belle admitted she dreamed of her future with Shawn and promised to ask for an annulment from Philip once he had recovered. Optimistic, the two kissed.

Mimi caught up with Rex down the hallway and he demanded to know when she was pregnant and why she did not tell him about it. Beginning to understand, Rex stated that she was never going to tell him. Her silence speaking volumes, Rex asked why she did not tell him. When Mimi began to explain that at the time he said he wanted kids SOMEday, he realized the situation and asked her if she had an abortion. Looking him in the eyes, Mimi said, "Yes."

The tests came back on Belle and the nurses discussed the results. "Belle doesn't have an ulcer. She's pregnant!" the nurse said.

Back in Marlena's room, John spoke to Marlena promising to make everything right. Sami entered with Roman and a tearful Sami pleaded with her mother to come back to them. Kate entered the room and lurked at the back, just in time for Marlena to wake up and look at her. After a minute, Marlena looked around at everyone and finally asked them, "What are you all doing here? And who are you?"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Marlena has amnesia! She is agitated and doesn't know who anyone is nor why she is in the hospital. Sami irrationally blames John and Kate but Lucas defends them. Actually, his mom and John are the victims here because Marlena and Roman made love and broke their wedding vows. Lexie moves Marlena to a private room. Sami vows to get Lucas and Will back and see Kate destroyed.

Belle and Shawn learn she is pregnant with Philip's child. They are worried about what this will do to their future. Before they can discuss it further, Belle is asked by John to come see her mom. John hopes seeing Belle will help Marlena to remember but it doesn't. Kate observes Shawn still watching Belle closely as she interacts with Philip.

Rex is hurt when he realizes Mimi didn't trust enough in their love. Mimi desperately tries to justify her lies to Rex but he doesn't buy any of it. Rex tells Mimi he can't stay in town.

Jack takes Frankie and Jennifer to the dance contest at Alice's; they run into Chelsea with Patrick, Max with Billie, and Abby. Jack gets a pain and shortness of breath and has to sit out the dance. Billie joins him and he tells her he's dying. He reveals his plan to have Frankie take his place with Jennifer and Abby after Jack is gone. Billie is shocked and urges Jack to tell Jennifer the truth. Jack refuses and asks Billie to promise not to tell Jenn, either. To her delight, Patrick and Chelsea win the contest and a car. Chelsea thanks Patrick with a kiss.

Maggie confronts Bonnie about her extravagant spending spree with Mickey's credit card, which includes the car she gave away in the dance contest.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sobbing, Mimi arrives home and looks for Rex. When she finds his keys instead, she realizes he's gone for good. She calls his cell phone and leaves a message. When she finds a photograph of herself and Belle, she screams blame. There's a knock at the door. It's not Rex, but Bonnie, asking after him. Bonnie comforts Mimi, then shows her Rex's letter of resignation. Mimi says Belle told him about the abortion; Belle thinks only of herself. Bonnie points out how Belle is caring for Philip. Mimi recounts how Belle repeatedly switches off between Philip and Shawn. It's disgusting! Mimi hopes they'll get wise and leave her, the way Rex left Mimi. Now, she will spend her life alone. Bonnie reminds her that Lockharts don't wallow. Rex wasn't the only bull at the rodeo. The perfect man for Mimi is still there. Mimi groans because she means Shawn. Bonnie explains Shawn will realize Belle doesn't have the guts to leave injured Philip. Then, Shawn will turn to childhood friend Mimi. Mimi says Bonnie just wants her to have access to Shawn's Horton and Kiriakis trust funds. Bonnie says it's just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. Mimi throws her out, then resumes crying. Who should walk in but Shawn, who had been across the hall. He is flabbergasted about Rex leaving town. Mimi places the fault with Shawn's girlfriend. Belle purposefully blabbed, even though Mimi has kept all of Belle's secrets. Shawn says Belle has a lot on her mind. He tries to assure Mimi that Rex will return. Mimi tells him about the Chicago job offer. As she cries, Shawn holds her and says Philip doesn't know. Mimi wants to rush right over in case Rex calls Philip. Shawn urges her to wait; Rex is sure to call her after he calms down.

Shawn carries groceries as he accompanies Belle and Philip into their apartment. Philip calls Austin to give him an update on Kate. Shawn puts away the groceries. Belle makes a smoothie with which Philip can take his medication. She refuses to discuss their relationship because she's carrying Philip's baby. She wants to tell Philip in private, and won't wait. Philip thanks Shawn and Belle walks him out. Philip eyes them, perhaps suspiciously, perhaps knowingly. Belle tells Shawn she is no longer sure of her future with him. Philip says he thought Shawn would never leave. He can tell there's something on Belle's mind. She tries to prepare him for bad news. But Philip is excited: the baby is a reward for the hardship they endured. It will strengthen their bond. Belle flashes back to times when she declared her love for Shawn and promised to tell Philip. She thinks having the baby is a huge mistake. She lies that she's scared - what if she's not ready to be a mom? Philip wants the truth. Belle begins, "I'm still..." But Mimi barges in, yelling about Rex. Belle tries to explain, but Mimi screams at her to shut up. Perfect Belle always has excuses - nothing is ever her fault. Well, this is, only Belle is too selfish to see it. Belle says Mimi is the selfish one. If she had told Rex long ago, he wouldn't have left her. Mimi slaps Belle. How dare she! It's Belle's fault and Mimi will never forgive her, never!

In her apartment, Sami tries to come up with a plan to expose Kate. With her cell phone's camera and voice recording capability, she is prepared for revenge. Unfortunately, Lucas arrives in time to hear this last. Lucas meant to cut Sami some slack because her mom was hospitalized. But Sami's priorities are out of whack. They argue over whose mom has it worse. Kate's husband impregnated Marlena; Marlena miscarried and has amnesia. Lucas chastises Sami. Marlena would prefer that Sami help her rather than target Kate. The baby's death isn't Kate's fault. Sami stipulates; Roman told her as much. But Kate is a monster for believing the miscarriage was for the best...and for ruining Sami's wedding. Lucas warns her not to frame his mom. He takes a call from his headhunter. Sami thinks aloud: unlike Lucas, she knows what Mommie Dearest is capable of. Sami flashes back to Eugenia crowing that she helped Kate ruin Sami, and she'd be happy to do it again. Sami wrinkles her brow, but her face clears as she settles on a good idea. Lucas knows that look: Sami has a plan. He urges her to stay out of trouble, then leaves to follow up on the job lead. Sami plots aloud: Lucas needn't worry, but Kate should. And Sami knows just whom to enlist on her behalf.

John tells a sleeping Marlena he will remain at her (bed)side until she recovers. Roman refuses to leave, because the baby was his. Kate overhears him say that no one can stop him. Roman admits John has more right to be there. They remove themselves to the corridor. Does Roman want Marlena to think they're still married? Roman wants to help Marlena so she doesn't end up like John: DiMera's amnesiac assassin. The fall and its aftermath are Roman's fault. John accuses Roman of manipulating Marlena into sex. Roman says all he did was say yes when Marlena asked him to make love to her. John laughs mirthlessly, covers his eyes, then rounds on Roman. They trade punches. Screaming at them to stop, Kate tries to push them apart. They stop when she says they'll be thrown out. Roman apologizes and says John owes him an apology as well. John refuses, as Roman has besmirched Marlena's character. Roman says just as Stefano wanted to break them up years ago, now Tony wanted to reunite them. The psychological manipulation was Tony's. All Roman and Marlena talked about was returning home to their spouses. Until...Tony showed them the live feed. The situations were parallel, as John as making love to Roman's wife. Even worse, it meant there was no rescue mission. John is disgusted. While he and Kate were grieving, their spouses willfully committed adultery. John returns to Marlena and Roman looks to Kate for understanding. Instead, Kate asks if Roman stopped for a second to think about her. She is his every thought. Even while he was making love to his ex-wife? Roman starts to answer, but one of the nurses goes into Marlena's room. He stares after her, and Kate has her answer. Deep down, Roman would have been happier had he remained castle-bound with Marlena. The nurse offers John a cot, but he wants to be wakeful in case Marlena should need him. He tells Marlena not to be afraid - he isn't angry. Tony victimized Marlena, and Roman took advantage of her. John vows to make Roman pay.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bo and Hope make love on the boat. They start to reminisce about traveling on the Fancy Face and the subject moves to ports. Bo apologizes that their romantic getaway got changed into something else. Bo says the next port they go to might not be safe. They talk about solving the riddle and bringing Tony to justice. While they are inside the compass on the boat starts to show a change in direction. Later Bo wakes up to find Hope missing from bed.

Chelsea thanks Patrick for helping to win the contest. Patrick tells her that the car can't do her much good unless she learns to drive a stick shift. He starts to give her a lesson on driving. After Chelsea pops the clutch and loses control of the car, Patrick clears boxes from it. They both agree that she needs more lessons but decide to go home because it is getting late. Chelsea gets Patrick to drive home but uses it as a way to flirt with him. After they return home Chelsea decides to stay in the car and enjoy it. While there she closes her eyes and imagines kissing Patrick. Max walks up to the car and hops in. Suddenly, Chelsea starts to kiss Max passionately and asks him to make love to her. She is mad and pushes Max away when she realizes who it is and Max realizes why she pushed him away.

Billie thanks Max for a good evening. Max continues to flirt with Billie and tells her he thinks the only reason she took him out was to bed him. Billie makes an implication that Max is shallow. Max wants to take her inside to "bare" all but Billie insists on staying outside because it is a beautiful night. Billie goes in to get lemonade but Max asks for something stronger. She tells him that she does not drink but he still wants to so she says she doesn't have anything stronger. While Billie heads toward the door Max strips all the way down and jumps in the pool. Billie looks back and smiles when he tells her that when she comes back out to get into the pool. She walks back up to the pool and tells him that she did not want to go swimming again. He continues to try to get her to join him but she replies that she thought they were going to talk. Max eventually gets out of the pool, purposely in front of Billie. Billie checks him out but still hands him a towel and tells him that she is not that fast. Max wraps himself with the towel and sits down to talk to Billie about why she is in town, her daughter, and her search. Billie brings up the subject of Chelsea and basically asks Max what's going on between them. Max tells her that they are using each other and that she is not innocent. Billie wants an explanation and Max tells her that Chelsea wants to hook up with Patrick, which suddenly makes sense to Billie. Just as Max is leaving Patrick walks up and is told by Billie that they need to talk. She breaks the news of Chelsea's crush and asks him if he has feelings for Chelsea. Patrick tells her no and that there is only one woman that he is interested in and grabs Billie and kisses her. Just then Chelsea and Max walk up and see the two kissing.

Roman and Kate disagree at the hospital. Kate thinks he is choosing Marlena over her. Roman denies it but Kate said if he really believed it he would have thought twice before taking Marlena to bed. Kate tells Roman that she thinks that Roman was secretly hoping that Kate would have stayed with John at the penthouse the first day they came back so he could have Marlena to himself. She continues to argue with Roman and tells him that she has doubts in their relationship causing Roman to ask if she has given up on him. He asks what can he do to prove his love and she tells him that he can leave the hospital and go home with her but Roman refuses to leave Marlena. Kate leaves in a huff.

Mimi yells at Belle for letting the cat out of the bag to Rex about Mimi being pregnant and having an abortion. When Mimi calls Belle selfish Belle begins to argue back which leads to Mimi slapping Belle. Shawn stops Mimi from attacking Belle further. Philip asks what happened to cause this. Mimi explains the situation and asks Philip to talk to Rex for her. Mimi blows up again when Belle tells her that she thinks that Mimi and Rex's relationship would have ended because it was based on a lie. Philip gets Belle and Shawn to leave him alone with Mimi to talk. Philip thinks that once Rex processes what happened that he would talk to Mimi but she thinks that she has lost him for good. She explains to him the details of what made her decide to have an abortion and tells him about Jan's blackmail. Just then Philip gets a call and it's from Rex. As soon as Rex learns that Mimi is there he hangs up on Philip.

Belle talks to Shawn in the hallway. She is sorry that Rex heard her but blames Mimi ultimately for lying to Rex for so long. Shawn compares what Mimi did to what Belle is doing by letting the lie go on for too long. Belle tries to tell Shawn that it is totally different but Shawn disagrees. He continues to try to convince Belle to tell Philip the truth but Belle tells him to let her do it her way and not to pressure her.

Belle comes back inside but Mimi is still cool to her. Mimi goes to leave but is surprised to hear Philip ask Belle if it is the baby when she feels pain. Mimi asks Belle if she is pregnant and Belles tells her yes. Belle takes Mimi aside and tells her that the baby is Philip's. Mimi tells her that she is a hypocrite. Belle asks her not to say anything but Mimi goes to tell Philip and says, "payback is a bitch."

Bo finds Hope on deck. She is concerned that they are off course. Bo finds it strange because their equipment is new but chalks it up to there being no wind and a strong current. He tells Hope that they will be fine once the wind returns. Soon the winds come and Bo locks the wheel and Bo and Hope head back to bed. While Bo and Hope make love again the boat navigation warns of an approaching vessel.

A man dressed in white on the approaching boat talks to some one on the phone. He informs them that the Brady Boat was able to correct its heading and the wheel is locked. He tells them that he will engage a cloak device and follow and watch them.

Soon the Fancy Face III navigation system warning of an approaching vessel disappears from the screen.

Hope wakes up feeling like they are being watched.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Brady and Chloe wake up happy together in bed but Chloe sits up and is reminded of her scars. Brady tries to cheer her up by reminding her of her appointment with Dr. Travis. Brady eventually gets up to shower and Chloe says to herself that if her scars don't heal then she can't marry him. Chloe meets with Dr. Travis and tells her that he thinks she is an excellent candidate for surgery but wants to run more test. After tests are run the doctor tells her it will be complicated but says that she has a shot that the surgery will be successful. The doctor asks Chloe if she wants to go through with the surgery. She tells him she'll think it over. After Brady and Chloe return home, Chloe asks Brady to marry her- surgery or no surgery. The two share a kiss.

Nicole continues to drown her sorrows in liquor and tries to figure out how to get rid of Chloe and get Brady back. Sami arrives to see Nicole and to have her help get Lucas back by proving Kate and Eugenia set her up. Nicole tells Sami that she won't help her unless she helps her get Brady back. Just then Brady walks in and Sami hides outside the window. Brady is still angry with Nicole and tells her that he wants her out of the house but Nicole says it's her house. Brady tells her that once Bo and Hope find out where Tony is that Victor and Caroline will return and it will be Victor's house. He tells her she will be on the street where she belongs. He continues on to say that the Titan board voted and decided to have her removed from Titan immediately and as soon as Victor is back she will be out of the house, as well. He adds that he heard about the nurse who brought non-sterilized instruments into Chloe's surgery, asks if she was the one responsible and what she would do to keep Chloe away. He hired a private investigator to investigate and to find the nurse and tells Nicole if she was the one who did it then she'll wish she were never born. Nicole tries to play dumb but Brady sticks to holding her accountable if he learns she had something to do with it.

After Brady leaves, Nicole tries to blackmail Sami but each learn they have the goods on each other and have to work together to help each other out. Nicole tells Sami that she has an idea and tells her the plan. Sami says they will work on that plan first then she will help Nicole with getting Brady back.

Roman calls Lexie from home to check on Marlena's progress and when Kate walks in and hears him on the phone she is not happy. They both argue and Kate wants to know if he can ever get over his love for Marlena. Roman turns it around and asks Kate about Kate and John's relationship. Roman questions Kate on how she feels about him and if she can ever forgive him but she is unsure. Kate comments that this may lead to the break up of both couples.

Philip orders a special breakfast from Chez Rouge but Belle is unable to eat it because of morning sickness. Philip and Belle talk about Mimi and why she said, "payback's a bitch" to Belle. Belle blames it on the fact that Mimi is upset over losing Rex but Philip thinks it is because of jealousy. Trying to change the subject to a topic that won't upset Belle, Philip starts to talk to Belle about the baby and gives her a gift- a baby book. Looking through the book while Philip says they are now a family, Belle gets teary eyed. Philip tells her that he knows what's wrong and says that he knows that she is upset for her mom about the loss of her baby.

Mimi continues to cry over losing Rex. Shawn walks in and tries to offer support to her but Mimi starts to get mad about Belle and bad mouths her to Shawn. Mimi tries to convince Shawn that it's over between him and Belle and now that Belle is pregnant she will never leave Philip. Shawn gets upset and doesn't want to believe or accept that. He leaves the room and hits the wall in frustration. Alone, Mimi says she will make Belle suffer like she did.

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