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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Chaos erupts in the courtroom after it's announced that Bo was the last person to have been in contact with the video disk before it disappeared. The judge orders an investigation into what happened. He also says the trial must go on. After hearing the two lawyers debate whether the case should be dismissed the judge states that there is enough evidence to convict Chelsea, but because the disk is missing, she is only sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a suspended license. Chelsea is elated at first, then starts to complain. Shawn overhears and is furious. Billie accuses Kate of tampering with the evidence. Hope is in complete shock over the outcome of the trial and asks Frankie for the divorce papers. Bo overhears.

Caroline makes a mysterious phone call and finally connects -- with Kayla! She urges her daughter to come home, but Kayla is reluctant. Caroline knows it's because of memories of Steve.

Meanwhile, Jack sees Steve at his hospital. He thinks he's delirious at first, but then he knows for sure he's seeing his "dead" brother. One problem. Steve doesn't remember him.

Belle rushes Mimi to the hospital. Mimi miscarries her baby and is distraught. If she had told the truth about Claire's paternity then the miscarriage wouldn't have happened. Shawn later arrives (from court) to console her. Belle and Philip feel sorry for their friends.

Lexie gets her test results back. They reaffirm that she doesn't have cancer. Grateful Sami goes to the chapel to pray, but is soon confronted by Tek. E.J. arrives and Tek returns to Lexie where he pleads with her for one more night together.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lexie and Tek are going at it hot and heavy when Lexie's phone rings. It is her mom wondering where she is. She was supposed to meet her for lunch over 20 minutes ago. "I'll be right there" Lexie says and hangs up. Tek grabs her again and begins to kiss her passionately. Lexie melts in his arms again. Tek's phone rings now. It is Abe asking Tek to come down to the station and help with the investigation into the switched disks. Tek tells Lexie he will call her later. He is going to hold her to the promise of one last time together.

Lexie meets with her mom. She admits what she has been doing with Tek. Says it is only a sexual thing not love. Tells her mom that Tek did say that he loved her the day she broke it off with him. Her mom warns her that she is in for trouble ahead if she continues doing what she is doing.

"Steve" tries to convince Jack that he is not Stephen Earl Johnson. Blames it on the amount of drugs that Jack is on which could cause hallucinations. Also that seeing dead loved ones happens in end-stage illness, the body's effort to help the one dying cross over to the other side. Jack retaliates by telling "Steve" that he is one this side not the other one. Jack offers to prove to Steve who he is by calling his wife Kayla. "Steve" responds, "Oh good I have a wife now" and tells Jack to call her. Jack says he does not know the number. "Steve" tells him to call Jen then. Jack refuses stating that Jen has already grieved the loss of him and he does not want to hurt her further. Jack the pulls out a locket and ask "Steve" to tell him who that is inside. "Steve responds, "Your wife". Jack believes that "Steve" remembers but "Steve" tells him that he assumed that was who she was. Jack is running out of options so asks "Steve" to grant him a dying wish, a DNA test to prove that they are indeed blood brothers. Steve agrees.

Kayla reminisces about life with Steve while the song "The Rose" plays in the background. She remembers the day they were wed, the day she cold-cocked him while play boxing and him singing while signing the song "The Rose" to her. Kayla's thoughts are interrupted by and unexpected phone call.

Back at the courthouse Frankie ask Bo if he had any thing to do with the disk being switched. Bo denies.

Jen is trying to console Hope about the verdict and tells her not to sign the divorce papers right now. Bo walks up and Hope rips into him about getting Chelsea off. Once again Bo denies any wrongdoing.

Billie does not believe that Bo had anything to do with the evidence suddenly disappearing. She believes her mom had something to do with it and tells her so. Chelsea comes up and wants to go celebrate. Before they can get far they are confronted by Hope. Hope tells Chelsea that what happened in the courtroom was not right. But she has accepted the judge's decision. "You have been given a second chance don't screw it up." Hope tells Chelsea. "Does that mean you forgive me" Chelsea says, looking at hope expectantly. "No, but I am willing to try because that is what Zack would have wanted. For some reason he loved you"

Chelsea stated that she loved him too, after all he was my brother and I won't ever forget him. Because of the double jeopardy law Chelsea cannot be tried again for the same crime but both Hope and Chelsea know that justice was not served that day. Chelsea takes off running with Billie and Kate close behind.

Billie catches up with Chelsea and asks her why she ran when Hope was finally reaching out to her. Riddle with guilt Chelsea admits she just keeps doing one wrong thing after another. Billie and Kate try to ease her mind by stating everyone makes mistakes, look at us.

Meanwhile Patrick tells Hope how brave she was in trying to forgive Chelsea. Hope admits that it is not Chelsea's fault the way things turned out today. She still blames Bo. Bo comes up from behind and once again denies he had anything to do with it. He points the finger at Patrick. It would be a perfect way to create an even bigger rift between him and Hope.

Jen goes to the pub to meet with Caroline who asks her for a favor. Jen is the one who interrupts Kayla's thoughts. She invites Kayla to come back to Salem for the wedding. After some consideration Kayla agrees.

Abe catches up with Bo, Hope, and Patrick and says there has been a new development in the case, as the real culprit looks on. Kate tries to beat a hasty retreat but is stopped by Abe.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Abe calls Billie, Kate, Eve, Bo and Hope to the evidence room where Tek explains he managed to access an old yet still-operative surveillance system set up during the Salem Stalker days. He has Bo on camera and it looks like he tampered with the camera! Bo denies this, but Hope says it's clear. He did this on purpose. She storms out angrily and Bo follows, but she won't listen. Billie knows Kate is responsible and tells Bo she believes he's innocent. Abe sadly tells Bo this looks like he's done the unthinkable. Bo claims that if Abe thinks he would do such a thing he doesn't want to be a part of the force.

Jennifer tells Frankie that Kayla is coming to the wedding. Hope shows up at Jennifer's house and asks Frankie for the divorce papers. She's about to sign when Bo arrives. Hope tells Bo to get lost and she signs the papers.

Abe and Tek talk about Lexie. Abe wants to make amends with her, but Tek beats him to the punch and calls Lexie and asks her to meet him. She agrees, and Tek and Lexie get hot and heavy. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching.

Mimi has lost her baby. Loving Shawn tells her they will get through this but the medical reality is not so good for Mimi. Lexie suggests Mimi and Shawn consider a surrogate. Mimi is hesitant but Bonnie wants the job. As soon as Bonnie hears about the restrictions, she backs out. Shawn and Mimi decide to go forward with a surrogate.

Belle and Philip fret over why they haven't been able to conceive. After seeing a woman and her triplets, they have some tests run. It turns out the problem isn't Belle -- it's Philip. He has low sperm motility. He wonders how he was able to get Belle pregnant with Claire. Freaked Bonnie overhears. She knows exactly the reason -- Shawn.

E.J.'s photo shoot is about to begin but Sami has creative differences with his model. E.J. suggests Sami step in. She's hesitant at first but Austin insists. Sami and E.J. do the shoot and Kate, who arrives with Billie, couldn't be happier seeing them together.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kayla comes home to Caroline and Grandpa Shawn. She urges Bo to reconcile with Hope. Bo longs to be with his wife, but Hope is determined to divorce. When Hope goes to Frankie and Jennifer's pre-wedding party, Kayla implores her sister-in-law to give Bo another chance. Before Hope gives in, tipsy Chelsea crashes the party. Hope is reminded of everything Bo did to keep Chelsea out of jail and realizes she can't go back to him. Billie is not happy that Chelsea is drunk and tries to talk her down. Abby is still not happy that her mother is marrying Frankie. She tells Jennifer that when she marries Frankie, Abby's moving out.

The DNA test proves that Steve is Jack's brother. But Steve has no memory of Jack, or his life with Kayla. Jack urges Steve to go back to Salem but he refuses. Then Steve makes Jack a deal: he'll go back to Salem if Jack will. Jack reluctantly agrees.

Tek and Lexie are making love, but she stops. They have to get to Frankie and Jennifer's party. If they don't show up, Abe will be suspicious. Tek gets reluctant Lexie to agree to hook up again later. As they leave the motel, a mysterious figure watches them.

At the party, Abe promises Lexie he will undergo any operation or procedure to correct his impotence. He wants them to have a full and loving marriage. Lexie is deeply moved, and vows she is committed to being with her husband. Tek can't stand this. He text messages Lexie and she lies to Abe, saying there's an emergency at the hospital. Tek and Lexie return to the no-tell motel. The mystery figure watches them, with a note addressed to Abe!

Shawn convinces Mimi to look into finding a surrogate mother to have their baby. Mimi is torn, still guilty about lying to Shawn about the baby he already has with Belle. Finally, Mimi agrees. The first young woman they interview, Holly, seems perfect. Mimi approves, and it looks like they're on their way to starting a family.

Friday, June 16, 2006

At the pub, Bo drowns his sorrows and takes out his anger on Patrick. Bo still blames Lockhart for coming between him and Hope. Frankie keeps the bitter rivals from killing each other. Bo vows he won't let Patrick end up with Hope!

Hope and Kayla bring Jennifer home from the party. Kayla and Jennifer reminisce about their late husbands. They miss them terribly. Kayla and Jennifer tell Hope how painful it is to lose your husband to death. At least Hope's husband is alive. She has to do whatever she can to reconcile with Bo. Conflicted, Hope goes out for a walk to think it over. Jennifer and Kayla are alone when the doorbell rings. While she is out, Hope is attacked by an unseen assailant.

Jack and Steve are getting ready to go home to Salem. Once they're sure Jack will survive the trip, they head out. Jack shows Steve a photo of Kayla. Steve has a pronounced reaction. He doesn't remember her, but he can't believe he was married to such a beautiful woman.

Lexie and Tek make love at the no-tell motel. The mystery figure delivers a note to Abe at the pub. He reads it, his face a mask. Abe goes to the motel, tells the manager he got a message to meet his wife here. Abe goes in to find Lexie in flagrante with Tek!

Austin goes to Frankie's bachelor party, but Sami decides not to attend. She's still the pariah of the Brady clan. Sami and E.J. go to the pier and join a tango contest. Sami wants to learn to tango to surprise Austin at their wedding reception and E.J. gladly teaches her. They share a very sexy and sensual dance, and win the contest! Kate spies Sami and E.J. together. It looks like her little plan is working!

Shawn and Mimi tell Belle and Philip that they found a surrogate mother to have their baby. The friends go out to celebrate. At the pub, they're shocked to see Holly, the proposed surrogate, drinking up a storm! Angry Shawn confronts her, telling Holly the deal is off! Guilty Mimi is convinced she's being punished for lying to Shawn about Claire. They'll never have a baby!

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