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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Belle is at Max's Garage looking for Philip when Chelsea almost reveals Claire's true paternity. Meanwhile, Mimi rushes an unconscious Shawn to the hospital after his wild night out drinking with Philip. Bo, Hope, Philip and Belle join her at the hospital where they learn that Shawn has alcohol poisoning. Later, an upset, guilt-ridden Mimi sits by Shawn's bed side and promises him that she'll tell the truth about everything if he wakes up.

Billie tells Bo that he was too harsh on Chelsea, but he disagrees. He's through with their daughter acting as though there are no consequences for her actions. Later, Chelsea returns home and learns about Shawn's situation. Chelsea and Billie, worried about Shawn, go to the hospital, but Bo and Hope are less than pleased.

At the garage, Abby tells Frankie about how upset she is that he's still going after her mother. Frankie is sorry, but he's there for the long haul. Later Abby and Max have a heartfelt conversation about why she is so mean to Frankie. She also tells him about Chelsea's strange behavior and that she has an explosive secret she's debating about telling.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's a new morning, and Shawn still has not regained consciousness after his alcohol poisoning. When the nurse finally says they can go in, Hope is petrified. She can't lose another child! Bo remains strong and supports her. Bo gives an emotional tour de force, as he encourages comatose Shawn to come back to them. Hope is moved.

In the waiting area, Chelsea wants to find a way to redeem herself with Bo and Shawn. Billie is curious, but Chelsea is cryptic about her plan. She goes to get Claire's medical file that proves Shawn is Claire's father, and later secretly leaves it on his hospital bed. Meanwhile, Bo joins tearful Hope in the chapel while in the waiting area, Mimi, Belle and Philip worry about Shawn's prognosis. The doctor said that even if he regains consciousness, he could be brain damaged. Later, Shawn's eyes slowly open.

It's the day of Sami's wedding, and she overslept! E.J. comes in to wake her, but sleepy Sami mistakes him for Austin and gives him a searing kiss. Realizing her mistake, Sami is very guilty. When she sees the time, she panics. Nothing can go wrong on her wedding day!

In counterpoint, Lucas and Carrie go to Sami's apartment to find Austin alone. They're shocked that Sami spent the night with E.J.! Austin explains that Sami didn't want to see him before the wedding. Lucas goes to check on Sami and finds her with a half-naked E.J. Sami says it's not how it looks.

Austin and Carrie have brief moments together before he marries Sami. Is he sure about this? Austin says he is, just as Carrie is sure about spending the rest of her life with Lucas. Carrie goes off to help Sami, who gets a frantic call from Will. He needs a ride home from football camp. E.J. suggests that Carrie get Will, and he'll drive Sami to the church. Later, Sami panics when E.J. is stopped for speeding on their way to her wedding.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

E.J. and Sami find trouble on their way to the church. First a cop pulls them over for speeding then E.J.'s car breaks down. Sami tries to reach Carrie and Roman but she can't get through. In a fit of rage, she hurls her phone and it breaks. Later, E.J. enlists her help with the engine. Sami is scalded by hot steam that leaves a red streak on her arm and neck. This is the last thing she needed on her wedding day! Just when she thinks it can't get worse, it starts to rain.

Chelsea has left Claire's folder in Shawn's room. The contents state he's the father of Belle's baby. Shawn slowly comes to and we wonder if he's seen the folder. Mimi, Philip and Belle bond as Billie and Chelsea watch from afar. Mimi blames herself for what happened to Shawn, and goes to the chapel to pray. Lexie and Dr. Berman give Shawn an exam and are happy to report he'll make a full recovery. Hope and Bo lay into their son about the dangers of drinking, but both are relieved he's okay. Later, Philip goes to get Mimi and nearly overhears her confession. Meanwhile, Belle goes into Shawn's room where she finds the folder and is stunned by what she reads.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A shocked Belle reveals to Shawn the contents of the file that was mysteriously left in the room. According to the report, Shawn, not Philip, is Claire's father. Shawn can't believe it. When Philip and Mimi arrive, they're horrified by the news for different reasons: Philip is certain that someone is toying with them and Mimi is terrified that the others will discover the information is true. Mimi is relieved when Belle and Shawn swear he couldn't be the father; Shawn and Belle were never intimate. Lexie promises she'll get to the bottom of this false information. Philip is certain the person responsible is the same one who switched the embryos. Later, Lexie suggests there is a way to clear up an important part of the mystery: a DNA test.

Sami and E.J. take shelter from the torrential rain in an abandoned house. E.J.'s car isn't working, Sami's cell phone is broken and E.J.'s phone battery is dead. They're stuck until the storm is over. Sami worries that she'll miss the wedding of her dreams, but E.J. comes to her rescue when he finds a ham radio and tries to make contact with someone. Sami opens a trunk and finds a forties military uniform and a beautiful vintage wedding dress. They weave a story about the couple who used to live here. They're enjoying a romantic "wedding" dance, growing closer, when a young man contacts them on the ham radio. Sami is overjoyed when she thinks they're being rescued, but later gets quite a surprise when a patrol cop comes by to arrest them for trespassing.

Carrie, Chelsea and Billie are waiting for Sami at the church. Carrie is worried, but Billie and Chelsea think it would be a blessing if Sami didn't show up. Billie says Carrie belongs with Austin, not Sami. Carrie won't listen to that kind of talk. Chelsea makes a call to the hospital, ostensibly to see how Shawn is doing, but really to find out if leaving Claire's file has forced the truth to come out. She's hopeful when she realizes there's something going on that Lexie won't discuss. Later, a suspicious Billie confronts Chelsea, certain she's up to no good. But Chelsea reassures Billie that she did a good deed, and it's about to make all the difference in the world.

Friday, August 25, 2006

After they radio for help, Sami and E.J. are arrested for trespassing! Later, despite her plea to the cop that she's getting married, Sami and E.J. are thrown in jail. John arrives and verifies with the cop that Sami is who she says she is. Sami and E.J. are finally released, and John races them to the church.

Meanwhile at the church, Austin wants to talk to Sami but Carrie stalls. Sami hasn't yet arrived. Later, we see Marlena and Carrie are worried about Sami being a no show. But much to [almost!] everyone's relief, Sami shows up ready to tie the knot.

Lexie thinks the only way to settle the question of whether or not Claire belongs to Shawn is to order a DNA test. Philip balks at this because he's sure Belle and Shawn have not made love. They eventually decide against the test which leaves Mimi relieved. Later, we see Philip is more convinced than ever that someone is messing with their lives. Meanwhile, Mimi and Shawn head home, but get sidetracked when they encounter Maggie, who is babysitting Claire. Shawn can't help looking at Claire differently than he did before.

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