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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, March 27, 2006

As Billie pushes Bo to go to his son's wedding, Chelsea hints that she can put Bo out of her life. Billie lectures her daughter but Chelsea wines that she's only trying to be supportive of Shawn. Chelsea eventually runs to her room and pretends to cry as Billie follows her. But Billie accuses her of trying to ruin Bo and Hope's marriage by trying to drive a wedge between Bo and Shawn. Chelsea insists it's not her fault Hope is missing her son's wedding and orders her mother to get out. Billie finds Bo at Chelsea's computer and reads the girl's diary revealing how much she hurts. Chelsea is upset to find them snooping but Bo hugs her. At the wedding reception Philip offers a toast and afterwards, Belle runs off crying. Shawn starts to go find her but Philip stops him and asks if there is something going on he should know about. Shawn claims he thinks Belle's upset about stopping the wedding. Philip and Mimi confide to each other they thought Belle was going to tell everyone at church that she was still in love with Shawn. Meanwhile, Shawn catches up with Belle and asks her to stop doing this or they can't be friends anymore. After he convinces her to be happy for him, she asks him for one last dance. Later, Belle asks Mimi about their honeymoon plans and hears they're going to the Horton cabin tomorrow. Victor warns Kate that the secret about Claire will ruin two marriages now. As Lucas and Austin argue about who deserves to be with Carrie, she calls Austin and asks him to meet her at the hospital. There, Carrie sends Sami away when he arrives. Carrie confesses she loves him and he promises to fix everything so they can be together. When they arrive at the reception, Sami and Lucas spot them toasting each other and realize what they've lost.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Abe overhears John vowing to kill Alex and warns his friend about following through with such a threat. After Lexie checks on her, Marlena wakes and tells Lexie that she and Alex are going to get married tomorrow. Alex forces her to leave and, out in the hall, warns Lexie to back off or he'll tell Abe about her cheating. John starts assembling a rifle with a scope. Finding Belle crying again at the loft, Philip consoles her and admits that he knows she's upset that Shawn married Mimi. He assures her that he will always love her. Belle ends up on the roof where she eyes the initials Shawn carved there for them. Meanwhile, Shawn carries Mimi across the threshold and into their loft where they eventually make love. At what's left of the reception, Austin confirms to Sami that Carrie has made her choice but then he stuns her by admitting that Carrie actually chose Lucas. At the same time Carrie privately confides to Lucas that she has chosen him. When he asks if she's still in love with his brother, she evades answering him directly by claiming that Austin is in her past. As he stares at Sami from across the room, he promises that he wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Sami asks Austin about his interest in her. He claims he's going to concentrate on business and assures her there is a guy out there for her.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Carrie awakens to find Lucas making breakfast, still reeling from her decision to be with him. After a good morning kiss, Carrie goes to get the paper, running into Austin in the hallway. Sami listens from behind her apartment door as Austin and Carrie mull over Carrie's choice. When Austin asks what made Carrie choose Lucas, she refuses to tell him the truth, instead retreating inside with Lucas to prepare for Marlena's vow renewal. As soon as Carrie is gone, Austin and Sami go about doing the same thing.

At the Horton Cabin, Shawn builds a fire for his new bride, then playfully carries her around before finding a present left for them by Alice. Shawn opens the box and can't believe what he sees- a sizeable check from Alice to "help them start their new life", as well as a family scrapbook. As Shawn explains to Mimi what the book means, Mimi tells him she can't believe she is part of such a wonderful family. As Shawn looks at the book, he thinks about Zack and Claire, wondering if he should add Zack's date of death to the list of important family dates. Mimi suggests adding Claire's birth date, to which Shawn replies she is not a Brady or a Horton, so why? Mimi slips a bit, telling him "Yes, she is", which understandably confuses Shawn. Catching herself, Mimi "explains" by saying she feels that Claire receiving Zack's liver makes her a part of his family now. Shawn agrees, adding both Claire's birthday and Zack's date of death to the family heirloom. After proclaiming their love, they discuss adopting children, then head to the bed to continue the honeymoon.

Marlena is staring thoughtfully at a picture of herself and Alex, when Belle arrives. Marlena tells Belle she is nervous about her vow renewal, and asks Belle to be her matron of honor. Belle refuses, as Alex listens from outside the door, telling himself that Belle will be trouble. Marlena states her case with Belle, but her daughter stands her ground, telling her she belongs with John. Just then, Marlena's clock chimes, prompting a memory of John. Belle figures out the clock is the trigger, but Marlena sidesteps talking about it. Marlena asks Belle once again to be her matron of honor, and this time she accepts. As Marlena goes off to get ready to leave for the church, Belle takes the clock and puts it in her purse, hoping to use it to stop her mother from renewing her vows with Alex.

Meanwhile, at Kate's, John is at the ready to make his move against Alex. He tells a worried Kate that he will stop Alex, no matter what. When Kate asks if he means to kill Alex, he simply states "Marlena can't marry a dead man", and that he intends to kill Alex- with Kate's help. Kate is dumbstruck, until he explains he simply means for her to keep her mouth shut about his plan, and that he has put his affairs in order, leaving her in charge of everything he may be leaving behind. Kate tries to call Roman, but John nixes that idea. After Kate agrees to keep quiet, John once again explains his motives, then leaves for the church.

At the church, Roman, Abe, and Tek are preparing themselves for John's expected strike against Alex. Tek goes to secure the grounds, running into Lexie, but is interrupted by Abe before he can make a move. Abe asks Lexie to check on Marlena, which makes Lexie remember Alex's threat to expose her affair with Tek to Abe if she makes trouble for him. She agrees to check on Marlena for Abe anyway. Just as Roman and Abe are discussing their concern about his vigilante plans, John enters the church. When questioned on why he is there, he claims to be there simply to make a confession. He then goes to ask a disturbed Father Jansen to grant him forgiveness for a terrible sin - Murder. Even though Father Jansen tells him he cannot grant absolution, John tells him he must go forward with his plan.

After getting set up at the church, Marlena is getting ready when she hears the clock chime in Belle's purse, upsetting her. Belle once again appeals to her mother not to marry Alex, just as Lexie walks in and agrees with her. Marlena is just thrilled they are both there to "gang up on her". Alex, having heard them discussing the clock, pays a flower delivery boy to go in and "accidentally" break the clock by knocking it off the table. Belle is horrified that the clock is gone, but has more in her bag of tricks. When Lexie leaves, she gives her mother a rosary, a locket with Claire's picture in it, her old pearls, and a blue ribbon which came off her flower girl basket from her parent's wedding. She watches Marlena look at these things, hoping they will jog a memory, which they do. Still, Marlena insists she will marry Alex.

As Salem's residents arrive for the ceremony, Sami and Lexie have a run in. Lucas tells Carrie he has a confession to make, as Austin and Sami discuss fate, acceptance, and the future. After Carrie gives her regards to Father Jansen, Lucas tells her how perfect their life together will be....then pulls out a ring box and proposes, much to Austin and Sami's horror.

Kate walks in to find John lighting a candle, and they discuss his plan as a terrified Belle overhears what her father means to do. After he tells Kate goodbye, he heads out to practice shooting his gun, while Alex looks for him, never finding him.

After overhearing her father's plan, Belle rushes to the Horton Cabin, barging in on Shawn and Mimi in the middle of lovemaking. As they look at her, bemused, she tells Shawn "I need you".

Back in the bridal suite, Marlena asks herself how she can do this.....she can't renew her vows with Alex when she loves John. Kate walks in and overhears her talking to herself, saying she can't believe what she is hearing. Marlena asks her reflection "What am I going to do?"

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Belle interrupts Mimi and Shawn's "honeymoon" and asks for Shawn's help. She claims she overheard John planning to kill Alex so he agrees. Mimi wonders to her new husband why she didn't ask Philip. Celeste worries after looking at her Tarot cards and decides it's time for her to act. In the church Sami and Austin watch as Carrie tells Lucas she can't accept his engagement and then runs from the church. The two try to stop Lucas from chasing after her but he gets away. Outside, Carrie assures Lucas she wants a relationship and he agrees to take things slowly. After promising he's over Sami, Lucas returns inside where Sami asks him what Carrie said. The two end up arguing about who will be with whom until they start fighting. Lucas apologizes and points out that this will always be their way they are together. Austin finds Carrie outside and tells her that he just wants her to be happy. She thanks him with a hug. Armed with a syringe, Alex secretly listens to Marlena admitting to Kate that her heart is with John. Kate decides to go fetch Lexie but realizes she'll have no chance with John if she helps Marlena. When Lexie arrives at church, she warns Tek that Alex knows about their affair and is blackmailing her. Lexie leaves with Kate but Celeste arrives and slaps Tek, warning him to stay away from Lexie. Tek insists he's good for her but Celeste threatens to tell Lexie about his past. Roman and Abe try to convince Alex to cancel the wedding because of John's threat. Alex slips in to see Marlena and gives her another injection which causes her to tell Kate and Lexie that she loves Alex. Seeing Belle with Shawn and Mimi, Kate warns Mimi to keep Belle away from Shawn. Abe advises Roman that they have orders to "take John out" if they find him.

Friday, April 31, 2006

Bo is in the garden planting Hope's favorite flowers, when Jennifer stops by. He tells Jennifer that he plans to get his "honey-do list" done, and Jennifer says Hope will appreciate it when she gets back, leading Bo to think she has heard from his wife. She says no, but if he wants Hope back, he has to take charge. He replies that his wife does not want to see him, and he is going to give her time to think things through. As they head inside for coffee, Jennifer encourages Bo to fight for Hope, but he sticks to his belief that Hope bing gone is best for everyone right now. He tells a disbelieving Jennifer that everything that has happened is his fault, and if he can't forgive himself, then he can't expect Hope to either. After telling Jennifer that he is worried for Chelsea, she warns him that his daughter is a master manipulator, which he finds harsh, claiming Chelsea to be just a scared kid (yeah right). Jennifer, on the other hand, feels Chelsea could benefit from some jail time, and says so. As they talk, Frankie shows up, having just come from Billie's, to catch Bo up on his daughter's case.

Previously, at Billie's, Frankie tries to convince Chelsea to take her defense seriously. When he tells her that he may not be able to keep her out of jail, Chelsea freaks out, saying that she absolutely will not go to jail. Chelsea begs Frankie to help her, as he explains his game plan. Billie and Frankie are disturbed when Chelsea states that she has to keep Hope from coming back and testifying at her trial. Frankie tells her that Hope will be back and she will be testifying, but if they can get Bo to testify on his daughter's behalf, it will help her case. Chelsea says that won't happen if Hope is there. After Frankie leaves, Billie lets her daughter have it over her manipulations. Chelsea kicks her endless schemes into high gear, telling Billie she promises she won't do anything else to make things worse. As soon as Billie leaves the room, though, Chelsea hops onto her laptop and sends her poison into cyberspace by writing an email to Hope.

On the island, Patrick once again tries to talk Hope into going back to Salem, under the pretense of having her back looked at by a doctor. She sees through it, knowing it's a ploy to get her back with Bo. Patrick tries to convince Hope she needs to work it out with her husband, which she has been thinking about. She tells Patrick she has decided against going back just yet, she's happy right where she is. When Patrick tells her he feels partly responsible for her troubled marriage, because he busted Chelsea, Hope puts it all on Bo. Hope tells him about Chelsea being at her house when she called, and claims that she feels she should not return to Bo. She then sees a couple kissing playfully, and her thoughts turn to Bo, but she shakes it off. As they go back into the bungalow, they hear the new email alert on Hope's laptop, and Hope tells Patrick that Bo sends her email a few times a day. After Patrick convinces her to read it, she opens it and can't believe what it says.

At St. Luke's, Kate once again is trying to talk Marlena out of renewing her vows with Alex. When Marlena questions her motives, Kate claims to just want her friend to be happy. Out in the hall, Alex runs into Belle headed fro her mother's room and asks why she's not in the chapel. When she says she has to talk to Marlena before the ceremony, Alex tells her "That's not a good idea". Belle questions why, then makes it clear that she doesn't care what Alex thinks, she is going to talk to her mother. When she knocks on the door and asks Marlena to come in and talk to her, Marlena sends her away, thrilling Alex to no end. Marlena asks Alex to take Belle to the chapel, and he more than happily obliges. Kate is still trying to convince Marlena of her love for John when Marlena's memories begin to haunt her again. At that moment, Alex shows up at the door, asking if Marlena is ready. He thinks of attacking her at the hospital, then when she replies she will be there soon, he heads to the chapel. After he leaves, Kate asks if Alex has done something to Marlena, to which she replies yes, he has shown her the meaning of true love. After making it clear she intends to remarry Alex, she sends Kate away. While making her final preparations, she remembers her wedding to John. She dismisses it, and opens the door, ready to make her way to the chapel.

Meanwhile, in the chapel, as Tek asks a very peculiar nun if she has seen John, Mimi and Shawn discuss Belle's father and his mercenary past. As Shawn tells a disbelieving Mimi that he is sure John will kill Alex to protect Marlena, Roman interrupts, telling them they are all in danger if John strikes. When Mimi asks why they don't arrest Dr. North, Roman tells her they have no evidence against him, and now have to protect him whether they like it or not. When Mimi asks if that means killing John, Abe, who has been listening, tells her they will if they have to. A horrified Shawn and Mimi listen as Roman and Abe tell them that Tek has orders to take John out, if need be. Mimi is dumbstruck, and suggests John won't even show, but Abe knows his old friend better than that. Roman tells all of them that if they don't stop John, then both John and Alex will end up dead. As they prepare for the ceremony, Mimi makes a half-hearted attempt to comfort Belle, who has taken her place at the altar, but they just end up arguing over Belle interrupting Shawn and Mimi's honeymoon. They make a tentative peace, and discuss the day's events as they wait.

As everyone in the chapel prepares for the worst, we see our peculiar nun sneak off into a back room and remove her habit - revealing John! Thankfully, the fright of John in drag doesn't last long for us, as he takes off his makeup rather quickly. John then converses with God, saying he wishes he didn't have to kill Alex, but he has no choice. John takes his place at the belfry grill, and imagines Marlena coming to see him in jail after he kills Alex. In his daydream, Marlena attacks him for his crime, stating that she hates him and hopes he burns in hell. Even so, he continues on with his plan, firing a practice shot into the flowers on the altar. Mimi, still standing there with Belle, notices a strange noise, but doesn't connect it to what it really is. Knowing his mark is right now, John sits in wait for the ceremony to begin.

In the chapel, the strains of "Here Comes The Bride" begins to play. As Marlena begins her walk down the aisle, Belle throws a worried look at Shawn, who looks around to see if he can find anything out of place. He looks up and sees the muzzle of John's gun sticking out of the belfry grill and alerts Roman, Abe, and Tek. As Shawn and Roman go off to stop John, Tek takes his place in the confession booth, getting a bead on John. As Father Jansen begins the vow renewal, John has his finger on the trigger, ready to fire.

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