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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Tek secretly listens as Lexie suggests a romantic night at home but Abe doesn't think it's a good idea. She complains about his fears concerning their sex life and guesses his problem may be psychological. After Abe leaves, Tek intrudes, admits he heard everything and kisses her. She responds by slapping him and orders him to stop harassing her. But the more he talks of how desirable she is, the more she responds until they start kissing in her office. Patrick overhears Chelsea urging her mother to go after Bo and warns them about trying to break up Hope and Bo. Patrick warns Billie to keep an eye on her daughter because he knows she is using her and calls her "bad news." Meanwhile, Shawn offers to go with his mother but she insists she needs time by herself. He agrees not to tell Bo where she's going. As Belle angrily tells her mother that the wedding cannot take place, she mistakenly adds that Shawn cannot marry Mimi. Marlena points out the slip and guesses she still has feelings for Shawn. Marlena suggests that Belle can either settle to live her life without Shawn or stop him from marrying Mimi. Caroline urges Bo to give Hope time to grieve but warns him about Chelsea pushing him to Billie. Shawn finds them together and blasts his father, letting slip that Hope's going away. As Chelsea worries that Bo will stop her, Bo finds at home a note from Hope revealing she'll be gone for two months. He rushes to the airport but fails to see her or Patrick. John overhears Alex in the morgue telling a lifeless Lois why he had to kill her. John confronts him and Alex admits everything, promising to cause Marlena more pain than she has ever felt. John attacks him but Abe pulls him off. John realizes he's been set up and vows to protect Marlena.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lucas brings Carrie to Victor who privately asks Titan's newest employee if she has what it takes to compete with Austin. Carrie responds that Austin taught her to be ruthless in business and Victor's impressed. Kate arrives and after Lucas warns her not to interfere with his plans to woo Carrie, she asks Victor about John and Marlena. He warns her to stay out of that mess and then hints that he thinks it's time Philip learns the truth about Claire. Lucas invites Carrie out to dinner and lets her know that it's a date, not a business get-together. Meanwhile, Sami and Austin talk about Lucas and Carrie. When he asks, Sami finally admits that Carrie told her she wants nothing to do with Austin. Sami adds that she thinks Lucas and Carrie will get married eventually. Alex overhears Marlena offering Belle advice about Shawn. He eventually interrupts and after Belle leaves, Marlena notices his bruised face. She promises that John won't harm him again and boasts that once they are married, John will stay away. Shawn returns to the loft where Calliope and Bonnie are having a great time as Mimi watches with disbelief. He mentions that his mom is leaving town. Reading over the wedding guest list, Mimi notices that Belle and Philip aren't on it. Bonnie states that she doesn't like the idea of them being matron of honor and best man. Belle interrupts and gets a warm welcome from Calliope who points out the obvious that everyone thought she would end up with Shawn. Bonnie assures Calliope that Belle is happy to be married to Philip. At the airport Bo uses his badge to try to find out which flight Hope is taking but fails miserably. Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick board the same flight to Morgan Island but are unaware the other is onboard.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Thanks to a peek at Will's cellphone, Sami discovers that Lucas is taking Carrie to the Chez Rouge tonight and tells Austin they have no food so they must go out for dinner. Carrie and Lucas are greeted by Eugenia at the restaurant. Lucas gives her a "Magic 8 Ball" as a gift and she thanks him. Sami brings Austin to the same place and when he spots Carrie there, he becomes depressed. Sami tries to cheer him by suggesting Carrie and Lucas are not on a date but Eugenia insists they are. Worried about Bo, Billie calls Roman to let him know he's missing. When Chelsea tries to go out on the town, Billie suggests she stay in to impress the judge. Chelsea agrees and suggests they play poker which reminds Billie of the time she lost to Patrick at strip poker and wound up having sex with him on the couch. The two end up arguing about Bo as Chelsea again pushes her mother to go after him now that he's apart from Hope. Patrick and Hope arrive on Morgan Island but are unaware the other's there. As a man prepares to take Hope to her beach bungalow, he hands her a flower and predicts that she will find love here. Frustrated that he was unable to find Hope, Bo rides his motorcycle out of town and ends up crashing after swerving to avoid a deer. Thanks to a call from Roman, Billie drives out of town and eventually comes upon his motorcycle. She looks for Bo but is caught off-guard when a shot rings out, thanks to Bo who is shooting at empty beer bottles. Billie realizes she's been hit.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Billie wakes and Bo apologizes for grazing her arm with a bullet. Angry with Hope, Bo claims he doesn't know if he'll take Hope back when she returns. Billie tries to confess the set up in the motel room but can't do it. Bo suggests they sleep together in his single sleeping bag. Frankie surprises Jennifer by renting a room at Chez Rouge for a private dinner for them. After talking about Bo and Hope as well as the strength of relationships supposedly "doomed to fail," he takes her for a dance. He then shows her fireworks exploding out in the night sky. Unaware Hope has arrived at the same Morgan Island beach cabin, Patrick is startled by a noise and realizes it's Hope. She admits that she doesn't want to see Bo anymore. Patrick mentions he owns the place and suggests she go back home to Bo. Hope claims Bo has already move on with someone else, asserting that her marriage ended when Bo chose Billie and Chelsea over her and Zack. At Alice's Bar Mimi's bridal shower and Shawn's bachelor party get underway. Lexie asks Tek to stop staring at her. When Abe asks what's wrong, Lexie argues that Abe should be home resting instead of partying here. Belle listens outside as Shawn and Mimi chat. Mimi denies that she's changed her mind about the wedding but does state she's not that thrilled about going to her own shower. Caroline urges Belle to stop tormenting herself with Shawn but Belle hints that she's not going to let Shawn go. Mimi's insulted when a classmate claims Shawn's settling for second best. Bonnie announces a stripper will now put on a show and as he dances for the ladies, Lexie imagines it's Tek and finally runs outside to cool off, followed by Tek. Calliope's not happy Bonnie ordered a stripper and gets into a cake- throwing fight with her. Abe looks for Lexie and eventually stares at Tek's car where Tek and Lexie are having sex. Victor tells Kate, it's time to tell Philip about Claire.

Friday, March 3, 2006

As they have sex in Tek's car, Lexie panics to hear Abe outside. However, due to his problem with night vision, Abe is unable to see his wife cheating on him. John brings Abe back into the Chez Rouge. Tek again insists that Lexie dump her husband and be with him, a real man who can give her what she needs in life. Tek and Lexie go at it again and then leave the car. Tek hides when he spots Abe. Lexie lies that she just returned from a quick visit to the hospital. John watches as Marlena and Alex dine. When Marlena leaves for a moment, she overhears John vowing to kill Alex with his own hands. When he realizes she's shocked, John reminds her that he vowed to protect her. When Alex joins the fray, Abe reminds John not to play Alex's game so John pays his bill and exits. As Alex goes to pay their bill, Marlena suddenly remembers John giving her a special diamond as a symbol of their love. Belle asks to speak to Shawn alone but Philip spoils her chance by announcing to the crowd of party-goers how he is the happiest man in the world being married to Belle. After he wishes the bride and groom much happiness, Shawn thanks Philip and Belle who tries again to talk with him but Philip again interrupts. Mimi says goodbye to her mother and hints that she's going to tell Shawn about Claire when they get home. At the loft Mimi decides to write a note explaining everything. Belle's surprised when Philip turns up on the roof, not Shawn. Having slipped into the penthouse earlier, John listens as Alex kisses Marlena goodnight and learns that Marlena has asked that they not have sex until their wedding night. John tries to leave via the terrace but Marlena calls out his name and says she still loves him.

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