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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, August 31, 2006

Lucas nearly catches the mysterious figure who left Sami's blackmail note. Later, Lucas thanks Austin for his support and Carrie realizes she's made the wrong choice marrying Lucas, but she knows there's nothing she can do to right her wrong. At the same time, Sami lays out her culpability to E.J. He doesn't judge her, but urges her to make things right. He points out that Lucas and Carrie are married and having a baby. Sami knows that telling Austin would be a big gamble but she feels secure in knowing there is no way he'd ever break up Lucas and Carrie's home. But all bets are off when she discovers that Carrie is not pregnant with Lucas's child!

Kayla confides in Caroline that Steve wants to remain in Cincinnati. Caroline urges her daughter to fight for the man she loves. Meanwhile, Steve kisses Della and they dance, to his and Kayla's song. Kayla sees this and realizes her relationship with Steve is over. Later, Steve feels the urge to find Kayla, but he's too late. She's gone.

Chelsea apologizes to Max and they make up. Stephanie, however, confides in Abby that it's only a matter of time until that relationship combusts.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

After overhearing that Carrie isn't pregnant, Sami tries to console her sister by telling her that she and Lucas can always try again. Carrie wishes that were true; she reveals to Sami and E.J. that she can't get pregnant. This upsets Sami who decides that she can never tell Austin about what she did to keep him and Carrie apart. Later, Lucas mentions that he chased a suspicious stranger out of the building. Austin alerts and figures it's the same person who dropped off the letter.

Jack takes a turn for the worse and begins his final goodbyes to Abby, Jennifer, and Jack Jr. Later, Jack loses consciousness.

Kayla and Stephanie have a heart-to-heart. Kayla opens up about the fact that Steve wants her to move on with her life without him. Stephanie, it turns out, has her own guy problems. She's upset that they are never attracted to her.

Steve returns to Della at the bar after failing to find Kayla. We get the feeling he may be more attached to Kayla then he admits. Steve vows to find the person behind his memory loss, and we later see the mysterious gloved hand watching and listening.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Before Austin can read the note from the mysterious gloved figure, Sami grabs it away from him. She says that it has to do with a surprise she's planning, but Lucas is wary. In private, E.J. tells Sami she dodged a bullet, but she's going to have to confess before it's too late! Austin gets a private moment with Carrie and he asks her to be honest: if she'd known she wasn't pregnant with Lucas's baby, would she have married him? We see this is very troubling for Carrie. Austin says he only let her go because he thought she was having a baby with his brother. Later, Carrie and Austin steal a kiss on the rooftop.

Jennifer is bereft. It looks like Jack is dying. Abby is beside herself, in tears, as she sits with comatose Jack. We see Jack's spirit rise out of his body, and he's pained by his daughter's grief. Jack decides to get back in there and fight!

Meanwhile, Frankie takes Jennifer out to the terrace to give her a letter from Jack. In a stirring piece of writing, Jack gives his final tribute to his family. Jennifer and Frankie are deeply moved. They rush back to Jack's room where there's a code blue. Is Jack dying? Later, Lexie has great news. Jack's fever broke, and it looks like he may live!

Shawn goes over to help Belle get Claire to sleep. Mimi is upset, fearing that since Belle is carrying Shawn's baby it will only drawn them closer. She calls Patrick for support. He still thinks she needs to tell Shawn the truth. Mimi and Patrick overhear Belle with Shawn. Belle wonders if having this baby with Shawn will change everything. Shawn says it can't. Belle and Philip still have a daughter. They're a family. Mimi looks guilty. Later, Belle gets cramps and fears she could be losing Shawn's baby! Shawn rushes her to the ER.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Carrie and Austin's rooftop kiss really heats up until she pulls back. It's wrong. She's married to Lucas. Austin is engaged to Sami. Austin points out that he never would've let Carrie go, if he'd known she wasn't pregnant. Now that she's not having Lucas's baby, everything's changed.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sami and Lucas are in their respective beds, each having an erotic dream about being together. Sami and Lucas get out of bed, very hot and bothered and more so when they see each other in their scanty sleepwear. Later, they realize Carrie and Austin are together on the roof. As they go up to investigate, we see Carrie and Austin, carried away by their pent-up feelings for each other, starting to make torrid, unbridled love. Will Sami and Lucas catch them?

Belle is still having cramps and terrified she could be losing Shawn's baby! Shawn stays with her, as they wait for the doctor to arrive. Meanwhile, Bonnie drops in on Mimi, who is babysitting Claire. Mimi uses Belle's computer to check her email and is shocked when she sees Belle's e-diary. Bonnie proposes they read it, to get dirt on the enemy. Mimi is outraged. Belle is not her enemy! Bonnie reads snippets from the diary that get Mimi all riled up. In her private computer journal, Belle admits she still loves Shawn. She can't wait to have his baby, and she wishes they could be together as a family with Claire.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shawn wants to call Philip, but Belle won't let him. She only wants to be with Shawn. Belle opens up about her feelings. Very drawn to each other, Belle kisses him. A nurses' aid sees the kiss. Later, Mimi calls to check on Belle. The nurses' aid, misreading the situation, tells Mimi that Belle is with her husband, Shawn. Mimi is shocked to hear that Belle and Shawn were kissing! She races to the hospital, and we wonder -- will she catch them in the act?!

Friday, August 4, 2006

Mimi arrives at the hospital and catches Shawn and Belle kissing -- again. Their kiss breaks and Mimi enters. Unaware Mimi saw them, Shawn and Belle explain they're waiting for the results from the doctor. Belle prays her baby is okay. Dr. Ross arrives with good news. Belle's baby is okay. Later, Mimi calls Shawn and Belle on their kissing. She thinks it's high time they lay all their cards on the table.

E.J. sees Carrie and Austin on the roof making love. He quickly exits and runs into Sami and Lucas. He dissuades them from going up on the roof. Later, E.J. warns Carrie and Austin. Carrie is freaked but Austin thinks they should be honest. They love each other. Carrie says they can't tell Sami and Lucas, not yet. It would kill them. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami have a heart-t-heart. We see each part of this dynamic duo is still very much in love.

Max and Chelsea have a romantic dinner at the pub. Abby arrives with good news about her dad's recovery. Stephanie joins them and Chelsea later confides in Abby that she still believes Stephanie is a threat.

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