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Monday, August 1, 2005

Out in the ocean, Bo brought a freshly caught fish in boat's cabin for Hope to cook. Bo checked his PDA for information on the encrypted message he hoped would lead to Tony. After talking to Maggie on the phone, Hope broke all the news about Marlena to Bo. Steeling herself, Hope sighed and told Bo that she also learned that Belle was pregnant with Philip's child. Hope worried that Shawn was devastated but Bo thought it might be the perfect wake up call to Shawn so that he would realize Belle was married now and to move on. Later, after making love, Bo's PDA went off with a message from Tek. After checking on the boat navigation and seeing that it had veered off course again, Bo and Hope reviewed the mathematical numbers in the PDA and determined that they were headed toward a specific latitude and longitude. Bo hoped it would lead him to Victor, Caroline, and news on Georgia.

A heartbroken Mimi blamed Belle for Rex leaving, but Shawn begged her not to. Lashing out, Mimi yelled at Shawn that Belle would never leave Philip and that they would never be together. Shawn disagreed and asked Mimi to try to forgive Belle since he did not believe she meant to tell Rex about the baby. He also added that he believed Mimi's anger was really just anger at herself. Shawn asked Mimi not to make things worse for Belle since things were going so badly with her family, but an angry Mimi said the world didn't revolve around Belle. Upset, Shawn blurted out that the whole thing was all Mimi's fault, and he quickly apologized and left. Alone, Mimi smelled Rex's cologne and noticed a letter in a book. When she opened it, she learned it was a letter he wrote for her for their wedding night in which he gushed about how she would never lie or keep secrets. Furious, Mimi damned Belle and said she would make her pay.

In the loft, a giddy Philip discussed plans for the baby with a less than thrilled Belle. When he asked if she was excited, she replied, "no." Seeing his confusion, Belle explained that she was worried about Mimi and whether she would ever forgive her. Before they could discuss the situation further, Lucas showed up. Happy to see his birthday boy brother, Philip gave Lucas a present and told him about the baby. Lucas was thrilled for the pair but quickly became sullen when he thought about how he missed out on Sami's pregnancy. After reiterating he never should have trusted her, Philip took the opportunity to say how happy he was to have a relationship of honesty while a guilty Belle looked away. Off to see Kate, Philip and Lucas left Belle, but seeing his opportunity, Shawn ran into the loft just before Belle could close the front door. Shawn wanted to talk about their future and a stern faced Belle agreed. Stating that she had a responsibility to her child to give it two parents, she said she would not leave Philip. When Shawn protested a child having a mother who didn't love its father, Belle said she hoped her love for Philip would grow with the child. Belle said they could never be together, and a heartbroken Shawn said he would never stop loving her. Once he left the loft, he damned Philip.

On the fire escape outside Eugenia's apartment, Sami and a still drunk Nicole lurked, waiting to put their plan into motion. The two climbed through the air vents and planted a smoke bomb in order to pinpoint the hiding place of the evidence. When the smoke poured in the vent in Eugenia's apartment, Eugenia ran out with her fish and a plant, but then came back for the Kate tapes as a delighted Sami watched.

Kate gave Roman the silent treatment over breakfast until Roman finally asked whether she would ever forgive him for the affair, the lie, and the baby. After pointing out there was no longer a baby, a huffy Kate wondered who Marlena would choose and if she chose Roman would he choose her. Roman told her not to be ridiculous because Kate was it for him and only loved her. Worried, Kate didn't believe they could get past all this because the four of them were connected in ways two couples never should be.

At Salem Hospital, John placed photos and Marlena's favorite flowers at her bedside, then squirted her favorite perfume around the room. She woke up but only remembered the last 24 hours still. Banking on an old favorite, John tried to feed Marlena strawberries and whip cream, but uncomfortable, she asked him to leave.

Out in the hallway, Lexie told John about Dr. Alex North, the top doctor in the area of amnesia. John asked her to make the call and Lexie agreed. Worried about Marlena, Lexie asked John to consider letting her see Roman. John refused but Lexie made a plea, stating that he wouldn't want to keep something from her if it would make her better.

In Marlena's room, John showed Marlena more pictures of their family, but she still couldn't remember any of it. Roman entered and immediately began to bicker with John. Marlena begged for the two to stop torturing her because she couldn't remember either one of them. She then asked why she was in the hospital and John told her she fell down the stairs and lost the baby. When Marlena lamented "their" baby, Roman corrected her, which confused Marlena. John asked Roman not to explain as he went to talk to Lexie. While he was gone, Marlena asked whether she was a tramp, but Roman said no, they just had a long history. When she next asked who she loved, John returned and firmly stated she loved him. A sea of awkwardness between the three of them, Lexie entered with Dr. Alex North, an old friend of Marlena's.

Back in her apartment, Kate was invigorated by a visit from Philip and Lucas. Kate gave Lucas a birthday present and the two hugged and said I love you. When Kate asked where Rex was, they told her he left town after learning about Mimi's abortion. Angry, Kate was kicking herself for not trusting her instincts about Mimi. To make her feel better, Philip then broke the news about his baby with Belle. Happy, Kate blurted out that once Georgia was found, Billie and Bo would be a family too. Lucas warned her to stay out of the love lives of their kids and reminded her he would return to Sami if she found proof that Kate set her up. Kate insisted she was innocent.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Dr. Alex North examines Marlena and agrees to take her case. She thinks he looks familiar and Alex charmingly puts her at ease. John implores him to bring Doc back to him as she is his life. Alex says John's a very lucky man and to himself, adds: and he should know. He privately remembers a long-ago moment with Marlena.

Kate fills John in on the tension and uncertainty of her relationship with Roman. She says she wants to stay with the man she loves and John wonders if that still means Roman. They agree that even if Marlena gets her memories back, things could get worse if she remembers her love for Roman.

Sami and Nicole try to figure out how to get the incriminating tapes from Eugenia. Sami convinces tipsy Nicole to try to just grab them and run. Nicole attempts to do just that but bumps into Eugenia, she drops them and Nicole accidentally kicks them down into the sewer! Eugenia calls Kate and Kate gets Eugenia a high paying job. Sami goes into the sewer but it looks like the tapes are lost forever!

Bo and Hope are on the boat and a storm is approaching. Bo is driven to find Tony, Caroline and Victor and learn the truth about his daughter. Hope warns this could be another trap. Bo promises he'll proceed with caution but they have to check out this lead. Hope finally convinces Bo to take a mild sleeping pill and get some sleep. A mysterious man is watching them and when Hope goes up on deck is grabbed and carried overboard, dropping her charm bracelet on the deck.

Chloe is hesitant to have reconstructive surgery. Brady keeps telling her he doesn't care about her scars, but Chloe continues to be self-conscious. Brady figures out how to convince Chloe that he loves her and that the way she looks doesn't matter. He calls Belle, who offers to plan the grandest, most romantic wedding in the world for him and Chloe.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Abby's annoyed because Chelsea kept warning her not to stain the new car. Chelsea's thrilled with her Patrick progress. The only impediment is "that slutbag" Billie. Abby thinks Billie is a better match for Patrick. Chelsea proves she's not afraid of adventure by speeding up. Abby orders her to slow down. Suddenly, they hear police sirens. Chelsea can't pull over - she doesn't have insurance. Abby says she could lose her license and the car just for that. Chelsea insists on outrunning the cops. Abby screams: look out!

Billie lies that Jack is just fine. Jennifer admits she's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Frankie notices Jack's hand is on the lit barbecue grill. Jack didn't even feel it! He flashes back to Lexie telling him he might lose his sense of touch. He must work more quickly at matchmaking. Jack "admits" he has untreated nerve damage from the DiMera island. He dissuades Jennifer from taking him to the E.R. by praising the way Frankie bandaged him. Billie urges Jack to tell his wife he's dying. Why bother? By the time he's gone, she'll be in love with Frankie.

A lonely Lucas wishes himself a happy birthday. He prepares to light the solitary candle on his single cupcake. He welcomes the company of Grandma Alice and Aunt Maggie. Having conspired with Julie, Maggie knocks Alice's special cake to the floor. Alice gives Lucas cuff links that Grandpa Tom passed down to Bill. Maggie compares Sami and Kate. Kate was determined to get Bill, who was married to Laura. Lucas won't take Sami back, even if she's being truthful.

Scrubbed and tubbed, Sami recalls searching the sewer for Eugenia's blackmail tapes. She calls Julie for help with Lucas' surprise party. Maggie's pastry chef sends over a free cake big enough to conceal Sami. Julie begins inviting the people on Sami's list. Sami worries that proving herself to Lucas at Kate's expense may break his heart. After the surprise, Lucas will love Sami. No one can stop her. Julie points out that's precisely her problem; she cautions Sami not to gloat.

Lexie knows Marlena will benefit from Alex's expertise. "So will I," he replies inscrutably. He requests Marlena's complete Salem medical history. Marlena awakens to find Roman and Kate there as well. She doesn't know any of them. At this, Alex asks for privacy. Before leaving, Roman offers his card. Alex eyes Roman while closing the blinds. Alex takes Marlena's pulse, then puts his hand in hers. He flashes back to their long-ago kiss. Lexie is surprised that he will isolate Marlena. Everyone's emotions are overwhelming. What's most important is the doctor-patient trust. Alex is counting on Lexie to keep this confidential until he's ready to begin therapy. She is sure Marlena will be back to herself in no time. That was always Alex's plan.

Kate believes Roman loves his ex-wife more than his wife. She asks him to choose. He chooses Kate, yet promptly goes to Marlena's room because she awakens. Kate is irritated because Roman can't "abandon" fragile Marlena. Julie calls to invite them to Lucas' party. They run into Eugenia.

Julie, Maggie, and Eugenia shout surprise when the gigantic cake arrives. Roman joins them in singing "Happy Birthday." Sami pops out of the cake; she's in curls and a party dress. Lucas is confused; Kate is incensed. Sami promises Lucas a birthday he won't forget before kissing him deeply.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Chelsea and Abby are chased by the police. Abby tries to talk Chelsea into pulling over but Chelsea refuses to because she does not have insurance and is afraid they will take her car and her license. Chelsea ends up parking the car near Abby's house and they get out and run there. The police find the car and get the temporary registration off the window to read Chelsea as the owner.

In the garage, Patrick asks for more time while on the phone to an unknown person. He asks if it will require her getting hurt and tells the person that he will not put anyone that he cares about in danger no matter what he owes him. The phone call ends and Max can be seen coming out from working under the car. Max says he couldn't help but overhear and that Patrick has a problem on his hands. Patrick grabs a hold of Max and tells him that he is going to forget everything that he just heard. Max tells him if has secrets that he wants to keep to himself then he needs to keep them out of his garage. The two start to argue and Patrick puts Max in a head lock. He tells him to stay away from Chelsea and Billie or he's dead. Just then Billie walks in and is shocked and asks Patrick what he's doing. Max tells Billie what he overheard and she questions Patrick about it. Patrick tells him that they will talk about it later. Billie catches up with Patrick after he left the garage to ask what the job was about and if he had been contacted by the DiMera organization but Patrick says no that it was nothing like that. He changes the subject and smells the barbeque and says they should crash it.

Jennifer thanks Frankie for helping to take care of Jack's hand. Jennifer is concerned because although Jack is accident prone she thinks he would have been more careful than that. Jack and Billie talk about his accident and Billie remembers an ISA agent that quickly died that had the same symptoms as Jack. Jack decides to step up his plan to bring Frankie and Jennifer together. Jack listens in on Frankie and Jennifer playfully interacting and Frankie eating the dessert before dinner and asking Jennifer when she learned how to bake. Jack takes Frankie aside and thanks him for helping him. Jack tells Frankie that he is glad that he is there to help watch out for Jennifer and the kids. Frankie asks if he thinks Jennifer is in trouble and Jack tells him yes and from Patrick. Jack asks Frankie to watch out for Jennifer if he is ever away for work or any reason and Frankie agrees. Later Patrick again is shown on his cell phone telling someone that he will not hurt her ever.

Jennifer notices the Abby and Chelsea and wants them to stay to eat but they tell her that they are going to a movie and run to leave. Just then Patrick and Billie walk up and are welcomed by Jennifer as Jack and Frankie look on. Jack compares Patrick to a bad rash that keeps coming back. Frankie tells Jack to calm down because he doesn't want Jennifer to be sympathetic to Patrick. Jack asks Billie what Patrick is doing there and she says that he is with her. They talk about why he doesn't want Patrick around but Billie alludes to Patrick maybe being a hero. While alone Patrick tells Frankie that he needs to talk to his brother about staying away from Chelsea and that he will be watching him. As Patrick is walking away, Frankie says to himself that he is watching Patrick. After dinner Jack shuffles everyone inside and plays old family movies beginning with ones of Frankie and Jennifer together.

Abby and Chelsea go to the garage and see Max there. They tell him what happened and Chelsea pleads for his help. Max agrees to go talk to the police as the girls hide in the garage. Max walks up to the policeman who asks him if he knows Chelsea and he says yes. The policeman gives a laundry list of crimes and tells Max that she is wanted but Max takes the blame when he says that he was driving the car. Max tells the officer that he was trying to help Chelsea by looking at her car and was driving it and he didn't realize that he was speeding. He said that it must have a faulty speedometer cable and he did not hear the police because the top was up and he had the radio loud. The policeman said that wasn't an excuse and asked for his license and proof of insurance. Once he looked at the license, he recognized Max's name and asked if he is the race car driver and Max tells him yes. The policeman decides to write Max a ticket. In the garage Abby and Chelsea talk about the big risk that Max is taking for them and Chelsea says that she will repay him with her virginity. Abby tells her that she can't be with Max but Chelsea says it will be good practice for when she is with Patrick. Abby tries to convince Chelsea to wait but she doesn't want to hear it. She goes to thank Max and he tells her that it's just a ticket but if it gets out he will be crucified by the press. Chelsea tells Max they can go and talk about how she can make it up to him and they leave.

Lucas's family and friends sing happy birthday to him as Sami jumps out of the cake and yells surprise. Lucas wants to know what she doing there and Sami tells him that she is going to give him a birthday that he will never forget and kisses him. Lucas kisses her back as Kate angrily looks on and asks Roman what she is doing. He says that it looks like she is wishing the man she loves a very happy birthday. Meanwhile Maggie and Julie are giving each other high fives and say that Sami has worked hard to make it happen with their help. Kate is furious and Kate and Eugenia wonder what Sami is up to. Lucas eventually pulls away from the kiss. Sami asks if he was surprised and tells him there is more but he tells her that it won't change anything. He tells her that she just can't pop out of a cake and expect everything to be different. Sami tells him that she doesn't but wanted to take a step in the right direction by showing him how much she loves him and wants to be with him. He continues on to tell her that he wants to be with her more than she realizes but she has taken too many steps in the wrong direction for that to happen and he goes to visit with other people.

Sami and Roman hug and he tells her that he wished it had gone the way she wanted but Sami tells him not to worry because the party isn't over yet. Roman tells Sami that he has to go back to the hospital but Sami asks him to stay. Roman finally agrees to stay.

Lucas talks with Philip and Belle. Lucas admits to them that he loves Sami as much as she loves him but he can't get over her sleeping with Brandon the night before their wedding.

Julie notices that Kate isn't having a good time and asks her about it. Kate makes some comments about Sami being there and trying to worm her way into Lucas's life again and tells her that she is surprised that Julie would help her. Julie tells her that she wasn't worming and wanted to do something sweet for the person she loves and that everyone knows that Lucas and Sami belong together. Kate says she thinks Sami is up to something more than just winning Lucas back and that she thinks that Sami wants to get back at her. Julie asks what Sami wants to get back at her for. Kate covers and says Sami never really needs a reason. They continue to discuss Sami. Julie trying to say people change and that she has grown up but Kate insists that she is on to her and she won't let Sami get her hooks into Lucas again.

Belle takes Sami aside and asks what's going on and Sami stays nothing is going on. Belle asks why she invited Kate and Eugenia and she says that Kate is Lucas's mother and Eugenia is Lucas's friend and that she just wants everyone to be happy.

After speaking to Sami Roman talks to Kate. He tells her that he is happy that they resolved a lot of their issues earlier. Kate wants to leave early but Roman said that he just promised Sami that they would stay for a while which frustrates Kate. Roman asks Kate to consider giving Sami back her job at Basic Black. Kate is reluctant so Roman says to think about doing it not only for Sami but for him. She tells him that she will think about it but can't make any promises. Roman goes to get Kate a drink and Eugenia comes up to Kate to ask if she has figured out what Sami was up to yet and Kate says no.

Lucas gets everyone's attention and tells them it is getting late and that they will start to wrap up the party but Sami interrupts and tells everyone that they cannot leave yet. Lucas asks Sami what she is doing and she tries to give him a gift but he tells her that this will not make them get back together. Kate takes the opportunity to lay into Sami for sleeping with Brandon. Lucas takes Sami aside and she admits to lying to him and apologizes. Sami also tells her dad that she has been horrible to Kate and she is sorry. Kate tells Eugenia that they have won. Julie and Maggie leave and just as everyone else is about to leave Sami shuts the door and says that she got Lucas a gift and she thinks that everyone should see it. After some convincing, Lucas agrees to open the gift. He opens it to find cassettes and asks Sami what they are of. Sami tells Lucas to play one and he asks her "right now?" and she says yes and that she thinks everyone will want to hear. Kate looks on and looks at the tapes and is mortified.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Bo awakens to find Hope missing from the boat. He calls for her but there is no answer. Bo finds Hope's bracelet and looks out at the water and continues to yell for Hope. He drops the anchor and jumps into the water fearing that she was knocked overboard. Bo comes back on board out of breath and radios the Coast Guard for help. They ask about the coordinates of where it happened but Bo can't give them because they are way off course. The Coast Guard says they can't attempt a rescue in the storm when they don't know where to look. Bo manages to get some coordinates from his fried G.P.S. system and the Coast Guard said they will give it their best shot and search the area. Bo goes inside to hear his PDA going off because there is a message. The message says "Bo I need you Love, Hope." He says to himself that he knew she was alive and swears to find her.

Tony watches the radar and makes a comment about Bo being the one to be without the love of his life. Bart with a steak on his eye suddenly comes in and Tony asks about their lovely guest and Bart tells him how she punched him in the eye. Tony says that Hope must know her fate is sealed. Tony and Bart discuss how they plan to use Hope as bait and get Bo to fall into the trap. Tony says to himself that he will have his revenge on Bo and Hope Brady. Later Bart enters again with his shirt and arm burnt. Apparently, Hope had gotten a hold of a book of matches and set fire to her cell but he was able to stop the fire. He asks if he wouldn't put him up against Hope again because of his eye and burn. Tony says not to worry that Bo will not have a shred of manhood left when he gets done with him.

Shawn comes to Lucas' party and Belle and Philip answer the door. Belle asks him what he is doing there and Shawn tells them he was invited and hands Belle a present to give to Lucas. Belle questions Shawn's motives for coming and Shawn doesn't deny that it isn't a secret and he will take every chance he can get.

Lucas opens his gift from Sami to find cassette tapes. Lucas thanks Sami but she tells him that they are not blank and that she saved the best for last. Eugenia looking on recognizes the tapes. Sami tells Lucas that he will want to play them over and over. He asks her if it is Will at camp but Sami says no but that it is a voice that he will recognize. Roman says enough with the suspense and asks Lucas to play the tapes. Lucas says he don't have a tape player but Sami conveniently brought one just in case. Kate and Eugenia continue to worried and look almost sick. Kate asks Eugenia if the tapes are what she thinks they are and Eugenia doesn't answer and almost slips out from the party but is stopped by Sami who apologizes for saying the lies about her working with Kate. She gets everyone to tell Eugenia to stay and Sami offers both Kate and Eugenia cake.

Lucas starts to play the tapes and it is Kate saying bad things about Sami and that she will do anything to keep her from marrying her son. The tape gets jammed again and as Lucas is trying to fix it Roman, Lucas, and Philip ask how far she would have gone and if the tapes are incriminating. Kate tries to deny it. She continues on to say that Sami isn't the right woman for Lucas, she wants her son to be happy and the tapes must have been taken out of context but everyone wants to hear more of the tapes. Roman tells her that he don't like what he heard and if she's been lying all this time that Sami, Lucas, and Will are the victims. Kate takes Eugenia aside and confronts her about the fact she said that she had no evidence and Eugenia lies and says that she was telling the truth about not having evidence.

Shawn takes Belle aside and asks Belle if she is getting the message of what happening there tonight because of secrets and lies. Shawn tries to talk Belle into telling Philip the truth and asks her how she thinks Philip would feel knowing she is keeping this secret. Just then Philip wheels in and seems to be in pain. Belle starts to explain but Philip tell her that he thinks he overdid in physical therapy that morning. Belle tells him that he needs to take it easy and asks if he took his pill. Philip explains that he was trying to tough it out so Belle tells him that they can go home so he can take it. Philip doesn't want to ruin the party but Belle tells him that Lucas would understand and asks Shawn to help them. Belle goes inside to say goodbye for them.

Lucas finally gets the tape player to work and plays the tape. It starts off with Kate and Eugenia planning to get Sami and Brandon in bed together by using the phone psychic, drugging their drinks, stripping their clothes, and getting Lucas to go to the jet way inn to discover Sami and Brandon in bed. The next part of the tape is after they completed the task and Kate talks about how hard it was to get Lucas to go to the inn and that she is sorry to break her promise to Roman but he's not there to know about it. Lucas stops the tape and confronts his mother. Sami tells Lucas that she would never cheat on him no matter what because she saw how her mom cheating with John was destructive. She says that she was innocent but not innocent enough because she had done bad things in the past and Kate used that against her. Sami asks Lucas if he will do as he promised and turn his back on his mother and asks her dad what he is going to do. Kate tries to turn the tables and says that Sami admitted to sleeping with Brandon but Sami says that she did that to prove that Kate is still lying and that Kate would lie to her grave. Sami thanks Eugenia for having an "insurance policy" against Kate because it turned into her salvation. Lucas is confused but can't see how his mom could be so low. Roman tells her that the evidence against her is strong and it was despicable what she did to Sami and Lucas. He questions if he had ever really knew her. Kate tries to say that Sami must have edited the tapes but Roman says he knows what type of person Sami is but he knows Kate too. Sami says that her dad is a cop and tells him to take the tapes to be verified at the police station and that she knows they're real, Eugenia knows they're real, and so does Kate. Sami says all they have to do is look at Eugenia freaking out. Kate starts to argue and Eugenia yells at her and tells her to stop arguing and lying, that Sami has them. Kate starts to yell at Eugenia about betraying her by taping the phone conversations and that Eugenia could have had anything she wanted. Sami chimes in and tells her that she should leave town because she is poison. Eugenia tells Sami and Kate that she will get back at them and make them suffer and then leaves. Sami tells Kate that she has lost and Kate tells her not to be too sure. Kate tells Lucas that she is his mother and she did it out of love but Lucas isn't buying it. He tells her that he told her what he would do if she came between him and Sami. Kate tells him that he can't shut her out. Lucas says he is going to shut her out and to watch him and he leaves. Sami tells Roman that Lucas wised up and now it's his turn and she recommends dumping the "bitch." She tosses her dad the cassette and leaves Kate and Roman alone. Roman digs into Kate for what she had done and tells her that Lucas is not a boy and it is for him to decide what's best for him and his son not her. He yells at her for lying about Sami and for lying about trying to be nice to her and being there for her when he was gone. He tells her that he hates her. Kate tells him to hear her out then decide if he will side with his daughter or wife. Meanwhile, Sami is in the hallway with Lucas. She tells them they can work through everything now and invites him inside but when she turns around she realizes that he did not follow her inside. She looked in the hallway and he is gone. Sami starts to break down and cry. She says to herself that she is innocent and showed him the proof.

Philip, Belle, and Shawn arrive at the loft and Philip invites Shawn to stay and have a beer. Philip takes his pill and closes his eyes and Shawn takes the opportunity to try to pressure Belle to tell the truth to Philip. Belle starts to make Philip a protein shake and turns on the blender. Belle and Shawn disagree about the situation and he asks her if she wants him to be with someone else and have children with someone else and she says yes. She tells them there is no way out of the situation and that she does love Philip and they are married and having a baby. Suddenly, Philip speaks up and tells them they have nothing to worry about because it's over. Both Belle and Shawn look upset. He clarifies and says the pain is over and that the medicine kicked in. He asks them what they thought he meant and Belle says nothing just that they were worried about him. Philip tells Belle that she is wonderful and that she needs to take care of herself and the baby and tells her she should go upstairs and take a nice bath. After Belle goes upstairs, Philip tells Shawn that he's glad he stayed and that he wants to surprise Belle and he wants Shawn to help him do it. Philip tells Shawn that it has been a long time since Belle and him have been together and wants to be upstairs in bed when she gets out of the shower and asks Shawn to help him get there. Upstairs, Belle wonders if she and Philip will stay together forever for their child.

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