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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, April 3, 2006

As they arrive home, Jennifer and Frankie discuss Bo and Hope. When Jennifer becomes depressed at the thought of Bo and Hope apart, Frankie says he has an idea. He wants to take her to Green Mountain Lodge so they can have some fun. As they discuss whether Jennifer is ready for them to go away together, Maggie shows up with her suitcase, saying she is there to watch Jack Jr. and Abby while they are away. Jennifer is shocked by how fast things are moving, and talks of her feelings for both Frankie and Jack to Maggie. Maggie reminds Jennifer of what Alice always says- "Life doesn't wait around for you to live it"- prompting Jennifer to decide to go with Frankie. After getting settled in at the Lodge, Jennifer and Frankie share a dance and discuss Jennifer's feelings about the goings on in her life as of late. As Frankie goes to get her a rose, Jennifer wonders how to tell Frankie this is moving too fast without losing him.

Chelsea is at her computer thinking about what Frankie said about her case. She tells herself she has to keep Bo and Hope apart, then sets about sending Hope an email, saying Hope won't know what hit her. She continues typing furiously at her keyboard, telling herself that once Hope gets the email with the article about Shawn's wedding in it, then Bo and Hope will be over and her father will be on her side. As she gets rid of the evidence, she accesses Bo's email, and waits for Hope's response. When it comes, Chelsea is thrilled to see that Hope is asking for a divorce. Thinking she couldn't have better luck, she replies as Bo, telling Hope that he agrees they should divorce so he can be there for Chelsea and Billie. As she hits 'send', she looks awfully proud of herself. She waits for Hope to pick up the email, and when she does, Chelsea celebrates her victory.

Hope and Patrick her Hope's laptop signal she has new email, then go to check it. Hope is blown away by what is in her inbox - an article from the Salem Chronicle about Shawn's wedding with a picture of two uninvited guests - Billie and Chelsea. As she reads about the events at her son's wedding, she becomes upset and Patrick takes over. Hope becomes angry that Billie and Chelsea crashed her son's wedding, and explains to Patrick that she understands why Shawn did not tell her about the ceremony. Hope is even more enraged to find out that Bo chose to be with Billie and Chelsea instead of staying for his son's vows. She decides she wants a divorce, and sends Bo and email telling him so. Patrick tries to talk her out of it, telling her to think of all the love she has shared with her husband. As "I Can't Live Without Your Love" plays, Hope thinks back on all her years with Bo, from the beginning of their love. AS she remembers her wedding, the holidays, the times on the yacht, and all the love they shared, she begins to falter in her choice a bit. Before she can change her mind, though, she receives Chelsea's fake email. Hope opens it and is devastated that her husband is giving up on them. She tells Patrick that Bo has given up, then falls apart, thinking her marriage is over.

At St. Luke's, Marlena is walking down the aisle, as everyone braces for John's expected attack. Father Jansen begins the vows, asking if both parties come willingly. Alex thinks about Marlena almost recovering her memory before the ceremony, as Marlena says she has no reservations. Belle throws a look at Shawn, who goes looking around for anything out of place. He looks up, and sees the muzzle of John's gun sticking out of the belfry grill. He alerts Roman, Abe and Tek, then he and Roman go to stop John as Tek takes aim on John from the confessional. John takes a bead on Alex, telling God to forgive him for what he's about to do, but it's his only choice. When Father Jansen asks if there are any objections, Marlena looks thoughtfully at Belle, and Mimi thinks back to Belle interrupting her wedding, wondering if Belle will do it again now. Roman, meanwhile, is yelling at John through the belfry door to give himself up. As Marlena takes her vows with Alex, she remembers the ones she spoke to John. When she hesitates, Alex pulls out the necklace he used to hypnotize her, and she gets back on track.

When John refuses to budge, Shawn calls Belle, who puts in her earpiece and hears Shawn say that her father will not back off. She tells Shawn she has to stop it, then hangs up on his protests. She then throws her bouquet down in front of Alex, goes to pick it up, and stands there, blocking John's shot. As John wills her to move, she stares defiantly at the belfry grill, where she knows her father is looking down. John fires a warning shot to scare Belle out of the way, but she stands her ground. Just then, Shawn comes running in, looking terrified to see Belle standing in front of her father's intended target. Upstairs, Roman and Abe break into the belfry just as Alex and Marlena are pronounced husband and wife. Knowing it is over and there is nothing more he can do, John relinquishes his gun and allows himself to be taken into custody.

Back in the chapel, as Alex and Marlena depart, Shawn tries to comfort a devastated Belle, telling her sometimes the wrong people end up together. As they hug, Mimi watches, worried and disgusted. Out in the hall, Alex and Marlena encounter Roman, Abe and John, who is in cuffs. Alex goads John, telling him he is anxious to get started on his wedding night. As John tried to attack him, but is held back, a triumphant Alex leaves with his bride.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Jennifer's nervous all during dinner at the Green Mountain Lodge until afterwards, Frankie reveals he got them separate but next-door rooms for their stay. As they stand out on the terrace taking in the evening air, Frankie calls her beautiful and they share a kiss. He suggests they go get some sleep but when he starts to return to his room, she stops him and pulls him back to kiss him. At the church Roman and Abe arrest John who is furious that they stopped him from killing Alex. Marlena and Alex decide not to press charges but only if John promises to get professional help for his "condition." Roman takes John back to his hotel room where he grabs his binoculars and stares across the way at Alex and Marlena who are out on their terrace for a moment before they head inside the penthouse and shut off the lights. Bo leaks to Billie about Hope asking for a divorce. After she urges him to talk to her and then email her if she won't take his call, Bo does so and writes that he won't give up on her. Bo also pleads with her to come home. Meanwhile, Patrick and a walk on the beach convince Hope to talk with Bo. Chelsea boasts to Kate that she's certain Bo and Hope's marriage is over. Kate's impressed to hear what Chelsea did to facilitate their troubles. Chelsea also admits that she changed Bo's email preferences so that if he tries to send Hope a note, it will come to her computer first. The two read Bo's intercepted love note to Hope and after Kate leaves, Chelsea panics to see Bo on the phone, worried that he might be talking with Hope.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

As Austin lifts weights, Sami daydreams about she and Austin being together. She tells herself that she will have Austin, as soon as she makes him forget about Carrie. She goes to change into a beautiful dress, then remembers laying on Austin's back as he does push-ups. She goes to give Austin some iced tea, and he tells her she looks great. He asks if she's going out, and she says she wants him to go to Dune with her. He says no, he has work to do, but she refuses to take no for an answer. He asks why she's so 'gung-ho' on going out, and she says maybe she's just lonely. Austin asks if this is about Lucas, and instead of answering him, Sami flips it on him and brings up Carrie. They both admit they know their relationships are over. Austin says he will never get over Carrie, top which Sami suggests they help each other forget all about their exes. Austin begins to kiss Sami passionately, then pulls away, saying they can't turn to each other on the rebound. Flustered while still looking at Sami in her sexy dress, he rushes off to get his boxing gloves, while Sami happily tells herself that she will have Austin eventually.

Carrie is looking at the engagement ring that Lucas proposed to her with when Kate shows up at the door. She tells Carrie she came to see Lucas, who is not there, and is about to leave when she spots the ring on the table. She inquires about it, and Carrie tells her Lucas proposed. Kate thinks back to Lucas threatening her with not seeing Will if she pushed Austin and Carrie together, then tells Carrie she assumes she said no. Carrie answers that she's right, then explains that she wants to be cautious because she wants to have children soon. She goes on to tell Kate that she doesn't want another failed marriage. When Kate asks if her feelings for Austin are a factor, Carrie says yes, but she chose Lucas. Kate tells her that either of her sons would be lucky to have Carrie, but not to lead them on, before getting up to leave. She tells Carrie she hopes that she finds what she really wants, then departs. After Kate is gone, Carrie once again looks at the ring and wonders if she made the wrong choice. She tells herself that she knows what she has to do, sits down to write Lucas a note, then heads to the roof. As she stands there contemplating the two men in her life, Austin comes through the door.

After leaving Lucas and Carrie's, Kate is in the hall, thinking about the predicament that her children are in. As she says that she hopes Bo and Billie will reunite so she can focus on keeping Sami away from Austin, Sami comes out of her apartment and overhears. Sami, irate, tells Kate that she will kill her if she interferes in her life again. After telling Sami that her problems are all of her own doing, she follows Sami inside, wanting assurance that Sami will leave Austin alone. Sami refuses, rubbing her earlier kiss with Austin in Kate's face. Kate, taken aback, tells Sami she will make her life a living hell if she pursues Austin.

Frankie and Jennifer kiss in the moonlight, and after being reassured by Jennifer that this is what she wants, Frankie carries her inside and to the bed. He then gets up to put on a CD, which turns out to be his and Jenn's song, 'Stand By Me'. As they listen, they think about their past together, including dancing at their prom. They make love, and when Frankie tells Jennifer he loves her, she suddenly sees his face morph into Jack's. She listens as 'Jack' tells her that it is alright to move on with Frankie, that it is what he wants. Jennifer then snaps out of it, and tells Frankie that a part of her has always loved him, and always will. As they kiss, she sees Jack by the window, and after a reassuring nod from him, she makes peace with her love for Frankie.

Billie is still trying to give Bo a pep talk about Hope as he mulls over his troubled marriage. Billie tells him that the beautiful things he said to Hope in his email will bring her back, not knowing that Chelsea has intercepted and deleted it. Meanwhile, on the island, Hope is still reeling from the email she thinks is from Bo. Trying to help, Patrick convinces her to call her husband, and she picks up the phone. Chelsea watches her parents through the window and thinks of telling Kate what she had done. As she tells herself she has to keep Bo and Hope from talking, the phone rings in the house. Bo looks at the caller ID and tells Billie, much to Chelseas's horror, that it's Hope. Becoming desperate, Chelsea looks up at the telephone wires and forms an idea. She goes to climb the telephone pole, wire cutters in hand.

Bo can't believe his wife has finally called, and answers, asking if Hope got his email. She says yes, still thinking he means the one Chelsea sent, and tells him they need to talk. Hope tells him they should get all the cards out on the table now, just as the lights flicker at Bo's. Hope hears Billie cry out, and is not happy that Billie is in her home with her husband. Hope tells him she will not talk to him if Billie is there, and that she has to go. He asks her to re-read his email, and still thinking of the fake one, Hope tells him she will have Mickey begin divorce proceedings as soon as possible. Bo is shocked and hurt, and just as he begins to protest, the phone suddenly goes dead, leaving both Bo and Hope thinking the other hung up on them. Little do they know that the flickering lights were caused by Chelsea cutting the wrong wire, which shocks her and throws her from the pole. Ever the stubborn little brat, Chelsea climbs back up, states she knows which wire not to cut, and is about to get back to business when Billie comes out to look around. She calls out to see if anyone is out there as Chelsea tries to remain quiet from her perch atop the telephone pole. When Billie goes back in, Chelsea is finally able to sever the phone line.

On the island, Hope tells Patrick that her marriage is over, thinking Bo hung up on her after hearing what he wanted to hear- that they would be divorced soon. She decides to email Bo, and tell him that she wants the divorce as soon as possible. After sending it, she tells Patrick that there is nothing left for her in Salem.

Back at Bo's, Billie comes in and asks what Hope had to say. Bo tells her he has lost his Fancy Face. Billie is trying to convince him to keep fighting when they get Hope's email, which Chelsea has already intercepted on her PDA and sent through. Bo, devastated by what he reads, tells Billie that his marriage is over as a triumphant Chelsea watches though the window.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Hearing Hope has asked Bo for a divorce, Chelsea plays dumb and then claims it is her fault. Bo orders her to stop the phony crying because he knows she's thrilled by the news. Bo takes out his anger on her, threatening to let her go to prison to learn her lesson. When Billie adds her own harsh words, Chelsea runs out and later is shown lying in a storm drain. Mimi worries when she wakes and realizes Shawn is gone. Outside, Shawn plays the hero when Belle almost falls into an open manhole. As Bonnie sees them together, Belle apologizes to Shawn for coming to him about John, Marlena and Alex instead of going to her own husband for help. Bonnie finds Mimi and leaks that her husband is with Belle. She offers her a few suggestions to enhance the sexual aspects of her marriage but then assures her daughter that Shawn is her husband, not Belle's. Later, Shawn returns with flowers for a pleased Mimi. Up on the roof Carrie and Austin talk about their past but she states that what they had is over. Carrie admits that she is going to accept Lucas' marriage proposal because she wants a family. Austin assures her that's what he wants too but she's tormented by Lexie's claim that she and Austin would never be able to have kids. She hints that he could be with Sami but he claims that Sami and Lucas deserve each other. Kate argues with Sami and vows to keep her away from Austin. Austin returns and when he finds them arguing, he orders Kate to get out. Kate faints after Austin tells her he's considering a relationship with Sami. Lucas advises Will that he's hoping to marry Carrie though his son admits he wants him back with his mother. When Carrie returns, she's happy to see the flowers he brought and announces that she will marry him.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Lucas and Carrie are at their apartment, celebrating their engagement. Lucas asks what changed her mind about his proposal, making Carrie think about what Lexie said to her about Austin. Shaking it off, she tells Lucas that he is the man she wants to be with. Lucas asks if Austin knows that they are engaged, and Carrie replies yes, she told him on the roof, but doesn't want to talk about Austin. Lucas says they should go out and celebrate, then changes his mind, saying there is something he has to do first. Carrie asks what that is, and he says he has to propose properly, then drops down on one knee. He tells her how perfect he thinks that she is, and how perfect he thinks they are together. He goes on, telling her that he believes they were meant to be, and that God lead him to her. He says he will spend the rest of his life being a man that she and their children can be proud of. He finishes by saying he is blessed to have her become his wife, then puts the ring on her finger. As the ring slides on, Carrie sees Austin on one knee instead of Lucas. She tries to snap out of it, but when Lucas suggests they go out for lobster, Carrie remembers she and Austin releasing their lobster namesakes. She nixes the lobster idea, and they prepare to leave.

At Sami's, Austin is telling an incredulous Kate how much he believes in Sami.When he tells Sami that he thinks they should start dating again, Kate passes out. Sami, finding this utterly amusing, gets a cold wash cloth for her while Austin tries to revive his mother. Kate wakes up, telling her son she had a horrible nightmare, to which he responds she wasn't dreaming - he intends to date Sami. Just then, Nicole calls for Austin, leaving Sami and Kate alone to duke it out. The second her son is out of the room, Kate lays into Sami, making it clear she will not allow either of her son's to be taken by Sami ever again, and asking how Sami got Carrie to choose Lucas over Austin. Sami thinks back to blackmailing Lexie in order to get her to lie to Carrie about the genetic condition, then denies any involvement in Carrie's choice. When Kate continues to complain about it, Sami sees through her, saying she knows why Kate is upset over Carrie's choice - she doesn't want Austin to be with Sami. She then lays into Kate for trying to control Lucas, which Kate says is nonsense. As Kate tells Sami she will not let her be with Austin, Austin comes back into the room to find Sami trying to keep his mother from leaving. As they argue over Kate's treatment of Sami, Kate fights the door open to find Lucas and Carrie standing there. Lucas tells the assembled crowd that he and Carrie are now engaged, which thrills Sami to no end, and she makes a big show of congratulating them. When Kate seems a bit taken aback, Lucas tells her he is happy, and that she should now welcome Carrie (back) to the family, which she does. Sami suggests they celebrate, then goes to pop open some champagne, as Austin and Carrie look at each other sadly. Sami brings in the champagne and soda for Lucas, and proposes a toast to her sister and ex-fiancÚ. She then jumps right into "helping" Carrie with the wedding plans, volunteering herself for the job of matron of honor. Across the room, Kate tries to talk Austin out of dating Sami, but he blows her off and goes to wish his brother and ex-wife well.

At Bo's, Billie is still trying to help Bo through the shock of Hope asking for divorce. She tells him to call his wife, but he just becomes frustrated as he thinks of his blow up with Chelsea. He decides he should go look for his daughter and picks up the phone to make a call, as Chelsea lies battered and bloody at the bottom of the sewer. She hears her cell phone ring, but she cannot reach it to answer. Bo tells Billie that she isn't answering, to which Billie replies she's just being stubborn. Billie begins to beat herself up about her involvement with the cover up after Zack's death, saying she is partly to blame for Hope leaving. Bo tells her it isn't her fault, so she moves on to blaming herself for Chelsea being such an insufferable brat. She tells Bo that they have set a bad example for her because she knows her parents never loved each other. Bo tells her she is wrong, that they loved each other like crazy, leading them to discuss their past and the events surrounding Hope's return as Gina. They try to make peace with their past, saying that they need to stick together in order to make a good life for their daughter. Meanwhile, Chelsea is still in the sewer, passed out again, as a rat crawls all over her, completely unaware that her parents are trying to reach her on her cell phone. As Bo and Billie wonder where she is, Chelsea is about to be sealed in the sewer by some very inattentive city workers.

Hope is sitting on the beach thinking when Patrick comes looking for her. When he tries to get her back to the bungalow, where he has a fire built, she tells him she needs to be alone and runs off down the beach. When she returns a little while later, she finds Patrick waiting, having built a fire and brought the ingredients for an island drink. As he makes their drinks, Hope thinks about Bo and the end of her marriage. When Patrick brings her the cocktail, she tells him that she didn't really want the divorce, that she expected Bo to fight for them. Patrick tries to explain Bo's behavior, but she won't hear it. She plays with her wedding ring, telling Patrick that it was once her most prized possession. Now, since the love is gone, it's nothing more than a useless piece of metal. At that, she takes the ring off and throws it in the ocean. Patrick, not believing what she just did, goes to comfort her - but ends up kissing her instead.

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