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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Having spent the night in Marlena's room, Alex is revealed to have been playing hypnotic-type tapes for Marlena to get her under his control. While John boasts to Alex that Marlena's about to have a breakthrough and doesn't need him anymore, Marlena reacts the opposite and threatens to leave if Alex goes. Bo and Hope are shocked when a scantily clad Chelsea announces that she's wearing this sexy outfit to today's wedding, thanks to Kate. As Abby and Chelsea paw through the many outfits Kate gave her, Chelsea suggests that Abby dump her nerdy friend and find a real man, offering her one of the outfits to wear. After Jennifer complains that Chelsea's a bad influence on her daughter, Bo has a talk with his daughter and convinces her to wear a cover-up of some sort. Meanwhile, when Abby appears in an equally shocking outfit, Jennifer sends her upstairs to change. Later, Bo and Hope overhear Chelsea chastising Abby for dressing like her mom. Meanwhile, as Kate moans about not being able to attend the wedding, Billie asks her to stop lavishing Chelsea with gifts. Abe lets Roman know that, thanks to an electronic listening device, Tony is blaming "Stan" for the failed escape attempt. Roman confesses his fear that Tony may ruin Sami's wedding. Roman visits with Sami as she gets ready for the wedding and urges her to remember "honesty" and "integrity" above all. Caroline pipes up with a third word, "forgiveness." Sami urges Roman not to give up on being with Marlena.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

At the loft, a cheery Belle chattered on about how she hoped she would not faint at her sister's wedding as Philip limped down the stairs without a cane. Belle was amazed by his slight limp, and Philip praised his new prosthesis, positing that he may be able to dance with his wife at the reception. Feeling lucky, Philip told Belle about how he wanted to help civilians hurt by landmines by adopting a minefield. Belle agreed. Philip told Belle how his only thought after stepping on the landmine was how he asked God for one more chance to tell Belle that he loved her. Pulling her to his chest, Philip told Belle how he only wanted to make the world safer for their baby as well as the rest of their kids. The two said I love you, and then finished getting ready.

Across the hall, Mimi waited on the couch for Shawn who was running late after oversleeping. Mimi thought about their movie night and how awkward and funny the evening had been when a remote control mishap caused the TV station to switch to a more amorous movie. She also remembered how Shawn had kissed her cheek and told her she was the best friend. Snapping back to reality when Shawn entered the living room, Mimi assisted Shawn in tying his tie as the two complimented each other.

Out in the hallway of the loft apartment, Mimi and Shawn met up with Philip and Belle and agreed to carpool to the wedding. Noticing Philip's very slight limp when he went to the elevator, a gushing Mimi congratulated him on his progress as a beaming Philip reiterated his desire to dance with his wife.

At the penthouse, an angry Marlena told a dumbfounded John that if he loved her, he would not have thrown her daughter out. Further, Marlena told John that she needed Alex more than anyone and if Alex had to leave, then so did she. On a roll, Marlena demanded that John ask Alex to stay and apologize for his behavior. Grudgingly, John told him he could stay and apologized if he treated Alex badly. Alex accepted the apology and stated that sometimes the families of amnesiacs had a harder time with the situation than the patient did. Barely hiding his distaste, John said he could not get over the change in Marlena since last night, and that he could swear that Alex did something to her while she slept. A quick Alex retorted that it would not have been possible, forcing John to admit to Marlena that he had installed electronic monitoring devices in the house. Marlena was outraged and demanded that either John accept Alex or that she and Alex would move out. A calmed John said there was no need to move and then watched as Alex left with Marlena for the wedding.

In a hotel room, Bart anxiously awaited a phone call. When it rang, he told the person on the other end to make it quick so that they would not let Tony down. Later, a package was left on the doorstep and Bart rushed to get it to the church.

At Kate's apartment, Kate tried to stay positive but was quickly thwarted when Nicole showed up for their weekly meeting of the mutual hate society. The two sniped at each other but agreed they both hated Sami more. Kate lamented the loss of her son, and gave Nicole the stink eye for not helping to stop the wedding when they had a shot to do so. Nicole continued to curse Sami for stepping aside and not helping her get Brady. Since both Nicole and Kate wanted revenge on Sami, the two called a temporary truce to brainstorm how to stop the wedding. When Austin called to tell Kate that he would be late for the ceremony, Kate asked him to reconsider going. However, Austin insisted that he wanted to support Lucas no matter how he felt about Sami. At the mention of Austin's name, Nicole perked up but sensing Nicole's interest, Kate told her to back off. Finally, Nicole offered to tell Kate Sami's secret and after a bit of protesting, Kate gave her the go ahead. When Nicole told Kate that Sami was Stan though, Kate nearly choked on her drink. The two were furious that there was no proof that Sami was Stan, and they decided to get drunk. After a few drinks, there was a knock at the door and when Kate opened it, she noticed something on the floor in the hallway.

On his plane, Austin learned his flight was still too delayed to make the ceremony but figured he might be on time for the reception. But then conditioned that scenario on whether there actually would be a wedding.

In the bridal room at the church, a nervous Sami fretted about the day as Roman told her that Marlena was with John. Sami was livid at the news but a calming Caroline convinced Sami to concentrate on her wedding and forget the rest. While Sami hurried to get ready, she asked Roman to try to get Marlena to agree to walk with her and Roman down the aisle. Roman agreed and left his daughter to prepare while Caroline eased Sami's frayed nerves.

Out in the church hallway, Roman ran into Lexie who asked how Sami was doing. Busting at the seams with pride, Roman told her how proud he was that Sami had turned her life around and that he had Lucas to thank for that. Roman asked how Lexie and Abe were doing, but Lexie said she could not tell from day to day and quickly threw the focus back to Roman by asking whether Kate would be coming to the wedding. Roman quickly informed her that Kate was not invited, but also said only Kate was at fault for that. Later, Roman reiterated to Lucas how proud he was of Sami and how grateful he was to Lucas for changing her life.

While everyone waited for the wedding in the church chapel, Roman went to an arriving Marlena and Alex and asked if she would reconsider walking Sami down the aisle with him. When Marlena looked to Alex for an answer, an annoyed John told her not to keep following his direction but an indignant Marlena said that she only valued Alex's opinion. Looking at Roman with a smile, Marlena agreed to walk down the aisle and the two went off to tell Sami. Now that John was alone with Alex, John told Alex, "I don't know what you did to her last night." Alex joked that it was his super alien powers, but a tense John insisted Alex was controlling her. Raising his voice, Alex told John that since John only seemed to want Marlena to remember her memories of him, then John was more likely the one that wanted to control Marlena. John argued that Alex had a personal agenda, but Alex stated his only agenda was the good of his patient.

Back in the bridal room, Later, Will knocked on the door. When Sami began to open it, she learned Lucas was outside as well and told them both to go away. Matters were not helped when Sami broke a mirror after sending her men away, thus ensuring seven years of bad luck. Before Sami could get hysterical, Caroline told her to believe that she could make her own luck. Sami was skeptical, but when Roman brought Marlena into the room and told her they both would walk Sami down the aisle, Sami began to believe the wedding would actually happen. Belle also entered and when Marlena stated she had the two most beautiful daughters in Salem, Marlena had to clarify that she knew those things, but still did not remember her life. As the group continued to prepare, Belle gave her mother's pearls to an ecstatic Sami, who hugged her sister tightly and apologized for saying horrible things about her.

As the wedding march began in the church, Belle walked down the aisle, followed by Roman and Marlena with a beautiful Sami between them. Roman gave Sami to Lucas at the altar and then held out his hand to Marlena to sit next to him for the ceremony. Marlena hesitated, but sat down next to Alex instead, leaving a very confused Roman to sit down in his pew while Lucas and Sami began to say their "I do's."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mimi can't bear another wedding. Caroline offers a hug and reassurance. She hopes to make a hope chest for Mimi. Maybe now that Shawn is free... After all, his grandparents started out as friends. Caroline displays her wedding dress.

Patrick tells Chelsea her dress is hot and she no longer looks like a kid. They kiss fervently. Billie is appalled. Also, she thinks the dress is too flashy. Chelsea is glad to have something store-bought, not secondhand.

Outside St. Luke's, Tek tells Roman, Bo, and Hope that a major international terrorist is nearby. The wedding is a great target. Roman disrupts the ceremony and refuses to let Sami can say "I do." She's livid! She cries; Marlena feels sorry for her. Roman asks John to remove everyone to the rec room and lock the door. Sami storms out; Lucas talks her down. Sami calls her newfound cousin a streetwalker. Chelsea references Sami's nixed nuptials. Bo aims his gun at his exiting daughter. Billie calls him off. Patrick finds the teenager in the park, but she walks away.

Shawn worries because Mimi's missing. Despite his discomfort, Philip will dance at his brother's reception. Against Roman's orders, Philip and Shawn go after their women. Belle stops by the bride's room for her purse. Tek tells the women to stay. Caroline suggests Mimi try on her dress. Like all the women in her line, Caroline promised to honor her marriage with honesty, commitment, and unwavering love. This upsets Belle. Mimi can't imagine Bonnie saying anything of the kind. Caroline thinks the dress is perfect on Mimi. Shawn calls her beautiful. Det. Kramer gives the all-clear. Belle doesn't want to leave Shawn with Mimi while she changes. Caroline convinces her to go for Sami's sake. She then talks up Mimi to Shawn.

Marlena is uneasy with the crowd, so Alex takes her to the office. Her selfish family has emotionally abused her. Marlena needs to focus on herself. She can't recall her past until her family stops inundating her with the present. Alex uses a necklace to hypnotize her. Lexie catches him and calls it WWII aggressive mind control. If she tells, Alex will reveal her adultery to Abe. John is suspicious when wife and doctor don't return to the ceremony.

The black-clad terrorist moves through the church, holding an envelope addressed to Sami. Father Jensen rereads the vows, and this time, the terrorist interrupts Sami. It's Stan!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shocked that she knows about her affair with Tek, Lexie tries to convince Alex that he's harming Marlena, not helping her. He insists that his treatment is helping her. Abe interrupts and after Lexie convinces him to leave, she warns Alex that she will not allow him to hurt Marlena. Alone with his patient, Alex orders her to ignore her husband and children so they can be together. Lexie leaks to John that Alex is hypnotizing Marlena. Shawn offers to help Mimi when the zipper on Caroline's wedding dress gets stuck. The two commiserate over their lost loves again as Shawn claims he knows Belle will never leave Philip. Mimi suggests that if Sami can get married, maybe she will too. Patrick assures Billie he'll find Chelsea who has run off in reaction to Sami's insulting words. Sami ends up at Salem Place where first Josh admires her sexy outfit and then Max runs into her. Realizing Patrick's watching, Chelsea starts crying and hugs Max. When she kisses him, Max pulls back and insists that he wants to get to know her first. Chelsea saunters over to Patrick and claims to be flattered that he followed her. After he hands her his phone so she can talk with Billie, Chelsea tells Patrick that he owes her for being nice to Billie and wants to go on a date with him. Sami stares in disbelief as the hooded figure removes the hood to reveal it's "Stan." "Stan" confronts Sami who faints. When she comes to, Sami demands that he be arrested but "Stan" claims that he's here to make sure Sami gets what she deserves. "Stan" goes on to admit he worked for Tony and is guilty but then removes the disguise to reveal it's really Kate.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Though Jack insists he only has the flu, Jennifer refuses to leave his side and attend Sami and Lucas' wedding. Frankie again presses Jack to come clean to his wife about his fatal illness. Frankie's curious when he finds an unopened letter Jennifer wrote to him. Lexie arrives in response to Jennifer's call and she too asks Jack to tell Jennifer he's dying. Refusing, Jack admits that he's just going to go away and die by himself. Jennifer talks with Frankie about the letter and, confessing that he just read it, admits he's happy to learn she truly loved him. She asks him to forget about what she wrote. Meanwhile, Jack rips up the prescription Lexie wrote for him. At the church Kate asserts that Sami is "Stan." Admitting the clothes and mask were delivered to her earlier tonight, Kate shows photos that reveal how Sami put on the disguise. John's upset when Marlena insists on leaving with Alex. He tries to get her to believe that John and Roman are in love with Kate. Crying now, Marlena decides never to return to the penthouse. Philip fumes to think that Sami might have had something to do with the operation that cost him his leg. Belle panics and when Shawn offers to help her, Mimi suggests he let her husband take over and invites him to leave with her.. Marlena agrees to help Belle who worries that she is in labor. On the flight to Salem, Austin drinks champagne as he thinks about Sami getting married. Sami insists that the photos are phony and that she was not "Stan." No one seems to believe her and Kate makes things worse when she claims the ISA lab found Sami's DNA on the disguise.

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