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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Chloe walked down the aisle at St. Luke's with her father, who passed her off to Brady at the altar. Smiling, he lifted her veil to reveal a completely healed face. Tears in her eyes, she turned to face the audience who grinned in joy at her total recovery. As a special treat, Craig sang to the bride and groom.

As Craig sang, Marlena pictured John marrying her. John told her he was thinking of their wedding and Marlena began to tear up. When John asked her whether she remembered anything, Marlena ran out of the church. As Craig continued to sing to the happy couple up at the altar, in the audience Chelsea asked Billie whether it was hard for her to watch weddings. A smiling Billie said that it was not difficult because you don't always get what you wish for. She added, "I'm not blind. Bo and Hope are devastatingly in love with one another." When Billie stated that to be happy she had to move on, she looked lovingly at Patrick. This annoyed Chelsea who fled out of the church.

John followed Marlena to the courtyard and found her sitting on a bench. When he expressed his hope that she had remembered part of their lives, Marlena admitted she had a memory. John was elated at first but then Marlena corrected herself and said that really, she had just pictured herself in that situation because she knew she had married Roman and John before. As Alex listened nearby, Marlena deflated John's hopes even more when she told him that upon thinking of marrying Roman and John, she realized she had no desire to be with either one of them. After apologizing for putting it so harshly, Marlena explained that she just wanted to be clear about her feelings for the men in her life. At this point, Alex butted in and suggested Marlena return to the wedding. John interjected that they should ask Marlena what she wanted, and Marlena said she would join Alex inside after she spent a few more minutes with John. Alex left and John apologized for acting like a husband but that he could not help himself because he was her husband. Hurt, John begged for Marlena to give him a chance to prove their love. Unfortunately, she responded that loving him was impossible now and maybe ever, before running back inside the church.

At the entrance to the church, Roman discussed with Tek the list of people that visited Tony. Tek reluctantly admitted to Roman that Kate was on the list just as Kate exited the church to eavesdrop. Spotting her, Roman quizzed her on her conversation with Tony. Kate refused to tell him the contents of that talk, but Roman surmised that she was trying to get Tony to help Kate take down Sami. After sniping at each other, a smirking Kate told Roman he would feel like a fool when he learned the truth about Sami and Tony. After Kate had left, a confused Tek asked Roman if he recognized the name of one of Tony's attorneys who was on the list as a freaked out Sami listened nearby.

Nearby, Billie approached Chelsea on the lawn of the church. Chelsea asked her mother whether she meant to rub Patrick in her face. Calm, Billie merely responded that she loved Chelsea and would never intend to hurt her. Lashing out, Chelsea disagreed and said that if Billie truly loved her she would have known that she was not dead and then could have been raised by her real parents. With a dramatic flourish, Chelsea ran off. Later, Patrick approached Chelsea with a question. Trying to head off an argument, Chelsea said the answer to his question was that she was never going to give Billie a break. Grinning, Patrick said that was not the question but instead, would Chelsea go with him to the reception. Smiling sheepishly, Chelsea hugged Patrick.

Back inside the church, Nancy gave a reading from the book of Genesis as Chloe fondly remembered the first time she and Brady kissed. However, the perfect wedding came to an abrupt halt when Belle's stomach cramped and she passed out on the altar. When Belle awoke, she apologized to Chloe for ruining the wedding, but a glowing Chloe told her not to worry about it. Shawn tended to Belle and Craig suggested that Belle sit out the remainder of the ceremony in the audience with Shawn.

In the next pew, Bonnie needled Mimi for letting Belle get in her way, but Mimi told her mom to let it go. Temporarily taking her advice, Bonnie imagined that she married Shawn but gave it up when she remembered it was her daughter's beau. Then Bonnie imagined marrying Brady but thought he was too serious. Next Bonnie pictured marrying Craig but did not want to mess with Nancy. Finally, Bonnie settled on a wedding to John Black, declaring that he was perfect, "And that's a fact!" With a sigh, Bonnie snapped back to reality and watched the rest of the ceremony.

When the ceremony resumed, the priest announced that Brady and Chloe had written their own vows. Proud, Brady cleared his throat and said, "Chloe, there were times when I thought I couldn't possibly deserve a woman as fine as you for a wife. I wished for trials of the night so I could slay a dragon to win you or fight an army alone to prove my love to you. There are no dragons and men don't fight armies alone except in plays by Shakespeare. Even so, I hope that I have proved my deepest love and my complete commitment to you. I am so grateful to be joining my life to yours and I thank God every single day for bringing you home to me. And above all, I thank you for loving me." Not to be outdone, Chloe, with tears slowly sliding down her cheeks gushed, "Brady, I met you when I was only a teenager. You were my friend. Belle's older, mysterious, gorgeous brother. And in my opinion, you didn't know half as much as you thought you did. I thought I knew everything about love, which was that love is what I knew I didn't have. But you took my hand and taught me not to be afraid. You kissed me and showed me what tenderness could be. Your love became a part of me, Brady. And my love became a part of you. And I promise to spend the rest of my years cherishing our love and giving thanks every day for the gift that is you." Blissful, the two exchanged rings and were introduced as man and wife.

While Kate was praying to God in the entryway of the church that Sami would get her comeuppance, she heard Nicole crying nearby in the bridal room. Curious, Kate went in and found a tearful Nicole crying on the floor for "the only man I've every truly loved." In a tender moment, Nicole hugged Kate's legs for comfort as Kate caressed her head sweetly. Coming to her senses, Nicole pulled away and Kate admitted she felt sorry for Nicole. When Nicole cursed Sami for failing her with Brady, Kate jumped at the opportunity to help her get revenge on Sami. With an eyebrow raised, Nicole asked what she wanted in return. Kate explained that she wanted Sami nailed once and for all. Though tempted, Nicole insisted that she could not risk it before running out the door to try to stop the wedding. Out in the hallway, she ran in to Victor who grabbed her and dragged her back to the now empty bridal room. Once he locked her in, he called Nico and asked him to permanently take care of Nicole as a horrified Caroline overheard his call.

Later, in the bridal room, Nicole heard the door rattling. Grabbing a crystal vase, Nicole smashed it on the head of the person who unlocked the door. Unfortunately, the head belonged to Caroline who was knocked unconscious by the blow. Nicole woke her up and apologized but ran out when Caroline warned her about the approaching goons. Soon after Nicole had left, Victor returned to find an injured and disappointed Caroline who told Victor that he better not do anything illegal because he had broken her heart.

After retiring to the bridal room to kiss and discuss how great the name "Chloe Black" sounded, Brady and Chloe basked in their new life together while a tortured Nicole peeked at them through the keyhole, demanding that things could not be over for her and Brady.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It is Chloe and Brady's wedding day. Brady lifts the veil and all can see that Chloe's face is perfect. Bonnie continues to push Mimi in Shawn's direction. Belle faints and Shawn is instantly drawn to her. Brady and Chloe say I do and are finally married. As the wedding proceeds, Marlena becomes upset and John tries to comfort her. Alex isn't happy about this but there's not a whole lot that he can do. Marlena rushes away from John and Belle goes after her. John warns Alex that if anything happens to Marlena, Belle or their unborn grandchild, he will hold North personally responsible. Roman is working on Tony's case with Tek trying to connect the dots, while Kate tries to connect the dots to Sami's involvement. Roman and Kate exchange words over Sami. Chelsea lays into Billie and Patrick offers to mediate on their behalf. He invites Billie to go to the reception with him. Nicole continues to stalk Brady and Chloe. Kate finds her crying and surprisingly, comforts her. Kate again offers Nicole a deal for information about Sami, but Nicole can't do it. After Kate leaves her alone, Victor finds Nicole and locks her in a room. Caroline enters and Nicole knocks her out, thinking she's one of Victor's goons. Caroline comes to, lets her out of the bride's room and tells Nicole to run otherwise Victor may kill her.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mimi eavesdrops. Belle tells Shawn she never stopped loving him and never will. Mimi congratulates Chloe, then rushes to the bathroom to cry. Belle still won't leave Philip, and avoids admitting she won't be happier with him. Bonnie is concerned Bo may not approve of Mimi because she's Patrick's sister. Mimi has to help Shawn get over Belle. Bonnie waves to newly available Victor. She shoves her daughter into position and Mimi catches the bouquet. Brady snaps the garter into the air, and Bonnie helps Shawn catch it. Mimi and Shawn celebrate with a dance. Bonnie hides Belle's wrap and enlists Shawn's help with Mimi's misery. Mimi calls Belle a total slut for stringing along Shawn.

Brady and Chloe are sweet to each other. Come morning, they're off to Paris and points unknown. They're delighted when Caroline quotes a love letter from Victor... Hugo, she lies. Brady says not even his love letters to Nicole can break up his marriage. The newlyweds sing a duet.

Nico found Nicole. Victor says to keep her away until the honeymoon. John accuses Alex of brainwashing Marlena. Victor says fire him! John should do whatever it takes to make his wife remember. Marlena is uneasy under John's stare. Alex suggests they leave, but John lies to stop them. If Alex hurts or seduces Marlena, John will kill him. Alex doubts it, as he's the key to Marlena's memories. Much to his chagrin, the estranged couple dances. Marlena recognizes "Heaven Must Have Sent You." John calls it one of her favorite songs. She remembers being in John's arms.

Chelsea apologizes for the way she's treated Billie. Max flirts and dances with Chelsea. Hope is suspicious, but better Max than Patrick. A sponsor dumped Max because he hasn't been racing. Chelsea offers Grandma Kate's Basic Black as a sponsor. Billie gracefully leaves the bouquet toss to her daughter. Chelsea thinks she'll get the bouquet and Patrick. Max and Chelsea agree it's too soon for marriage. She suggests resuming their beach night. He says the night is young. Bo says Patrick can't lose his DiMera connection. He doesn't believe Patrick wanted to smooth things between Chelsea and Billie. Bo asks Hope to dance. Patrick takes Billie out to dinner. Bo plants one on Hope before they leave.

Frankie tells Jennifer she belongs with her husband. She knows he's in cahoots with Jack. Frankie won't confess. Jennifer will keep at him. At last, Frankie agrees to tell her. Jack explains to his daughter that her mom belongs with Frankie. How could he push them together? They're old friends; Jack isn't jealous.

Lucas assures Will their wedding will be the best ever. Sami suggests Chloe just hand her the bouquet. She then taunts Kate. Roman is confident they'll shut down the DiMera operation. Lucas adds that Stan and Tony belong on death row. Tony is silent regarding Stan. Roman is hopeful about the torched getaway car. Sami is frozen with fear. Forensics found data and disguises. Sami swoons.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Brady and Chloe's wedding reception continues. The pressure builds on Sami as Roman tells her records and disguises were found in Tony's getaway car. Sami sends Lucas and Will away and Kate presses Sami. Finally, Roman announces that everything was too badly damaged to provide any clues. Lucas is dismayed and Sami is relieved, convinced no one will ever find out she was Stan. Kate is more determined than ever to stop Sami from marrying Lucas.

Alex does not have a pleasant evening. John takes Marlena out, against Alex's advice, then Victor and Kate each put Alex on notice.

Hopeful off her memory of being in his arms, John takes Marlena for a horse drawn carriage ride in the park. They draw closer... Alex, who insists on taking Marlena home, interrupts the ride. John is determined not to let Alex keep Marlena away from him.

Frankie tells Jennifer how much Jack loves her and counsels her to spend as much time as she can with him and her family. Jack dances the "father and daughter" dance with Abby and fantasizes about his daughter's wedding day, knowing he'll be dead by the time it actually arrives.

Chelsea comes on to Max. Frankie lectures Max about the value of "true love" and Max tells Chelsea he wants to take things slow and get to know her better, develop a real relationship. She acquiesces.

Brady and Chloe leave for a romantic wedding night and Victor wishes them well.

Belle and Mimi have it out and Belle accuses Mimi of being in love with Shawn. Mimi deflects, insisting that Belle stop being so selfish by keeping Shawn on a short leash.

Shawn and Bonnie have a talk and Bonnie tells him that Mimi is seriously depressed. She tells him to be a good friend to her, take her out, and build up her self-esteem. She lies, saying she read nasty emails from Rex to Mimi. Shawn agrees to do whatever he can to help Mimi.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Brady and Chloe arrive at their cottage and prepare for the start of their honeymoon. Wearing a sexy negligee, Chloe confesses that she lied to him while trying to keep him away because of her horrible scarring. He assures her there is nothing for which to apologize. Shawn interrupts Belle and Mimi's argument and when he offers to take a tired Belle home, Mimi gives him the okay, much to Bonnie's displeasure. Though her mother pushes her to go after Shawn, Mimi insists she won't throw herself at him. Philip's upset to come home and find Shawn with Belle until he learns about her earlier cramping. Once Shawn leaves, Philip guesses to Belle that Shawn will be happy once he's connected with Mimi. Shawn finds Mimi wearing only a towel after her shower. Though she wants to go to bed, he invites her to watch a movie with him. John brings Marlena and Alex back to the penthouse where he surprises her with a necklace. When Alex refuses to leave and Marlena heads to bed, John warns the doctor to stay out of Marlena's room. Alex gets around John's security system by walking on the ledge and entering her bedroom through the terrace. At her place Sami boasts to Lucas that she thinks the curse has been lifted and that they will be happily married tomorrow.

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