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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Hope is crushed when Bo and Patrick's argument results in a photo of Zack falling and breaking. As Chelsea and Billie leave, Hope yells that Chelsea will pay for what she did. At the grave as Hope stares at Bo, Victor warns Kate not to interfere in their marriage. Back in the church Bo helps the police arrest Chelsea. Claiming he's got to run out to get her a Valentine's Day gift, Marlena finally agrees to let Alex go and later, has flashes of her past when she finds a photo of her with John. Abe finds Tek with Lexie and asks for some time alone with his wife. He admits he was helping John get Marlena back and admits he knows John's pain because he felt it when he almost lost Lexie. John fails to inject Lois with the truth serum because she wakes and demands to know what he'd doing there. He asks about her anger towards Marlena and she hints she's going to get a nice Valentine's Day present. Frustrated, John grabs her arm and injects her with the drug. Pestering her with questions about Alex's plan, John advises Lois that Alex is arranging to have her shipped to a permanent psychiatric facility. Alex arrives at the hospital and panics to find John with Lois. However, he worries that Marlena will see him there. Lois claims that she and Alex are in love and that he intends to kill Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena visits with Abe who encourages her not to give up on John's love. Tek chases after Lexie who orders him to back off and respect her wishes because she's staying with Abe. At the loft Bonnie announces she faked her heart attack and urges her daughter to be like Cinderella in the story she read to her as a child. When Shawn comes home after the funeral, Mimi asks him to marry her as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Alex watches secretly as a drugged Lois tells John that she and Alex will be together after Marlena is dead. While John runs to get Marlena, Alex slips in to take care of Lois. When John brings Marlena to the room, they find Lois has hanged herself. As Mimi downplays Shawn's boasting of her amazing qualities, Bonnie suggests they go out and celebrate. As he agrees to take her to Maggie's place, Bonnie offers to throw him a bachelor party at Alice's. After they leave, Bonnie grabs a beer and heads out to the terrace where she thinks she feels some indigestion but lets it pass because she's busy thinking of the money from Shawn's trust fund. Meanwhile, Belle and Philip celebrate Valentines Day at the Chez Rouge. As Belle reads his card, she imagines it's from Shawn. As they dance, he's taken aback when she mumbles Shawn's name but she points out that Shawn and Mimi have just arrived. Boasting he's arranged a special dessert for her first, Shawn has the waiter open the covered dish and Mimi finds an engagement ring sitting on top of the dessert. Shawn explains that the stone in the ring belonged to Tom's mother and Alice had it made for her. Shawn shows it off to Belle and Philip. Later, as they switch partners and dance, Belle privately tells herself that the engagement is wrong. Billie and Chelsea are pleased when Bo gets Chelsea released with a promise she won't skip town. Bo asks Billie to take care of their daughter. After Bo runs out to find Hope, Chelsea warns her mother that they can't allow Bo and Hope to get back together because it's bad for all of them. After Patrick brings Hope home, she finds a box on her porch containing Zack's school things. She starts crying when she finds his valentine for her. Bo returns home in time to see Patrick hugging Hope.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When Bo orders Patrick to get out, Hope defends him and tells Bo to leave. As he tries to win her sympathy because he locked Chelsea up, Bo is then forced to ruin the moment by admitting he convinced the DA to release Chelsea. Bo finally leaves after Hope threatens to move out. Meanwhile, Chelsea argues with her mother, pushing her to go after Bo since Hope wants nothing to do with him and her relationship with Patrick fizzled out. Billie later gets a call about Bo fighting at the Cheatin' Heart. Unable to congratulate him on his engagement, Belle runs out, leaving Shawn on the Chez Rouge dance floor. He chases after her and gets her to admit that she thinks his engagement is a mistake. Belle then confesses that she loves him. Before he can respond, Philip and Mimi find them and assume Shawn's upset about Zack. They all decide to go home where Belle and Shawn meet on the rooftop after Mimi and Philip are asleep. While John works to save Lois' life, Marlena insists that Alex is not to blame for this. John points out the woman's feet were 8 inches above the chair. With Lexie's help, Lois starts breathing again. Marlena calls Alex who lies that he's at the mall. Tek arrives and pesters Lexie about his feelings for her but she angrily tells him she's not interested., They both cover when Abe asks what they were talking about. Marlena continues to defend Alex but John finds the door to the observation room and Abe pulls out Alex.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mimi has a terrible nightmare in which she tells the secret about Claire to everyone and Belle and Shawn decide to be together. She wakes and heads up to the roof where she secretly hears Shawn ask Belle if it's true that she's still in love with him. Billie rushes to the Cheatin' Heart and breaks up the fight, pulling Bo to the side and suggesting that Zack wouldn't want this. Bo complains that Hope kicked him out and though Billie claims he can work it out with his wife, Bo disagrees. When the police arrive and discover Bo's a cop, one of them wants to arrest him. Billie straightens him out but when Bo asks for another beer and the bartender won't serve him, he runs out and falls apart in the alley, throwing things and crying as Billie watches helplessly. As John accuses Alex of wearing the scrubs they found as he hanged Lois, Abe orders Tek to arrest him but Marlena stops him. Lexie reports that Lois is in no condition to answer any questions and takes Abe back to his room to rest. There, he confides to his wife that his vision is blurry. Lexie admits that she doesn't trust Alex but decides not to tell him about catching him hypnotizing Marlena. When she suggests they have some time to themselves in his locked room or a trip to the Green Mountain Lodge, He turns her down. She asks if his refusal has anything to do with his "problem" but he denies it has anything to do with his impotency. Meanwhile, finding out John gave Lois truth serum, Alex claims it's probably what drove her to try to end her life. Alex then shows off a gift he lies that he bought for Marlena at the same time Lois was hanging herself. Lexie interrupts and announces that Lois is ready to talk.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Lexie allows John, Marlena, Tek and Alex into Lois's room. Tek asks her to point at the person who hurt her and after Alex glares at her, she points at John. Lois then flatlines and dies. Alex takes Marlena and the police stop John from going after them. Stopping Bo from hurting himself further in the alley, Billie offers to take him to a motel for the night. Instead, Bo hops on his motorcycle and drives off. Sami overhears Austin on the phone with a buddy from New York, regretting the loss of Carrie from his life. When he admits that he thinks he may give up his quest to make his company successful, Sami interrupts and, after he hangs up, urges him to stay with it because they've fought so hard. Austin assures her he won't give up so easily. When she mentions Nicole's search for more investors, Austin gets an idea and runs out. Out with Lucas, Carrie takes a moment to listen to Kate explain why she thinks Carrie should be with Austin. Lucas overhears her urging Carrie to follow through with her love for Austin. Lucas blasts her for trying to come between him and another woman and warns her to back off. Austin spots Kate and asks for her help. Outside on the phone, Carrie invites Becky to come to Salem and work for Titan. As Mimi listens on the rooftop, Belle confirms for Shawn that she still loves him but he tells her it's too late now that Claire has been born. After Mimi returns to the loft, Shawn advises Belle that they can only be friends. Sami makes a romantic dinner for Austin and when she hears him at the door, she douses the lights and lets him in. As she kisses him in the dark, she realizes it's Lucas.

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