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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Lucas returns to Sami's and asks for the engagement ring back. Emotional Sami thinks Lucas is leaving her for good. Lucas explains it's very hard for him to believe his mother could have betrayed him like this and stuns Sami by asking her to forgive him... and proposes to her anew. Sami is thrilled as Lucas puts the engagement ring back on her finger. They have an incredible romp and break the bed again. Sami thinks her life will be perfect now.

Kate tries to explain herself to Roman and makes a strong case for why she lied and schemed to keep Sami from marrying Lucas. Roman does not buy Kate's argument; he can't be with a woman capable of such treachery and deceit. Kate counters that Roman lied to her about making love with Marlena and getting her pregnant. Roman admits she's right but he eventually told Kate the truth; he realized his mistake. If Kate hadn't been caught, she never would have admitted all the terrible things she had done. Roman tells devastated Kate that it's over and walks out. Kate overhears Roman get called to the hospital to be with Marlena. Kate is further crushed as she hears Lucas making love with Sami.

John returns from flying around the world to bring Marlena keepsakes to help get her memory back; his romantic gesture doesn't work. Marlena, reduced to tears, can't remember. Dr. Alex North forces John to leave and he seems to be the only one who can comfort Marlena. Alex goes out to talk to John and meets Abe Carver... who thinks Dr. North's voice sounds familiar. Do they know each other? Alex says they don't. Alex calls Roman and the three, John, Roman, and Alex move to Marlena's bedside. She awakens and says: I remember you!

Philip asks Shawn to help him upstairs so he can make love to his wife. Shawn tries to stop him, but Philip is adamant. With no way out, Shawn helps Philip to the top of the stairs. Shawn goes back for Philip's wheelchair; Philip loses his grip and falls down the stairs! Belle is horrified. Philip assures them he's fine and goes to take a nap. Belle goes up to the roof where she confronts Shawn. Shawn kisses her, as Philip wakes up, after an erotic dream, and wonders where Belle is?

Lexie and Abe have another fight. Tek takes tearful Lexie into an exam room to comfort her. They make love again and he declares his love. Tek wants Lexie to leave Abe, but guilty Lexie can't commit to her lover. Tek points out that Lexie's marriage is a sham. Abe looks for Lexie and catches Tek and Lexie together – that is, he would have, if he still had his sight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Sami and Lucas broke the bed again and happily enjoyed the evening together, making love repeatedly. When Sami brought up Kate, Lucas complained she killed the mood and stormed out of the bedroom. Sami cried on her bed until Lucas returned with ice cream and all the fixings. She apologized, but Lucas told her to forget it. They ate ice cream and afterward, fell into bed covering each other with whip cream.

Philip woke up in the loft and panicked a little when he couldn't find Belle. He rolled his wheelchair into the hallway outside to find Mimi returning to her apartment. Mimi was vocal about her anger toward Belle, but Philip continued to remind her that she should not have kept that secret from Rex. Frustrated, Mimi blurted out that Belle shouldn't keep secrets either. When Philip asked if there was anything he did not know, Mimi could only mention that Shawn was still in love with Belle. Philip said he already knew that. When he wondered whether Belle was getting fresh air up on the roof, he asked Mimi to help him up the stairs. Worried that Belle was with Shawn and an interruption could get them back together, Mimi avoided the confrontation by saying Belle was probably checking on her mother. The two went inside the loft to talk, and Philip hinted that Mimi should hook up with Shawn. When Mimi told him he was crazy, Philip pointed out that she used to have a crush on Shawn in high school.

Up on the loft rooftop, Belle and Shawn kissed passionately in the evening air. Belle pulled away, crying. Shawn asked who she would rather be with and a teary eyed Belle said that she loved Shawn more than anyone in the world and "God help me, I want to be with you." Regaining her composure, Belle told Shawn that she would not leave Philip and that the kiss was only because she was weak. After then stating that the life they planned together would never happen, Belle said that they should never see each other again. When he asked why, she said she felt tired of feeling guilty and betraying Philip, and more importantly, they could not ignore the fact that she was carrying Philip's child. Shawn tried to argue that the baby would want a mother who loved her husband, but Belle refused to believe it saying that the baby needed its parents to be together. The two made a tearful goodbye on the rooftop and Shawn swore he would always love her.

At Salem Hospital, Marlena said she only remembered Dr. Alex North as a frustrated John and Roman sat at her bedside. Upset, Marlena begged Roman and John to leave her alone with "Alex." Reluctantly, Roman and John left Dr. North alone with Marlena. After she stopped crying, Dr. North suggested her memories of him were her mind's attempt to put him in the repressed memories of the men she loved. Further, he posited that Roman and John were the cause of her trouble.

In the hospital hallway, John and Roman continued to bicker until Roman saw Kate standing nearby. When he asked her why the hell she was at the hospital, John rode to the rescue and said that she was obviously there to check on her friend Marlena. The two updated her on Marlena's condition and then Roman told her to leave. John asked what was going on and Roman pushed Kate to tell him about Sami. Kate stood mute and finally Roman filled John in on Kate's efforts to sabotage Sami and Lucas' wedding. At first John didn't believe it, and then he stuck up for Kate. An insulted Roman couldn't believe John supported Kate, but John told Roman he had no idea how awful Sami was to Kate when she tried to reach out to her. John also argued that Kate was just protecting her son. Incensed, Roman said Lucas did not need protecting. Roman then told John that Marlena knew that John was not too helpful to Sami while she was gone and that might be why she did not tell him about the affair or the baby because she was not sure she still wanted to be with him. Then Roman asked him why he wanted to be with Marlena when he had so much in common with Kate, including their feelings about Sami.

Chuckling, John said that Roman clearly just wanted to get Marlena back. Kate tried to intervene and Roman verbally smacked her down saying, "It makes me sick to think that I ever loved or trusted you." John told Roman he was saying things he did not mean and he should cool down and talk to Kate. After John went in to check on Marlena, an angry Kate said, "How dare you?!" Furious she yelled at him for offering her up to John like a piece of property. A snide Roman told her he thought she would appreciate the help getting back together with John since she could not get engaged to him fast enough while he was gone. Smirking, Kate told Roman that he was using Sami to get out of their marriage, but that he had better wait and be sure Marlena would choose him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In Philip's loft, Mimi insists she'll never date Shawn. Philip reminds Mimi that she vowed to marry Shawn if Belle didn't. Mimi says she was 16 and it was just the excitement of her first kiss, which was on the Eiffel Tower, to boot. Mimi still loves Rex. Philip just wants her to know there will be another guy for her. Philip calls Joelle to ask if Belle's been at the office. Mimi flashes back to begging Shawn to go to the dance with her. Then, she remembers her mother telling her to move on with Shawn. Snapping out of it, Mimi tells herself she and Shawn are just friends.

Shawn can't believe Belle wants to stay with Philip. He starts to leave the roof so he can tell Philip everything. Belle threatens to stop speaking to him. They made childish plans; now, she has to take responsibility for her choices. She goes inside and cries in the corridor, but dries her tears before going into her apartment. Mimi walks out without saying a word, goes to the roof, and hugs sad Shawn.

On the Fancy Face III, Bo back-traces the message Hope sent to his PDA. His wife is about 30 miles inland. He calls in a favor, then shuts off his GPS transmitter and navigates old-school: by the stars. Bo's delighted when he arrives at Tony's lighthouse.

At home, Patrick maintains that Max isn't like the good guy Bradys. The ISA calls Billie to report no joy on Bo and Hope. When Bo calls, she realizes they may find Georgia. Bo wants her to stay in Salem so Georgia can't lose both her parents. Billie agrees; she'll just arrange for delivery of supplies and ground transportation. But she removes her gun from its lockbox and fails to dissuade Patrick from accompanying her. At the hospital, Patrick gets a first aid kit. Billie tends to her crying mom and asks to borrow a Basic Black jet. Kate doesn't like that DiMera employee Patrick is with her daughter. What about Bo? Sami's proof they can't successfully manipulate people. Billie gets Patrick's attention when she says she's moving on without Bo.

Bart complains to Tony that feisty Hope threw her dinner at him. Ever calm, Tony relishes that Bo is headed into their trap. They share a chuckle when Bart says Bo and Hope can check out any time, but can never leave. Caroline spits on Tony and calls him a bastard. It's crass; she's lucky he didn't kill her. Victor lunges, but a henchman punches him in a kidney. Caroline offers herself and Victor in exchange for Hope's freedom, but Hope is bait. Victor is aghast because Tony is still avenging Kristin. This is nothing alongside the news that Tony and Bart used "love gas" to get Bo to sleep with Billie. Tony wants to destroy the love that unites both the Brady and Horton clans. His surefire plan: their love will die with them. He'll shoot Hope to death and watch Bo die of grief. Tony reconsiders and puts his gun away. Bart must tell the men to greet Bo with a bullet...shoot to kill!

Kate accuses Roman of foisting her on John in the hopes that Marlena will recover memories of loving only Roman. He must be secretly thrilled about what Kate did to Sami. It was his excuse to dump Kate. She wasn't lying when she chose Roman, but he won't admit he fell in love with Marlena in the castle. Roman thinks Kate is shifting the focus away from her crimes. He's a hypocrite; she won't take him back when Marlena rejects him!

Alex explains that Marlena feels safe with him because he's the only one not pressuring her. It makes sense to John because she has no history with Alex. At that, Alex flashes back to kissing Marlena. What if Marlena never remembers John or Belle? Then Alex must help her build a new life...which may not include Marlena's husband or children. Marlena must leave Salem. Alex has a secluded place in the mountains he's used successfully with other patients. He needs to be alone with Marlena, free of any ties to her life. Alex doesn't even want John or Roman to say goodbye. John acquiesces. Alex tells Marlena it's time he helps her realize whom she really is.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chloe finds a wedding dress that she likes in a wedding magazine, shows Brady, and dreams of her wedding day but it is turned into a nightmare because of her scar. Brady tries to convince Chloe that their wedding will be perfect but Chloe is unsure and tells him that she needs to think about Brady more instead of herself. Brady tries to tell her that he is the luckiest man in the world because he is with her but Chloe argues with him about it. She is concerned that her scars will affect Brady's future and Titan but Brady insists that won't happen. When Chloe won't back down Brady says it won't have to happen and that he'll fix it. Brady writes a letter of resignation and tells Chloe that it is only a job and that if the surgery does not work and if she is still self conscious then they can move away.

Frankie thinks back on his conversation with Jack about taking care of Jennifer in his absence. Max tries to get Frankie to watch a Cubs game with him but Max tells him that he would rather daydream about Jennifer when Frankie won't watch it with him. Frankie admits to be thinking of both Jennifer and Jack and they discuss how long Frankie will be in town but he is not sure because he has a couple of cases and everything is up in the air. Frankie also tells Max he has the opportunity to see family, too but Max tries to get him to admit he's there to see Jennifer. Frankie discusses the times he had to leave Salem and does show regret for leaving but says that he likes Jack. The subject changes and they have a heart to heart about Chelsea and Frankie tells Max not to take advantage of her. Frankie tells Max that he is a Brady and in Salem that means something -- so straighten up. He also tells Max to stay out of Patrick hair because Chelsea is staying with Patrick and Billie even if Patrick is shady. Max asks Frankie if the reason he is there is Patrick and to protect Jennifer's family.

Jack looks through his paper work and comments that his family will be safe and secure when he's gone. When Jennifer sees his life insurance policy she asks why he is looking at it. Jack says that they missed a few bills while he was gone and he was looking through them to make sure none have lapsed. Jennifer agrees that it is a good idea. Jennifer decides she is going to skip on doing the laundry and wants to spend time with Jack but Jack tell her he needs to finish up with the paper work. When Jennifer tells him that he has all the time in the world to do it later, he blurts out that he doesn't. He explains that he is just a little snappy lately. She asks him why and he tells her that he wanted to take care of it behind her back because he did not want to worry her. He continues on to say that being held captive by Tony was a wake up call and you never know what can happen in life. Jennifer starts to get upset and questions Jack if there is something wrong with him. Jack tells Jennifer that the papers can wait and puts on the song "Stand By Me" and dances with her. Jack asks her if he heard that song before and she explains that he heard it the other day and that it was her and Frankie's song. When Jennifer suggests that she change it, Jack tells her no that it is ok and he doesn't think Frankie would mind if she shared it with him. After talking to Max, Frankie hears the music and looks in the window to see Jack and Jennifer dancing and imagines being the one dancing with Jennifer.

Abby and Chelsea go to the Java Café where Chelsea tells Abby she won't let her live her life like a nun. Chelsea found Abby a guy who likes her. He works at the Java Café and his name is Josh. Abby is disappointed when she approaches a guy she thinks is Josh and he asks about Chelsea and finds out Chelsea doesn't know him after all. Finally, she learns that she approached the wrong guy when Josh walks up and Abby accidentally spills coffee on him. Abby is excited when Josh knows her name and offers to redo the coffees for her.

Kate sits down alone at the Café and Chelsea approaches her and tells her that she looks like she could use a friend. Kate asks her what she wants and Chelsea says since she is asking that she would like a job. Chelsea ends up being rude to Kate and Kate tells her that she is not getting anywhere with that attitude and tells her that she will not give her a job. Just as Kate stands to leave Lucas walks into the Café, sees his mom and gives her a disapproving look while shaking his head. Abby hurries over to Chelsea to talk to her about Josh and Chelsea says that Kate Roberts is a "B-I-T-C-H." Abby explains to Chelsea that Kate has a lot going on and that Lucas and Kate had a big falling out. She tells her that Lucas is there at the Café too, Chelsea says that she is glad and will sit back and watch the fireworks. Abby tells Chelsea what happened with Josh. Chelsea says that Josh is into math and comic books and some girls find that "geek" thing a turn on. Suddenly, Josh puts their coffees down and walks away having overheard Chelsea. Abby is upset that Chelsea said those things and Chelsea says she will find her another guy. Abby hesitates to leave and goes to talk to Josh. She says that just because her friend thinks that way about him that she doesn't and gives him her number and both agree they can go to the movie sometime. Josh is happy to have Abby write her cell number on his hand.

As Lucas orders ice cream Kate approaches him and wants to talk to him. She tells Lucas that she wants to tell him why she did what she did. Lucas tells her that she did it because she is despicable. He adds that she is the one that called Sami a psychopath but she needs to take a long look at herself. When Kate tells him not to say anything that he will regret he says he has not done that yet. She still wants to talk it out with Lucas and Lucas finally says ok and that he wants to be first. He says he only has one thing to say, "good-bye." Kate decides to try to find dirty on Sami for Lucas to realize what a witch she really is.

Sami is ecstatic that she and Lucas are back together and celebrates by turning up her music, dances around the apartment, and getting out her wedding dress. The celebration is short lived when Nicole arrives. She demands that Sami find way to get her and Brady back together and says she will sit there until she makes it happen. Sami tries to force Nicole to leave but she won't. Sami tell her that she won't help her because there is nothing she can do. Sami explains that Brady is the least of her worries and that Roman is trying to find Victor and Caroline and bring them back. Once back, Sami continues, saying that Victor will take her money and find out what she has done. Nicole takes Sami's words as a threat and tells her that she is going down with her if they find out. Nicole threatens to go to Lucas right away and tell him that Sami was the one to tell her to infect Chloe with the flesh-eating bacteria. Getting her lipstick from her purse, Nicole writes "Sami = Stan" on Sami's mirror. Sami washes the mirror and tells Nicole that she wouldn't tell anyone what she did to Chloe. Sami looks out the window to see Lucas arrive and tries to get Nicole to hurry and leave but Nicole tells her how fast she goes depends on her. Sami tells Nicole that she will help her and pushes her out the window on the fire escape just as Lucas is about to open the door. Sami greets him with a passionate kiss and they start to make out on the couch as drenched Nicole looks in, as it rains. Nicole talks to herself and says that Sami owes her and if Sami doesn't help her that she will expose her.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Bo arrives on Tony's island, shocked to find Billie is there with ISA supplies for him. Bo's upset grows when he learns that Billie brought Patrick with her. Bo still doesn't trust him. Patrick swears he's there to help rescue Hope, but Bo won't let Lockhart take part in the mission. Patrick lets Billie go off to do reconnaissance. Alone with Bo, Patrick knocks him out...

Tony warns Hope that Bo is about to fall into his trap. While they wait for Bo to be captured, Tony lets Hope visit Victor and Caroline. An emotional reunion, as they all fret about Bo. Victor hopes Bo brought backup with him because he is going to need it. Hope is shocked as Patrick enters the compound and says he's working for Tony... to prove it, he produces a handcuffed and unconscious Bo!

Sami and Lucas are about to make love while Nicole is hiding out on the fire escape. Kate interrupts, but Lucas still shuns her. Sami is pleased. As Sami and Lucas plan their wedding, Nicole listens. She mutters: Sami won't have her happy ending with Lucas unless she helps Nicole get Brady back. Sami fears drunk Nicole is about to be caught. Nicole falls off the fire escape. Sami wants to give Lucas a great wedding gift. What does he want? Lucas admits he really wants info about Stan. Sami panics.

On the street, Kate sees Nicole. What's going on with Nicole and Sami? Nicole tries to cover but blurts that Sami still has secrets. Kate is determined to find out what Nicole has on Sami. Nicole takes off but Kate vows she will get the truth and destroy Sami Brady once and for all!

Frankie, pained by his growing feelings for Jennifer, decides to leave Salem. He breaks the news to Jack and Jennifer. Jack is crushed. Jennifer asks Frankie to stay one more night so they can give him a proper send-off. Frankie agrees. Jack wants to take Jennifer and Frankie out dancing. He secretly plans to change Frankie's mind about leaving... so Frankie can take care of Jennifer after Jack is gone.

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