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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Belle, Mimi, Shawn and Philip talk about bring baby Claire home. Philip says how it is like starting a new life; Shawn looked upset thinking about Zack. Belle promised to honor his life by raising Claire right. Philip vowed that nothing will take Claire away from him and Belle. Philip reaches out to Shawn thanking him for standing by them through everything. Mimi told Belle that Shawn seeing Claire was therapy for him and that it was like she was his own daughter. Belle says she is and walks away, Mimi looks shocked. Mimi asked Belle if Claire is Shawn's, Belle says no he is the fatherly type though; after all he is Claire's godfather. Belle and Mimi then discussed the wedding. Mimi isn't sure that they will be a wedding. Belle seems to try not to look happy. Philip and Shawn also discussed the wedding; Shawn says that it's not the time to talk about it. Philip asked Shawn if he has changed his mind about marrying Mimi. Shawn says he still wants to marry Mimi. He says he cannot imagine his life without her. Philip tells him to take his mother up on the offer to pay for the wedding. Shawn then asked Philip to be his best man. Meanwhile, Mimi explained to Belle that she still wants to marry Shawn, but doesn't think it is the time with all the Bradys grieving over Zack. Mimi tells Belle that she is going to wear Caroline wedding dress and Belle walks away seeming to be angry. Mimi asked Belle if she minded that she wore Shawn's grandmothers' dress, Belle covers saying that she thought with all that Kate were offering she would pick something from her. Mimi says that she would feel more like a part of the family Brady if she wore the dress, she then asks Belle to be her maid of honor, Belle accepts. Claire is fussy and Philip picked her up, she was still crying and Shawn took her and she stopped right away. Philip tells Shawn that he will be a good daddy one day.

Alex and Lois were on the roof kissing, Alex told Lois to admit that she missed him as much as he missed her. Alex told Lois that they must be very careful thanks to John Black and the cops. Alex told Lois that she played the psychotic well; Lois asked Alex what it was like pretending to love someone he hated as much as he hated Marlena. Alex says she does not hate Marlena but pities her. Lois asks how Marlena could even think she was in love with Alex after what he did to her the first time they were together. Alex caused the trauma that caused Marlena's hysterical amnesia the first time. Alex warned Lois not to do anything to threaten his mission. He asked Lois be understanding and not to worry; he holds Marlena's fate in his hands and there is nothing John can do to save her, Marlena was now his devoted wife. Alex then gives credit to Lois for planting thoughts of Kate in Johns mind. Alex says John has always been right about him, but no one will believe him now, he can't prove it. Lois asked Alex what would happen if Marlena remembered her past with John or worse her past with Alex. Alex assured her by the time that happened it would be too late.

John brought Marlena to her office at the hospital to spend some time alone together. Marlena insisted that she did not want that. She is married to Alex. John wanted to discuss what was going to happen to their family now that she had chosen another man. Marlena and John discussed Belle and the baby, John says Belle is on her own. Marlena insisted that she wasn't alone Belle has Philip. John tried to convince Marlena that now is not the time for her to abandon her family and he asked her to see another therapist. Marlena got angry at John. She told John that they both made choices, and asked him what he would like her to do. Marlena said that Sami wanted her back too, but all her children were grown and have moved on and that it was wrong that John was using this to stay close to her. Marlena told him once again that she loves Alex and only him and would not stay with someone she doesn't even remember loving. John grabbed Marlena by the arm; she accused him of manhandling her. All John wanted her to do was open her eyes and look around at all her mementos of her life in Salem. Marlena insisted that she loves Alex unconditionally, that he risked his life for her and asked if John ever had done anything like that. John replied once or twice. Marlena apologizes for not remembering, but says John hurt her by not giving Alex credit for saving her on the rooftop. John told Marlena she was wrong if she thought he was going to let he go. Marlena told John that he has to let her go, that if she had any kind of passionate feelings for her, she would remember something about them John says that Alex did something to make her not remember them.

Bonnie tracked Kate down in the hospital to let her know that she knows that Claire is Shawn's daughter. Bonnie fills Kate in on how she found out that Shawn is Claire's father, putting two and two together about Mimi's fears about Shawn's blood matching and Kate offering to pay for the wedding expenses. Bonnie also told Kate that her paramedic friend told her that Shawn and Mimi were found naked and disoriented before she was pregnant with Claire. Kate now understands that Belle doesn't remember making love to Shawn. Bonnie told Kate that they both want the same thing. Bonnie agrees never to tell what she knows and tells Kate she wants something. Kate asked what more could she do, she has agree to pay for every thing already. Bonnie tells Kate she wants all her business brought to Alice sand she wants Basic Black to start designing clothes for the fuller figure. She then hands Kate a list and Kate said she would get right on it, as long as Bonnie keeps her mouth. After she left Bonnie, Kate was outside Marlena's office door and overheard Marlena tell John again that she has to let go and that Marlena knew John had feeling for Kate, John admits he does but says it was not the same way he has for Marlena, Kate walks away. Marlena told John once again to let her go and she too walked away. John looked a picture of their wedding day and said that he couldn't he loved her too much.

Tuesday, February 31, 2006

Billie is about to be arraigned when Austin and Kate hire Frankie Brady to defend her. Frankie tries to get through to her but it's no use. Frankie has proof that Billie's story is a lie. Billie blurts out that she didn't kill Zack, Chelsea did. Frankie thinks she has to tell the truth but Billie remains reluctant.

After laying into Sami about taking over Carrie's company, Lucas guesses Sami has everything she wants. He warns her that before she goes after Austin, he's got some words of wisdom for her: Austin will always love Carrie. Lucas stalks off and he and Kate also have words. Lucas tells his mother that he wants a life with Carrie and if she does anything to ruin it for him, he will never speak to her again. Austin overhears Lucas talking about Carrie and tells him that he's not about to give up. Lucas doesn't care because he knows there is no way Carrie will take him back.

Carrie offers her condolences to Bo and Hope. When she returns home, she notes the passionate argument Lucas and Sami just had and wonders if Sami still love Lucas? Sami blurts out that she does. Sami builds up her courage and asks Carrie if she can go after Austin. Carrie is taken aback but eventually says she doesn't care what Sami does.

Bo and Hope prepare for the arraignment. Bo sees Chelsea talking to Caroline and it looks like she might confess. Caroline sees Hope breaking down and excuses herself from Chelsea. Caroline asks Bo what's going on and Bo confides in his mom about what Chelsea's done. Caroline tells Bo that he has to tell the truth. Hope returns from the ladies room and asks what Bo and Caroline are talking about.

Patrick checks out security video footage from a convenience store near the scene of the accident and discovers the truth that it was Chelsea driving the SUV the night of Zack's death.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Claire's going home. As Philip's at Billie's arraignment, Belle wants a ride from Shawn and Mimi. John's excited and wants to drive the ladies home without Alex. Marlena points out he'll be Claire's step-grandfather. She hopes Belle will eventually be happy for her. Mimi and Shawn are thrilled Belle and Philip will be matron of honor and best man, respectively. Mimi agrees they shouldn't marry while mourning Zack. She's happy with her engagement ring. Bonnie eavesdrops. When she arrives home, Belle says Shawn and her will always protect Claire. Marlena suspects Belle is suppressing her feelings for Shawn. Belle tells her about their Zack dream. Belle has to resolve her feelings before Shawn marries, or her marriage won't work. Shawn wants to name his first child after Zack. Bonnie brings food to celebrate. She cautions if Mimi doesn't marry Shawn soon, she might lose him as she did Rex. Mimi protests; Bonnie loses her temper and spills Claire's paternity.

Frankie and Billie argue about Chelsea. She dismisses him. Patrick warns Chelsea he has proof he'll take to the police unless she confesses. Billie orders him to leave her daughter alone. She thinks Chelsea's guilt is punishment enough. Frankie hobbles off after Billie fires him. Caroline insists Bo tell Hope; he can't let Billie take the fall. Hope hears her mention "the truth," but Bo resists his wife's demands for it. She cries over Zack's favorite pajamas, which are in an evidence bag. Bo uses that as an excuse to remain silent. Hope faints in his arms! When she wakes, she says she needs Bo in order to endure. He lies they'll always be together. Caroline orders him to be the man she raised. Bo wheedles that he's keeping Hope sane. Frankie sadly tells his mom, and they commiserate over the eventual wreckage. All the players end up in the hallway, and Hope again asks what's going on.

Lois is angry that she's in confinement and Alex will marry Marlena. John catches Alex clasping Lois's hand and doesn't believe his lies. Alex is confident no amount of eyebrow-raising will foil their plan. John tells on Alex, but Marlena informs him he can't come between them.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Upset Hope confronts Billie, Chelsea and Patrick as wary Bo looks on. Hope demands to know the truth. Patrick can't lie for Billie and before Bo can tell Hope himself, Patrick blurts out that Billie has been lying all along. Hope goes ballistic and Chelsea runs out in tears. Hope lashes out at Billie as Billie tries to convince Hope that Patrick is lying. Patrick has proof that it was Chelsea; he shows them the convenience store surveillance photo with Chelsea driving Bo's car. Hope is rocked and Billie is beside herself. Bo drags Patrick off for a private moment: How could he do this?! Patrick puts it together: Bo knew all along that Chelsea was guilty... Bo admits he signed the form to let Chelsea drive and gave Chelsea his car and feels responsible for the accident. Patrick is reeling that Hope has no idea that Bo was involved in the cover-up. Bo knows Hope will be further destroyed when she learns his involvement.

Max stops Chelsea outside the courthouse and she begs him to help her run away. Max can't do that and wants Chelsea to face up to what she did. Chelsea is scared to death of going to jail. Chelsea goes back inside to Billie where a livid Hope confronts her with one word: murderer!!!

Carrie tells Lucas that Sami still loves him. Lucas scoffs at the idea and tries to comfort a desolate Carrie. Not only did she lose her company, she's also lost Austin. Lucas is secretly pleased and announces he has a proposal for her: he wants Carrie to come work with him at Titan. He believes in Carrie as a businesswoman and their first order of business will be to destroy Austin's company. Carrie thinks it over and agrees.

Sami and Austin compare notes. Sami is secretly thrilled Carrie told her there's no future for Carrie and Austin. Austin still wants to get Carrie back, but right now he has to concentrate on business. Sami points out that Austin must play hardball go after Lucas/Titan and destroy the competition. Austin agrees and asks Sami if she's willing to go after Lucas, meaning they can never be together. Sami agrees, privately knowing that means Carrie will never be with Austin.

Mimi is rocked by Bonnie's blurt that Shawn is Claire's daddy. Mimi says it's impossible so Bonnie explains how her friend the EMT told her that when Shawn and Belle were pulled out of the burning barn, they were naked in each other's arms. Besides, Kate confirmed it. Mimi is reeling. Bonnie says she and Kate are not going to tell... and neither is Mimi! Caroline enters...

Shawn confides in Belle that he knows that sharing a baby really bonds a couple together. Belle agrees. Caroline visits and comments that Claire looks just like Shawn did as a baby. Bonnie smoothes this over by commenting: all babies look alike! Mimi is a mess but she's resigned to tell Shawn the truth!

Friday, February 3, 2006

Hope is still reeling from the reveal that Chelsea was the one who hit and killed Zack. Chelsea, terrified, tries to deny but Hope has the proof Patrick found. Privately, Bo is furious with Patrick for getting involved. Patrick says he had no choice. Hope, furious and emotional, continues to rail at Chelsea and Billie for their lies. Finally, desperate to defend herself, Chelsea reveals that Bo gave her permission to drive his car...

With Caroline nearby, Mimi is about to tell Shawn that he's the father of Belle's baby. Frantic to stop the truth from coming out, Bonnie "conveniently" fakes a heart attack. Shawn and Belle take Bonnie to the hospital where she exercises frantically to fool her EKG. The ploy works and Lexie tells Mimi and Shawn that Bonnie had a minor cardiac event. Mimi tells her mother she is still determined to tell Shawn the truth and Bonnie's EKG truly does go crazy...

Belle, still at home with Claire, confides in Caroline that she is still in love with Shawn and wishes her baby was his!

Lucas and Carrie continue to talk about Carrie joining Titan. Austin announces to Sami that he has a way to make it up to Carrie for taking over her company. To Sami's horror, Austin says he's going to hire Carrie to work with him and oversee the High Style product line. Sami runs into a happy Lucas and tells him that all is not well. Austin and Carrie emerge, hearing their voices. Austin takes the opportunity to plead with Carrie to listen to what he has to say. Carrie is wary, but finally agrees to listen.

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