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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Sami confides in E.J. What she's done is terrible. E.J. tells her not to play into the blackmailer's hands. She should stand firm. Sami isn't sure she can but E.J. promises to help her.

Austin realizes that Lucas and Carrie's apartment is on fire! He races up and manages to rescue Carrie; Lucas, however, is left behind. Sami and E.J. come out of her apartment and she rushes in after Lucas. E.J. must rescue Sami and Lucas. Sami hovers over barely conscious Lucas and tells him she can't lose him.

Hope informs Patrick he's her baby's father and Bo goes ballistic. He wants Hope and the baby. Hope says it's Patrick's child and he must respect that. Patrick runs into Billie and she learns about Hope's baby. She comforts Bo as he vows to get Hope back. This really stings Billie.

Jack has started his drug trial. Hope lends Jennifer support but we see Frankie realize that if Jack lives, he will lose Jennifer.

Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip deal with the mixed up sperm/embryos. Mimi can't believe this is happening to them. Shawn urges them to be calm; they'll work through this one way or another. Philip and Mimi notice that Belle seems happy knowing she's carrying Shawn's baby. Philip thinks the only solution is for Belle and the surrogate to have abortions. Belle and Shawn react. That isn't going to happen!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An unconscious Carrie is rushed to the hospital. Anxious Lucas, Sami, E.J. and Austin wait to hear if she'll make it and finally learn that she will. After visiting with the sleeping Carrie, Lucas runs downstairs to get coffee for himself and Austin while Sami and E.J. go home.

While watching sleeping Carrie for Lucas, we see Austin open up to her re: how scared he was for her. He tells her how much he loves her then kisses her on the forehead and exits. Carrie opens her eyes after he's gone and we realize she heard the entire thing. Lucas returns and hugs his wife while Austin watches. We tag on Carrie and Austin's intense eyelock.

Back at the apartment, Sami gets another threatening note. E.J. tries to catch the person who delivered it but fails. He returns to an upset Sami who moves into his arms and begins to sob.

Philip tries to make a case for aborting the babies. Shawn's not having it. He believes that abortion is wrong. Mimi runs out of the apartment upset. She's mad about what happened and feels that she'll lose Shawn over the matter. Shawn reassures her everything will work out but we see she doesn't believe him. Back at Belle's loft, Philip tries to convince her to have an abortion but she says refuses. Philip realizes that Belle isn't upset over the matter and tells her he thinks it's because she's carrying Shawn's baby. Belle covers saying she has to go to bed but at we see that Philip may be right.

Frankie overhears Jennifer tell Jack that she can't live without him. Jennifer tells Frankie that she still loves him and wants to be married to him but she has an obligation to Jack right now. Will he please bear with her a little longer? Frankie agrees and Jennifer rushes off to be with Jack.

Kayla, Steve and Stephanie talk about Steph's dangerous career. Steve tells her that there's something more important than having a career you're passionate about -- finding someone to love. Stephanie admits she may have found that someone. Later, we see Stephanie watching Max and Chelsea on the beach.

Max and Chelsea almost make love but can't because they don't have condoms. Chelsea agrees to see Max exclusively but we see her crossing her fingers behind her back.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The morning after the fire, Carrie wakes up thinking about Austin professing his undying love to her the night before. Lucas is there and thinks he knows why Austin's name in on Carrie's lips: because Austin saved her life. Carrie covers re: what Austin said. Carrie is released from the hospital and Lucas takes her home. EOD: Carrie gets a moment alone w/Austin and with a loaded look, Carrie tells Austin they have to talk. Meanwhile, frantic Sami gets time alone w/E.J. (Austin takes a shower and fantasizes about being with Carrie.)

Sami is beside herself when E.J. suggests she go to the police and make a report about the threatening notes she's received. Sami freaks: no, she can't tell the cops! She can't tell anyone! If Austin/Carrie/Lucas found out what she did, they would never speak to Sami again! E.J. makes a very strong case. Someone out there knows Sami's secret. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. If Sami tells Austin now, and begs his forgiveness, she might have a chance of surviving this crisis. Emotional Sami isn't sure Austin would forgive her. E.J. says Austin would be a fool to let Samantha go. (in subtext, we see E.J.'s unspoken feelings for her.) Finally, Sami agrees: it's time to tell Austin the truth and accept the consequences.

Belle comes home from dropping claire off at her play group. Philip's in a foul mood after finding out Belle is carrying Shawn's baby. He accuses Belle of still having feelings for Shawn. That's why she wants to have Shawn's baby. Emotional Belle admits she's conflicted. Philip's anger grows, and he slams out to blow off steam. Meanwhile, Shawn/Mimi go to the hospital to check on their surrogate mother's impregnation. All is well with Mimi/Philip's baby. Mimi is a mess and she tells Patrick the bad news; Mimi thinks she's being punished. Patrick senses there's something else Mimi is not telling her. Mimi covers (re: claire being Shawn's baby). Patrick says he'll be there for her whenever Mimi wants to talk. Mimi hears that Patrick is the father of hope's baby. Meanwhile, hope tells Shawn the news. Shawn is glad bo is not the father and he doubts his mom/dad can get back together now. Hope is not sure what she's going to do and she reels at the news about Belle carrying Shawn's baby. Does this make Shawn want to be w/Belle again? Shawn is firm: he's married to Mimi. Philip is married to Belle. That's the way it's going to stay. Hope warns Shawn he may change his mind once the baby's born. Shawn leaves. Patrick visits hope and he's hopeful the baby they're having will bring them closer. Tearful Belle finds Shawn after her fight with Philip. Mimi hears Belle say it feels so right that she's having Shawn's baby. Meanwhile, Philip speeds around the track in Max's race car. At the end, his car crashes!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shawn comforts upset Belle after her fight with Philip, annoying Mimi. Belle is afraid something terrible might happen. Meanwhile, we see Philip has been in a lethal-looking crash with Max's car. Stephanie arrives on the scene but she can't get him out of the mangled wreck. She calls 911, then tries to get in touch with Belle. She finally reaches her through Shawn. Belle, Shawn and Mimi rush to the accident scene, as rescue workers use the "jaws of life" to save Philip. Belle is a mess. Shawn stops her from going to Philip's aid, reminding her she's pregnant with his baby. She can't take any risks. As Philip is rescued, Shawn puts his arms protectively around Belle. Philip and Mimi are in shock when they hear Shawn tell Belle he can't let her or the child she's carrying get hurt. He loves her.

E.J. encourages Sami to tell Austin the truth but she gets cold feet. She fears Austin won't want anything to do with her again. What if she loses him forever? E.J. finally convinces her that telling the truth is her only option. Meanwhile, Carrie admits she heard what Austin said to her at the hospital. He loves her and always will. Austin admits it's true. But that doesn't change anything. Carrie is married to Lucas and she's having his child. Austin is engaged to Sami, and his future is with her. Carrie asks Austin if he's sure. She also heard him say he dreams about her leaving Lucas for him. Austin knows that can never happen. He and Carrie have to accept the fact that what they had is over. Austin belongs with Sami. He truly believes she's changed. Tearful Carrie admits he's right. They share bittersweet goodbyes. Later, Sami is about to tell Austin the truth. Will that change his mind about being with Carrie?

Max takes Chelsea out for breakfast. He's glad she's agreed to date him exclusively and he hopes she'll clean up her act. No more partying too hard, dancing with strangers, etc. Chelsea promises she's on the straight and narrow, but we see her fingers are crossed behind her back. Max leaves the table and his cell phone rings. Chelsea sees that it's Stephanie. She cuts off the call and doesn't tell Max. Later, Max sees Chelsea has not responded to two letters from the court mandating that she sign up for community service. Chelsea can't be bothered, but Max points out if she doesn't comply, she could go to jail for contempt. Chelsea agrees to do the right thing. Stephanie interrupts with news of Philip's crash. Max's race car is totaled! Why didn't he answer his cell?! Chelsea is caught. Stephanie shoots her a killer look.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thanks to E.J., Max, Stephanie and the EMS, Philip is pulled out of the wreck alive. Belle and Mimi are still reeling from Shawn's declaration of love to Belle. Mimi runs off and we see Belle is affected by Shawn's statement. Philip also hears and angrily reacts. Later, at the trauma center, he confides in Lexie. She urges him to fight for the woman he loves. Shawn tries to talk to Mimi and manages to convince her that the love he has for Belle is different than the love he has for her, but later, Mimi overhears Belle says she wants to have Shawn's baby.

Sami wants to tell Austin the truth but he's too busy putting a surprise dinner together for her. E.J. presses her to tell the truth before it's too late and Sami realizes it has to be done. Later, Austin invites Carrie and Lucas to join them on the roof. Lucas says they'd love to. Austin learns Lucas and Carrie are going to stay at a hotel until their apartment is redone so he invites them to stay in Nicole's old room. Carrie hesitates at first but then gives in. Later, Carrie and Lucas receive bad news.

Devastated after the loss of his car, Max accepts Stephanie's help to rebuild the engine. Chelsea is not happy about this and intends to get rid of Stephanie once and for all.

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