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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, October 3, 2005

At Salem Hospital, Belle cradled her newborn baby as a shocked Shawn and Mimi tried to process Belle and Philip's request for them to be the baby's godparents. As Belle told them the baby was named Claire, an emotional Mimi walked out of the room. Belle explained to Shawn that they thought since she couldn't have her own children, it would be a good idea, but did not want to upset her. Hinting at more, Shawn told Belle and Shawn that Mimi was just having a hard time moving on from losing the love of her life. Worried, Philip went after Mimi, leaving Shawn alone with Belle and the baby. A saddened Belle told Shawn that she was hoping she could be friends with Mimi again. Shawn smiled and said it wasn't ridiculous and that deep down, Mimi knew that losing Rex was not Belle's fault. Looking at Shawn's face, Belle commented that he looked just like Philip did when he first saw the baby. Shawn's smiled widened and he imagined himself cuddled next to Belle and that Claire was their baby. When Shawn came back to reality, a happier Belle passed Claire to Shawn to hold. As Shawn gently cradled the baby, Belle explained that she knew they could count on Shawn because he would make a great dad some day. Softened, Shawn agreed to be the godfather for Belle and Claire's sake.

Outside Belle's room at the hospital, an angry but weepy Mimi fumed over Belle's insensitivity. Trying to calm her, Philip apologized for upsetting her but explained that they thought she would be a great godmother and had no intention of reminding her of the baby she lost. He went a further and told Mimi that Belle missed her and that they both only trusted Mimi with their daughter if anything should happen to them. Sensing that Mimi was weakening, Philip pushed her gently to agree to be the godmother.

Back in Belle's room, Philip returned with a cautious Mimi and told Shawn and Belle that Mimi agreed to be the godmother. Mimi quickly added that she was doing it for Philip and the baby only. In return, Belle informed them that Shawn had also agreed, and Philip shook Shawn's hand, saying that he was glad everything worked out. Belle was getting tired so Shawn offered to escort Claire back to the nursery with Mimi. Mimi hesitated to take the baby, but when she did said, "She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." After Mimi and Shawn left with the baby, Philip told Belle how happy he was because eventually they would all be friends again and raise their children together.

On the boat, Billie and Hope felt like Chelsea hated them both while Bo explained that sometimes girls just found it easier to talk to their fathers than their mothers. Hope grudgingly agreed when Bo reminded her that Shawn found it easier to talk to her than him. After Bo assured them that Chelsea had plans and would call them later, Billie apologized for butting in on their evening but a gracious Hope told her it was fine because she was there to set things straight with her daughter. A happier Billie left to go meet Patrick but thanked Hope for backing her up with Chelsea on her way out. After Billie left, Bo wondered why women could not see that Patrick was trouble. Hope started to stick up for Patrick but wisely changed the subject to the apple pie she bought for Bo. Over their snack, Bo casually admitted he gave Chelsea $250.00, to which a disbelieving Hope warned Bo that his daughter was playing him. Bo insisted that she needed the money for necessities and would not have lied to him. After they chowed down on the dessert, they headed off for the bedroom.

At Craze nightclub, Chelsea danced with Max and plunked down quite a bit of money. When Max questioned her new found riches, Chelsea explained that it was her allowance. Max asked if Billie knew about her being out, but Chelsea said no because her idea of being a mother would be staying home with TV dinners. The two laughed over that and Chelsea called Billie a hypocrite for calling her a slut. When Max asked why, Chelsea told him that both Billie and Kate had once been hookers. Max looked surprised but interested, and Chelsea schemed that the information would be handy for leverage later on.

At the front door of Craze, Patrick met up with Billie who was apologizing for being late after having yet another fight with Chelsea. Billie told Patrick that Hope had taken her side and that she hoped Bo had gotten through to her. When Patrick smirked over Bo, Billie insisted that he had supported her and then told Patrick to forget everything so they could go have fun. They entered the club and Billie remarked that since Chelsea was at Abby's she didn't need to worry about her getting in trouble tonight. With perfect timing, Patrick spotted Chelsea and Max dancing across the floor and then had to reign in Billie when she started to march over to her daughter. Billie agreed that if she confronted Chelsea it would just push her farther away and agreed with Patrick that she would talk to Chelsea at home later. Right then Chelsea herself spotted Billie and sidled across the floor. The two were pleasant to each other on the surface and Chelsea scooted off to dance with Max who was befuddled by how pleasant the exchange was. Chelsea swore she was trying to get along with Billie, but immediately after, she started dancing provocatively with Max, angering Patrick in the process. Billie was hopeful, but Patrick warned her that Chelsea might just be trying to get Billie's guard down.

At the restaurant, a steaming Kate screamed at Sami to back off of Austin and demanded to know why Austin was with her. Austin explained that Sami was upset and needed a friend. Sami, adding unhelpfully that Kate had ruined her life yet again, began to cry. Infuriated by Sami's blubbering, Kate begged Austin not to fall for her tricks and told Sami everything was all her fault anyway. Austin stepped between the two before blood could be shed, as Kate continued to plead for an answer as to why she found Austin with Sami. Austin explained his plane had been late and he found Sami falling apart having just lost the love of her life. Kate swore that Sami was the most hateful person ever, but Austin asked Kate to lay off of her for today. A disbelieving Kate wondered why Austin was defending Sami, but Austin said he was not taking sides and would no longer stand in the middle. When Kate asked again why he was with Sami, Austin explained that he knew all about the things Kate did to interfere with Lucas and that as a grown man, Lucas should have been able to make his own choices. Kate insisted she needed to protect her kids, but Austin reminded her that if she wanted to warn Lucas about Stan, she could have done it in a less hurtful way than she did. When Austin expressed his disappointment that Kate had drugged Sami, Kate reminded Austin that Sami was the reason he left town. Kate backed off a bit and asked Austin to go home with her. Austin refused, stating that he had promised Sami to keep her company for the night. He also said that he still felt people were capable of change, and that Lucas had once told him that Sami had changed. Sami agreed she had until Kate interfered. Frustrated, Kate exploded and reminded Austin of all the horrible things that Sami had done in the past. Not to be outdone, Sami jumped in and reminded Kate that not only had she done things to Sami but also to her own children. Once again Austin had to separate the two women, and told Kate he would not leave Sami. Austin then told Kate to let her children make their own decisions, and to just let him help Sami out. Upset, Sami asked if they could leave, and Austin agreed. After they had exited, Kate swore once again to keep Sami away from Austin.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Despite Alex's reservations and protests, John takes Marlena to the hospital to see Belle and her new baby. Lexie is checking into Alex's background. Alex catches her and threatens to expose her affair with Tek to Abe unless she stops interfering in his treatment of Marlena. Lexie tells John she didn't find anything about Alex, but John should continue to research himself. Alone with Belle and the baby, Marlena has memory flashes of being with Belle as a baby. Belle thinks Marlena is on the verge of a breakthrough, but Alex arrives to take Marlena home. Marlena reverts to her "amnesiac" state and leaves with Alex. John is determined to help Marlena regain her memory, no matter what he has to do.

Jack is researching ways to disappear and die on the internet. He's caught by Frankie, who again implores Jack to tell Jennifer the truth about his condition. Jack refuses... and insists he's going to go off and die alone rather than put Jennifer and his family through the horror of watching him die a slow, painful death. Frankie insists that Jennifer would want to know, because she is the sweetest, most wonderful person he's ever known. Jack realizes that Frankie has fallen in love with Jennifer again and takes a swing at him! The thought of Jennifer with another man is eating him up... Jack is torn because he was insistent that Frankie be there to love and protect Jennifer (from Patrick Lockhart) after Jack is dead. The partners in crime share a hug.

Jennifer is planning a huge surprise party for Jack and enlists Doug and Julie's help.

Shawn finds a despondent Mimi on the loft rooftop. She is upset that she can never have children and is convinced things will never work out for her. Shawn does his best to convince her that she's wrong, that she's a good person and any man would be happy to be with her. Mimi finds it hard to believe and Shawn pulls her into a kiss.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Alex assures his contact that Lexie won't dig up any dirt. John is hacking away into the doctor's dealings. Why hasn't he treated anyone in ten years? Alex logs on to secure web sites that describe his work, such as with NORAD in Antarctica. John won't buy it because they'll neither confirm nor deny. He drives Marlena to Gloriane's salon/spa. Alex calls her and plays the music box tune. Marlena does her trance touch and walks out the back.

On his coffee quest, Roman unhappily runs into Kate. She was right to turn in Sami, but is responsible for Sami's revenge. A big part of him will always love her, so he wishes he could forgive her. Lucas returns Kate's wedding gift because she sent it while plotting. The "Spectator" headline reads: "Charges Forthcoming Against Sami Brady." Kate's boys are safe.

Lucas conveys Will's wish to live with his dad permanently. Sami keeps her ex from her apartment, but a shirtless Austin opens the door. Livid Lucas insists Sami should have had faith they'd reunite. He didn't believe Kate framed her! Later, Sami explains to Austin that she feels Lucas's pain. Roman arrives to arrest her for treason. Austin gently says he's there for her.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Roman takes Sami to the police station where reporters want to know if it's true that Sami is being charged with treason. Roman refuses to answer their questions and leads Sami (with Austin trailing behind) into the station. While Roman takes Sami and Mickey into his office for interrogation, Kate tries to understand why Austin feels the need to be there for Sami. Sami is shaking in her boots off the realization that she may not get off this time and could be executed for treason. After Kate enumerates Sami's many crimes, Austin tells Kate that she may have just saved Sami from prosecution.

John waits outside the salon. Unbeknownst to him, Marlena left out the back door after Alex called her on her cell phone and played her the eerie music. Marlena goes to the Java Café. Alex meets her there and saves her from a cyclist who nearly runs her over. After he has gained her complete trust, he tells her there's something she has to do. John eventually finds Marlena at the café and asks her what happened. Confused, Marlena is unable to answer. They talk happily about Belle and her baby, but Alex moves in. To John's delight, Marlena tells Alex it is okay for her to be alone with John. As Alex is leaving, he "drops" the charm he uses to hypnotize her, which Marlena sees.

Mimi and Shawn discuss the kiss they shared last night on the loft rooftop. Mimi enjoyed the kiss but thinks that Shawn didn't, so she covers her feelings.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Jennifer became suspicious when she walked in on Jack and Frankie having a discussion about Jack's plan, but Jack covered by saying he was working on a story. Jack continued to grapple with his decisions about dying and researched ways to end his own life. Jennifer happily discussed her plans for Jack's surprise party with Frankie but later found an empty bottle of powerful medication and figured out that Jack is dying.

Over coffee, Marlena and John reconnected over being new grandparents when Dr. North interrupted. As he left the coffee shop, Dr. North flashed his "necklace" at Marlena and she became distant once again, asking John for a divorce. Later at the penthouse Dr. North accused John of pressuring Marlena to remember her past. John told him he knew he was behind Marlena's request for a divorce and would get to the bottom of it. The two of them had words and John asked Dr. North to leave. Once alone, John gave Marlena her birthday present - a photo album. The two had fun looking at the pictures, with John explaining them to Marlena, until Dr. North called and played sinister music over the phone triggering Marlena's hypnotism.

Roman arrested Sami and took her to the station. Roman and Mickey gave Sami the bad news that she could go to prison for life, or even death row, for treason. Austin and Kate were outside the office and Austin realized that Sami could not be prosecuted for the charges against her because she was on international soil and Tony was not the targeted enemy. Kate was infuriated that Austin continued to help Sami. Kate and Sami went head to head - again. After checking, Roman confirmed that Sami could not be prosecuted. All charges were dropped and Sami was freed, outraging Kate.

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