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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bo finally talks to Chelsea. She's determined to come clean with him about Hope, but after witnessing a woman going to prison have a major melt down, she loses her nerve. Frankie arrives thinking Chelsea has told Bo the truth and nearly blows it for her. Bo and Frankie talk about the divorce. Frankie sees the incriminating evidence on Patrick and learns Bo believes Patrick is bad news.

Chelsea goes to talk to Father Jansen about her dilemma. Despite his best efforts, Chelsea resolves to keep quiet on how she broke up Bo and Hope.

On the island, Hope tells Patrick that she found a letter from Alma that exonerates him of her death. Patrick reads the letter and learns Alma had her own criminal past. Hope tries to reach out to Patrick but he won't be comforted.

Lexie puts her plan into motion by calling Lucas, Carrie, Austin and Abe. She runs into Tek and fills him in on her lump and how she is being blackmailed. She warns Tek that Abe will find out about their affair. Tek hopes she's making the right choice.

Sami won't let Alex cover up Lexie's cancer. She thinks what he's doing is evil. Alex tells Sami she has a choice. Either she goes along with him or she will lose Austin. Sami won't lose on love again. She has a run in with Lexie and begs her not to blow her out of the water. Lexie refuses and Sami realizes Alex is her only hope.

John tries to appeal to Marlena to fight for their love but it's no use. John kisses Marlena and her memory slowly starts coming back but she resists and runs into Alex's arms. Tek is displeased to see John still hassling Alex.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

While John, Abe, Carrie, Sami, Lucas, Eugenia, Austin and Alex look on, Lexie prepares to come clean about her blackmails when she receives her test results. Her lump is benign. Abe is not happy about her making a private matter public. Lexie promises her husband it's for the best. She's about to continue her announcement when she's called away to an emergency.

Sami sees Alex leave and she follows him to a private room. Lexie arrives and realizes the emergency was a hoax and that Alex and Sami are working together. She angrily vows to destroy them both, but Alex has one last trick up his sleeve. He plays a recorded conversation with Abe in which he says he would kill any man who would try to steal his wife. Abe would never forgive Lexie for cheating again. Will this change Lexie's mind?

John continues to try to reach out to Marlena and manages to break through to her. Will she remember everything?

Eugenia is convinced Sami is up to no good. Lucas agrees and intends to find out what it is.

Carrie goes to volunteer in the nursery and a nurse mistakes Austin for her husband. Austin tells Carrie he can't live without her and the two of them share a hot kiss.

Frankie urges Bo to fight for Hope. He thinks he has to be creative on how to reach out to her.

Hope and Jennifer talk. Jennifer thinks her cousin is making a huge mistake, but Hope doesn't want to hear it. Hope confides in Jennifer that Patrick is with her. Jennifer senses something between Hope and Patrick but doesn't bring it up. Frankie arrives with the incriminating info on Patrick. Stunned Jennifer knows he's with Hope but she's been sworn to secrecy.

Bo uses his son's screen name to reach out to Hope. Hope thinks Shawn is contacting her at first, then realizes it's Bo. Angry she tells him to never talk to her again and subsequently blocks his messages.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Carrie pulls away from the kiss, telling Austin that she is marrying Lucas and he should learn to be happy with Sami. Austin tries to talk her out of it, but when she thinks about their baby possibly being born with birth defects, she becomes upset and leaves to find Lucas. Austin tells himself he won't give up, then takes off after her.

In the records room, Alex tells Lexie he is still waiting for her answer on what she intends to do. Lexie refuses to be blackmailed again, and insists she will tell the truth to everyone. When she then leaves, Sami asks Alex what they will do now, then they go to look for Lexie.

John tells Marlena they will be together, then pulls her into a kiss. She pushes him away, saying that she is married, then begins to have more memories of her life with John. She becomes upset and leaves the room, with John right behind her.

Abe and Tek pace the lobby, waiting for Lexie. Abe tells Tek that Lexie has not been herself lately. Lexie then comes in and Abe tells her how glad he is her results were negative, as Sami and Alex watch. Sami is worried, but Alex says everything will be fine, then wonders where Marlena is. Just then, in walks Marlena, with John trailing behind her. When Lexie sees everyone - including Carrie, Austin, and Lucas - gathered, she begins to tell them all the truth. Alex tells Sami he has called for reinforcements, just as Celeste enters with Theo in tow. She puts Theo in Lexie's arms, momentarily distracting her. When Alex walks away, Lucas comes over to tell Sami that he thinks she is up to something. Across the room, John is still trying to get Marlena to talk about her memories as Alex listens in. Sami interrupts his thoughts by asking what to do about Lexie. While Alex and Sami wait to see what she will do, Lexie begins to talk again, but Alex interrupts her, telling everyone that he thinks Lexie just wants to tell them to take it easy in their lives because of her scare. When Abe becomes highly agitated at Alex's speech, Lexie imagines telling him about her affair, and then him killing Tek. Worried about the result, Lexie backs out of telling the truth, saying that Alex was right about what she wanted to say. Marlena then comments she has never seen Abe behave that way, proving she is getting her memory back. Alex sees this, and takes her off to a private room. Everyone else begins to scatter as well, leaving Lexie to discuss things with Celeste.

When they are alone, Marlena tell Alex she remembers his abuse, and accuses him of drugging her. He admits it, then pulls out a syringe and attacks her with it, saying once he gives her this she won't remember a thing. They struggle, but he wins, and by the time John barges in, it's too late - Marlena has forgotten everything. Alex tells John and Abe, who has come with him, that he is taking his wife away on their honeymoon to get her away from John and he expects the police to keep John away from them until they are gone. He then leads Marlena out of the room, leaving John livid.

Belle looks at a picture of herself, Philip, Shawn and Mimi, and thinks back to Mimi's harsh words. Philip catches her in thought and says he knows what she is thinking. Belle, annoyed, asks why he always says he knows what she is thinking, saying that he is no psychic and is rarely even right. They discuss their marriage, and Philip tells his wife he thinks she doesn't truly want to be married to him. She reassures him with a hug, then says that she needs to tell him something. She then says that she wants to have another baby, and she wants to start trying right now. They make love, then after they discuss the future of their marriage and children.

Mimi tells her mother over the phone about the events with Belle. Shawn walks in and overhears her talking about "the truth" and asks what she means, but she covers. He then blindfolds her for a surprise, and when he takes it off later, the room is full of candles, flowers, and strawberries with chocolate. They make love, and afterwards Shawn brings up the letter Mimi wrote him. He says he was supposed to read it after they were married, then goes to get it. Mimi is terrified when he comes back and sits down to read it, knowing it will be the end of their marriage.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

John goes to the private airfield to try to keep Alex from taking off with Marlena. Roman catches John and confiscates his weapons.

Marlena gets cold feet about leaving her family and friends in Salem. Alex convinces her they have to go. Abe joins Roman, determined to keep John from doing violence to Alex.

As Alex leads Marlena toward the private jet, John tries to stop them. Marlena recalls John's love, and almost changes her mind but Alex hurries her onto the plane. John has a high-tech spy gizmo to track the plane, but Alex jams the device. Now he has Marlena right where he wants her, and there's no way John can find out where they're going. John is frustrated, knowing he can't stop Alex and Marlena's life is in mortal danger.

Lexie wants to spend a romantic evening with Abe, but he spurns her. Abe goes to work with Roman, telling Lexie not to wait up. Tek tries to comfort upset Lexie, but she's inconsolable. She goes to a nightclub where she gets drunk.

Austin, Carrie and Lucas wonder what Lexie was really trying to tell them. Nervous Sami suggests they go out dancing. At the club, Carrie asks Sami to be her matron of honor. Emotional Sami accepts. Lucas asks Austin to be his best man. Austin covers his heartache and accepts. Meanwhile, Lexie gets drunk and is on the verge of telling Carrie, Austin and Lucas the truth about Sami's blackmail. Sami freaks out, warning Lexie that she will tell Abe about the affair with Tek. Tearful Lexie laments to Tek that her marriage is a sham, so nothing can keep her from spilling the beans, and ruining Sami's life!

Mimi gets the letter away from Shawn before he reads it. She wants Shawn to hear her words in her own voice. Mimi "reads" a loving aria to Shawn, then burns the letter. Shawn, moved by Mimi's profession of love, makes a reservation at the Green Mountain Lodge to continue their honeymoon.

Philip and Belle make love. Belle seems to be genuinely moving forward with Philip. Philip also plans to take Belle to Green Mountain Lodge. Caroline arrives to stay with the baby. Belle confides she's given up on being with Shawn. She and Philip want to have more children. The two couples arrive at the lodge unaware of the other couple's presence.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Mimi and Shawn are at the Green Mountain Lodge to continue their honeymoon when Belle and Philip also show up. Both couples separately order champagne in the lounge, unaware the other is there. Belle and Philip discuss their plans to make another baby, as Shawn and Mimi talk about their plans to adopt. Just as Mimi tells Shawn she is sorry she cannot give him biological children, Philip spots them and comes over to say hi. They talk about Shawn's parents impending divorce for a moment, then Mimi asks why they are there. Philip tells them that he and Belle are trying to have another baby, and Shawn takes the opportunity to give Mimi a surprise - an adoption application. As Mimi tells her husband how happy she is, Belle thinks to herself that everything is all wrong and has to be stopped.

Hope and Patrick discuss Alma's letter and what it means. After, Hope tells Patrick that Bo instant messaged her, but she blocked it. They once again go back and forth over whether she should give Bo another chance, and Hope finally tells him why she really left Salem - she found Bo and Billie in bed together at a motel. Patrick is shocked. Just then, a reminder beeps on Hope's computer - it's to remind her to take Zack to the dentist. Seeing her distress, Patrick says that they should go to the casino on the main island, then takes off to find them something to wear. He returns soon with a dress for her and a tux for him, and after changing into their evening attire, they trade flirtatious compliments.

Bo is at home drinking and thinking of Hope and Zack when Billie shows up. He tells Billie that Hope has shut him out of her life, then tells her about the blocked IM. They go back and forth over what Bo should do about Hope, prompting Bo to tell Billie about how he met his wife. After thinking back on their past, he tells Billie that maybe he and Hope were never meant to be together and are better off apart. Billie refuses to believe that, but Bo doesn't want to hear it and goes to the kitchen for more beer, worrying Billie. He comes back a few minutes later, saying he is out and needs to go for more. Billie follows him out he front door, trying to keep him from drunk driving.

Austin watches Carrie and Lucas dance at Dune, as Sami and Lexie duke it out across the room. Seeing the fight, Austin goes to break it up, and due to Sami's manipulation, tells Lexie she needs to go home and quit attacking Sami for nothing. Lexie becomes irate and tells Tek Sami should pay, so he enlists the help of the club owner, Jada, to help. Jada decides to have a handcuff dance - and makes sure Austin and Carrie get handcuffed together. As they watch their loves dance with each other, Sami and Lucas become upset. Lucas just bears it, but Sami makes a phone call. Just as Austin and Carrie win the dance off, the cops bust in saying they got a tip about drug running. Sami smiles as they say that Abe is one his way and Lexie freaks out, knowing she could be caught with Tek. Sami gloats, obviously very happy with herself.

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