Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on DAYS

Sami agreed to help Tony and kept her identity as Stan a secret from everyone so that she could marry Lucas. Brady and Chloe prepared for their wedding day. Roman, Abe, and Tek had a plan to capture Tony and his associates. Chelsea played up to Kate and Billie to win Patrick's affections.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, September 5, 2005

A reluctant Chloe arrived at her bridal shower at Alice's, and Belle greeted her with open arms. Chloe was worried her scars were worse, but Belle told her that it would not matter because Brady would still think she was beautiful and marry her no matter what.

At a nearby table, Sami was unhappy that she had to share her bridal shower with Chloe. Grandma Caroline told her it was a miracle that Chloe was not dead, but Sami disputed that by saying that Roman, Jack, and the rest of them not being dead was a miracle, but Chloe's death was her own faking. Caroline asked her what was really wrong, and Sami admitted she was nervous that another wedding would go south. A smiling Caroline toasted Sami and Lucas and told her things would work this time because their relationship was built on love, give and take, truth, and honesty. Kate stopped by to remind Sami that she was a disaster before sauntering off, and Caroline held Sami back by reminding her that Kate had her own problems.

A sullen Chelsea stood in the corner with Abby at the party, complaining that her new mother was after Patrick. Additionally, Chelsea felt that her grandmother Kate was even worse, since she'd refused to give her a job. Abby reminded her that they were her biological parents, whether she wanted them to be or not. Kate stopped by and asked Chelsea if they could meet later. Barely showing her distaste, Chelsea reminded Kate that they had already met when she'd asked for a job, and Kate had turned her down. Kate immediately apologized for being rude and said that had she known Chelsea was Billie's daughter, things would have been quite different that day.

Glaring, Chelsea looked at Billie when she walked over and asked, "How do you lose your daughter?" Uneasy, Billie told her that it was personal, and she would prefer to fill Chelsea in later in private. Still, Billie did manage to explain the DiMeras had been involved and that she and Bo had believed Chelsea had been stillborn. When Chelsea mentioned that she'd called her dead mother "mom" and did not know what to call Billie, Billie suggested she just call her Billie. Chelsea agreed and asked for more time before walking over to the corner with Abby. Once out of earshot, Chelsea admitted to Abby that it was the best thing to happen to her because she could get money out of her new family.

While Shawn was tending bar at the party, Kate went over to remind him, "Belle is married to my son. Don't forget that." After Kate stalked off, Bonnie approached to comfort Shawn by telling him that "trash is trash" about Kate, and then sent him over to the bachelor party. He left, and Bonnie made a phone call to some strippers. When Shawn later returned, he saw Belle having a good time, and smiling, Shawn told Mimi that he could not work at the job anymore.

A little later, the strippers arrived, and one of them was Bart dressed in disguise with a Zorro mask and a cowboy hat. Both stripped and danced, but while the one entertained, Bart sneaked off to Sami's table, where she rebuffed him. Insulted, Bart lifted his mask and told Sami he had a message for her from Tony. Sami was not interested, but Bart dragged her off while a disgusted Kate watched. Out on the terrace, Bart told Sami that she had better hope Tony escaped his transfer. In return, Bart promised to return her Stan disguise so she could destroy it and the DNA that was all over it.

At their home, Bo told Hope that Chelsea believed she was Bo and Billie's daughter, but she still hated them. Hope told Bo to be careful of Billie, but Bo told Hope to give Billie a break. Hope apologized but said she could not forget the gas incident. Bo said that Hope did not need to trust Billie but just needed to trust him. Hope worried that Bo was blind to his daughter's faults and warned him that Chelsea was smart and manipulative, and Jennifer agreed with her assessment. Bo disagreed and insisted she was having a hard time adjusting to everything that was going on and that she was acting out.

When Hope was still suspicious, Bo told her he felt that she just did not like that fact that Chelsea was Billie and his daughter. Hope disagreed and said his guilt let him overlook Chelsea's issues. Hugging his wife, Bo said they just needed to all pull together because they had another child to share their lives with.

At the bachelor party at Alice's, Phil congratulated Brady on his wedding. Later, Victor found Philip and said how proud he was of him. Then Bo joined the party and told Philip and Victor that he had found Georgia. Then, there was more good news when Philip received a phone call from the waiting list to tell him they'd found a better prosthetic leg for him.

On the other side of the room, Roman continued to berate John for letting Marlena go up to the cabin with Alex. John admitted it might have been a mistake but that he trusted Lexie's judgment. Roman could not shake the feeling that something was wrong, and John argued that Roman was just upset that it was not Roman's decision to make. Angry, he told Roman that after he'd taken advantage of Marlena and gotten her pregnant, if anything went wrong, he would hold Roman responsible. After Roman left, John got a phone call with news about Alex.

Up at the cabin, Marlena told Alex that she trusted him implicitly and that it was a relief to be away from the torture and stress of her family. She further said that Alex reassured her because he gave her the freedom to be okay with not remembering her life. Alex reminded her that John kept calling, and Marlena said that she had listened to his messages. She then explained that she felt bad that she did not want to go to her children's weddings, but Alex told her that it was not her fault and that it could not be helped.

Alex then proceeded to put Marlena on a table and use hot rock therapy on her back to relax her. Once she was relaxed and dressed again, he put something in her herbal tea and gave it to her to drink. After she sipped her tea and allowed him to use hypnotherapy on her, Alex asked her to remember her life from long before, which she had forgotten and no one knew about. He told her to remember the man she'd loved back then, and Marlena's mind was flooded with memories of making love to Alex. She whispered, "It's you," and the two began to kiss for real.

Suddenly, a stunned John walked through the cabin door and saw Marlena sitting on the couch, passionately kissing Alex.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

John confronted Marlena and Alex regarding their kiss. Alex gave John a bunch of psychobabble. John relayed information to Marlena that Alex's techniques were potentially dangerous. Despite John's belief that Marlena needed to leave Alex and return home to her family, Marlena dug her heels in and said that she was not going anywhere.

Chloe and Sami's bridal shower, as well as Brady and Lucas' bachelor party, were in full swing. Victor congratulated Brady and was even supportive of Lucas' choice, giving them both some money.

During the parties, Chelsea made friends with Kate to get a job. Chelsea gloated to Abby that she was cashing in on her new family and that Hope and Bo's marriage was doomed. Chelsea gave Bo a hug, and Billie and Hope didn't know what to make of the new behavior.

Roman told Bo that the fake plans that Tony's minions had gotten from the computer would pay off when they captured some of his gang. Roman ran into Kate and lit into her about Sami. Kate ended up crying in Victor's arms.

Bart, disguised as a stripper, stalked Sami.

Brady took Chloe home, and it was obvious how happy the two lovers were. Chloe was still unnerved by her bandaged face.

Philip was off to get his new leg while Shawn and Mimi bonded. Belle witnessed it and couldn't help but be jealous. Philip left, and Belle was hit with a wave of pain.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

To Chloe's shock, Brady was sleeping on the porch. He admitted he was keeping watch; she admitted she would've run away. Brady vowed he was marrying her for love, not pity. They kissed. He went inside to take a call. Nancy was late because Joy had been too excited to sleep. The women corrected a blindfolded Brady about when he shouldn't see his bride. Chloe was ready to marry her man.

Sami started to give Lucas the striptease she'd promised. Will and his friend Arthur interrupted to retrieve DVDs. Lucas teased Sami because Arthur thought she was hot. Sami screamed when she saw Bart on the balcony. He would rather be dirty dancing with Bonnie but needed to discover Sami's demands. She wanted all the proof that she had been Stan. Bart insisted she wouldn't be free until Tony was. Sami shoved him away, went inside, and got cozy kissing Lucas.

John manipulated Marlena into going to Sami's wedding. Alex stated John could irreparably damage his wife. Marlena resented John's behavior. She cried and explained she'd return to Salem only for her children -- and only with Alex. John saw he was beaten.

Shawn supported Belle, who was doubled over in pain. He called Lexie. Mimi couldn't head off Philip, and he wasn't answering his mobile phone. Lexie said the fetal heartbeat was strong, but she wanted to examine Belle's cervix for dilation. Shawn and Mimi retreated to the hall. He was glad they had been there for Belle. After asking Mimi what might be wrong, he apologized for mentioning her pregnancy.

Lexie said it was rare for sex to cause premature labor. Stress was probably causing Belle's cramps. Belle remembered yelling at Shawn for almost sleeping with Mimi. While Shawn walked Lexie to her car, Mimi confronted Belle. Belle was worried about losing Shawn, not the baby. Mimi was protecting her friend. Shawn offered help; Belle asked for pillows. Mimi warned Belle not to drag Shawn into her drama.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Marlena had returned home but insisted that Alex stay with her. John enlisted Kate's help to figure out what Alex North's hidden agenda could be. Kate agreed Alex seemed to be pushing her to be with Roman or John, because Marlena might choose neither. Roman arrived and announced that he and Kate were getting divorced.

Marlena thought maybe she and John should also split, too, since she was pregnant with Roman's baby; their marriage couldn't have been okay. John wouldn't hear of it, and even Alex suggested that it wasn't the time to make major life decisions. As they headed off for Brady's wedding, Marlena insisted on riding with Alex. John and Kate rode together.

Brady got ready for his big day. Though not allowed to see the bride, he sent her flowers and gifts. Chloe was deeply touched but had a nightmare that her face was permanently and hideously scarred. If that happened, Chloe wondered if she would be able to go through with her wedding to Brady.

Belle dreamed of kissing Shawn, and downstairs on the sofa, Shawn had the same dream. Mimi entered, upset that Shawn had slept over at Belle's. Shawn told Mimi he had just been worried about Belle after the cramps she'd had the night before. Belle assured them she was fine. Privately, Mimi warned Belle that she had to let Shawn go. When the gang went to see Chloe and Nancy, Brady called Belle.

John wanted to sit with Marlena at the wedding, so Brady was going to ask Shawn to fill in as best man. He asked if that was okay with Belle, since she'd be opposite Shawn as the matron of honor. Belle insisted she just wanted Brady and Chloe to have a happy wedding, and it was fine. Brady asked Shawn, and he accepted. Mimi was still wary about Belle's intentions toward Shawn.

Sami, Lucas, and Will prepared for Brady and Chloe's wedding. Sami was excited that her wedding would soon follow. Bart called to make sure the information Sami had given them would ensure Tony's escape. Sami got Lucas and Will out of there and told Bart that she had done her part. Once again, she demanded all the evidence that she had been Stan. Bart agreed to Sami's request -- but only after Tony was free. Sami thought her life was going to be perfect.

Roman, Abe, and Tek prepared to trick Tony and foil the escape attempt. Bart listened in, but they were wise to the bug he'd planted.

Friday, September 9, 2005

It was Brady and Chloe's wedding day. Nervous, Chloe worried if her scars had healed in time. Dr. Travis arrived to examine her, and the nervous Nancy told Chloe to get dressed. Stoic, Chloe said she'd made a decision. Nancy confided in Craig that Chloe wouldn't tell her what the doctor had said, and she was afraid Chloe had cold feet.

Nicole was lurking at the church, desperate to stop the wedding. Sami refused to help her, confident that all the Stan evidence would soon be destroyed. Victor caught Nicole with Kate and threw Nicole out of the church. Outside, Nicole prayed Chloe's scars had not healed and she'd call off the nuptials. Tension rose as the service started. Veiled, Chloe marched down the aisle, Craig gave her away, and there was a huge moment as Brady lifted her veil.

Bart showed up at Tony's cell, disguised as a guard. It was time to break Tony out of jail. Roman, Abe, and Tek tried to stay one step ahead of the count, but Tony didn't want to make it easy for them. Tony and Bart escaped through the sewer. Roman and the cops showed up while Tony and his minions made a desperate attempt to escape.

There was a shootout, and Roman captured Tony, but Bart escaped. Smug, Tony told Roman he might have defeated his archenemy, but he'd also just destroyed the life of someone Roman loved dearly. Sami was at the wedding, thinking Tony had to have escaped already. She could look forward to a perfect future with Lucas.

Chelsea tried to assimilate into the Brady, Reed, and Kiriakis families. She loved the perks of being Bo and Billie's daughter, but she was not making it easy for them. Patrick and Billie stayed close and hoped Chelsea got the message that he was off-limits to her. Bo was angry that Lockhart was there with Billie, and so was Chelsea. Hope tried to mediate and say that it was okay for Bo to be protective of Chelsea, but it was not okay for him to be jealous of Billie and Patrick.

John, Marlena, and Alex were an awkward threesome. Marlena didn't remember Sami, Will, or Belle. John tried to get Alex to drop Marlena's case, but Dr. North said that decision was up to the patient. John hoped the wedding would stir Marlena's memory.

Belle and Shawn were ready for their jobs as matron of honor and best man. Even though they said there was no problem, they fantasized about marrying each other at the altar. Mimi, displeased, did her best to remind Belle that she was married. Caroline also offered advice to Belle to remember her vows.

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