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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Sami hears Austin and Carrie laughing in the hall as they return from their all-night adventure together. Austin assures Carrie he will be out in L.A. on business so he'll be able to spend time with her. Nicole catches Sami spying as Austin and Carrie kiss. Both agree it's time to do something about the two lovebirds. Inside the apartment, Carrie boasts to Lucas about her date and her hopes for a future with Austin while across the hall, Sami pretends to be encouraging to Austin. Nicole lets Austin know she's not in favor of his relationship with his ex-wife but he ignores her. Becky calls Carrie with news about an impending takeover. Lois slips into Marlena's office and starts to choke her as she sleeps. Marlena wakes and fights back but Lois ends up knocking her out and putting her into a wheelchair so she can remove her. Shawn and Belle both imagine a grown Zack reassuring them that Claire will be fine. When the two wake, both are surprised to realize they had the same dream about Zack. As they recount what they remember, Belle's uncomfortable remembering Zack assuring them that they belong together. The two are thrilled when a nurse reports Claire's fever has broken and she's hungry which is a good sign. Billie finds Bo at the hospital and offers her sympathy. He stuns her with the news that Chelsea was driving and killed Zack. Billie promises Chelsea everything will be okay. Bo advises Billie this will haunt him for the rest of his life and refuses to dishonor his son by lying to the police about who was driving. Billie then brings Chelsea to the police and claims to know who hit Zack.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A shocked but silent and grateful Chelsea looks on as Billie confesses to the cops that she was the one who hit and killed Zack. Bo is with Hope, who's still groggy from a sedative. Grief giving way to anger and Hope demands to know who killed their son? She presses Bo about the cops believing his car was involved. Bo avoids and starts trying to justify and explain how hitting Zack was an unavoidable accident. Hope won't accept this and demands the monster be punished. The cops tell Bo and Hope the driver of the car confessed.

Philip, Kate, and Mimi return to the ICU and learn that Claire's fever has broken and she's going to recover. They are shocked when Belle and Shawn tell them about Zack visiting them in a dream. Kate overhears Belle and Shawn saying that Zack said they were meant to be together. Kate presses Mimi to be worried about Belle and Shawn. To get her off her back, Mimi tells Kate that she and Shawn are engaged and it is supposed to be a secret. Kate "slips" and mentions Shawn and Mimi's engagement to Belle.

Austin, working from Sami's apartment, takes over Carrie's company. He, Nicole and Sami are happy and victorious. Carrie, in Lucas's apartment, is aware the takeover is happening and is helpless to stop it. Whoever did this is vicious, cruel and ruthless. Austin comes to Carrie to tell her the "good" news as anticipating Lucas looks on.

Jennifer returns home and fills Frankie in on what has happened with Zack and Claire. Jennifer finds and watches the tape Jack left for Frankie, telling him he wants Frankie and Jennifer to be together after Jack is gone. Frankie returns and realizes she's seen the tape.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Austin celebrates with the ladies. Carrie wants to know what a takeover is and how to stop one. Nicole knows Sami's merely pretending to have given up on Austin. She recollects how Austin kissed her after leaving Sami at the altar. He'll choose her over Carrie as well. Sami hugs her sister after claiming to be sorry she lost High Style. She wants her big sister to seek revenge.

Jennifer and Frankie argue about Jack's DVD message. At long last, Frankie reveals Jack's original plan, and why he agreed to it. Jennifer asks Jack how he could think she'd love again.

After much struggle, Alex breaks his arm restraints. Lois struggles to push Marlena off the roof. The latter breaks away and gets to the door, but the former hits her over the head. Alex assures Lois he didn't cheat, and she rolls Marlena off the roof!

Crying, Chelsea exits the police station. Max can't believe she won't confess, even after he says fingerprint evidence will clear Billie. He threatens to squeal on her and won't fall for her poor little orphan routine. Hope sobs and screams at Billie. Lexie and Bo want her to rest. Hope gathers her strength and pushes onward. She will find her son's killer. Bo intends to tell the cops about Chelsea. Billie lectures him, but he says they should've followed Hope's lead on tough love. Hope returns just as Billie's ordering Bo to say she killed Zack.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hope lays into Billie for killing Zack. Bo tries to get Billie to change her mind but she is determined to cover for Chelsea. Max has called Abby to help talk Chelsea out of letting Billie take the blame. Chelsea wants to do the right thing, but she's unable to and Billie is led away. Bo realizes he needs to be there for Hope, although that means keeping the truth from her. Reeling from Frankie's declaration of love, Jennifer tells him gently that she won't be able to love another person after Jack. Frankie thinks he should leave, but Jennifer wants him to stay. Frankie does what he thinks is best and says good-bye. Philip thinks Mimi and Shawn are going to make a great couple but Belle isn't as convinced. Kate picks up on this and intends to make Mimi and Shawn an offer they can't refuse. At the same time, Shawn and Belle share a moment, and Belle realizes that Shawn has moved on for good. Kate tells Mimi that her first assignment at Basic Black is to elope with Shawn! Alex tries to overcome Lois and save Marlena despite still recovering from being shot. John finds Alex in a precarious position on the roof. John reacts, believing Alex is trying to kill Marlena. He is about to throw Alex to his death when Marlena yells for him to stop. Lois was the one who was trying to kill her, not Alex!

Friday, January 20, 2006

John is about to throw Alex off the hospital roof for trying to kill Marlena when Marlena stops him: it wasn't Alex. Marlena tells John how Lois Banks attacked her, knocked her out and tried to kill her. Lois breaks down and confesses that she is obsessed with Alex. John agrees to allow her to get psychiatric help. Marlena tenderly, lovingly, helps Alex back to his room. Kate knows John isn't happy about how close Alex and Marlena are, but at least Marlena's safe. John isn't so sure and he is still determined to get her away from Alex.

Carrie is preparing to go back to L.A. to see if there's anything she can do to save her company, High Style. Lucas offers to help but Carrie insists she must do it on her own. She learns on the phone from assistant Becky that it is too late. Meanwhile, Austin is enjoying his victorious takeover, but feels bad for what Carrie's going through. Sami encourages him to go to her. Austin realizes he doesn't even know the name of Carrie's company. Sami "finds" a business card of Carrie's and Austin is devastated when he realizes High Style was Carrie's company. As gleeful Sami and Lucas look on as he goes to Carrie, who says she wishes she could find the monster who did this to her. Austin painfully admits that he is the monster.

Shawn is suspicious of Kate wanting to send him and Mimi on an all-expense paid honeymoon. Kate says Shawn has grown, matured and since he has been there for Belle and Philip during Claire's illness, this is her way of repaying him. Shawn says he'll talk it over with Mimi and let Kate know. He leaves to go to his parents. Kate vows that Shawn will never know he's the father of Belle's baby. Once he marries Mimi, Belle and Philip's marriage will be safe forever.

Bo is still terribly torn about letting Billie take the blame for killing Zack and not telling Hope the truth that it was Chelsea. He confides in Roman, who tells him that he has to tell Hope the truth. Meanwhile, Shawn is with Hope, commiserating over Zack's horrible death but also knowing that he didn't die in vain. His transplanted liver saved Philip and Belle's daughter Claire's life.

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