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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, November 7, 2005

Sami interrupted Nicole and Austin's dinner, but Austin asked her to leave and go home. When Nicole mentioned that Lucas had just told Sami that he still loved her, Austin had to separate the two women. Nicole and Austin left the restaurant, and Maggie came over and told Sami that she had made a mistake. Sami insisted that because she had once loved Austin, she knew he deserved better than Nicole, and she just wanted to insure that Nicole did not win him over. Maggie warned her not to get involved in a love triangle but to instead let Nicole self destruct. Not willing to leave it to chance, Sami stormed out in search of Nicole and Austin.

Out in the park, Nicole pushed Austin to confess what woman he was in love with and came back to Salem for. As Sami listened from the nearby bushes, Austin continued to evade Nicole's question and explained that he only wanted to focus on his career for now. The two agreed they were on a date, but not a romantic one. However, Nicole told him that he if he was interested in her; they would just consider this part of the courtship. She further noted that if Austin wanted someone like Sami, she would just have to prove to him how wrong Sami was for him. Confident, Nicole told him she would be there if he ever was ready to be serious. The two talked about meeting the needs of their new client, but were interrupted by an accidental noise from Sami in the bushes. When Austin went off to get a paper, Nicole pulled Sami out of the bushes and asked her why she was following them. Sami explained that she overheard Nicole advise Austin not to tell people that Sami worked for him and that she was worried Nicole would get her fired or evicted. While Nicole considered the ideas, Sami threatened to tell Austin about the flesh eating bacteria. At a standstill threat wise, Nicole pushed Sami back in the bushes before Austin returned to take her to get sundaes.

Over at Mimi and Shawn's apartment, a tearful Mimi said, "We are never going to work out. There is no future for Shawn and me." Shawn entered the living room and asked Mimi if she was upset about not being able to take care of Claire, but Mimi told him it was more. Mimi explained that it was flattering that Shawn wanted to date her but that he was better off with someone else who could give him kids. Shawn insisted he wanted them to be closer and hoped they could some day fall in love but that it could not happen if Mimi gave up before they even began dating. Shaking her head, Mimi responded that her reaction to Claire proved she could not be with him and stormed out of the apartment.

Over at Belle's loft, a jittery Belle imagined Shawn telling her that she could not love her baby because she had it with someone she did not love. In her vision, Shawn further stated that she had postpartum depression because it was not his baby and that she would not be able to take care of her child until she was honest about her feelings. Shaken, Belle went to her front door and saw Mimi in the hallway, upset and leaving. Belle knocked on Shawn's door and he answered, seemingly disappointed. When Belle asked if he was disappointed to see her, Shawn denied it and explained that he was only surprised because he expected to find Mimi there. Belle pushed for details about what happened with Mimi, and when Belle assured him she only wanted to know as a friend, Shawn recapped his disagreement with Mimi about dating. To Shawn's surprise, Belle told him Mimi was right because Mimi understood that Shawn deserves a woman who gives him the family and future that he always dreamed of. "You hate me don't you?" said Belle. Shaking his head, Shawn said that he didn't hate her or blame her for what happened, but that she did the right thing considering the circumstances. Suddenly, Claire started crying and Shawn rushed off to get her for Belle.

At the church, Mimi cried before the statue of the Virgin Mary. The priest asked Mimi whether she wanted to confess, but Mimi said she did not want to confess because there could be no forgiveness for her sin. The priest advised her that if you know what you did was wrong and you were truly sorry for it, then you could be forgiven. He further advised her that God could forgive her, but that forgiving herself was the most important part of healing. After the priest left, Mimi continued to cry and a said she could not forgive herself and therefore, could never be with Shawn.

At the penthouse, Marlena told Alex that her wedding vows were forever and that she had reconsidered getting a divorce from John, while John and Kate watched and listened through surveillance equipment across the way. Upset, Alex pulled out his charm and suggested she reconsider. Seemingly immune, Marlena continued to insist that she wanted to talk to John since she was still getting memory flashes and feelings from a picture. A frustrated Alex yelled that John was not a psychiatrist and that John's ideas were not that simple. Smiling, Marlena told Alex she wanted to work things out with John. Alex attempted to send her to bed for rest but instead, Marlena called John and asked him to come over. John agreed, and brought Kate to keep an eye on Alex. While Marlena and John went out on the terrace, Kate questioned Alex about his feelings, but Alex countered that she wanted John for herself.

Out on the terrace, Marlena told John she was remembering some feelings and wanted to talk to him about it. When John told her how happy he was that she had reconsidered the divorce, Marlena's face fell in confusion. Marlena asked him how he knew she had reconsidered, and an angry Alex interrupted to tell Marlena that John probably had cameras and bugs all over the penthouse. John threatened to break Alex's jaw, and Alex slinked back to the living room. Once Alex was gone, John covered himself by assuring her there was no surveillance equipment in the penthouse and by explaining that because he had sent Tim to talk to her about reconsidering the divorce, he was just hopeful that it was the reason she wanted to see him. Marlena admitted that she knew both John and Alex loved her but that it would ultimately come down to who she believed. John told her that he would show her the truth, which was that he loved her. Marlena hoped it was true, and John swore that he would show that Alex had used and manipulated her and that it was obvious to her family. Trying to reassure her, John told her that this was just one more obstacle in their lives and that if Marlena had faith in them, they would be together forever.

In the penthouse living room, Kate and Alex needled one another about their feelings, and Kate insisted her relationship with John was over because he belonged with Marlena. Kate told Alex that Marlena would pick John because she treasured his honesty. Grinning, Alex thanked Kate saying, "Now I know exactly what I have to do." Unnerved, Kate asked why he was thanking her. Chuckling, Alex told her that she should not count him or Kate out of the lives of Marlena and John.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

John is thrilled as it appears Marlena has remembered her love for him but Marlena is still confused. She doesn't understand how, if she loves John, she could have slept with her ex-husband and been pregnant with his child. John explains she was a victim of the DiMeras. They wonder if Alex could be working for the DiMeras... or might even possibly be Stefano returned from the dead. Marlena is also upset that she didn't tell John she was pregnant and wonders if it was because she was afraid he loved Kate more than he loved her. John is forced to admit he did love Kate very much. Marlena asks John to tell her if he's still in love with Kate.

Kate has told Alex that Marlena loves John's honesty. Alex is inspired to take a risk that could pay off with keeping Marlena away from John. He goes on the Internet looking for what he needs. Kate doesn't understand and doesn't believe there's anything that can keep John and Marlena apart. Alex knows Kate's still in love with John and suggests Alex and Kate become allies. Kate refuses. Alex says if he gets what he's looking for, Marlena will be with him and John will be free for Kate. Kate listens in and hears Marlena ask John if he still loves Kate. Alex is excited as he finds what he's been looking for...

Belle, still in the grips of Postpartum Depression, is convinced she has ruined up her life. Shawn does his best to convince her otherwise. Belle tells Shawn she never wants to lose him as a friend and Shawn promises she won't. They discuss Mimi and her new conviction that she and Shawn can never be a couple because she can't give him children. Shawn tells Belle he doesn't agree with it, but has to accept Mimi's decision; there will be another woman in his life someday, even if it isn't Mimi.

Mimi is still in church, praying to the statue of the Virgin Mary. The statue comes to life and convinces Mimi that she has to forgive herself for having the abortion. Mary shows Mimi a vision of a happy future married to Shawn. Mimi finally forgives herself and believes she now might have a happy future with Shawn.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Belle panics when Claire cries, and agrees to leave Shawn to it. Her relief leads to guilt. Mimi arrives and capably comforts Claire. Shawn's happy she's forgiven herself and enjoys holding the baby. He kisses Mimi's head. She credits her clarity to his sweet support. They agree to date again. Belle says their friends don't belong together. Philip says she's dead wrong. They argue, and he accuses her of not wanting Shawn to be with anyone.

Outside, Jennifer joins Frankie fireside. He advises Jennifer take care of herself. There's no hope for Jack, but Frankie will be with her. Jennifer points out that Jack isn't jealous of him, as if Frankie's his chosen replacement. Frankie admits he is. Lexie can't talk Jack out of suicide. His condition is worse and the pain will increase. He intends to kill himself surreptitiously. Lexie can help by not performing an autopsy, or by lying to Jennifer about his cause of death. Alone, he watches Frankie hug Jennifer, then collapses in pain. He crawls to the bed and clutches the suicide book.

Alex calls a contact for a fax. Kate feels it's futile to break up her ex-fiancé and his wife. A tear-streaked John admits a part of him loves Kate, but his heart and soul belong to Marlena. She wants proof he loved her along with Kate. Alex interrupts with proof John lied. The documents show he had his wife legally declared dead, then signed her life insurance over to his fiancée. John explains the money went through Kate and Basic Black into an offshore trust fund for Sami, Eric, and Belle. Marlena asks with which woman he wants to spend his life.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

John answers Marlena's question, telling her that she is the only woman he loves. Alex goes on the attack: only person who can love Marlena the way she should be loved and treated is him. John thinks this is crazy, as if Alex thinks he has a past with Marlena. Just then Alex receives a fax and says this will prove that everything he's said about his history with Marlena is true. He hands the documents to Marlena. Stunned, she asks everyone to leave. John wants Alex to leave as well and he agrees. Alone, Marlena wonders how this could be happening in her life.

Belle struggles with her deep feelings for Shawn as Philip learns of Mimi's breakthrough. Belle awakes after a strange dream and finds Shawn and Mimi holding her baby. Mimi asks for Belle's forgiveness (about Rex) and Belle witnesses Shawn sharing a sweet kiss with Mimi.

Sami and Nicole battle over Austin. Billie arrives and calls the women out; she also lays into Austin and reads him the riot act. Austin confides in his sister that he moved home to be with the woman he loves. Sami and Nicole are about to hear who it is...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Alex stayed with John and Kate and the three had breakfast in the AM. Alex continued to taunt John and claim that Marlena loved him and would never come back to John. Roman showed up with divorce papers for Kate to sign. They discussed Marlena and Kate said she was sick of the way Marlena treated John and Roman, and they just come back for more. Kate told Roman it was obvious that he was hoping Marlena would return to him. Marlena called John and asked him to come to the penthouse and bring Roman, Alex and Kate with him. They all went over and after Marlena spoke to each man individually, she prepared to give the answer they were waiting for - who she was going to choose to spend her life with.

Austin discovered a new beauty product and he and Nicole began working on a marketing pitch to win the client. Austin told Sami to take the rest of the day off, she was very upset. She headed to Lucas's apartment, but noticed that his door was open and Eugenia was there. Victor had hired Eugenia to be Lucas' new assistant. Lucas protested but Eugenia threatened a lawsuit so he had to stay. Lucas caught Sami spying at the door. She came in and inadvertently spilled the news about the new client Austin was trying to win over. Lucas and Eugenia immediately moved in on the client. Nicole caught Sami telling them about it and went off. Austin was very angry but agreed not to fire Sami. Sami vowed to prove herself to Austin and Lucas.

Jack and Jennifer spent some alone time together reminiscing. In a very touching scene they viewed a computer slide show of pictures of the two of them, then flashed back to when Jennifer surprised Jack with the news of her first pregnancy.

Back at their house, Hope and Frankie got to work planning a party for Jack. Hope told Frankie she hoped he was stay on in Salem to help Jen out when Jack had passed away. Frankie said he had already been planning on it because he promised Jack. He told Hope of Jack's plans for Frankie to "take his place." Hope was touched that Jack could be so selfless.

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