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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Austin and Lucas find they've each brought a hospitalized Carrie get-well gifts and end up arguing again. John advises Belle that if she tries to go back to Shawn and he rejects her, she'll end up without Philip too. Abe tries to follow Alex but loses him. Using his own keys, Alex enters Lexie's office and tells himself he'll kill Marlena before he allows her to return to John. He grabs a set of keys and then is caught by Abe but Alex convinces him he's just looking for Lexie. Meanwhile, Marlena regains much of her memory but when she tells Lexie she remembers the explosion and falling down the stairs, Lexie gives her a sedative to calm her. Alex then stands guard over her. Lexie runs into Tek and kisses him but then claims it's too public there. She returns to her office where she finds a smug Sami sitting in her chair. Sami wants to talk about who Carrie will choose to be with but when Lexie orders her to get out, Sami admits she knows about her affair with Tek. Bonnie and Kate arrive at the loft and, seeing how nervous Mimi is, offer to stop Belle from attending her wedding today. Instead, Mimi calls Belle over and, handing her a present in thanks for being her matron of honor, talks at length about how grateful Mimi is to her for helping her to live happily ever after. She continues to heap praise on Belle, calling her the best friend she could ever have. Out in the hall, Kate and Bonnie smile as they listen.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When Sami asks Lexie if she intends to divorce Abe, Lexie insists that Abe knows that she and Tek are friends. Guessing Abe will take Theo away from her, Sami insists that Lexie help her snare Austin or Abe will find out the truth. Lexie refuses. Though Carrie announces that she's made a decision, Austin and Lucas ask for a chance for each other them to talk with her. Afterwards, the two wait at her bedside for her decision. Billie finds Bo at home, rushing to get dressed for Shawn's wedding today. She badmouths Hope for missing her own son's wedding but Bo explains Shawn knows she needed time to herself. Chelsea overhears Billie urging Bo not to give up on his marriage. Chelsea interrupts and tells her parents that she needs both of them to work on her defense right now. Bo ignores her and heads out to the wedding while Billie stays behind to lecture Chelsea. On Morgan Island Patrick urges Hope to call Bo. Hope eventually does and when Chelsea answers the phone and tells her it's "Chelsea Brady," Hope hangs up on her after Chelsea lies that Bo is working with Billie on her defense. Philip arrives at the church and tries to calm a nervous Mimi. As Belle helps Mimi get ready, she decides it's time to tell Mimi the truth but Kate and Bonnie interrupt and try to get her to leave. Caroline asks her to stop with her plan and reminds her that Shawn loves Mimi and warns her she should tell Philip first if she truly loves her husband. Eventually, the ceremony gets underway and Bonnie walks Mimi down the aisle.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As Jennifer comes downstairs, dressed for today's wedding, Frankie surprises her with a wrist corsage, pointing out it's the same kind he got her in high school. But when she returns upstairs to fetch her purse, she bursts into tears upon finding a certain box in her closet. While Sami presses Lexie to do her bidding or she'll tell Abe about her affair with Tek, Carrie puts off telling Lucas and Austin who she has chosen to date. Alex listens as a sleeping Marlena mumbles that she knows who Alex North is. When she remembers how much she loved John, Marlena suddenly wakes and asks the nurse to get John for her. After the nurse leaves, Alex emerges from his hiding place and Marlena tells him she doesn't love him. John leaves before the nurse can give him the message. As the wedding begins, Belle tells herself that in spite of Kate's efforts to quiet her, she must stop this wedding. Shawn and Mimi thank everyone for coming but point out there are some who couldn't make it to the ceremony. Though Farther Jansen gets no response when he asks if there is anyone who knows why Mimi and Shawn should not be married, when he continues, Belle finally speaks up and yells out "stop."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Belle stops the wedding and claims it's because Chelsea has entered the church. Shawn asks Bo to throw her out but Bo walks her out instead. Kate instructs Bonnie to fetch Claire to keep Belle from stopping the wedding again. Frankie insists Jennifer tell her why she's crying and she admits that she found her wedding dress while searching in her closet. She goes on to lament the fact that her daughter will not have her father anymore. Frankie argues that she owes it to herself and her children to move on with her life. Jennifer finally tells Frankie that while she can't guarantee she'll have room in her heart for him, she doesn't want him to leave. Pressed for her decision, Carrie tells Austin and Lucas that she cares for both of them. Lexie interrupts with some discharge instructions for Carrie. When Sami asks Carrie who she picked, Carrie wonders how she knew what they were discussing. Sami tells Lucas that if Carrie has chosen Austin, she's okay with that which makes Lucas realize she must be planning something. Meanwhile, blackmailed by Sami, Lexie warns Carrie that she'll be making a mistake if she chooses to be with Austin because, after testing, she knows that Carrie and Austin share a genetic marker that could be problematic if they have any children. John updates Roman about Marlena and insists that Alex tried to kill her. After sending Roman to the wedding, John finally gets Marlena's message. Meanwhile, Alex advises Marlena that he turned Lois insane and eventually killed her and will do the same to her. Marlena tries to convince him that John planted false memories in her mind but he sees through her scheme and announces that she must die.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Father Jensen finally continues with Mimi and Shawn's wedding as Belle watches while holding Claire. As the bride and groom hold hands, Frankie asks for Jennifer's and she imagines marrying him but at the same time, being troubled by visions of Jack in church. Mimi and Shawn state their vows and then, after putting on their rings, are pronounced husband and wife as Belle cries. At the reception Belle wants to take the baby home but Philip insists they both stay. Victor overhears Belle talking to herself and realizes that Kate convinced Belle not to stop the wedding. After Bonnie toasts to her daughter, Shawn thanks Belle for bringing Claire to the wedding and adds that he hopes he and his new bride are as happy as she and Philip are. Belle doesn't react but Philip quickly agrees. Mimi tosses her bouquet and an amused Jennifer catches it. At the hospital Carrie can't take it any longer as Sami urges her to enjoy a life with Austin. She eventually runs out, remembering Lexie's warning that she and Austin could never have children. Sami thanks Lexie for her scheme but Lexie warns her it's not going to work. Sami rushes to the hospital records room but Lexie stops her. Lexie warns her again that her scheme is going to backfire. Meanwhile, Carrie calls Austin and asks him to meet her. Finding Marlena unconscious, John calls for a doctor and Lexie treats her, ordering John out of the room. When they're allowed back in, Marlena denies remembering anything other than her love for Alex, thanks to Alex drugging her again.

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