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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Kate fumes when Sami shows up at the church. She's here, and she can't wait to marry Austin! Livid, Kate reminds Sami it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the ceremony. Undaunted, Sami kisses Austin. All her bad luck got used up earlier today.

Sami's bridesmaids and Marlena give her something old, something borrowed and something blue. Eyebrows are raised when Sami shows them the earrings E.J. gave her. Alone with Sami and Carrie, Belle tells them about the file purporting to show that Shawn is Claire's biological father. Chelsea listens outside the door, as Belle explains they don't believe it's true. She and Shawn never made love. Sami wonders who left the file for them to find? Belle says they don't know, but Philip believes someone is doing this to them on purpose and he plans to find out who is it. Chelsea, listening, is chilled.

Lucas and Will arrive to wish Sami the best. Will is proud of his mom. He's sure she's changed. Sami is deeply moved. It's almost time for the wedding. Sami asks for a moment alone. In private, the telephone rings and she's horrified when she picks up to hear a mechanical voice warning her not to go through with the wedding or her secrets will be revealed. And her son will never forgive her!

At the hospital, Lexie confides in Tek about the anonymous call that warned her not to tell anyone that Sami blackmailed her. Lexie believes whoever was behind the sinister call could also be behind the file that said Claire is Shawn's biological daughter, as well as the switch of Belle and Mimi's in vitro fertilizations. Lexie is afraid someone could be out to hurt the Brady family.

At the church, the guests mill about before the wedding. Caroline and Grandpa Shawn are delighted to see Bo and Hope together. Hope cautions them not to read too much into it. Bo, John and Steve discuss their investigation of the missing evidence disk. Steve had a buddy hack into Officer Eve's bank account. It seems she made a hefty cash deposit right after the incriminating evidence went missing.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Sami's wedding day. The processional music has already started as everyone waits for her to walk down the aisle. Roman asks a hesitant Sami if she still wants to go through with the wedding. Sami pauses, leading us to believe she might bolt, but then insists she's ready to marry Austin. The wedding ceremony begins, but before long, Lexie enters the church, much to Sami's shock and horror. In counterpoint, Tek sees a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows.

At the hospital, Tek tells Lexie that he's starting to believe there may be someone trying to hurt the Bradys. In fact, Tek is having a few undercover cops attend Sami's wedding -- just in case. Later, Abe tells Lexie he doesn't care if she's still seeing Tek; the two of them are through. Abe also discusses the details of Claire's file mysteriously appearing in Shawn's room and vows to get to the bottom of it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sami and Austin are about to exchange rings, but she stops cold as she locks eyes with Lexie who is hiding in the back of the church. Still fearful off the threatening phone call she got earlier, Sami can't bring herself to go through with the ceremony. She runs up the aisle, in tears.

Meanwhile, Tek has lost the mystery figure he saw lurking in the shadows. He radios the undercover cops to stay on high alert. John sees the cops there and goes out to investigate.

Austin finds Sami in the bride's room sobbing. When he confronts her, she is forced to cover. In an emotional tour de force, Sami speaks from her heart. She confesses to Austin that she hasn't changed. She will never be able to live up to the high standard he has set for her. Austin tries to protest, but Sami stands firm.

A gut-punched Austin is forced to go back to tell the guests that the wedding is off -- for now, but he refuses to give up. In private, Austin tells Carrie he still wants to be with Sami, but the ball is in her court now.

Meanwhile, Tek confides in John, Bo and Roman about Lexie's theory that someone is out to hurt the Bradys. He also tells them Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any child she had with Austin would have birth defects. The men react in shock. He also fills them in on the mechanized voice that called Lexie and threatened to harm Abe and Theo if she ever told anyone what Sami did. Roman, John and Bo are horrified, but forced to keep this secret. Roman finds Sami and gives her a chance to be honest with him, but she covers re: her blackmailing Lexie.

In counterpoint, Kate is ecstatic that Sami has ditched the wedding. Kate wants to celebrate and asks E.J. to join her, but he refuses. He goes to check on Sami and she confides in him about the threatening call and about how Lexie showed up at the church. Later, Austin privately tells Carrie that if Sami refuses to marry him, he will have to move on with his life without her. In the bride's room, E.J. holds Sami in his arms and comforts her.

Thursday, September 31, 2006

E.J. consoles Sami and we see that in letting Austin go she's made the hardest decision of her life. E.J. promises to stand by her and she appreciates that. Later, Marlena is taken aback when she finds Sami and E.J. together. Marlena and Sami have a long overdue mother/daughter talk. Marlena thinks Sami is finally growing up. We see Sami isn't necessarily growing up, she's holding a grudge. Sami accuses Lexie of destroying her wedding. Lexie denies this, revealing she also got a phone call from the mysterious stranger. Sami vows to destroy Lexie and storms off. Later, Lexie appeals to Tek, fearful that something serious is in play, something they cannot stop.

John probes Eve and Tek about the goings on at the church. Later, Marlena is caught off guard and a bit shocked when she hears John and Eve discussing their date. After Eve takes off, Marlena puts two and two together. She thinks John is only dating the woman as part of an investigation. John admits she's right and offers to walk Marlena to her car. But just as they get outside the church, they find Eve's limp body lying on the ground.

Philip and Belle are at odds over Claire's paternity, but they eventually make amends and hit the sack together. Belle, however, still privately wishes Claire was Shawn's. Meanwhile, Bonnie is relieved when Mimi tells her that so far Belle and Shawn don't believe Claire belongs to them. But that doesn't mean she isn't worried. In fact, Mimi has her suspicions that someone has a vendetta against them.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Sami awakens from a nightmare to find E.J. at her side. She initially freaks, but E.J. calms her and explains that he let himself in. Sami says she's more convinced than ever that Lexie is behind the threat that caused her wedding to Austin to combust. E.J. isn't so quick to condemn Lexie. He's beginning to thinks she may be a victim, too. Later, they spot another note. Sami is devastated; the blackmailer wants her to hand over full custody of Will to Lucas. A vulnerable Sami turns to E.J. and it looks like the two of them may make love.

Lucas tries to help Austin get over his break-up with Sami. Lexie overhears and says she thinks Sami did Austin a favor. Annoyed Lucas snaps at Lexie. He then tries to convince Austin to fight for the woman he loves. Later Austin vows to do just that.

John and Abe discuss Eve's murder. Tek arrives and is stunned to hear about it. Abe and Tek get into it over Lexie. After Tek has left, Roman asks Abe to investigate his own wife by dating her.

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