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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 2, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, January 2, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire NBC Daytime lineup of daytime dramas Days of our Lives and Passions was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd and pick up where the action ended on Friday, December 30th.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

As anxious Belle, John, and Philip look on, Lexie tends to Claire and sees that she's still breathing but also notices that her vital signs are weak. Lexie reiterates her thoughts on Claire being taken off of life support. Belle continues to refuse and holds vigil over Claire.Kate pressures Victor to keep Claire's paternity secret.

Mimi is blown away at Shawn's proposal and dissolves into tears.She does want to marry him, and he gives her the woolen engagement ring that come from his grandfather Shawn.They agree to keep the wonderful news private until a more appropriate time.

A frantic Chelsea calls Bo and tells him about her accident.Chelsea explains what she thinks happened. Bo tells her not to worry, he's sure it's not serious. Meanwhile, Hope goes to pick Zack up at his sleepover. When she gets there, she sees Zack's slipper in the street. She soon finds Zack's bloody body and cries out in anguish.

A jailed Alex wants to make sure Marlena is safe from Dr. Lois Banks.Lois creeps toward Marlena's bedroom clutching scissors. Marlena wakes up from a nightmare about Claire and calls John.Lois quickly hides in the closet. Marlena mentions Alex called, which upsets John. He calls Tek and demands Alex be put in solitary. When they go to transfer him, Alex knocks out a guard and escapes. Tek calls John with the news. John takes off to protect Marlena, but Alex gets to the penthouse first. Alex goes out on the ledge, desperate to save Marlena. John arrives, sees Alex on the ledge with a gun. Thinking Alex is a threat to Marlena, John orders him to come down. Alex refuses and John has no choice but to shoot Alex!Unbeknownst to John, Lois is about to slit Marlena's throat.

Sami almost falls off a fire escape as she eavesdrops on Carrie and Austin on the roof. Austin and Carrie relive romantic times together and he asks her to dance. When Austin finally kisses Carrie, Sami can't take it. She interrupts, tells them to come back to the party downstairs.

At the remains of Sami's New Year's party, Lucas anticipates the big blowout when Carrie learns that Austin is behind the impending demise of her company.Nicole comes home from finalizing the High Style takeover to find Lucas and Eugenia celebrating.Nicole is not happy about the idea that Sami might be cozying up with Austin, but even less so when she discovers that Carrie is getting even cozier.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Claire's in acute liver failure. Belle expects a miracle liver donation. She recalls the glittering star she took as a sign from God. In the hallway, Shawn tells Mimi there's still a chance for Claire. Mimi hopes he's right. Bonnie tells her daughter babies are resilient. Mimi thinks she doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation. She recounts Shawn's proposal speech. Hugs! Mimi tells her mom to keep mum. She doesn't want to celebrate while Claire dies.

Victor tells Kate Shawn should know he's holding his daughter before she dies. He intends to confess to his grandson. Kate believes it will end Philip's marriage. Victor counters that everyone involved has the right to know. If Kate ever meant anything to him, Victor won't tell. Refusing, he suggests she tell Philip while he tells Shawn. Kate starts to follow his advice. Philip assumes the "devastating news" is there's no organ donor. His mother doesn't come clean when Belle insists on maintaining Claire's life support. She's waiting for a miracle. When Kate tries again, Philip asks to be alone with his wife and her daughter. Shawn tells Victor how he felt as JT suffered from FAS. Claire made him eager for fatherhood. When he mentions his engagement, Victor asks whether Shawn still loves Belle. Shawn compares them with Victor and Caroline. A nurse relates Hope's message for Lexie.

Alex rushes to Marlena's room and knocks. When she doesn't answer, he walks, gun drawn, along the ledge toward her window. Lois raises the scissors. John shoots Alex, who falls, shouting. Marlena bolts upright. She and John want to know why Lois is in the bedroom. She claims she heard a noise. John stops Marlena calling for help. Alex is dead. In fact, Alex's thumb twitches. The entrance awning broke his fall. John tells a policeman his version of events. A paramedic says there's no way to gauge the extent of Alex's injuries. John's sorry Alex isn't dead. Marlena gasps at this attitude. She realizes Alex meant to protect her from Lois. John and Lois scoff at this. Marlena accompanies Alex. John is hot on her heels. Recalling her stab at it, Lois agrees Marlena would've been murdered.

Bo comforts Chelsea. She's afraid the court will suspend her license permanently. Max arrives to tow the truck. Chelsea claims it wasn't her fault. When Max notices a broken headlight, Chelsea declares she can't make an insurance claim. No one can know! She doesn't want a record or points on her license. Before deciding, Bo will assess the damage. Chelsea won't let him call Hope for a lift. She doesn't want her stepmother to come down on her. Bo won't lie to or keep secrets from Hope. His daughter asks that this be their little secret. Max thinks the repairs will cost less than an insurance rate increase. Chelsea must complete the driving lessons, but Bo will keep the secret.

Hope sobs over her baby boy, begging him to speak. She looks around for help. Mrs. Morrison is appalled that Zack is lying in the street. She tucked him in. Hope won't let her touch him. Zack cries and Hope gently reassures him. She orders Mrs. Morrison to call 911. The angel moans and whimpers. Mommy thinks he might be cold, so she touches his hand and covers him with her coat. She asks him to stay awake and stay strong. She loves him more than she can say. Police arrive, but the paramedics not with Alex are at other accident scenes. Hope won't let her son die in the street! Against advice, she will drive him to the hospital. She calls the hospital and asks for Lexie to meet them in the Trauma Center. Shawn meets his mom and holds her as the nurses wheel Zack in for care.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Bo is with Max and Chelsea at Max's garage, checking out the damage to his car. They are all convinced Chelsea simply hit a pothole and there's no reason to tell anyone about the accident.

An emotional Hope, Shawn and Mimi anxiously wait in the trauma center as Lexie prepares Zack for surgery.Bo gets a frantic call from Hope and rushes to the hospital where he learns what happened to Zack.

The police gather evidence at the scene of the hit and run.

Alex is in critical condition and has to be rushed to surgery. John, Marlena and Dr. Lois Banks continue to speculate as to why Alex was coming after Marlena. Marlena isn't convinced that Alex's intentions were evil.

Caroline and Alice join Belle and Philip in their vigil over their baby.They wait and pray that an organ donor will be found for Claire.

Sami continues to encourage Austin and Carrie to be together. Lucas and Eugenia are suspicious and think she's up to something. Both Lucas and Sami know that when Austin takes over Carrie's company, it will be the end of Austin's and Carrie's budding relationship.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Bo and Hope are surrounded by their loved ones.Chelsea and Max confer over the busted SUV, but then Max hears about Zack and they go to the hospital as well.Lexie works to save Zack's life.

Lois continues to stalk Marlena as the dreams of a comatose Alex dreams reveal who exactly the monster really is: Lois was the one who abused Marlena!Lois is about kill Alex when she spies Marlena, and it looks like she'll go after her instead.

Marlena visits Belle and tells her not to give up hope.Belle prays for her daughter, but is thankful that Marlena still loves her, even if she doesn't remember her.

Jennifer realizes how much she depends on Frankie, but he tells Jennifer he's the one who's reliant on her. He asks her to help him get into the shower, and they end up in a compromising position.Jennifer privately cries, since she wished Frankie had kissed her, but she's still grieving Jack.

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