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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the Winter Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air today.

This pre-emption was planned for and regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, February 21st. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this pre-emption.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Billie is frantically trying to find Bo who raced off on his motorcycle; she discovers him at Zack's grave. Finally, all the pent up emotions of the past few days explode and Bo collapses on the grave in anger-driven grief. Billie tries her best to comfort him but Bo is inconsolable. He blames himself for Zack's death, fears he's lost his son, his wife, and his family... Billie leads off despondent Bo, tempted, but unsure if she can take advantage of him in this condition.

Belle and Shawn are on the roof where Belle has admitted she's still in love with Shawn and wishes there was some way they could be together. Shawn tells her it's too late because she is married to Philip and they have Claire. Shawn is about to marry Mimi, adopt children and start a family of their own. Belle has to let her feelings for Shawn go.

Philip comes to Shawn's loft looking for Belle. Mimi (knowing Belle's on the roof with Shawn) tells Philip she hasn't seen her. Philip then wants to talk to Shawn and Mimi lies that Shawn is in the apt. napping. Just as Philip is about to go look for Belle on the roof, she appears (her hair wet from the lightly falling snow). Philip is relieved as Belle says she just went up on the roof to think and clear her head. Philip worries that all the noise and commotion has awakened Shawn... who does appear from his bedroom. Belle goes home with Philip as Shawn says a poignant, soft "good-bye" to the first great love of his life.

Austin meets with Kate and asks how he can have his business and a life with Carrie, too. Kate, remembering Lucas warning her not to interfere with him and Carrie, tells Austin that he can't. He has to keep his focus on his business. They talk about Kate's children, and her desire to get Billie and Bo together.

Sami is kissing Lucas in her darkened apartment, thinking he is Austin. They are both "disgusted" to have accidentally kissed each other. Carrie has seen the kiss and tells them it's obvious they still love each other. Both vehemently deny it but Lucas leaves and listens at the door as Sami and Carrie discuss their ticking biological clocks and each one admits wanting to get married and have a family. Sami tells Carrie she thinks she really might have a future with Austin and begs Carrie not to let Austin think he has a chance with her, otherwise Austin will never consider a relationship with Sami. Carrie assures Sami she's through with Austin since he brutally took over her company. Austin returns and also observes Lucas and Carrie looking close. Sami tells Austin she had a long talk with Carrie; Sami's sorry, but Carrie doesn't want anything to do with Austin ever again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hope visits Jennifer and breaks the news that she (Hope) kicked Bo out of the house last night. Frankie gets Chelsea out of there to avoid upsetting Hope. Jennifer thinks Hope made a terrible mistake. Hope gets a call from a cop friend who tells her that Bo was drunk in a bar last night, and a woman came to his rescue. Hope fumes as she is sure it was Billie! Jennifer thinks Hope needs to work this out with Bo. The credit card company calls to confirm a charge at a motel and Hope's fury grows. Jennifer tells Hope not to jump to conclusions and persuades Hope to go to the motel and work this out with Bo.

Bo and Billie spent the night in a motel room. Bo is sleeping it off in the bed while Billie spent a sleepless night in the chair. Chelsea calls and begs Billie to put the moves on Bo; splitting up Bo and Hope is the only way to keep Chelsea out of jail! Billie is torn. After talking to Frankie, Chelsea eavesdrops on Hope and Jennifer and calls Billie again to tell her this is her chance: Hope is on her way to the motel. If Billie wants to keep Chelsea out of jail, she has to put the moves on Bo! Billie reluctantly gets into bed with sleeping Bo (who's dreaming about making love with Hope). Hope and Jennifer arrive to see them in bed together!

Alex keeps Marlena under his spell and shows her an announcement he placed in the newspaper for their upcoming renewal of vows. Alex plans to take Marlena away on an extended honeymoon... and he has another surprise for Marlena... a wedding dress!

Kate visits John in jail where he swears Alex has framed him. John didn't cause Lois's suicide... Alex killed her in cold blood and his next victim will be Marlena. John reads about the "wedding plans" in the paper and is on fire to stop them. Frankie comes in after posting John's bail and cautions John not to fall into Alex's trap and push Marlena further into Alex's arms. John barges into the penthouse and sees Marlena in her wedding gown... the same dress she wore when she married John! John is upset, and Alex watches with glee.

Shawn and Belle have another private meeting; Shawn is adamant that they cannot be together. She has to stay with Philip because they have a child together and Belle still wishes Claire was Shawn's baby.

Bonnie visits Mimi. Upset Mimi tells her mother about overhearing Belle and Shawn on the roof last night. Belle is still in love with Shawn! Caroline arrives to fit Mimi with the traditional Brady wedding dress. When Belle sees Mimi in the dress, she breaks down in tears and Caroline follows her to the roof. Kate and Bonnie work to convince Mimi to keep quiet about Claire's paternity. Shawn sees Mimi in the dress and has a vision of Belle. Bonnie tells Mimi not to worry, from the look on Shawn's face, he's definitely in love with the woman wearing that dress!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hope and Jennifer see Bo in a cheap motel room naked in bed with Billie! Bo is asleep and dreaming of Hope. Hope storms out, feeling betrayed. When Bo wakes up, hung over, Billie is dressed. Bo sees Billie slept in the chair and thanks her for being such a good friend. Billie feels guilty that she pretended to sleep with Bo.

Jennifer takes Hope home. Hope can't forgive Bo and feels they have no future together! Bo arrives and wants to mend fences with her, but angry Hope refuses to see him. Upset Jennifer tells Bo she thinks it's too late. As Hope sneaks out and speeds off, anguished Bo cries after her: Hope!

As Bonnie and Kate look on, Shawn stares at Mimi in the Brady wedding gown... but he sees Belle. Mimi thinks it is bad luck for Shawn to see her in her wedding dress. What if it means their relationship is doomed? Bonnie reassures Mimi. But when Mimi goes to change, Bonnie listens in on Shawn telling Belle that he still loves her! Bonnie relaxes when Shawn tells Belle however, that there is no future for them. Bonnie reassures her daughter and drops another little hint to Shawn and Belle to keep apart on her way out. Kate reminds Mimi of what everyone has to lose if she tells the truth. Mimi is resigned to keep lying to Shawn. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle know that they can never be together.

Chelsea goes to Patrick's house to pick up some clothes. She is still very angry with him for turning her in but Patrick shocks Chelsea by telling her he's leaving town. Chelsea is intrigued as Patrick tells Chelsea he will miss Hope He wanted to be there for her as a friend but Bo was too jealous. Patrick doesn't want to come between Bo and Hope. Chelsea, wheels turning, thinks this could be perfect. She overhears that Patrick plans to go to a small island in the Caribbean. Scheming Chelsea wants to find a way to get Hope to go away with Patrick! Bonnie arrives and encourages Patrick to not give up on Hope.

John sees Marlena in the same wedding gown she wore when she married him. What kind of sick mind game is Alex playing?! Alex comes downstairs to defend himself and the two men argue. John loses it and decks Alex. Upset Marlena orders John out. Alex was right about John he's out of control! John is forced to leave and it looks like Alex won another round. John vows he'll get Marlena away from Alex!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Belle has gone to John after seeing seen the announcement that Marlena and Alex are going to renew their wedding vows. She urges her Dad to stop the wedding. John says he'll do anything to save Marlena. John talks to Bo, who left unreturned messages for Hope, and they both vow to get back to the women they love. John heads off to the morgue for information on Lois's death.

Alex goes to the morgue and talks to Lois's body, revealing that he has a deadly plan for Marlena.

Devious Chelsea asks for Abby's help to convince Hope to go away [to the same island that Patrick] for a break. Abby is successful. Shawn arrives to check in with his mother and learns she is leaving town.

Shawn and Mimi are frazzled as they make wedding plans. Bonnie arrives with food samples and announces Kate's let her hire a wedding planner. Patrick comes by to say good-bye to Mimi. The wedding planner arrives and Bonnie, in a new ensemble, is highly pleased with the eccentric outfit the wedding planner is wearing. Patrick privately confirms his reservation on the island and it IS where Hope is headed, too.

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