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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Jack and Jennifer are stunned when they discover who apparently murdered Eve. Jack writes his news story, thrilled to be back in the game. Jennifer is thrilled too, to see the old Jack back in action. Later, Jennifer insists on tagging along with Jack to further investigate their source ["deep throat"], but both she and Jack are attacked by thugs and dragged off to the unknown.

Bo swears that Chelsea will pay for trying to ruin Shawn and Mimi's life. Chelsea defends herself, and Bo realizes the only way to find out the truth is to have Shawn's DNA tested against Claire's. Chelsea thinks that's a great idea. Bo tries to convince Shawn to come in for a test. He finally agrees, but only so he can confront Chelsea in person. In the meantime, Chelsea explains to Billie that all she wanted was to do a good deed, and it came back to bite her. Later, Bo takes a sample of Shawn's DNA to be tested and father and son have a tense heart-to-heart.

Shawn takes Mimi and Bonnie to dinner where he reveals that Chelsea was taken into custody during the press conference for planting the phony DNA report about Claire. Bonnie and Maggie get into a disagreement about who Claire looks like. When Shawn gets the call from Bo to come to the station, Mimi freaks, certain he'll find out the truth about Claire's paternity. Bonnie promises it won't happen, even if she has to "adjust" the DNA test at the lab. Mimi makes Bonnie swear she won't do anything stupid like that. When Shawn returns from the police station, Bonnie asks him specifics about the DNA lab.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kayla invites Steve to dinner at her Salem Inn suite. Steve feels out of place in the posh surroundings. He prefers beer to Bordeaux. Kayla overcompensates and soon they start kissing. They almost make love, but Steve slams on the brakes. He can't be with Kayla like this. He's not the same person he was when he was with her before. Emotional Kayla can't give up on being with Steve, but he stands firm. There is no future for them! He exits, leaving Kayla shattered. Steve goes to the pier for solitude. Billie happens by, and we see their chemistry. Steve says he's not looking for a long-term relationship. Billie agrees. She's also into living in the moment. Sparks fly. Steve and Billie kiss passionately. In counterpoint, Kayla decides she can't lose Steve, and she goes to find him.

Max drowns his sorrows after telling Chelsea they have no future. Billie tries to get through to him, to no avail. Stephanie comes in, privately pleased to hear that Max has dumped Chelsea. Max is even more upset when Billie accidentally blurts that Chelsea changed Bo's email to break up his marriage. Livid Max says he can't be with a woman like that. Billie tries to do damage control, but Max won't hear it. After Billie leaves, Stephanie gets some alone time with Max. Now that he's free from Chelsea it looks like he could have a thing for Stephanie.

E.J. runs into Chelsea on the pier. She just took a hit of ecstasy and is feeling no pain. E.J. reprimands her for taking the dangerous drug. Chelsea says she's just trying to have a good time. She pulls herself together, and walks to the Cheatin' Heart. Concerned E.J. follows. Chelsea dances with some hot guys, but E.J. intervenes, hoping to talk some sense into her. Chelsea won't listen, but she does think he's kind of cute. And with that, she kisses him impulsively. E.J. stops her and insists on taking her home. By now Chelsea's ready to pass out, so E.J. sweeps her up in his arms and carries her out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

After their fight in her suite, Kayla heads off to find Steve. Bo runs into her and offers to help in her search. They go to the waterfront and later to the Cheatin' Heart. Meanwhile, Billie and Steve get cozy and we see the attraction growing. Their face time culminates with a hot kiss. Later, Billie decides she can't come between Steve and Kayla. Steve tries to convince her to change her mind, but Billie holds her ground. Bo and Kayla soon arrive to find Billie and Steve dancing. An upset Kayla rushes out, and Bo warns Steve not to hurt his sister. Later, Kayla realizes that Steve is moving on and she's doubtful she'll ever get him back.

Patrick surprises Hope, whisking her off on a private jet to New York for dinner. Hope is touched by the gesture but doesn't want him to rush things. Patrick gives Hope some extravagant baby gifts and we see she is truly torn. Patrick wonders if Hope still plans to go through with her divorce from Bo. Hope confirms that barring any last minute surprises, her marriage to Bo will soon be over.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back at the police station, Bo, Abe and Tek scour all of Eve's effects in hopes of finding clues which could lead them to her killer. Bo quickly finds a 9-digit number on a piece of paper which he thinks could be a link. Bo believes that there's a connection between Eve's murder and the personal attacks against his family. He also believes that if they find killer they'll also find the missing evidence disk which will exonerate him in Hope's eyes.

Hope, Maggie and Alice go to the courthouse for Hope's divorce hearing. Maggie and Alice make it known that they don't agree with what Hope's doing. Much to her family's dismay, Patrick joins Hope. Later, the hearing starts and all wonder where Bo is.

Abby and Frankie realize that Jack and Jennifer are missing, so they go to Bo for help. Bo calls The Spectator and learns that the two were working on a story about Eve's murder before they disappeared. Bo puts an APB out on Jack and Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer find themselves in quite a dilemma after a group of thugs tie them up in an old shed in the woods. Eventually they escape and go in search of a phone. They stumble upon a cabin where an eccentric old woman lives. Paranoid, the woman locks Jennifer out of the cabin and takes Jack hostage. Jack stealthily tries to make a phone call, but when the woman catches him, she fires her gun. Jennifer screams out in horror, thinking Jack has been shot.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bo races the clock to solve Eve Michaels' murder case. He believes the killer may also have the stolen evidence disk; if Bo can find the disk -- and prove he didn't steal it -- he can convince Hope to stop the divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile, at the courthouse, since Bo is absent, Billie says she'll speak on his behalf. In a stirring tour de force, Billie pleads with Hope not to go through with the divorce. In a huge moment, Billie confesses that she made Hope think that Bo had slept with her when he really hadn't. She tricked Bo to get closer to him, and she's truly sorry. Billie makes a stirring case saying that Bo loves Hope more than any man has ever loved a woman. He deserves another chance. Hope is blown away. The judge asks if Hope wants to continue the divorce proceedings. She's torn, but before she can answer, the judge gets a message and mysteriously postpones the hearing. In counterpoint, Bo works tirelessly to solve the case. He gets a breakthrough and calls for a search warrant. Later, at the Lockhart house, Bo finds incriminating evidence in a closet safe, including the murder weapon and evidence disk! Patrick and Hope enter, shocked to see Bo there with a cop. Bo drops a bombshell: Patrick is under arrest for Eve's murder!

When Jennifer hears gunshots she panics and prays that Jack is all right. Much to her relief, Jack appears and explains that the eccentric old lady fired her shotgun at a squirrel. They try to use the phone, but someone's on the party line. Enid returns and Jennifer gets rid of her with a story about a spaceship landing down the road. Jack eventually manages to call Bo to ID Eve's killer, but the line goes dead before he can relay their location. Jack and Jennifer manage to escape before the gun-toting Enid returns. At dusk, they find a cave in the woods for shelter. It's just like a cave they were in years ago, when they first made love.

Kate and E.J. go to the station to help Roman search for Will. Lexie arrives, and there's tension with E.J. Kate is intrigued. Lexie tells Tek that she and Abe are reconciling. Tek is very suspicious. He thinks Abe is up to something. Abe has to cover, but Tek warns Lexie that her estranged husband may have another agenda. Meanwhile, Kate tries to get Roman to tell them what's going on with Eve's murder. Roman thinks the case should be solved very soon.

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