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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Memorial Day, and Frankie and Jennifer are throwing a barbecue. Belle, Philip, Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, Maggie, Alice, Abe, Lexie and Abby are there. Abby is upset that Jennifer apparently forgot that it was her and Jack's anniversary. The adults assure Abby that Jennifer is doing the right thing by moving on. It's what her father wanted. John and Marlena return and she reunites with her family and friends. Belle is still upset when Marlena reminds her that she got amnesia when she fell down stairs and lost Roman's baby.

Hope and Patrick return to her and Bo's house. She is reminded of her devastating loss as she sees that there's no sign of Zack left in the house. Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie arrive. Hope is thrilled when she hears about the in vitro and the possibility that Shawn and Mimi could have a baby. Bonnie is thrilled when she figures out that Patrick made some moves on Hope.

Bo returns to Billie and Chelsea at the Lockhart house. Chelsea is thrilled that Bo and Hope haven't resolved their problems and are even more estranged. She and Billie don't realize Hope has also returned to Salem. Billie sees Bo is devastated that Hope is with Patrick and is still going through with the divorce.

Chelsea leaves to go to the barbecue at Jennifer's. After she's gone, Bo tells Billie that Hope knows Chelsea's court date has been moved up and is back in Salem to testify against her. Bo is upset when he realizes Chelsea has gone to Jennifer's. Hope is sure to be there. He and Billie rush off to Jennifer's. They're too late. Chelsea and Hope come face-to-face.

Jack is in the hospital after his procedure. Even if he's cured, he still isn't sure he should return to Salem and disrupt Jennifer's new life with Frankie.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hope faces off with Chelsea. It is too much for Chelsea to handle so she runs away. Billie is about to go after her but Frankie stops her and goes instead.

Jennifer tries to reach out to Hope but it's no use. She's refuses to reconcile with Bo. She wants to make sure Chelsea pays. Bo overhears and tries to appeal to her. The two have it out and he urges her to give them another chance. Frankie, meanwhile, tries to appeal to Chelsea's guilt but unfortunately his pleas fall on deaf ears. Kate arrives and tries to get Billie to rally and fight for Hope but she wants to do the right thing. Upset Chelsea runs out and Billie goes after her. Hope and Bo see this and she tells him to go to his family. It's where he belongs.

Mimi and Shawn prepare for the in vitro. Mimi is determined for this to work but Shawn promises to stand by her no matter what.

Philip wants to join Max's racing team. Neither Kate nor Belle is thrilled about his choice but agree to support him. Alone, Kate questions Belle's loyalty to Philip. Belle holds her own and vows to Kate she loves Philip. Philip goes to Shawn and makes his proposal to financially underwrite the team for a shot as a driver. Shawn says he'll see what he can do.

Austin learns about Shawn's new invention. He's sidetracked when the new neighbor, E.J., asks to borrow a wrench. A faulty shower sends Sami back to retrieve the wrench, but she's sidetracked by E.J. wearing nothing but a towel. The towel slips and Austin arrives to see Sami with a nude E.J.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bo catches Chelsea as she is about to run away. He talks some sense into her and vows that he will stand by her at the trial. Billie has a run in with Patrick and the two of them make amends. Patrick tells Billie that he still cares for her. Bo sees Patrick and goes on the attack. Billie pulls Bo out and calms him down. Bo decides to go for a walk.

Jennifer tries to reach out to Hope but it's no use. Hope receives some flowers from Bo and tells Jennifer she knows exactly where to put them. She goes to Zack's grave, where she and Bo come face-to-face. They share a passionate, needy kiss.

Marlena comes home to the penthouse and breaks down when she sees the spot where she fell and suffered her miscarriage. Roman arrives and comforts her. John sees this and is not thrilled. He's protective of Marlena. She tells both men that she's going to need time to deal with her loss. Because of her amnesia, she never dealt with losing Roman's baby. Roman leaves and John assures Marlena the two of them will get through this together.

Sami sees more of her new neighbor than she bargained for when he drops his towel. Austin interrupts and E.J. apologizes. Austin says it's no big deal. Carrie and Lucas arrive. She thinks she's met E.J., but he denies. Carrie and Austin invite their new neighbor over for apple pie.

Lucas fights with Austin over Shawn's new race car invention. Titan is already on top of it, but Austin wants to steal the deal. Before they can get into it, E.J. arrives and he seems to know quite a bit about Shawn's invention. Sami tells Carrie that E.J. seems like a dream. Carrie asks Sami if she's interested in E.J., but she denies. Carrie makes a toast to their new neighbor. E.J. knows how Sami likes her drink. Her interest in this mysterious stranger grows.

Mimi goes through with the in vitro. Lexie warns her and Shawn there are no guarantees. Mimi knows this but prays she gets pregnant. She asks her mom about the curse on the Lockhart women. She's done so many bad things. Bonnie dispels her concerns, but she's still worried. At the same time, Lexie urges Shawn to stand by Mimi. If she loses this baby, she will need him. Shawn promises never to leave her side.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Shawn brings Mimi home from the hospital after she was implanted with a fertilized embryo. They're happy she's pregnant, but worried about whether the implantation will be rejected. Their air conditioning is out and Mimi begs Shawn to take her someplace cool for dinner. Shawn finally agrees.

Philip wants to take Belle out, but she's still upset about him wanting to be a race car driver. Philip promises he'll be careful, but he needs to prove an amputee can compete and win. When they hear Mimi and Shawn's good news about the in vitro, they decide to go out and celebrate.

Bo and Hope kiss at Zack's grave. Hope finally pulls back. She can't do this. Bo presses Hope not to give up on them. He convinces her to let him take her out to dinner. They go to Chez Rouge. Hope tells Maggie not to get her hopes up. Maggie conspires with Bo to help him get his wife back. Shawn is cool toward his parents. Mimi gives them the news that she's pregnant. Bo tells Hope that if they're going to be grandparents, they should be together for the family. Hope is moved and starts to soften.

Max visits Chelsea. It's the night before her trial and she's very nervous. She gets Max to take her out to dinner. When they arrive at the restaurant, Chelsea sees Bo there with Hope. That can't be good! Shawn tells Chelsea to get lost; no one wants her here.

Sami insists they take E.J. out to show him what a great town Salem is. Austin, Sami, Lucas and Carrie head to Chez Rouge where they introduce E.J. to Belle, Philip, Shawn and Mimi. Everyone's impressed. Carrie compares notes with Mimi on being pregnant.

While Lucas steams, Austin tries to convince Shawn to bring his racecar invention to Reed and Company. Just as Austin starts to make headway, Sami moves in and Shawn has a bad reaction. He forgot that she worked with Austin. Forget it. He's not interested. Lucas is relieved and tells Carrie he wants to celebrate.

Austin is upset about losing Shawn and Max Brady's account and wants to do damage control. Sami leaves him alone to work. She'll leaves, saying she'll find her own way home. Outside, E.J. gives tearful Sami his handkerchief. Sami warns him she's the town pariah. E.J. says she's beautiful. Max moves in and sees E.J. He has a pronounced reaction! If E.J. is in town, Max is a dead man!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Bo makes progress with Hope until Chelsea comes over to their table. Hope storms off. Bo lays into Chelsea. What does she think she's doing!? Chelsea defends herself. She was hoping to make inroads with Hope before her trial. Bo thinks Chelsea just made it worse. He goes after Hope and begs her to give him another chance.

Tearful Chelsea meets up with Max. She blew it. Now Hope is bound to send her to jail. Chelsea wishes she could get Hope out of the picture. Max warns Chelsea that if she tries anything, it could backfire. He takes her home. Chelsea wants to make love with Max before she's sent to prison. Gentle Max wants them to be together under happier circumstances. He prays Chelsea gets a miracle but she's sure she's doomed.

Bo catches up to Hope at the house, but she won't let him in. She thinks he should go back to Billie. Defensive Bo wonders if Hope wants to be with Patrick. Hope swallows her anger. Patrick isn't coming over. Hope wants to be alone. When Hope goes inside she sees Zack in his bloodied PJ's crying out for help and she screams.

E.J. and Sami see Max and he explains that E.J. is a famous race car driver in Europe. He could be real competition for Max. Sami is stunned when she learns E.J.'s accomplishments.

After Max leaves, E.J. offers to drive Sami home. He gives her an exciting and stimulating ride. Sami is taken aback when E.J. knows her middle name. E.J. says it was an educated guess. He saw her monogram at her apartment. Sami learns more about E.J., including that he was once deeply in love with a woman, but they had clashing career goals. Sami frets about being jinxed with men and marriage. She can't lose Austin again! E.J. assures her she won't. She just has to be honest and aboveboard with him. E.J. can tell that Austin loves Samantha deeply, and Sami senses E.J. is slightly jealous.

Philip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi come home. Belle is still against Philip's idea to become a racecar driver. Mimi and Shawn leave Belle and Philip alone. In a heartfelt scene, Philip tells Belle he loves her and Claire, and he would never risk his life. But he needs to prove himself. Belle finally gives in, and they make passionate love, hoping she will get pregnant. She wants to have another baby with Philip.

Mimi and Shawn get amorous, but he warns they can't have sex until they know the newly implanted embryo won't be rejected. Mimi loves Shawn for being so caring and they find other ways to share their love.

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