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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, October 31, 2005

On the phone at the Deveraux household, Jennifer tried to understand what someone was saying on the other end. As a frantic Jack tried to put down his armful of pizza in order to wrestle the phone from Jennifer, the voice on the phone said something about suicide. Jack quickly covered and said that the phone call was about a side of sushi. When Jennifer called Jack on his dislike of sushi, he explained that he grew to love it on the island, and told the person on the phone to cancel the order of sushi side. Bo, Hope, Jennifer, and Jack finished eating the pizza and while Hope and Jennifer were in the kitchen, Bo asked Jack if he was in pain. A smiling Jack said he was not yet, at least none that he could not handle at this point. Bo offered Jack help if he needed it, but Jack asked that Bo just watch over his family. Nodding, Bo promised to keep Patrick Lockhart away from Jack's family and then Jack hugged him appreciatively. Just then, the ladies returned and an energetic Jack suggested the group go out dancing for Halloween. Jennifer was unsure and worried that Jack should rest, but Jack insisted and suggested that Mickey and Maggie could watch little Jack for them. Jennifer finally relented and the group headed out.

Outside of Alice's Jack made a phone call and told the person on the line that he was still interested in an assisted suicide just as Jennifer came outside to find him. However, she did not hear what Jack said and a quick thinking Jack explained that he was checking his horoscope. Jack promised her a "super" night and the happy couple went inside the bar. Later, Jack snuck up behind Jennifer on the dance floor, dressed in a super hero costume. Jennifer laughed as Jack took her in his arms to dance promising that he would enjoy all the time he had left with her.

Belle and Philip arrived at Alice's but Belle was visually jittery. Philip asked her if she was nervous about leaving Claire at home, but Belle said she felt bad about everything. Noting that her nervousness began after seeing Shawn's car in the parking lot, Philip asked her if she was worried about seeing Mimi and Shawn together. Losing her temper, Belle told him that he was wrong but that even if they were together, she would have to get used to it just like she would have to get used to all the other changes in her life.

Over at the bar, Shawn tended bar dressed as Tarzan, as a mortified and cold Mimi came over dressed as Jane. After they complimented one another, Shawn expressed his hopefulness about the mechanic's shop business with Max. A joking Mimi warned Shawn not to take any advice about the shop from Bonnie or else he would end up working in a Speedo. Mimi mentioned the irony of Shawn's mother wanting him to go to college and him not wanting to go, versus Mimi wanting to go to college and her mother not caring. The subject broached, Shawn suggested dipping into his trust fund in order to loan Mimi the money for college. Mimi refused and when she continued to ask Shawn about going back, a shocked Belle overheard and was upset by the news. Shawn responded that some dreams were just not meant to be, but Belle disagreed. When Belle asked Mimi how she felt, Mimi said that she may disagree, but since she was taking a leave of absence from school, she would not judge Shawn's decision. Angry, Shawn told Belle he was taking her advice and moving on with life, before he stalked off. Belle went to see her parents and Philip stayed behind to tell Mimi that Belle was having a hard time with her postpartum depression. Mimi assured Philip that she would be fine. When Shawn returned, Philip asked him about his mechanic's shop just as Hope and Bo came over. A clearly upset Hope pushed Shawn about returning to college, but he refused and told her that he needed to make his own decisions. After Shawn left again, Hope turned to Mimi and asked her to talk to Shawn about college, but Mimi told Hope that she respected his right to make a decision and that she would not talk him out of it. Hope then turned to Bo and begged him to talk to Shawn before she went over to the corner. Bo took Shawn aside and apologized for focusing on Chelsea so much lately. Bo explained that he loved Shawn and Zack but that his mother only wanted what was best for him.

Bonnie noticed Roman enter the bar, walked over to him, and put a cowboy hat on his head. While Roman watched John and Marlena talk across the room, Bonnie tried to pin a Sheriff's badge on his chest, but instead accidentally poke him in the chest with the pin. Bonnie apologized, but Roman brushed her off and walked over to Alex to warn him not to talk to Marlena or John. Alex insisted once again that he was just Marlena's doctor, but Roman told him he suspected Alex did not want her to regain her memory. In response, Alex said that he believed Roman was describing himself instead. Smirking, Roman retorted that he just wanted Marlena to be Doc again and to be happy. Later Roman nodded over toward Marlena and said "they do look closer" just as Bonnie came up behind him. Bonnie suggested that Roman still loved Marlena but Roman told her that no one could ever come between John and Marlena.

Nearby, Alex caressed his charm and said that he could not leave any memory for John or Roman. Just then, Bonnie bumped into him and he hurriedly rushed off. After he left, Bonnie noticed his charm on the floor, picked it up, and stuck it in her cleavage to attract attention. Alex was alarmed to find his charm gone, but managed to keep an eye on Marlena while he searched around the room for his missing charm.

At a table in the corner, John told Marlena that the only person in the room he could see was her. A faint smile crept across Marlena's face while John looked lovingly in her eyes. John received a call from Frankie warning him that Alex was on his way, but John told Frankie that he was already there and he would handle it. Curious, Marlena asked if there was a problem. John side stepped the question and told her he loved her and that he hoped that she would reconsider the divorce. Holding her hand, John told her that he believed Alex planted the idea of divorce in her mind. Marlena had a brief flash of a memory of hypnosis, but told John that she was fine. Hopeful, John told her that she did not need her memory but only to believe in their love so that she could fight for it. Noting Belle's entrance, John told Marlena that there was "no mistaking you are her mother." When John went on to retell the story of Belle's birth, Marlena had a memory of it. Belle came over to say hi and told her mother, "We all need you so much." Crying, Belle apologized for being upset but Marlena assured her they would get through this. As Marlena and Belle headed off to the bathroom, Roman came over to speak to John. John updated Roman and told him that things were starting to happen and that her reaction to Belle proved it. Roman assured John that he only wanted Marlena to determine for herself what she wanted and to know that it was not a manipulation by Alex.

In the bathroom, Belle told Marlena that instead of being happy after Claire was born, she was instead feeling like it was the worst time of her life and that she was a failure. Marlena assured here that everything would be fine, but asked her whether her sadness was not because of postpartum depression but because of the loss of Shawn. Belle insisted she was moving on with Philip and Claire. Holding her daughter close, Marlena promised to end their estrangement and become a part of her daughter and granddaughter's lives because she loved them. "You are not alone," Marlena told her as the two hugged.

Back on the dance floor, Alex continued to look for his charm. John walked over and told Alex that Marlena would soon change her mind about a lot of things. Alex nodded noncommittally before John wandered back to his table. Nearby, Roman turned down Bonnie's advances, telling her he was not interested in a relationship. Laughing, Bonnie informed him that she was not either, and only wanted to have a good time. Grinning, Roman agreed to spend time with her.

Back at his table, John settled down next to Marlena, held her hand, and told her to close her eyes. As a serene Marlena sat there with her eyes closed, John spoke of the night he proposed. The memory flooded back to a pleased Marlena who told John that she remembered. On the other side of the room, Alex gave a cd to the DJ to play. When the music started up, Marlena went into a trance at her table. Fortunately, Jack felt like putting on his boogey shoes and begged the DJ to scrap the cd for something with a beat. The DJ happily obliged and once the music disappeared, Marlena snapped back to, still able to remember John's proposal. The two got up to dance, and while she could not remember anything else, she assured John that, "I know where I belong." She then went on to say "I remember the man I love."

Alex finally spotted his charm on Bonnie. Luckily, Roman threw a lasso around Bonnie at that moment, accidentally dislodging the charm, which fell to the floor. When Bonnie and Roman went off to dance, Alex scooped up his charm and hoped he was not too late.

In the corner, Hope sat next to Belle and told her that she heard that Belle thought Shawn was making a mistake in dropping out of college. Belle said she did agree, and Hope responded that she was not so sure that Mimi was the best thing for Shawn if she was not going to talk to him about college. At that moment, a furious Bonnie confronted Hope for her statement about Mimi. Mimi called Shawn over to break up their mothers, but when Bonnie lit into Hope, an embarrassed Mimi ran outside with Shawn hot on her heels to comfort her.

Outside "Alice's," Mimi cried as Shawn put his coat around her. Shawn assured her that he would care for her no matter what her family was like. Cold, the two wrapped the coat around them and began to kiss. Just then, a please Philip and a sickened Belle exited the bar to see Mimi and Shawn making out.

Back inside "Alice's," Jack and Jennifer happily twirled around the dance floor until Jack attempted to pick up Jennifer and spin her around. Mid spin, Jack collapsed to the floor with a tearful Jennifer crying out for help.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

John is convinced that Marlena has remembered her love for him. But before she can confirm, Jack collapses and John goes to help. While he's gone, Alex uses the talisman to regain control of Marlena. John returns and Marlena denies her love and says she wants to leave with Alex. John is stunned to hear Alex tell him that he, Alex, and Marlena love each other. John's convinced Alex has brainwashed Marlena. Marlena goes home with Alex, leaving John in pain.

Jack collapses while dancing with Jennifer at Alice's. He refuses to see a doctor. Jennifer secretly asks John to call Lexie and Jennifer and Frankie take Jack home. Lexie tells Jack how long and painful his death will be. Jack tells Lexie he won't put his family through the agony of watching him die... he's going to commit suicide. Lexie is adamantly against it, but we see Jack won't be dissuaded. Jennifer is determined to be optimistic but she cries on Frankie's shoulder. As Lexie tells Jennifer what's in Jack's future, Frankie and Jack bond over their common love for Jennifer.

Shawn and Mimi return home and hear Belle and Philip's baby crying. Philip tells them Belle's depressed and needs to rest - can they help him with the baby? Belle is in the grips of her postpartum depression and Philip can't snap her out of it. Shawn volunteers to take the baby home with him and Mimi so Philip can attend to Belle. Mimi is secretly terrified of being with the baby. Shawn and Mimi take the baby home and we know Mimi's going to have a tough time dealing. Shawn apologizes for volunteering to help with the baby, but Mimi insists she can handle it. Meanwhile, Belle privately wonders why she seems to have everything she ever wanted... but just isn't happy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Will's upset over a Stan of Salem costume. He's incredulous when Lucas admits he still loves Sami. She asks him for another chance. Lucas yells, rejecting her and clarifying that a part of him will always love her. Will watches as his mother angrily kisses his father.

Sami surmises Lucas's love means there's still a chance. She fights with Nicole, who wants her to work at all hours. A towel-clad Austin announces he'll fire them if they don't cooperate. He's skeptical about Lucas's admission. Nicole should be nicer because they're living with Sami and she's working with them. Nicole badgers Austin about whom he loves and guesses it's her.

Bawling Belle feels frustrated. Philip tenderly urges her to give her medication time to work. She doesn't want to sleep because it won't change her feelings. She rails because Claire's not there. Philip wants to focus on Belle, but she wants to be alone. Lexie said loved ones would sustain her. While Philip prepares a bubble bath, Belle thinks she hears Claire crying. She pours pills into her palm. Philip prevents her from To the tune of "Streets of Love," bathing Belle describes her despair to Shawn. Claire is a constant reminder that they should be together. What if having her is the biggest mistake of Belle's life? Shawn morphs into Philip!

Mimi panics whenever she holds her goddaughter. Overwhelmed by Rex regrets, she's terrified of being alone with Claire. Shawn postpones his shower until his roommate is confident. The baby looks at her godmother and wails. Mimi freaks and faints as Shawn tends to them.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

After a searing kiss, Sami thinks she and Lucas still have a chance but Lucas is against it. Will hopes that if his parents still love each other, they should give it another try. Lucas thinks it's best to cut his losses. Sophie arrives and takes Lucas out on a date. Outside Chez Rouge, Sami runs into a woman who advises her to move on. Sami takes the woman's advice to heart. She sees Austin with Nicole and is not happy. Austin and Nicole enjoy themselves and bond over dinner. Lucas arrives at Chez Rouge with Sophie and they spot Austin and Nicole. Lucas thinks Sami will probably end up sad and alone. He and Sophie leave and Sami sees them share a kiss.

Jack sneaks out in the middle of the night after receiving a mysterious phone call. Jennifer and Frankie follow him down to a bookstore where he's buying a book on assisted suicide. Jennifer takes the book and is shocked by what she sees.

Bo and Hope argue about money, Chelsea and Shawn. They reach an impasse when Zack wakes up due to their arguing. Bo takes Zack back to bed and tells him a story. Hope overhears and realizes how good she and Bo actually have it.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Shawn attends to Mimi after she faints when she hears baby Claire crying. Mimi berates herself and continues to feel guilty and terrible over her abortion and not being able to have children. Shawn tries to reassure her. Shawn takes baby Claire into his room so Mimi can sleep on the couch.

John arranges for Father Janson to visit Marlena. Alex is infuriated but has no choice but to let him talk to Marlena. Marlena is deeply touched by Father Janson's words and remembers even more about her life with John, finally deciding to honor her wedding vows and stay with John, much to Alex's dismay. John has bugged the penthouse and listens to the whole conversation.

Jack sneaks to a bookstore to buy a book on Assisted Suicide, Jennifer follows closely behind him with Frankie. When she surprises him at the store, the bookstore owner covers for him, showing Jennifer that Jack was actually buying a book called, "Coping with Loss" for his family. Jack tells Jennifer he decided to follow her ideas about diet and alternative medicine and was looking for books on that. Frankie knows the truth though, and starts to get angry with Jack for playing Jennifer this way.

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