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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 21, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Jennifer and Frankie sat in their car on the side of the road, waiting for the snow storm to pass. Jennifer's cell phone battery was dead, and Frankie's cell phone had no signal, so the two decided to sit and talk while they waited for a tow truck. Frankie turned on the radio and an old song they used to dance to came on. The two smiled and reminisced about their high school art teacher. With the bittersweet memory of their widowed art teacher on Jennifer's mind, she wondered whether she would end up like their teacher, sad and alone. Trying to comfort her, Frankie told Jennifer that their art teacher eventually married Coach Olsen, her old high school sweetheart. Jennifer thought about dancing with Frankie when they were kids, and then talked about how unlikely she thought it would be to find a love with someone like she had with Jack. Frankie told her how happy their art teacher was and how Coach Olsen had told him not to give up, so neither should Jennifer. Curious, Jennifer asked Frankie what Coach Olsen had told him not to give up on, but Frankie merely answered that he did not remember. Just on time to change the subject, the tow truck showed up to rescue them.

Back at the Deveraux homestead, Billie performed CPR on an unconscious Jack, trying to revive him from his suicide attempt. Jack hovered between life and death but when he realized he would likely be going to hell, he heard Billie call his name and started breathing again. A relieved but angry Billie was thankful that Jack woke up but told him he would regret his attempt when she made him drink ipecac to get rid of all the pills he took. Later Jack warned Billie that he would just take the pills again but Billie advised him that she could tell from his face when he started breathing again that he regretted trying suicide and that if he succeeded, he would hurt his family and definitely go to hell. Frustrated, Jack told her she ruined his chance to preserve what dignity he had left, and begged her not to tell Jennifer what he had done. Reluctantly Billie agreed not to say anything in order to protect Jennifer because she may not forgive Jack if she learned that he tried to commit suicide. Wracked with pain from his disease, Jack doubled over in pain and fell onto the couch, dropping his pill bottle along the way. Just then, Jennifer and Frankie came home and a worried Jennifer ran over to Jack to see what was wrong. Jack quickly covered saying he had only stubbed his toe, but Frankie knew he was lying when he saw Billie hide the ipecac and pick up the empty pill bottle. Frankie pulled Billie aside to ask her what happened and she explained that she had just been in time, but that Jack was in horrible pain. An oblivious Jennifer calmly held Jack in her arms as he told her how happy he was to see her.

In Sami's apartment, Austin wanted to celebrate the new account by securing a loan for a space for their new corporation, but Sami worried they were jumping the gun because no contract had been signed yet. While Sami went outside to think, Nicole researched a small business ripe for take over and presented the idea to Austin who agreed it was a good idea.

In Lucas' apartment, Sophie teased Lucas for Will being conveniently at a friend's the two times she came over to his apartment. Lucas assured her that he invited her over after learning Will would not be home and not because of her. The two then giggled over their triumph in stealing the account, and Lucas continued to praise her work in blackmailing Lulu. The two began to make love on the couch.

Out in the hallway, Sami ran into Will who was very sick and running a fever. Though Will was resistant to having his mother care for him, Sami insisted that she would take care of him and lead him back to Lucas'. When she opened the door, she saw Lucas and Sophie on the couch and screamed, shielding Will's eyes and taking him back into the hallway. Hearing the commotion, Austin and Nicole came out into the hallway just as a shirtless Lucas came outside to yell at Sami. Sami stuttered out an explanation of what happened before trying to scream at Lucas for bringing a woman home to where Will lived. Will waived off the awkwardness by telling the group that he already knew that Lucas was seeing Sophie and that it was no big deal. A stunned Austin said hello to Will before returning to Sami's with Nicole. Sami sent Will inside and after Will pretended he saw a naked Sophie, a horrified Sami ran in after him.

Inside Lucas' apartment, Sami took Will's temperature while Lucas said goodnight to Sophie who was leaving for home. Will's temperature was 102 degrees, so Sami promised him soup, and Lucas agreed with their normal game plan for taking care of him. After sharing a brief moment of being on the same parenting page, Sami reached over to pick up some legal papers. Furious, Lucas ripped them out of her hand and defensively told her that he knew she liked to snoop but that he wanted her to be surprised.

Back at Sami's, a somber Austin thought about how much he missed Will and Nicole asked him again whether the woman he came back for was Sami. Smiling, Austin informed her that the woman he came back for was not impatient and did not put her agenda ahead of others. Laughing, Nicole backed off but promised Austin that she was working hard in the hopes that the woman he came back for was her. When Nicole offered the hope that Sami and Lucas would get back to being a family with Will, Austin said he hoped not. But he clarified that it was because then Sami would be working with the enemy.

At the penthouse, Marlena asked John and Kate to leave. John took Alex aside and told him that he better not be taking advantage of Marlena's amnesia. Alex tried to assure John that he loved Marlena and that his intentions were pure. John told Alex that his story was ridiculous, but a smirking Alex told him it was no more outrageous than all the other things that had happened to her throughout her life. Alex asked John to accept that Marlena's future was with him and John threatened him in return. Not backing down, Alex told John that he was convinced Marlena would remain true to her first love, him.

Meanwhile, Kate advised Marlena to decide who she wanted to be with. Marlena agreed that she needed to definitely choose soon. Marlena then reminded Kate that if she chose Alex, that John could find happiness again with Kate.

John pulled Marlena aside and asked her to reconsider her decision. Trying to make him understand, Marlena told John that she needed to try to remember her past with Alex so that she could regain her memory and make herself whole again. John told her he would be there if anything went wrong.

On the other side of the living room, Alex told Kate that he loved Marlena and that Kate was the one not being honest because she had the opportunity to be with the man she loved and she was not admitting it. As Kate looked over her shoulder, she saw Marlena tell John that she did not recall her deep bond and love for John. Stricken, John asked if she remembered a deep bond and love with Alex, and Marlena nodded yes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

John is a mess over the situation with Marlena and Kate tries her best to help him. John throws his back out and Kate gives him a massage.

Marlena is in a quandary over her current situation and has memories of being with both Alex and John; she still is unable to choose. Sincere Alex attempts to reach out to Marlena by offering her a gift of pearls – that actually used to belong to her. Marlena has a strange reaction. Alex apologizes for the way both he and John have been treating her and she thinks she's the one who should apologize. As Marlena tries on the pearls, Alex spots something through a telescope. He tries to hide it from Marlena but he can't -- Marlena sees John and Kate and believes they are making love.

Mimi and Shawn enjoy a dinner party with Belle and Philip. It is painfully clear to Belle that Shawn and Mimi are about to take their relationship a step further.

Sami plans to make soup for sick Will but Austin and Nicole kick her out; Lucas impressed with her motherly warmth.

Austin and Nicole burn the midnight oil. Austin encourages Nicole to go easier on Sami and Nicole insists Sami should be with the man she loves – Lucas. When Austin reveals he wants kids, Nicole tells him that she's incapable of having them. Sami returns to tell Austin and Nicole that Lucas has stolen the Clear Visage account and has beaten them at their own game.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Salem snowstorm (with lightning) showers Shawn's skylight. Mimi wants to make love to him. Hope (phone) and Caroline (instant message) interrupt. Mimi's excited that Shawn bought her flowers. She puts a scarf over the lampshade. The knot in her top gets caught in his zipper! Once extricated, Mimi smells her scarf burning. She and Shawn try to give up for the night, but, kissing, return to bed.

Belle joyfully makes out with Philip until Miss Claire cries. She has a high fever. Philip and Belle call their moms before leaving for the hospital. Cami-clad Kate continues massaging her best friend's husband. Marlena is tearful as she lowers the spyglass. Alex is there for her. He insists on driving to the hospital.

Marlena soothes Belle's guilt; she wasn't neglectful. Lexie announces Claire has an infection. If anything happens to her, it will end Belle's life with Philip. Belle immediately apologizes. With an embrace, John comforts Kate. Alone, Marlena doesn't tell him she saw the massage. Kate is dismayed when she reads Claire's file.

Jack tells Jennifer he'll try to survive through Christmas. She forgot to buy flowers for Thanksgiving. As it's their last, he drives through the storm to find some. When he calls from Ogden, he has the flowers and vegetables. She has Gran's cornucopia and just wants him home. He's delighted 98.3 is playing their song and can't wait to get home to her. His car hits black ice on the bridge and skids!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the entire NBC lineup of daytime dramas was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Friday, November 25th with a new episode and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Hope plans a special gift for Alice. With Jennifer, Maggie and Julie's help she starts to build an interactive family tree for Alice on the web featuring clips, photos, poems, etc.

Doug and Julie get stuck on the road due to the storm and spend time reminiscing about times with their friends, family and loved ones. Mickey and Maggie do the same while they wait for the two to show up. Once all together, they realize they have forty years of photos and memories to include on Alice's website.

Jennifer shares memories with Frankie about Jack, as she grows concerned that Jack has not gotten back from his trip to get the flowers.

Mimi and Shawn take their relationship to the next level and finally make love.

At the hospital, Kate finds shocking results. Marlena tells Alex she has made a decision while Belle and Philip brace for bad news from Lexie about their baby.

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