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Monday, July 24, 2006

Max and Stephanie are working away diligently in Max's garage trying to fix Max's car which Philip crashed. Max is starting to think it's a lost cause, but Stephanie assures him that it can be done. He doesn't understand why Stephanie is helping him, being that he's the competition. She jokes about not seeing him as competition. Stephanie says fixing the car is fun for her, and that there's nothing she likes more than a challenge. They continue to discuss the car. Stephanie makes a comment that she thinks, "Race cars can be like relationships; sometimes they're more trouble than they're worth." Stephanie's attention goes to a photo of Max and Chelsea, and Max turns to see what she's looking at and sees the picture. He looks puzzled by the comment. Max asks her if she's talking about Chelsea and him. Stephanie says that she never said that. Max says she didn't have to. Stephanie says that's it's not her place. Max says that Stephanie hasn't seen the best side of Chelsea. Stephanie hopes not and says that would be scary, if she has. Max tries to excuse Chelsea's behavior, saying that she's insecure. Stephanie reminds him that he said that already. Max tells Stephanie that Chelsea is jealous of her and Stephanie tells him that Chelsea said that's she's not. Max says that of course Chelsea's jealous because Stephanie is beautiful, smart, strong, self-confident and successful. He goes on to say that Stephanie is everything that Chelsea wants to be and isn't, except the beautiful part. Stephanie says that Max is still crazy about Chelsea. Max is sick of Stephanie thinking it's all about the beautiful. Stephanie doesn't know what else he could see. Max tells her that once she gets to know Chelsea, she'll see that it's not all about her looks. He says that Chelsea is a challenge and not like anyone he's even known. Max tell Stephanie that she's not the first one to wonder what he sees in Chelsea. Stephanie thinks it's very clear what he sees, and that it's a well-known fact that he has an eye for cute girls..."and "girls" in plural, not just one." Max says the rumors are true. Stephanie says that Max leaves a trail of broken hearts in every city. He says that's all done, he's not like that anymore. Stephanie asks if it's because of Chelsea, and Max says it is. Stephanie says that there must be more to her than meets the eye. Max says that there's a lot more, and it's complicated. He explained that Chelsea has been hurt a lot, and she's like a scared little girl inside. He says that he's making excuses, and Stephanie says, "But you love her." Max says that he does, and there's something about her that makes him want to be a better person. He says someday he wants to marry her. Stephanie is very surprised that he's that serious. Max then asks Stephanie about her, is there someone special. Stephanie says, "Actually there is..," and adds very quietly, "..or was."

Chelsea is at the hospital, and is joined by Abby who has been visiting Jack. Abby thanks Chelsea for waiting. They discuss Jack's condition. Abby hopes that the new experimental drug is working. Chelsea says that Jack is definitely a survivor, and it'll work out. Abby agrees and thinks he'll get better. Abby stops in and says goodbye to Jennifer as they leave the hospital. Abby thinks out loud that she has to get, "Some way for Max to forget Mrs. Goodwrench." Stephanie comes across an article in a magazine and is convinced an article called "How To Keep Your Man Crazy For You," is what it's going to take to win over Max.

Jennifer sits at Jack's bedside. Frankie and Lexie stand by the door discussing how little Jennifer's eaten and slept. Frankie wishes there was something he could do. Lexie says, "Maybe there is. Follow me." They leave. Abby joins Jennifer at Jack's bedside and offers to stay, and let her go home and get some rest. Jennifer declines the offer, saying that she's fine. Jennifer tells Abby to relax, and go out and have some fun tonight. Jen assured her that Jack is stable and there's nothing to worry about right now. She reminds Abby that Jack would want that for her. Abby asks, "What about you?" and reminds Jen that she's barely eaten or slept. Jen says that she's fine, and that Abby should get going, Chelsea is waiting for her, and she can visit her dad in the morning. Jen agrees to call Abby if she needs her, and they exchange I love yous and Abby goes. Jen tells an unresponsive Jack that their little girl is growing up so fast, and still needs her daddy. She goes on to ask him why the medicine isn't working, why he isn't waking up, and if he's going to just give up on them.

Frankie comes back to Jack's room, and wants Jen to come with him. She doesn't want to leave Jack alone, and Maggie agreed to come sit with him. Jen says that it's sweet of Maggie, but she wants to stay. Frankie tells Jen that if she wants to be any use to Jack when he wakes up, she's going to have to start taking better care of herself. Jen worries that Jack may need her. Frankie says that Maggie will know exactly where they'll be. Jen inquires about where they will be. Frankie says to come with him and he'll show her, and promises it won't take long. Jack opens his eyes and watched them leave! Maggie comes in to find Jack awake and asks how he's feeling. He asks for Jennifer. Maggie tells Jack that Frankie took her for a bite to eat, and that Jen's been by his bedside day and night. Maggie tells him that Jennifer will be thrilled to know he's awake. Maggie wants to go get Jen, but Jack asks her to wait, she should enjoy her time with Frankie and that this should be their honeymoon. Maggie brings family photos to cheer up Jack. She said how at first they all thought Jack Jr. looked like Jennifer, but now they all think he looks like Jacks "mini me." Maggie shows him photos of some of the time he missed with Jack Jr. Maggie stops short of a picture and Jack thinks there is something that she didn't want him to see. Maggie says that there isn't. Jack guessed it was a new picture of Frankie and Jennifer, and Maggie reluctantly shows him the photo. Jack is pleased that Jennifer looked happy in the picture. Jack says he's happy for them both, especially Jennifer. He says that it looks like she's fallen in love, and that's what he wanted. He weakly shuts his eyes and a sad look comes onto his face.

Frankie brings Jennifer to a private room at the hospital. She thanks him for always taking care of her. She compliments him for how patient he's been, and tells him how much it's meant to her. She said that they're newlyweds, and they should be having time together. He tells her that it's okay, but she says it's not okay. She tells him that his feelings matter to her. She feels selfish, and tells him the situation is terrible and how great he's been through it. He tells her that she isn't selfish. She tells him that she's been at Jack's bedside, and whenever she's around him all she talks about is Jack. Jennifer asks what will happen if the trail doesn't work, he never wakes up, and he stays like this forever. She asks if he's going to wait forever. Frankie says that he knows she loves Jack and knew it when he married her. Jennifer assures him that she also loves him. Jennifer continues to apologize, but Frankie stops her. They share a romantic kiss, and then begin to make love.

Chelsea and Abby walk into the night club and Abby asks Chelsea what her big plan is to make Max take notice. Chelsea says she going to hook up with this guy about some guy in the club. Abby tells her that she's done that a million times. Chelsea tells Abby that this time she isn't going to just try to make him jealous, she wants him to see that he has some serious competition. Abby wants to know if she missed something and reminds Chelsea that she said she'd be Max's girlfriend. Chelsea had her fingers crossed when she promised, just in case. Abby confronts her saying that Max has totally committed himself to her, and she is so insecure that she can't believe it. Abby questions why she's still playing games. Chelsea snaps back that she just doesn't want to lose him. Chelsea said that it's just like she said, once you commit to a guy, he starts losing interest in you. Abby reminds Chelsea about what happened to his car, and tells her that he's not losing interest. Abby tells her that Max has other things on his mind right now, and asks her what's wrong with her. Chelsea says, "Stephanie Johnson is what's wrong with me." Abby says that they're just friends, and Chelsea doesn't believe it. She tells Abby that Stephanie wants Max, and he must notice that. She thinks Max likes her back and Abby says he likes her as a friend only. Chelsea worries because Stephanie is gorgeous and her and Max have a lot in common. Chelsea also thought that Max wanted to be alone with Stephanie at the garage and that's why he couldn't wait to get rid of her. Abby reminds Chelsea that Stephanie's helping him with his car, and at least she knows what it means to him. Chelsea says she does too, and believe it or not, she cares about Max, and she should be the one that's there for him. Abby tells Chelsea that if she goes through with her plan, she's going to lose him for good. "Not if I do it right," she shot back. She shows Abby the article which says the #1 way to keep your man is to make sure he's jealous. Abby finds that hard to believe. Abby said that Chelsea missed the part in the article that says it's also the #1 way to lose him, and it's a dangerous game that could easily backfire. Chelsea says that all that means is that you have to know how to work it, and she does. Chelsea texts Max. She says that she wants to have a drink with him. Max and Stephanie agree that there isn't any more work to be done on the car today, and Max invited Stephanie along to join them.

Stephanie doesn't think Chelsea would like that, but Max insists. He says that he has friends and some of them are women, and Chelsea will have to get used to it. Stephanie asks if he's sure, and he says he is, so she agrees to go. Max texts back that he's on his way, just as Abby is saying that she doubts he'll just leave to come there when he's fixing his car. Chelsea gloats when she receives the text that he's coming. She says that when he gets there, she'll be prepared, and goes and starts talking with the guy she had pointed out earlier. Abby just watches and shakes her head. Abby can't take it anymore, and goes over and says she has to talk to Chelsea and pulls her away. Chelsea tells the guy that it'll just take a minute. Abby tells Chelsea that she's not going to let her do this and that she's self-destructing again. She doesn't want her to do it to Max either. She says that Max is on his way and the last thing he wants to see is his girlfriend throwing herself at a stranger. Chelsea turns and introduces herself, and asks his name, which is Dax. Dax and Chelsea continue to flirt. Chelsea starts kissing Dax, as Max and Stephanie walk in. Max's happy expression changes fast when he sees the lip-lock. Stephanie looks satisfied.

Austin is on the rooftop of his apartment building with Maggie putting the finishing touches on a romantic dinner set for Sami, and their guests. (Lucas, Carrie, and E.J.)

Austin went all out, having all of Sami's favorites: meal, music, flowers. Austin thanks Maggie for all of her help. Maggie almost bashes Sami but catches herself, and says that if he loves Sami, then that's all that matters. Austin's phone rings. It's Carrie on the phone. Austin asks for her and Lucas to come up to the roof, but as it turns out, Carrie is calling to cancel. Carrie goes on to explain that Lexie just called and wanted to see her and Lucas at her apartment. Austin asks if everything is all right, and Carrie says that Lexie just needs to go over some test results, and make sure everything was all right. Carrie agrees that she and Lucas will stop by later for dessert. Maggie asks if everything is okay and Austin says that he hopes so.

Sami emerges from her bedroom dressed to the nines, and E.J. comments on how beautiful she looks. She tells him that he looks handsome. Sami confides in E.J. that she doesn't know why she got dressed up because once Austin finds out what she's done, he's not going to want to have anything to do with her. E.J. tells her that if Austin can't forgive her for what she's done, then he doesn't deserve her. Sami and E.J. gaze deeply into each other's eyes. E.J. tells Sami that we all make mistakes. Sami tells him, "Not like mine." He tells her he's made serious mistakes, one in particular. Sami wants to know more about that one mistake, and if it's about the woman in England that he loved so much. He said that he should have stayed with her. Sami reminded him that he'd said that the woman had chosen her career over being with him. E.J. says that he should have fought for her, and maybe if he had, they'd still be together. He tells Sami that this is why she needs to fight for Austin. He reinforces that she need to be the one that tells him the truth because if someone else does, then she won't have a chance. Sami says she's all for fighting, but can't figure out a way to make Austin understand what she did. She doesn't want to lose him to Carrie.

Austin interrupts, not having heard the conversation between E.J. and Sami. He comments on how beautiful she looks and they agree that this will be a night that they never forget. E.J. offers them privacy, and Austin declines. He apologizes, and says that Sami just took his breath away. E.J. agrees that Sami has that effect. Austin says he's ready, and ask Sami if she's ready for his surprise. She says she is, and she's been wondering what it is. Austin asks her to come with him. Sami says that first she has to talk to him, and it's about Carrie. Austin thinks Sami is talking about Carrie canceling, and says that he already knows. He tells Sami that Lexie called Carrie and Lucas to come to her office right away, and that's why they can't be at dinner. Sami says she hopes everything is okay. Austin says that Carrie said she was fine, and Lexie just wanted to go over her test results. He went on to say they may make it in time for dessert. E.J. offers to leave the two of them alone again. Austin declines and says that tonight is a celebration, the more the merrier. They head up to the roof. E.J. excuses himself to get a bottle of champagne, trying to give Sami time alone with Austin to come clean about her lies. Sami starts again trying to tell Austin that she has something so say that can't wait. Austin tells her that she has to come with him right now, and he won't take no for an answer. She is whisked off to the roof. The sight of the romantically decorated roof brings Sami to tears. She wants to know how he did this, and he says he's a multi-taker. They laugh. He says he had help from Maggie and her staff. Sami doesn't understand what the occasion is. Austin says that he wants to show everyone how much she means to him, and that we he said it'd be a night they'd never forget, he meant it. She says that she still doesn't understand, and he assures her that she will. He says it's just the beginning and he has a much biggest surprise in store for her. As they kiss, E.J. walks out onto the roof. They realize they've been joined by E.J. and Austin invites him to join the party. E.J. whispers to Sami assuming she hasn't told. She confirms she hasn't. When Austin asks what they're whispering about, Sami covers by saying she wonders what's going on, as far as what he has planned. Austin excuses himself to get something he's forgotten downstairs. Sami is very upset, and E.J. comments that Austin is quite the romantic. Sami says he's everything she's wanted, and she's going to blow it when he finds out she's the same as she was. E.J. says that she'll prove she's not the same by telling him the truth about what she did. She says there's more to it. E.J. tells her he thinks that she's afraid that in revealing her secret, Austin will go back to Carrie. He reassures Sami that Carrie and Austin are over, and Carrie has married Lucas of her own free will regardless of what Sami's done. He goes on to say that even if Austin did want to go back to Carrie, it is impossible because she's having a baby with Lucas. Sami tells E.J. that he's right, because Austin would never break up a family because he's a good person. She adds that she is not. E.J. tells Sami that Austin wouldn't have gone to all this trouble if he didn't love her, and that she has to put an end to the situation and tell him the truth. He tells her that whoever is writing these notes may write one to him. Sami again agrees with E.J. She vows to tell him as soon as he gets back. Austin is down in their apartment looking for something in his briefcase. He pulls out a little black velvet ring box. He opens the box and thanks God. He picks up a picture of Carrie, and stares at it for a moment. He then sets it back down, and heads for the roof. E.J. offers to leave when Austin comes back, so she can tell him in private, but Sami says she wants him to stay for moral support, and maybe to help Austin see that he should forgive her. Austin returns and apologizes for taking so long. He pulls the ring from his pocket, gets down on one knee, and proposes again, this time to make it official. He said the first time there was one thing missing, the symbol of his love and commitment. Sami eyes bug out of her head as the words come from his mouth. She breaks into tears and says no. She says she would love to, but she can't. He looks shocked!

Carrie and Lucas are joined by Lexie in her office. She apologizes for keeping them waiting. Carrie is anxious to hear that everything is okay, and fears that something is wrong with the baby. Lexie says that she's so sorry, and pauses. Lucas wants to know what she's talking about. Carrie fears that there's something wrong with the baby. Lexie sadly tells Carrie there is no baby. Carrie and Lucas are shocked and Carrie asks if she miscarried. Lexie says that she didn't lose the baby. She was never pregnant. The couple is shocked. They tell Lexie that Carrie had taken a pregnancy test, and Carrie insisted that she followed all of the directions. Lexie said that sometimes with home pregnancy tests, there are false positives. Carrie says that she hasn't had her period. Lexie tells Carrie that stress or believing that she was pregnant could have caused the lack of period. Lucas comforts Carrie and tells her that they'll try again, and he promises that they'll have a family. Lexie says that there's actually something else she needs to discuss with them. Lexie reminds Carrie about the conversation she'd had with her after the appendectomy regarding the scar tissue, and how it may affect her having children. Carrie begs Lexie not to tell her that she can't have children. Lexie again apologizes, and tells Carrie that her chances of conceiving are less than 1% due to her hormone levels. Carrie is upset and thought that when her and Lexie had their talk after their surgery, she was given the impression she still had time to start a family. Lucas asks about the other options, IVF etc., and brings up Belle and Philip. Lexie says they have different cases. Carrie is crushed and crying and Lucas comforts her. Lucas assures Carrie that they can still have a family. He reminds them that they have Will and that they can always adopt. Lucas' phone rings, and it's the contractor. He excuses himself. Once Lexie and Carrie are alone, Carrie tells Lexie that she can't believe this is happening. She says she never would have put Lucas through this if she would have known. Lexie says Lucas loves her, and that this won't chance that. Carrie says that it changes everything, that when she started having second thoughts about marrying Lucas, the reason why she went through with it was because of the baby. She says she based her whole future on a baby she can't have. She sobs, "Oh God, Lexie. What have I done?"

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the hospital, Bo and Billie discuss Jack's condition, and whether or not Bo and Hope were back together. Bo is at the hospital picking up Hope's vitamins, but says they're aren't reunited yet. Billie is sure that Bo won't give up. Bo confesses that it'll n ever be the same between him and Hope will all that's happened, but he still wants to be her husband. Billie encourages Bo to fight for Hope. Bo says that losing Hope has really shown him how much she means to him. Billie offers to help him get Hope back.

At Hope's house, Patrick is just getting finished fixing her sink. Patrick asks Hope what they're going to do about the baby. Hope is nervous about the topic, and Patrick tries a joke to put her at ease. Hope is clear that Patrick will be a great dad and that she wants him in the child's life. Hope is confused about what she wants. Mimi calls from the hospital, and Patrick excuses himself, telling Hope that whatever she chooses, he'll be there for her. Bo arrives, and tells Hope how much he misses her and that he wants another chance. Hope says that it isn't that easy, and what she wants is Zack. Bo wishes he was with them as well, and says he's had nightmares about Zack's death every night, wishing he could change things. Hope tells Bo that she knows he loved Zack, but that's he chosen Chelsea over their sons many times.

Bo says the one woman he has always loved and always needed is her. Bo says that it doesn't matter that her baby isn't his, but Hope finds that hard to believe. Bo wants a reunion regardless of all that's happened. Hope wants to know how he'd handle Patrick being involved with the baby. Bo says that as long as him and Hope are together, he can handle it. Hope says that the biggest problem that they have is that she doesn't trust him anymore. She wants him to prove that he had nothing to do with tampering with the evidence that kept Chelsea out of jail. She said when he does that. they can work on their marriage.

Mimi tells Patrick that she's going to lose Shawn. Patrick tries to console Mimi, but she turns a deaf ear to it. She tells him it won't be all right because Belle is having Shawn's baby. Mimi says she's heard Shawn and Belle talking and is convinced that he life with Shawn is over, and she might as well pack her bags and get out of town.

Patrick tries to calm Mimi and wants to know what she overheard. He tells Patrick the Belle told Shawn that she's happy that she's having his baby. Mimi is so upset that Belle and Shawn are bonding over the whole mix-up, while Philip and her are hysterical. It hurt Mimi terribly the way Shawn looked at Belle. She says that her worst nightmare it coming true, Shawn still loves Belle. Patrick reminds Mimi that Shaun married and loves her. Mimi is not so sure, and says that now he has the best reason in the world to be with Belle. Patrick knows what she going through, in that he's pretty sure that Hope still loves Bo, but is carrying his child. Mimi asks if Hope loves him too. Patrick says that he loves Hope, but it's complicated, and nothing is decided. Mimi says that Belle has never stopped loving Shawn, and that she wants him and now has the perfect excuse to be with him. Mimi says that for the rest of her life, Belle and the child will be in her life. Patrick says all of that doesn't mean that Belle and Shawn will get involved romantically, but Mimi's pretty sure they will. Mimi slips up and says that Belle and Shawn already share a child. Mimi tells him that Claire is Shawn's daughter.

Carrie confides to Lexie that she only married Lucas because she wants a baby of her own. Carrie is upset that she let wanting a baby sway so many of her decisions. Lexie says that they're still a small chance that she can conceive. Carrie is skeptical. Lexie comments that it looks like Carrie and Lucas have the real thing. Carrie tells Lexie that's it's not the same kind of love that she feels for Austin, and that she'd only chosen Lucas so that she could have a family. Carrie feels like a bad person. Just as Lexie is feeling compelled to tell Carrie about what her and Sami did, she receives a text message saying, "DONT DO IT." Carrie sees it, and asks about it, while a scared Lexie looks all around for someone watching. The black gloved person is seen outside Lexie's office shutting a cell phone. Lexie says that she and another friend are using the buddy system to give up coffee, and that's what the text is about. Carrie asks what Lexie was going to tell her, and Lexie tells Carrie that she shouldn't be getting involved in her personal decisions. Carrie insists on Lexie giving her advice, and Lexie tells her to let go of what was and give Lucas a chance. She goes onto say that if after a year or so she's still pining for Austin, then they should go see a counselor. If that doesn't work, she advises her to then, and only then, consider divorce. Lexie confides that she wishes Abe would give her that chance. Carrie agrees with Lexie and decides honor and keeping her marriage vows may be more important than love. She does care for Lucas. Carrie also thinks she'd be incredibly selfish to get between Austin and Sami.

Austin, still on bended knee, is surprised by the "no" that Sami said, but she explains that it's a no to the ring because it's too expensive. She wants a more simple ring, and wants him to use the money for his company. He explains that he wants her to have the one that she picked. He gets back down on his knees and tells her that she's done being disappointed, and he wants to give her everything that it's in his power to give. He proposes again and this time Sami accepts happily. They seal it with a kiss. Austin goes down to get the food for their dinner. Sami is sure that she shouldn't tell Austin after he went to so much trouble for this evening, but E.J. urges her to do so. Sami tells E.J. about some of her past, and why it's so important to get it right this time. She asks E.J. to let them un-postpone the wedding. Now Sami says that she's decided not to tell Austin the truth, and just let whoever tell him if they're going to. She says she can live with losing Austin easier if she's outed by someone else because then she'll have someone to blame. Sami wants E.J. to sweat that he won't tell Austin either, and says that once they're married, he won't leave her even if he finds out the truth. Downstairs, Austin is busily getting the food ready. He remembers a time that he had put together a romantic meal for him and Carrie. Billie comes over, and Austin tells her he's making dinner for Sami. Billie tells him that he may be making dinner for Sami, but he's thinking of Carrie. Austin denies it, and reminds Billie that Carrie is married to Lucas. Austin admits that he's worried about Carrie because of the fire, and Billie was shocked to learn that there's been a fire. Austin tells Billie about everything that he has going for him, and Billie tells him he's with the wrong woman. Austin admits that he loves Carrie, but that she chose Lucas, and wants Billie to stop causing trouble. Billie thinks Sami is still wrong for him, even if Carrie isn't available. Austin accuses her of sounding like Kate. Billie says that Bo tried to move on with her when he still loved Hope, and how did it work out for her? Billie thinks that as far as Sami goes, Austin is confusing like with love, and encourages him not to get married on the rebound. Billie says that Sami will definitely lash out if she's hurt. Austin tells Billie that him and Sami are not going to hurt each other. He invites Billie to join them for dinner. Billie thinks there's a ulterior motive and Austin admits E.J. is going to be there. She politely declines. He asks if she wants to live in limbo the rest of her life, and what is she so afraid of. Billie says she isn't interested in E.J. and that she's going to take her time finding the right partner. She advises him to so the same.

After Sami asked E.J. to swear on his mother about keeping her secrets, E.J. says what makes her think his mother is alive or in his life. She apologizes. He tells her that's hypothetical and that Sami needs to learn to think before she speaks. He reminds her that he doesn't know her secret. Sami says that's it's enough that he knows she has one. Sami begs him to keep her secret. He says he isn't concerned with her begging, but want to know what she'd do to him if he did tell. "Believe me. You don't want to find out," she threatens. She goes back to begging. He tells her that if he is a friend, he'd go and tell Austin the truth. He agrees to let her have it her way, and keep her secret. Sami thanks him. She then turns his attention to the initials carved in the door, Carrie and Lucas and Carrie and Austin. She tells him that her sister has her initials carved all over town, and she doesn't. She continues to confide in E.J. about her past. E.J. still urges Sami to be honest with Austin. E.J. assures her that if Austin doesn't take the revelation well, there will be other men for her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still at the hospital, Mimi and Patrick continue to discuss Claire's paternity secret. Mimi fears that Shawn and Belle will want to be together once it comes out. Patrick wants to know how Mimi knows about Claire and Shawn and Belle don't. She explains that they don't even know they had sex and the circumstances behind it. She also explains about finding out Claire was Shawn's while Claire was sick. Mimi feels badly about not telling Shawn the truth, and Patrick says that it still isn't too late. Mimi says she'll lose Shawn if she tells the truth. Mimi is sure that the love Shawn feels for her is not the same as the love Shawn and Belle share. Patrick says she can still make it right, but Mimi is convinced that she can't since she's known the truth and kept it for so long. She told Patrick about lying to Father Jansen, and about him telling her that their marriage isn't valid in the eyes of the church. Mimi thinks it will be over legally too when Shawn learns the truth. Mimi reminds Patrick about how mad Shawn is at his father for lying. Patrick again urges Mimi to be honest.

Outside Philip's room, Belle and Shawn discuss Philip's condition. Belle blames herself for Philip's accident and says that Philip thought she was happy to have Shawn's baby. She tells Shawn that her was right, she feel like it was meant to be. Shawn can't dream of putting Mimi through a divorce. Belle thinks that means that Shawn is going to leave Mimi so they can raise their baby together. Shawn says that's not what he meant, and he's not leaving Mimi. Belle doesn't understand and says they're having a baby just like they planned. Shawn says that this baby wasn't planned, it was an accident. Belle is trying to convince Shawn that it's meant to be, and all of this is happening for that very reason. Shawn says it doesn't matter how they feel, they are committed to difference people. Belle says that she didn't marry Philip in good faith, and that her wedding vows were a lie. Shawn reminds Belle that she'd told him that she'd loved Philip back when they were married. Belle says that she does love him, but never the way that she loved Shawn, and not the way that she should love a husband. She says she was wrong to marry Philip. She was just so hurt after everything that happened with Jan. Belle thought that eventually she'd love Philip like she loves Shawn, but it never happened. Belle thinks what she did was unfair. Shawn says that she's barely given Philip a chance and that she can learn to love him that way. Shawn urges her to forget about him, but she says she can't do it. Philip is not meant for her. Belle tells Shawn that taking vows in front of a priest knowing they were lies is grounds for annulment. Shawn wants her to consider Claire and her responsibilities. Belle asks what about her baby. Shawn reminds her that legally the baby is hers and Philips. He thinks she should stay committed to Philip. He continues to refuse to leave Mimi. Belle is crushed.

Bo tells Hope that he would never do anything to hurt her, including tampering with the evidence that kept Chelsea out of prison. He is going to attempt to prove it, and wonders what will happen between them if you can't. Hope says that she's sorry, but without proof that he didn't tamper with the evidence, she can never trust him again. Then, their marriage really will be over. She tells him that he's lied about so many things, she just can't take his word for it. Hope goes onto say that maybe a divorce is for the best, since she's having Patrick's child. She reminded him of how he behaved when she brought home J.T., not helping her when he was so sick. She doesn't believe it'll be any different now, especially with Patrick's child. Bo reminds her that the father who raised him wasn't his biological father, and how close they are. He also talked about being angry when he found out Victor was his father and having to word through his feelings. He says he'll love the baby she is carrying the same way his pop loved him. Hope went right back to needing proof about the trail evidence and Bo promised to produce the proof. She hopes he can. Bo leaves.

Hope is joined for tea by Maggie and Gran. They're worried about her since hearing that she's having Patrick's baby. They all agree that it's complicated, but a wonderful blessing. Hope feels that Zack asked God to send this new baby to her, not to take his place, but to give her another chance to love another child. They offer her positive encouragement, and remind her that biology isn't everything. They tell her that if she's back with Bo then the baby will have three loving parents. Maggie assures her that true love wins out in the end. Hope tells them that she wishes things could turn out that way. They discuss Bo's feelings about the baby. Maggie and Gran are convinced Bo can do right by this baby. Hope tells them that first Bo must prove that he had no role in tampering with Chelsea's trial evidence, and she's not sure he can do that. They urge her not to give up on Bo.

Steve and Kayla are on a flight to Ohio. She explained to him that the last time they flew to Ohio, it was to look for her sister's little boy, who had been kidnapped. She told him that trip is when she started to fall in love with him. Steve wondered if they had found the little boy, she says they had and she thinks that this trip will be successful too. They hope to find some answers in Cincinnati about how he ended up there all of those years ago. Kayla fears that there may be danger ahead for them because someone had gone to such great lengths to keep them apart. Steve says to Kayla that the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks that someone took away his memory on purpose. He thinks he might know why. He thinks that maybe in his former positions as a police officer and ISA agent, he may have had some knowledge that someone considered a threat. Steve thinks Stefano may have set up his disappearance. Steve talks about Stefano setting up Marlena as the Salem Stalker, and how elaborate that was. He thinks that the same way Stefano made people disappear to an island, he made him disappear to Cincinnati. Kayla doesn't know what to believe. Kayla says that on their honeymoon, they took in a little boy named Benjy who evened up being Stefano's son. Stefano wasn't exactly grateful to have his son being raised by Brady's or Johnson's. Kayla tells him that Benjy ended up going to be raised by his maternal grandfather and they lost touch. Steve is going to look into these things. They're waiting for results from a lab about what was in the casket buried in the "Steve Johnson" grave. They both hope that it's found empty. Kayla is confident they'll find answers in Cincinnati.

Steve and Kayla go to a bar in Cincinnati's, where Steve went often when he was living as Nick Stockton. After they end, we see that the black glove person is outside, and motions to a man. The man says, "I've got it," to the black gloved person, who we still can't see. The man follows them into the bar. Steve is recognized as Nick by many of the patrons. The man who had been sent by the gloved person approaches Kayla as soon as Nick/Steve is over with some friends. He advises Kayla not to get involved with Nick/Steve. He tells Kayla that Nick is two-timing and has broken a lot of hearts around there. Nick/Steve pulls the guy from behind, and starts beating him up.

The man produces a gun, and points it at Steve. The black gloved person is perched outside watching. Steve wrestles the gun away from the man, and orders the man out of the bar. The man yells at Kayla to stay away from him. She tells the man that Steve is her husband. The man says that Steve is a liar. Steve threatens that he's a dead man if he doesn't get out of there. Steve checks to see if Kayla is okay, and she is shaken by the confrontation. The man comes outside, and grabs the gloved person by the hand, and tells him/her to get someone else to do his/her work next time because Steve/Nick is crazy. A woman comes into the bar and passionately kisses Steve/Nick. Kayla asks who she is and she announces she's his wife. Kayla is quick to tell the woman that she's his wife.

Billie comes to the station to tell Bo that she's just spoken with Judge Lawler's office and Chelsea still hasn't signed up for her community service. They're both upset that she's not grateful over the lightness of her sentence. They go on to say that if she doesn't sign up by a certain date, she can still go to jail for contempt. Bo thinks maybe jail is just what she needs, but Billie disagrees. Bo says that if that evidence hadn't disappeared, she be facing jail time. He tells Billie that he has to prove to Hope that he didn't tamper with the surveillance tape, and make whoever did pay. Billie says to let her know if he needs help. Bo turns his attention to Michaels (the female officer who sold Kate the evidence.) He tells her he has to ask her a few questions. Billie interrupts and tells Bo that she knows who did it. Billie said she doesn't know for sure, but she suspects it's someone on the inside. Bo questions Michaels, who claims to have seen nothing suspicious. Bo requests a list of workers and visitors to the station on that day from her. Michaels tells Bo that she knows he had nothing to do with evidence tampering. She's convince it'll be hard to get the perpetrator, but he vows to do so. Michaels is on the phone with the gloved person, telling them what's going on and that she wants more money.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Cincinnati, the gloved person continues to lurk outside the bar. Again, we are shown the woman claiming to be Steve's wife hugging him, and Kayla also claim to be his wife. Kayla asked Steve how he could be married to another woman and not tell her. Steve introduces the two women. Della, the woman, says that they aren't technically married, but they have an arrangement. Della inquires about who Kayla is, why she's calling him Steve, and why she thinks she's his wife. Steve briefly tells Della about what's been happening to him, and him not being Nick. Della doesn't believe that he's Steve, but he tells her that he took a DNA test to prove it. Kayla asks why Della hasn't known where he was if they're so close. Della wants her to stay out of it. Steve tells Della to cut it out, and Kayla storms away. Della tells him that he could have at least called because she's been worried. Steve says that he's trying to figure out his past, but Della wants him to forget about it. Steve asks her to excuse him for a minute to talk to Kayla. She wants him to make it fast. Steve apologizes to Kayla, and she wants to know when he was going to tell her. He reminds her that she knew he'd had another life, and since she hadn't asked questions, he hadn't offered information. Kayla said she's been afraid to ask. Kayla wants to know why they've been talking about getting together if he has someone else. She also wants to know that if he and this woman are so close, why he hasn't kept her informed about everything that's been going on. She wants to know if he loves Della. Steve tells him that he hasn't been living a life like she's used to. Kayla says that they used to go to a bar like that called the Cheating Heart. Steve tells Kayla that he's not the right kind of guy for her. Kayla is crushed and reminded him that he said he's fight for their reunion. Steve tells her that seeing Della reminded him that a place like that is where a guy like him needs to be. Kayla disagrees, and pleads with him. Steve says that until he can remember he, she's only his wife on paper. He says that he thinks she's beautiful and a good person, but until he remembers her, he can't be in her life as a husband. She tells him that all of this is such a change from what he's been saying. Kayla becomes upset, and asks if he decided that his family isn't enough for him. He says that's not it, but even though they share a daughter, he doesn't feel the same connection with Kayla as he feels with her. He wants her to try to understand. Kayla thought that Steve was starting to want to be in Salem. Della asks Steve to dance, and he says no. Della asks if he remembers making love to Kayla. He doesn't say a word, but she snaps back, "I didn't think so." She reminds him that he remembers them making love. She tells him that this is his life. She goes back over by the bar. Steve apologizes for bringing her there. Kayla asks if he wants to remember their life together, and he says that he doesn't know. He doesn't know if he's any good for her, and he thinks he could even be dangerous. He asks what if the DiMeras come after her and Stephanie because of him. Kayla tells him that he's sounding like a family man, and he's protecting her for all of the wrong reasons. She says that it was hard living without thinking he was dead, but how could she now that she's knows he's alive and with another woman. He reminds her that without remembering her, he can't be her husband.

Chelsea dances provocatively with guys at Dune, while Max sits by and watches. Finally, he can't take it and pulls her aside. He wants her to go outside to talk with him, but she refuses. Max demands to know what's going on. Chelsea asks him what she was supposed to do. After all he was the one who was so busy with his car and Stephanie. He says that's she's promised no more of this. She says these guys are her friends, just like Stephanie is his friend. Max says she never changes and to forget it. Max leaves and Stephanie follows. Abby sarcastically tells her that her plan went well. Chelsea isn't worried. She's sure he'll be back.

Stephanie wants to know where Max is going. He wants to be anywhere but there. He wants to know what he was supposed to do. He had his car, and other things on his mind, and Chelsea went out and found someone else. Max says that she even knew he was on his way there, and he's sick of her games. Stephanie says that Chelsea just doesn't understand how focused and devoted they are. Max says that it more than that. Max says that he doesn't think this relationship is going anywhere. He says that this is all new for him because he's never wanted a serious relationship before. He just thinks it's too hard. Stephanie thinks he should just face that he's not supposed to be with Chelsea. Max says that maybe she's right, maybe people like them aren't meant for long-term relationships. Stephanie wants to know what that's supposed to mean. Max says racers don't want to settle down. Stephanie says she doesn't buy that because there's more to life than racing. Stephanie says that her dad was wild, and settled and married her mom, and that's what she wants. Max asks Stephanie if she really thinks it can happen to her. She tell him that she knows it can. Max tells Stephanie that he hopes she finds her true love, and that he knows someday she will. She reminds him that he just said that people like them weren't meant to have relationships. He says the right kind of man for her is out there. Max thinks he's not going to have that relationship with Chelsea.

Inside Dune, Chelsea continues to dance with the two guys. She sits with Abby and suggests that she dance with the guys. Abby declines because she's seeing Josh. Abby thinks that Chelsea is worried that Max is caring about her too much. Abby tells her that she reminds her of Sami. Chelsea says that she'll never be like Sami, and that Sami has so many weddings dresses in her closet, that she could open her own store. Abby says especially if no one ever asks Chelsea. Chelsea says that it doesn't matter because she isn't ready to settle down, and she does know how to handle Max. She says she will be with Max because there's no way she'll let him be with Stephanie. Abby warns Chelsea that if she keeps pushing Max away, she's going to lose him. Chelsea says that it hasn't happened yet. She goes back to dancing with the guys.

Still at the hospital, Shawn assures Belle that everything will turn out all right, and Belle hopes Shawn doesn't hate him. She blames herself for Philip's accident. She says that she keeps on going back and forth about whether or not she wants to try to make her marriage work. Shawn is embracing Belle, and Philip comes out into the hallway, and sees them. Philip sarcastically thanks Shawn for being there to take care of his wife, and says she can see how upset she is almost losing her husband today. They're both startled and speechless. Philip is upset that he was trying to think of some way to be supportive, and then comes out to find Belle in Shawn's arms. Mimi joins them, and Shawn announces that the four of them should talk to decide what they're going to do. Belle doesn't think Philip is up to it, but he thinks they each of them should say what's no their mind. Shawn says they've all talked with their lawyers about custody and visitation, and since they live across the hall from each other, it'll all be convenient. Philip interjects that maybe it's too convenient. Shawn reminds them that they'll all be part of each other's lives and that they used to be friends. Belle says that they're family, and Mimi says that's why they all have to be honest about everything before they decide what to do.

Mimi tells them that there's something they all need to know. Mimi proceeds to tell Shawn that's been keeping this secret way too long, and she's afraid of losing him. Then she tells him that's he Claire's biological father. They're all so confused. Belle says her and Shawn have never been together. She explains about the night in the barn not being a dream. Philip asks how she'd know that. Mimi explains about Philip's blood not matching and Shawn's matching when Claire was sick. Shawn doesn't believe her, and tries to tell her that the blood match alone wouldn't make Claire his daughter. She tells Shawn about overhearing the nurses talking saying that there was no way Philip could be Claire's father. Belle asks what kind of best friend she is keeping the secret so long. Shawn asks how many times he asked her to trust him and in their love. Shawn says that they got married under false pretenses, and wants an annulment. While Mimi begs, Shawn goes up to Philip and says that he's respected their family, but not that he knows Claire is his daughter and Belle is pregnant with his child, he think the mix-up was fate. He thinks everything is turning out the way it was supposed to because he and Belle still love each other. Shawn tells Belle that they're finally going to be a family together, and Belle smiled from ear to ear. They leave together, leaving Mimi and Philip. Philip tells Mimi that if he's going to lose Belle and Claire, he not losing the other baby as well. He's going to sue for full custody of their child and he vows Mimi will never see her child in her "pathetic life."

Mimi says she knows that the four of them have a very complicated history. She thinks their situation is especially hard for Philip and her. She says that fighting won't save anything. Shawn says that Philip is a great dad and will be a great dad to the new baby, regardless of biology. Shawn thinks it's a good thing that the children will have four parents. Shawn wants them and their children to be friends for life. Shawn reassures Philip that both couples are committed to being together. Shawn says that Mimi has never done anything to share his faith, and has always been honest and true. He reminds Philip that Belle has stood by him in some very tough times. Philip says that he knows his family needs them, and will never abandon them. He tells Belle that h loves her and Claire. She tells him that she loves him too, and she was afraid she was going to lost him today. Philip promises that they'll get through this. Shawn tells Mimi that everything will be fine as long as they are honest with each other.

Lucas and Carrie return to Sami's apartment from the hospital, after receiving their bad news. Carrie wants Lucas to be sure to tell the contractor to cancel the nursery plans. Carrie thinks she shouldn't have told everyone she was pregnant until she was 100% sure. Lucas thinks it's an honest mistake because the home test is usually accurate. Carrie feels like she wanted a baby so badly that she talked herself into having the symptoms. She also tells him that she rushed their wedding over the baby that they aren't having. Lucas is glad that they got married regardless. They rehash the news that they got from Lexie. Lucas wants to know of she regrets marrying him. Carrie tells him that she doesn't regret it, and wonders why he is asking her that. She said she's just upset, but she's happy. Lucas says he's lucky, and he could never be disappointed in her. They decide to go up to the roof to celebrate with Austin and Sami, to get their mind off of everything. They also decide to share their news and get it over with. They also want to share in Austin's news.

Austin, Sami, and E.J. are enjoying the roof-top meal. Sami abruptly removes her ring and tells Austin that she doesn't deserve it. She tells him that she's lucky to have him, and that sometimes she doesn't feel that she deserves to be happy. They both say that they are trying to be worthy of each other's love and that they are far from perfect. She puts the ring back on, and then Austin goes downstairs to get the "dessert wine." Once alone, E.J. again urges Sami to tell Austin the truth before the person writing the note does. Austin returns with Lucas and Carrie. Austin gets them up to date on the evening's events. Lucas and Carrie congratulate them. Lucas says Sami's ring is better than the one he had gotten her. Lucas thinks she seems nervous, but she denies it. Lucas says that he knows her, and she is nervous. Carrie defends Sami and Lucas agrees to stop. Austin is surprised that Lucas and Carrie took so long at the hospital and asks about the baby. Carrie tells him that everything is fine. Austin toasts Carrie and Lucas and their baby. Lucas thinks Carrie should have told them all about the baby. Carrie says that she will later because she doesn't want to ruin the party. Austin makes another toast to Sami, their marriage, and one day having a baby like Lucas and Carrie. E.J. tells Sami that now would be a good time to tell the truth.

Sami asks for everyone's attention because she has something to say. She tells them that it's so meting that could change all of their lives. She says that now that Carrie and Lucas are married and expecting a baby, she wants the best for both of them. She says that she also wants the best for Austin. She says before they can live happily ever after, she has to apologize for what she's done. She says that she knows she's hurt them all in the past. She says she wants to thank them all for forgiving her. She tells Austin that he's an amazing person and that loving him has made her a better person. She wants him to be proud of her. He says that he is. She says she wants to be a good role model to Carrie and Lucas' baby. Sami tells Carrie how excited she is that she's having a baby, and that she knows she'll be a great mom. Carrie excuses herself and runs downstairs. Lucas follows her. Sami asks Austin if it was something she said. Austin goes and checks on Carrie, leaving E.J. and Sami. E.J. tells Sami that was quite a little speech. He asks if the secret she is keeping is the worst thing she's ever done, and Sami says that's debatable. E.J. tells her to tell Austin the truth right now, and Sami shakes her head no.

Lucas comes into Sami's apartment to comfort a crying Carrie. Carrie tells Lucas that she made a huge mistake. Lucas looks shocked, and Austin comes into the hallway just in time to head that. They don't realize he is there listening.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Chelsea and Abby go to Max's garage to look for him, but he's not there. Abby points out that Stephanie's things are still there, so wherever he is, he's with her. Chelsea is upset because she's sure that Stephanie is making her move on Max. Chelsea wants to find out everything about Stephanie. Chelsea starts snooping through Stephanie's backpack, and Abby objects. She finds a notebook with Max Brady with hearts around it. Chelsea writes "WHORE" in Stephanie's red lipstick on the locker where her things are.

Stephanie and Max are having coffee. Stephanie jokes that they aren't going to be able to sleep with all of the caffeine, but Max's mine is elsewhere. Stephanie says that Max shouldn't let Chelsea get to him. Max says what he doesn't understand is that if Chelsea wants to see other guys, why did she says that she only wanted to see him. Stephanie thinks she's crazy. Max says that she just doesn't know Chelsea. Stephanie tells Max that Chelsea doesn't deserve him, and that if she had a guy like him, she wouldn't treat him that way. Max says that obviously Chelsea isn't ready for a serious relationship. Stephanie says that Chelsea reminds him of Sami, but Max strongly disagrees. Max is starting to think that maybe Stephanie is right about Chelsea being jealous of her. Stephanie offers to not be friends with him anymore, but he still wants to be. They tell each other that the other is sweet. He asks how she likes being back in Salem, and she says having her dad back in her life was a major change. She thinks that there's a chance her mom and dad will get back together. Max isn't so sure. They leave to go back to the garage and work on the car some more. Max and Stephanie return to find the "WHORE" on the locker Stephanie is using. Max wonders who would do something like that, and Stephanie assumes it was Chelsea. Max apologizes and hugs her. Chelsea goes back to wipe it off, after some encouragement from Abby, and sees Stephanie and Max hugging.

Sami tells Austin that she didn't mean to upset Carrie, and she wonders what's wrong. Austin goes down to the apartment to see if everything is okay. E.J. and Sami are left on the roof alone. He asks if the secret that she's keeping is worse than all of the things she's done and been forgiven for previously. She says that's debatable. He urges Sami to tell the truth now. He asks if she's listening to him, and she says that she is. E.J. gets abrupt and loud with her, and says that he doesn't think she's listening and that she needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. Sami says that she knows she needs to tell Austin. E.J. asks why she hasn't yet, that she's had a dozen opportunities. Sami admits that she's afraid, and E.J. wants to know what she is afraid of. E.J. says worst case scenario Austin calls of the wedding and takes back the ring. Sami says she'll lose Austin from her life entirely. E.J. tries to convince Sami that Austin will forgive her. Sami doesn't believe it. It flashes back to Austin and Sami's first non-wedding. Sami says that if he knows the truth, he'll leave and she can't lose him again. E.J. still wants her to tell the truth, and becomes more insistent than ever. *Sami thinks back to a confrontation that she and Lexie had when Lexie had threatened to tell the truth.* She tells E.J. that Austin will never forgive her. She thinks that once she reveals her secret, Austin, as well as E.J., will want nothing to do with her.

Carrie is crying downstairs in the apartment, and Lucas tries to comfort her. Carrie tells him that she made a huge mistake, and Austin is in the hallway overhearing. She tells him that she wants a baby, and she rushed their wedding because she thought she was pregnant. Carrie tells Lucas that she only married him because she thought she was pregnant. Lucas says they moved up their wedding date for the baby, but that wasn't the reason why they got married. Carrie continues to get more upset, and Lucas tries to comfort her. She says that she needs time to think about everything. Lucas says they can take a longer honeymoon, and spend a lot of time together getting to know each other better, etc., and they can make decisions when they return. Lucas says they can talk about adoption then, and everything will be fine. Lucas goes out of the room to get Carrie an aspirin for her headache and Austin enters, to find Carrie crying. Immediately after Austin enters the apartment, the gloved person leaves a note outside the apartment door on a table. We don't see who it's to. Lucas reenters the room, unable to find the aspirin, and greets Austin. Austin asks Carrie if she's okay. Lucas leaves to go to the drug store, and Austin agrees to look after Carrie while he's gone. Austin tells her that he overheard what she said about the baby, and tells her how sorry he is. Carrie tells him that she feels like a failure, and he comforts her. Austin asks why she didn't tell them up on the roof about the baby. Carrie says that she didn't want to ruin their evening. Austin tells her that things will be okay. Carrie tells Austin about the false positive. Austin continues to comfort her. She tells him about her not being able to have children. Austin is so sorry for her. Austin tells her she entitled to be sad. Carrie tells Austin that she needs to figure out a way to clean up the mess that she's made. She tells him that he was right all along, and she only got married because she thought she was pregnant. She goes on to tell him that her marriage was a huge mistake. Austin reminds Carrie that she agreed to marry Lucas before she was pregnant. She says she doesn't know if she would have gone through with it if she'd known she couldn't have children. Austin tells her he knew she was having second thoughts, and she admits that he was. Austin says she doesn't have to answers, but wonders if she is wishing she'd married him instead of Lucas. She says that there's no point in getting into it, she's married Lucas, and he's engaged to Sami, and there's nothing that's going to change that. The gloved person slips a letter under the door. Carrie sees it, and Austin picks it up. Just then, Lucas comes around the corner, and catches a glimpse of the person and yells to the person, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Steve and Kayla are still at the bar in Cincinnati. Kayla wants to get out of there, but Steve thinks that's where he belongs. Kayla tells him that he belongs with her and Stephanie. Steve says that being back there makes him realize that eh belongs there. He thinks it's best if they go their separate ways now. He explains he's been around Salem and his family and has still had no memories, so he should just stay in Cincinnati. Kayla won't say goodbye, and can't believe that's what he wants. Steve doesn't know how they can't have a future without him remembering his past. Kayla wants them to go to know each other. Steve says he knows this isn't a simple case and that someone did this to him. Kayla declares war on whoever is responsible. Kayla asks if he wants to fight for them, and he says he doesn't. She tells him that he's the only man she's ever loved, and the only man she will ever love. He says that she deserves to have that love in return, and he doesn't think she can get it from him. Steve wants Kayla and Stephanie to get on with their lives, and Kayla says she can't do that. Steve says he'll stay in touch. He just doesn't want her to keep trying to get him to be the person she remembers. He talks about Stephanie going on with her career, and Kayla says that he's talking like a parent, and like her husband. Steve needs her to go, and there's nothing that can change his mind. Kayla is crushed. She says that she'll never understand, and leaves.

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