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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 28, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Abby returned home to Jennifer and Frankie. She was upset to learn that Jack was out driving in the storm. Jennifer, also privately a little worried, tried to reassure Abby that Jack was fine. When they couldn't reach him on his cell phone, Frankie offered to go out and look for him with his four-wheel drive vehicle. Frankie discovered the broken guardrail on the bridge and realized someone had crashed into the river.

Jack was trapped in his car, underwater, and tried to make a deal with God to get out. He struggled valiantly to escape, but it appeared he couldn't get out. He lapsed into unconsciousness as the water rose around him.

Everyone at the hospital continued to worry about Belle and Philip's baby. Belle finally overcame her postpartum depression to be there for her daughter.

Marlena told Alex she had made her decision about the man she wanted to be with. Alex believed she'd chosen John. He apologized to Lexie for blackmailing her and filled Lexie in on his and Marlena's marriage. He told Lexie he had lost Marlena for good and was leaving Salem. Meanwhile, Marlena went to John, who believed she'd chosen him. John was shocked when Marlena told him the man's she was going to stay with was Alex.

Philip told Kate he didn't know what he would do without his daughter and Belle.

Shawn and Mimi had made love. Mimi babbled on about her feelings for Shawn, but afraid she'd pushed him into it, wouldn't let him tell her that he loved her.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Frankie, seeing that a car had driven off the bridge, called 9-1-1 as well as Bo and Hope because Jack might have had a fatal accident. Billie and Patrick stopped at the bridge when they saw flashing police lights. Bo and Hope arrived. Bo took charge of the search and rescue effort. He wouldn't let Patrick help.

A surveillance camera showed Jack's car had been on the bridge, and the rescue crew wondered if Jack was in the water. Bo ordered a team of divers, but another accident in town had all the divers tied up. Hero Bo suited up to save Jack. He wouldn't let Patrick dive with him. Bo went into the icy water, and Patrick secured the line. Hope and Billie were very worried. Suddenly, the line went slack -- Bo was stuck under debris on the river bottom.

Jennifer and Abby were worried about Jack. Abby got her mom to call the hospital. Jack had not been admitted. Jennifer and Abby were relieved. Frankie returned from the accident scene to be with Jennifer. He didn't want to give her bad news until they knew for sure. However, Jennifer had a sixth sense that Jack had had a serious accident.

An emotional Belle wondered if her baby was sick because Belle had been remiss as a mother, due to her depression. Philip reassured Belle. They loved their baby, and nothing bad was going to happen to her. Belle was amazed that she had such a wonderful husband.

John tried to convince Marlena to change her mind and stay with him. He said she couldn't turn her back on her family. Marlena assured him she did not intend to neglect her children. However, she felt she had to give her marriage to Alex a chance. He had been her first love, and he was still her husband. Belle found out her mom and dad were splitting up.

Alex mistakenly thought Marlena had chosen to be with John. He gave Kate the bad news. Alex had lost Marlena -- and Kate would never be with John. Kate was preoccupied with a secret she had just discovered -- that Philip was not the father of Belle's baby. Alex, misreading, realized Kate was still worried about her ailing granddaughter. Kate wondered who the baby's father could be -- she realized it was Shawn. Philip moved in, having overheard.

Victor congratulated Lucas on getting Clear Visage away from Austin. Nicole overheard Lucas making plans to take over another company: High Style. Nicole steamed; she wanted to get that company for Austin. Lucas assured Victor that his lingering feelings for Sami wouldn't get in the way. Lucas planned to destroy Sami, Nicole, and Austin and vowed that nothing would stop him.

Austin told Nicole and Sami they were free to look for new jobs. Nicole and Sami refused to leave Austin. Sami demanded Austin fire Nicole. She was responsible for the mess. Austin wanted to talk to Sami in private. Nicole stormed out. Determined to turn the tables on Lucas, Nicole pitched her plan to buy High Style to save Austin. Sami thought it was a lousy idea. Nicole wanted Austin to decide. Austin sided with Nicole, and Sami fumed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mimi lightly soaped up Shawn in the shower. Back in bed, they lavished each other with compliments. They didn't want to be with anyone else. Mimi should move into Shawn's room so hers could be a game room. Belle called to ask Mimi to take her an overnight bag. Belle learned her ex-boyfriend was with her "best friend forever." Belle took it out on a nurse. She promised to be a better mom if Claire improved. At the hospital, the finicky foursome switched partners and exchanged hugs. Philip and Mimi stared daggers at their lovers.

Kate realized Shawn was Claire's father. Philip protested and said that conscientious caregiver Shawn loved Claire like she was his own. Under interrogation, Philip explained that the Brady-Black purity pledge had petered out. Grandma returned to the computer. Shawn's blood type still made him the daddy.

Belle railed at her parents. John mentioned that the split was Marlena's idea. He wouldn't give up, which calmed their daughter. Marlena explained that she was married to Alex. Belle balked at the parallel, but she might have to choose again. Philip promised to see Belle through everything. He hugged his tearful mother-in-law. Alex was angry about the closed airport. John encouraged him to leave. Alex needed bid his wishy-washy wife adieu. She happily declared she didn't want a divorce.

Abby freaked out, guilty that she'd missed time with her dad. She'd be inconsolable when he died. It was not fair! She understood friend Chelsea would be there for her. Frankie didn't share his bridge suspicions with Jennifer. She declared her man was on a mission; he had once fed $50 to a vending machine, and Jack was determined to get a blue-stoned ring for Abby. Jennifer kept faith alive by decorating.

Hope shouted for her husband. Defying Billie's protests, it was a wet-suited Patrick to the rescue. Bo insisted on resuming his dive. The ladies worried about the men in the freezing water. Patrick was pissed, but Bo had booty: Jack's license plate. Jack had no chance amid lack of oxygen, hypothermia, and the river current. The fearful foursome had nasty news for the disbelieving Deveraux family.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Bo, Hope, and Frankie tried to comfort Jennifer and Abby, who were still in denial that Jack could be dead. Bo, Hope, and Frankie didn't think it was possible that Jack had survived his car crashing over the bridge and tried to prepare Jennifer and Abby for the worst. As Jennifer endured a serious case of denial, Jack's car was raised from the river. It was empty

Lucas was preparing his takeover of High Style. At the same time, Nicole and Sami argued about taking over the same company. Sami thought it was too great a risk and could destroy Austin's company. Nicole disagreed and believed acquiring High Style would lead to great success. Nicole let Sami know that Lucas and Titan were also trying to get control of High Style.

Sami, trying to undermine Nicole in Austin's eyes, let it "slip" to Lucas, who instantly flew to High Style's L.A. offices to thwart Austin, Nicole, and Sami. When she returned to Nicole, Sami, believing she'd gotten Lucas to beat Nicole to the punch, warned that Nicole had better not screw up or she'd be out of Austin's company -- and his life.

Lucas arrived at High Style's offices and was shocked at who he saw.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Despite news from Billie and Patrick, Jennifer refused to give up on Jack. She became more dependent on Frankie. She said that after everything she'd been through, she would never give up on Jack until she saw his dead body. Bo and Hope left Jennifer in Frankie's care. They went home, and while tucking Zack in, Hope broke down and said the thing with Jack was absolutely terrible. She could never imagine losing the man she loved. Bo held Hope tight. He vowed that nothing would happen to them.

By accident, Sami learned that Austin still carried a torch for her sister Carrie. Angry and full of rage, Sami said that she wouldn't let her sister steal a man away from her ever again.

Lucas arrived at High Style skin care and learned the CEO was Carrie Brady. Carrie admitted to Lucas that her storybook romance with Mike had been anything but, so they'd both decided to call it quits while still friends. Lucas filled Carrie in on his wanting to take over the company, but Carrie said she wouldn't allow it. Lucas gave in, and Carrie made him promise to keep the fact that she was back in the States a secret.

Victor arrived at the hospital and consoled his son. Philip told his dad that he didn't know what he'd ever do if he lost his baby girl.

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