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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Celeste is talking to Theo about their day when she has a vision of blood pouring down a picture of Lexie. Meanwhile, Lexie is in the shower when she finds a lump in her breast. When she gets out, she comes down and is about to leave for work when Celeste brings up Tek. She and Lexie talk about the affair and Lexie tells her she is committed to her husband now. Celeste says she is happy to hear that, and tells her daughter she is worried for her health, leading Lexie to tell her about the lump. Celeste is upset because there is a family history of breast cancer. Lexie asks what happened to the women in the end, and her mother tells her they all died. Lexie is worried now, and her mother tells her that she doesn't need to be stressed out. Lexie says she is already very stressed because she is being blackmailed by both Sami and Alex North. Celeste says she has to put an end to all of it, and Lexie agrees.

Sami is making coffee while thinking about her night with Austin. She is making breakfast for Austin when he wakes up and ruins the surprise. After he goes to take a shower, Sami is thinking that she is finally getting everything she always wanted when she knocks a picture of herself, Lucas, and Will off the windowsill. She tells herself she has to get past that and focus on Austin and Will now. She goes back to making breakfast, the realizes she is out of milk. Frustrated, she sets out to see if Lucas has any. Meanwhile, Austin is in the shower thinking about making love to Sami the night before. He gets out and tells himself that he loved Carrie, but she made her choice, and now he's made his.

Lucas is making waffles when Carrie wakes up. They just end up right back in the bed, though, and after making love again Lucas goes to continue making breakfast. There's a knock on the door, and it's Sami asking if he has milk. He says no, he has just run out. Carrie comes out to go take a shower, and after she is gone Sami comments that Lucas and her sister have been really getting it on. He says he is sorry if that bothers her. Sami says no, she just wants him to be happy. Lucas says he wants the same, then says it looks like Sami and Austin had a pretty good night themselves. As they talk, Carrie is in the shower telling herself that she loves Lucas and is going to marry him, She gets out just as Sami is about to take off, and invites her sister and Austin to breakfast. When Lucas says he doesn't mind, Sami agrees and she and Carrie talk about how she has changed. She tells Carrie that she truly has, all the while thinking about blackmailing Lexie. Just then, Austin shows up looking for Sami. Carrie tells him that they are all going to have breakfast together as Lucas pulls Sami aside and tells her that she better not come between he and Carrie. Sami says she doesn't intend to, then goes to Austin's side, making it clear to both he and Carrie what the other one did the night before.

Hope calls Mickey and tells him she wants a divorce, as Patrick looks on. She tells Mickey she is sure this is what she wants and when he has to leave , she talks to Maggie. Her aunt tries to talk her out of it, but she won't budge. She says her marriage is over and she does not intend to come back to Salem. She tells Maggie that she loves everyone and she will call them soon, then hangs up. Patrick, overhearing, tells her she is making a big mistake by not talking to Bo. She will not give an inch, telling him that there is no turning back and she is going through with the divorce.

Kate arrives at the hospital looking for Chelsea. Billie sees her and tells her Chelsea will be fine. She also says that she thinks this will bring Bo and Chelsea closer now that Chelsea will know how much her father loves her. When Kate comments that she hopes it brings Billie closer to Bo as well, Billie tells her mother that Bo does not need that right now. Kate pretends to be surprised when Billie says Hope asked for a divorce. When Kate keeps pushing, Billie walks away to check on Chelsea's status while Kate goes off to visit Chelsea. Later on, Billie watches Bo come out and try to call Hope. She tells herself that Hope is the only woman he will ever love, then goes to talk to him. She tries to encourage him to call his wife again, but he insists he is going to give Hope the space she wants, then goes off to think.

Bo sits and tells his sleeping daughter how much he loves her. Chelsea hears this and thinks about her machinations surrounding Hope. Feeling guilty, she turns over and tells her dad that he wont love her anymore once he knows what she's done. She is about to tell him when Kate walks in and convinces Bo to leave her alone with her granddaughter. Once alone, she tries to convince Chelsea that she would be doing the right thing by getting her parents back together. Chelsea, distraught and determined to come clean, says that she has been selfish and that she wants to turn it around. She says that she wants Billie to be happy and to make up for the pain she has caused her, but she doesn't want to break up her father's marriage. Chelsea tells her grandmother that she is going to come clean to her parents that night and that Kate cannot stop her.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chelsea prepares to tell her father the truth. She manipulated Bo and Hope's emails to make each think the other wanted a divorce. Kate is apoplectic and doesn't want Chelsea to tell. Bo gets beeped. There's an emergency at the station. Alone with Chelsea, Kate tries to talk her out of coming clean. Chelsea's mind is made up. She goes out for coffee with Max. Kate still wants Billie to make a play for Bo. Billie refuses; Bo belongs with Hope.

Hope resigns herself to the fact that Bo wants a divorce. She contemplates a solitary life. Patrick urges Hope to give Bo another chance, but she thinks he's made his choice. He wants a future with Billie and Chelsea. They're his family now. Hope changes the subject. She wants to know more about Patrick, and what brings him to the island. Is there a woman he sees? Patrick evades her questions, escalating the mystery of his past. Hope resolves to find out what Patrick is hiding and learn all his secrets.

Bo is at the station. He gets a report on an escaped fugitive, con man and killer. No name, but the description matches Patrick Lockhart! Bo knew the guy was no good. He's glad Patrick left town, and is no longer anywhere near Billie and Hope. Chelsea arrives at the station to talk to Bo.

Jennifer and Frankie are back from their romantic getaway at the Green Mountain Lodge. Jennifer takes a nap and dreams of Jack and how he would answer Frankie's question. What is their next step? Abby wakes up Jennifer, who is unable to tell her about what happened with Frankie. When Abby leaves, Frankie and Jennifer wonder where do they go from here? Jennifer recalls a funny escapade with Jack, when he dressed in drag to track down a story. Frankie realizes that Jennifer is going to have a very hard time getting over her feelings for Jack. Frankie gets a call from Mickey Horton. He and Jennifer are shocked to hear that Hope is filing for a divorce.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sami runs into Eugenia at the hospital while picking up Will's forms. They argue over the situation with Lucas, Austin, and Carrie. Eugenia taunts Sami, telling her it is only a matter of time until Austin drops her. After telling her that Austin will never really want her, Eugenia takes off, leaving Sami alone to pout. Later, Sami runs into Lexie, who tells her about her plan to come clean to everyone about everything- including Sami's blackmail. Sami tries to talk her out of it, telling her she could lose Abe, her medical license, and everyone's respect, but Lexie won't budge. After telling Sami that her time is almost up with Austin, she departs and leaves Sami distraught. A recently arrived Kate sees this and take s the opportunity to harass Sami about Austin. Sami, upset, tells Kate that she will have what she wants and she will make sure that all of her enemies pay in the process.

Lexie has tests run to find out what the lump in her breast is. Afterwards, she tells her mother she is trying to stay positive, but is scared because of the family history of breast cancer. They talk about Abe, and Lexie says she has decided to come clean to him and everyone else about everything, including Sami and Alex's blackmail. Celeste tells her there may be a complication, but is unsure what it is. After they leave the exam room, Celeste goes to the cafeteria and encounters Eugenia, who asks if Sami will get her just desserts.Celeste says she cannot tell her details, but that Sami is at the root of alot of pain for Austin, Carrie, and Lucas. Celeste also warns her against revenge, telling her it causes much trouble. Later, Lexie arrives after her confrontation with Sami and tells her mother that she feels better now that she knows she is going to tell everyone the truth.

Kate and Billie find Chelsea waiting to tell Bo the truth about her plotting and manipulations. Kate tries to talk her out of it, but Chelsea sticks to her guns as Billie goes off to find Bo. Kate tries to use Chelsea's jail sentence and her desire for her parents to be together against her, but it does not work- Chelsea is determined not to cause her father any more pain. She tells Kate that she is going to come clean, and Kate, accepting defeat, leaves.

Bo and Abe are discussing the bulletin they think is about Patrick when Billie walks in and overhears. She is upset that they believe Patrick to be a murderer. Bo decides to call Chicago police and tell them about Lockhart. As he makes the call, Billie and Abe discuss her feelings for Bo. After Bo returns, they briefly talk about Hope, then Billie sends him to look for Chelsea, who is preparing to tell her father everything.

On the island, Patrick is upset when Hope refuses to stop pushing about his past. He goes off to the beach, where he daydreams about a beautiful woman named Alma. Hope, ever stubborn, goes asking around about Patrick and finds out from an islander that he was once in love with a woman named Alma. He directs Hope to the beach, where she finds a memorial cross dedicated to Alma Delgado. Patrick, seeing her there, becomes upset and tells her that once she knows what happened to Alma, she will hate him just as much as Bo does.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chelsea is still waiting to tell Bo she altered the emails and is responsible for Hope thinking he agreed to a divorce. As she's waiting, Frankie arrives and Chelsea confesses everything she's done. Frankie is bound by lawyer/client privilege, so he can't tell anyone, but he assures Chelsea she's doing the right thing by confessing. Bo is desperate to find Hope. He calls Shawn, who comes to the police station with Mimi. Shawn is furious and upset when he learns Hope asked Bo for a divorce. Shawn won't tell Bo where Hope is. Frankie serves Bo with divorce papers. Bo is devastated.

Back at the loft with Mimi, Shawn emails his mom, asking if she wants Bo to know where she is.

On the island, Patrick tells Hope he's responsible for Alma's death. People who were after him killed her and he can never forgive himself. He tells Hope he's not worthy of any woman's love and counsels her to go back to Bo.

Belle is still struggling with her feelings for Shawn. She runs into Sami, who counsels her to do whatever is necessary to be with Shawn. Bonnie overhears and calls Mimi to warn her about what Belle's up to. Belle arrives at the loft to tell Shawn she still loves him and wants to leave Philip.

Lexie is still determined to remove the stress from her life by blowing the whistle on Alex and Sami. Sami overhears this and is determined to find a way to stop Lexie.

Alex tells Marlena to pack for their extended honeymoon. While Marlena is upstairs, Alex makes secret arrangements to sell her penthouse and have the money sent to him. Alex realizes he needs more of his mysterious drug and leaves to get it. While Alex is gone, Lexie arrives at the penthouse to tell Marlena what he's been doing to her. She sees the needle marks on Marlena's arm and accuses Alex of drugging her. Marlena can't believe Alex would do anything to hurt her. Alex returns and Marlena goes up to continue packing. Lexie tells Alex what she's about to do. He is determined to stop her.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bo is still reeling after being served with divorce papers. Chelsea is just about to tell him she's responsible for Hope thinking Bo agreed to the divorce, but John arrives. He's upset Roman has put him under surveillance. Bo tells John about Hope and the divorce. John is stunned. He and Bo talk about their great loves. Neither will give up until he gets his wife back. Meanwhile, Chelsea talks to a woman who's been arrested and hears horror stories about life in prison. John leaves to go see Lexie, and Bo asks Chelsea what it was she wanted to tell him.

Sami breaks into the hospital records room. Alex discovers her there! After a game of cat and mouse, each admits that Lexie has something on them. Alex has a plan to neutralize her. He's going to alter Lexie's test results so they are negative and she won't know if she has cancer. Sami is appalled. Lexie could die! Alex says perhaps, but they'll both get what they want.

Lexie is still waiting for the results of her biopsy and calls John about Alex. Sami sees her fretting and wonders if she can she really let Alex do this to Lexie.

Belle has arrived at the loft to tell Shawn she loves him and wants to be with him. Mimi interrupts and tells Belle that Shawn's mom has filed for a divorce. Belle is stunned and sympathetic. Shawn rails about how he believes divorce is wrong. He's going to tell Hope in an email. Alone with Belle, Mimi reinforces that Shawn would hate her if she divorced Philip and hurt Claire by breaking up their family. Belle asks Shawn if there are any circumstances where he feels divorce is justified. Shawn thinks in cases of abuse, yes, but otherwise no. He doesn't feel that way about someone getting an annulment. Belle asks what would justify an annulment? Shawn says it would be given if someone was married under false pretenses or if there were lies or duplicity in the marriage. Belle is intrigued. Mimi feels guilty and fearful.

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