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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, April 10, 2006

With Kate gone, Sami, Austin, Carrie and Lucas celebrate the engagement news. Lucas tells all of them he thinks Kate is happy for them, to which Sami jokes that Kate is happy as long as Lucas doesn't marry her. Austin and Sami awkwardly tell their exes they are happy for them, and Lucas and Carrie get up to leave. When Sami suggests she and Austin go out as well, Austin suggests that the four of them go out together, to the party on the pier. Lucas agrees it could be fun, and he and Carrie go to change. As Sami drains the champagne bottle, Austin tells her that this is just what they both need to move on. Sami asks if he means move on together and Austin tells her he is willing to try if she is. In the hall, Lucas asks Carrie is she is sure she wants to go out with her ex and sister, and she says yes- they both need to get along with their siblings. They share a kiss, which Sami and Austin witness when they come out the door to leave.

At the pier, Austin asks Carrie to dance, which Lucas agrees to. When Sami freaks out about it, Lucas says that it's fine, they all need to get along now. Lucas jokes about being her brother in law now, and asks if they can bury the hatchet. When Sami agrees, he asks her to dance. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie are dancing while discussing the turn of events in their lives. Carrie tells him she wants to be friends and he tells her they always will be. Carrie tells him that she thinks he would be happy with Sami, and he should try to rekindle a relationship with her. Austin says that he intends to, that he will see where it goes. Carrie swallows her hurt and tells him she hopes it works out. Across the pier, Sami and Lucas discuss their past as they share their own dance. He apologizes for not trusting her when he should have, then tells her he hopes Austin gives her the chance she deserves. Sami is surprised by his change of heart. As they reminisce, Lucas thinks back to the last night they danced like that on a pier, when they swore to spend their lives together. Sami knows what he is thinking, and they both try to shake it off, saying they have to focus on their futures with Carrie and Austin, respectively. Austin comes to cut in, and Lucas returns to his fiancée. Sami watches them kiss, not one bit happy about it, and Austin and Carrie stare longingly at each other.

Patrick pulls away from kissing Hope and apologizes for taking advantage of her vulnerability. Hope waves him off, saying she is a single woman now. Patrick once again tries to talk Hope into saving her marriage, but she refuses, stating that Bo made his choice when he protected Chelsea. He tells her to wait to make a final choice until she returns to Salem, but she tells him she does not plan to go back. Hope says she likes Morgan Island, and she intends to stay for awhile, but the ocean makes her think of the times she spent with Bo on the yacht. When she says she wishes she were out on the water right now, Patrick says he has a surprise for her. He pulls her down the beach, then takes her on a yacht he borrowed from a friend. As they sail, she thinks of being with Bo on the 'Fancy Face'. As she longs for her lost love, she says to the open seas "I love you, Brady".

Billie paces in Bo's kitchen, trying again to call Chelsea, who is still at the bottom of the sewer, about to be sealed in by idiot city workers. Meanwhile, Bo is in the living room talking to himself about his failing marriage. Billie walks in and overhears, then tells him for the umpteenth time to fight for Hope. Bo says his wife needs space, and they argue over the best course of action. Billie accuses him of giving up, but Bo says he isn't- he will fight for his wife until the day he dies. He then thanks Billie for being there for him, and for all of her support.

Across town, our less idiotic city worker tells the other lackey that he thinks they should check and make sure there is nothing at the bottom of the sewer before they seal it. His co worker, not wanting to miss his nightly beer at the Cheating Heart, says to just seal it up already. As they prepare to weld the manhole shut, Chelsea calls out for help and is heard by the smarter of the two. The other one, still hell bent on beer time, swears he heard nothing and to continue as planned. Chelsea, momentarily awake, finds her cell phone and attempts to call her father. At Bo's the phone rings and Billie answers, seeing that it's Chelsea, and is baffled when Chelsea says nothing. Chelsea is too weak to speak, and passes out, dropping the cell phone. She tries to call her daughter back, and the phone's ring is heard by the men above the sewer. After an argument over whether they should check it out, Smart Goon goes down to see what the noise is all about, and finds a half- conscious Chelsea laying at the bottom of the sewer. He throws up her cell phone, tells his buddy to call 911, then checks for a pulse while willing her not to die.

Back at Bo's, in the middle of their worry about Chelsea, Bo gets a call from the police station, asking him to go check out the scene of an accident involving a girl fallen in a manhole and a gas leak. Billie decides to come along and they rush off. When Bo arrives on the scene, he decides to go and check things out just as Billie tries to call Chelsea again. When she hears Chelsea's cell phone ring - from the pocket of one of the city workers, she is confused - but won't be for long, because Bo has just discovered that the girl in the sewer is his own daughter!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Billie and Bo realize Chelsea is trapped in a sewer. Bo tries in vain to free her. Desperate Chelsea fears she's going to die, but Bo promises he'll save her.

Hope dries her eyes and tries to forget about Bo while on a moonlit cruise with Patrick. Patrick knows Hope misses Bo. He convinces her to go home to Salem and work things out with her husband. Hope turns on a satellite TV and sees live coverage of Bo risking his life to save a trapped young girl. Hope is afraid she may lose Bo forever!

Mimi and Shawn share an interesting honeymoon moment involving wearing aprons -- and nothing else. But they can't stop kissing, and a fire almost breaks out.

Philip comes downstairs to Belle. He knows why she's so upset. The wrong people got married, and Belle wishes she could've stopped the wedding. Belle looks caught, until Philip says he means Marlena and Alex North. Belle says she's still very upset about her parents splitting up. They smell smoke, and go rushing over to Shawn and Mimi's. The fire is out. Philip asks Shawn for a favor. He wants them all to go out dancing tonight to lift Belle's spirits. Shawn can't refuse, but first he has to convince his new wife. Mimi would rather be alone with Shawn, but he feels they have to do this -- for Belle.

Sami and Austin, trying to move on, celebrate Carrie and Lucas' engagement. Carrie hopes Sami and Austin will also find happiness. Lucas doubts that's possible, considering Sami's track record. Carrie asks Lucas to be supportive. A photographer wants to take pictures of the happy couples: Lucas with Sami and Austin with Carrie. They have to correct the guy. Shawn, Mimi, Philip and Belle show up and are stunned to hear Carrie chose Lucas, not Austin. Belle thinks that the wrong people got together. She has to evade the issue when Philip wonders if she means them as well. Lucas and Carrie, Sami and Austin go home to their respective apartments.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Carrie is getting ready for bed when Lucas comes out of his room. They agree they don't want the night to end, and Lucas carries his bride to be to the bedroom- or at least attempts to. Carrie stops him in the doorway, puzzling Lucas. When he asks what's wrong, she allows herself to be carried into the bedroom, where Lucas tells her that if she is not ready, he can wait. Carrie explains her caution, saying she doesn't want another failed relationship. After talking through it, they decide to make love.

Austin is pacing the living room when Sami comes in, wearing nothing but a nightie. She tells him she hopes they will have many more nights together like that one, and they kiss passionately. Austin tells her he is proud of how she has been handling everything with Lucas and Carrie, and she tells him she has always dreamed of being with him. At this, he kisses her again, only to pull away and say he isn't sure they should be doing this. Sami is upset, thinking it is because of Carrie, but Austin explains that he doesn't want to have "comfort sex". He thinks she is still in love with Lucas and wants it to be him she wants if they make love. He tells her he sees her differently than everyone else does - he thinks she is just scared of being hurt. She says yes, she is, and why would he want her after all she has done to him. After thinking back to all her mistakes, she asks if he is really sure he wants to try again with her. He says yes, he just doesn't want to repeat all of their past mistakes. Sami says to remember their good times, and after thinking about them, Austin and Sami kiss again, leading Austin to pick her up and take her to the bedroom, where they make love. Afterwards, Sami lays on Austin's chest and prays that no one takes him away from her again.

At the accident scene, Shawn, Mimi, Philip, and Belle show up just as Bo is on his way back down the manhole. Shawn asks if they know who is down there, and Billie replies yes- it's Chelsea. Billie becomes distraught, and everyone tries to reassure her that if anyone can save Chelsea, it is Bo. Meanwhile, Bo has reached his terrified daughter, but is unable to dislodge her foot from the rocks that have fallen on it.

Above them, Shawn and Philip are asking the city workers how bad things are in the tunnel, as a reporter is telling someone to get him Bo's background. Billie begins to lose it, and Belle and Mimi attempt to comfort her. Everyone is told to move back because the tunnel could explode. Hearing this, Shawn calls down to his father and sister, just as everything begins to shake. Shawn decides he is going down to help, just as Philip goes to ask how he can stop the gas leak. As Philip takes off to help divert the gas leak, Bo comes back up for tools. Shawn, seeing his father's bleeding hands, says he is going back down instead. Belle screams "No!", as Mimi gives her a dirty look. Shawn waves off everyone's protests and goes down to save his estranged sister. Just as he reaches a confused Chelsea, Philip comes rushing in from another tunnel, hell bent on helping rescue the scared girl. When Bo calls down, Philip answers and Belle hears. Down below, Shawn has finally freed Chelsea, just as Bo has started back down the ladder. He tells his father to go back, and they start to make their way out. Just as Bo gets back out of the manhole, there is an explosion in the tunnel. Everyone begins to scream for Chelsea, Shawn and Philip, who did not make it out.

On the yacht, Hope and Patrick are watching the entire scene in Salem go down on satellite feed. Hope watches Bo risk his life, unaware that it is Chelsea he is trying to save. Her horror escalates when she sees Shawn going down into the manhole as well. Fearing she will lose another son, she breaks down in Patrick's arms, and he holds her hand as they wait to see what happens to her husband and child. Hope screams that she doesn't understand why Bo would allow Shawn to risk his life this way, to which Patrick replies that Shawn is just like his father - a hero. Suddenly, they see the explosion take place, and Hope collapses in tears and screams, thinking she has lost another son.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hope and Patrick continue to watch the live TV feed. There was a gas explosion in the sewer. Everyone is worried that Chelsea, Shawn and Philip are dead. Bo insists on going down to try to find them. He does and comes back up with Chelsea. When Hope sees it was Chelsea who was trapped, it suddenly all becomes clear and she is furious that Bo let Shawn risk his life to rescue Chelsea. Philip and Shawn finally emerge and Belle reacts more to Shawn being safe than she does to Philip. Mimi calls her on it. Philip is Belle's husband. Mimi is Shawn's wife, not Belle! Hope hears Bo refer to Chelsea as his "family" and watches as he leaves with Chelsea and Billie. Heartsick, she tells Patrick to turn the boat around and take her back to the island. There's nothing for her in Salem anymore.

Roman is with John in Kate's hotel suite, determined to keep him away from Alex and Marlena. John believes Doc is in danger! He has to do everything he can to protect her.

Marlena wakes up in her bedroom. The drug has worn off and she remembers everything. She loves John, not Alex. Alex goes to inject her again. Marlena struggles. As she tries to get away, John watches from Kate's hotel room. He sees Marlena struggling with Alex, but Roman doesn't. John convinces Roman they have to get to the penthouse.

When they arrive, Alex tries to keep them from seeing Marlena. He tells John what he saw was just the "passion" of their wedding night. Finally, Marlena appears. She tells John and Roman that she's fine. Alex privately remembers finally overpowering her and injecting her with the drug again, erasing her memory and leaving her passive and docile. John and Roman are forced to leave. John vows he'll stop Alex, at any cost, even his life. Alex is privately thrilled that John is playing right into his plans.

Friday, April 14, 2006

After a harrowing night, Bo and Billie watch over Chelsea as she recovers. They're both glad she's safe after the sewer incident. Bo is still miffed that Hope has not called. Surely she heard about the accident. Chelsea wrestles with her guilt over coming between Bo and Hope. When she wakes up, it looks like she's finally going to tell Bo what she's done.

Needy Hope wakes up to find herself kissing Patrick, thinking it was Bo. She apologizes and Patrick says it's okay. She checks her email and sees another video news clip about the sewer cave in. She hears Billie say that Bo would do anything for his family. Patrick urges Hope to talk to Bo. Hope agrees; she needs to do something. To Patrick's dismay, however, she calls Mickey and asks him to help her file for divorce.

Lexie and Abe wake up together and things grow passionate. Unfortunately for Abe, he can't rise to the challenge and tells Lexie that he's got to get to work. Lexie wants Abe to work through this with her but her pleas falls on deaf ears. Celeste arrives. She brings up the subject of Lexie's affair with Tek. While Lexie is hesitant to say it's over, she is hopeful that things will work with Abe. After Abe leaves and Lexie goes to shower, Celeste consults the cards and realizes Lexie is in pain. Upstairs, Lexie gets in the shower and finds something that concerns her.

Frankie and Jennifer's romantic get-away concludes. Maggie and Alice talk to Jennifer, who is still having misgivings about moving on with Frankie. Frankie and Jennifer make love again in the shower, and both admit they had a fantastic time together. While Jennifer is still carrying grief in her heart for Jack, she's ready to move on. Frankie wonders where they go from here.

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