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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Hope is stunned when Bo arrests Patrick for Eve's murder. Bo reveals he has all the evidence he needs. Patrick protests his innocence, claiming he didn't even know Eve, and he had no motive to replace the video from Chelsea's case. Bo shows Hope the printout he got from Jack and Jennifer's editor which names Patrick as the owner of the murder weapon. Hope is faced with a huge dilemma. Is Patrick telling her the truth? Or is Bo? Meanwhile, E.J. suspects there's more here than meets the eye, while Kate thinks anyone is capable of anything. And when Lexie arrives at the police station, Abe is initially suspicious, having forgotten their "date," but he promises to make it up to her.

Jack and Jennifer are stranded in a cave which reminds them of the first time they made love. Jennifer worries about Jack's health, but he insists he's fine and goes to forage for food. Later, the two of them remember how much they love each other, and they begin to make love.

At the garage, Abby waits with Max for news about her parents. She's terrified that something is wrong. Max comforts her. When Frankie shows up, Abby can't deal with him. Frankie is worried about Jack and Jennifer, and about his future with his "wife." Later, everyone's relieved to hear that Jack and Jennifer are alive.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jack and Jennifer spend the night in a cave and reaffirm their love for one another. Jennifer is certain that it's fate. They're supposed to be together for the rest of their lives. But just as a helicopter flies in to rescue them, Jack collapses and we're left to wonder if he'll survive.

Bo shows Hope all the evidence they have against Patrick. It's finally clear to her that Bo didn't steal the disk containing evidence against Chelsea. Hope apologizes for not believing him. Bo is heartened, certain this discovery will bring them together, but Hope is still a bit wary and unsure of their future. Later, Bo leaves Hope and says he'll await her decision. Hope goes to Zack's grave, grieving and praying for answers. Meanwhile, Bo heads to the pier where he is inundated with a montage of bittersweet memories of his life with Hope and their family.

Bonnie pushes Mimi to help her alter the DNA results proving that Shawn is Claire's father. A reluctant Mimi distracts the lab technician while Bonnie sneaks in to make changes on the computer. Shawn goes to find Mimi to let her know about Patrick's arrest. He sees the lab tech hitting on his wife and intervenes. Devastated by the news about Patrick, Mimi immediately phones her mom. Bonnie's cell rings while she's hidden under a desk in the lab. The lab tech discovers her and she's forced to spin a story in hopes of making a clean getaway.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frankie rushes to the police station where he learns that Jack and Jennifer were taken to the hospital after being rescued. At the hospital, Frankie learns that Jack is in remission. Jennifer takes Frankie aside, and even though it breaks her heart to do this, she tells him it's over between them. She's still in love with Jack. A devastated Frankie runs into Lexie and she asks what his plan is now. Frankie says all he can do is move on. He's not sure where he'll end up, but he now knows it won't be with Jennifer. Back at the house, Jack gets a phone call from Harold, his editor at The Spectator. Harold offers Jack the editor-in-chief position at their London office. He also offers Jennifer a job. Later, the two decide to accept the positions and move to London!

Bonnie, Mimi and Shawn rush to the police station to find out what's going on with Patrick. Abe tells them that there's a good chance Patrick will be charged with murder. Both women visit Patrick and he assures them he didn't commit the crime. He also tells them that he's solicited Tek's help in investigating his theory that he's being set up. Meanwhile, Shawn voices his frustrations with Abe regarding Chelsea messing with Claire's file. Abe tells him that the results of Claire's paternity test are on the way to the station. Later, much to Mimi's dismay, Shawn learns that he is indeed Claire's father.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Despite having had all night to digest the fact that he's Claire's father, Shawn is still in shock and Mimi is worried about what this will mean for all of them. Meanwhile, Belle and Philip return home with Claire from a family outing. We see Philip bonding with the child he believes is his own. Shawn realizes they're home, and goes to give them the news. Belle is shocked, and Philip is blindsided. He refuses to believe it. But Shawn says the DNA test was done twice. There's no question: Shawn is Claire's father. Philip has a bad reaction when Shawn picks up crying Claire. He demands Shawn get his hands off his baby! Belle and Mimi freak as Shawn and Philip fight over Claire. Philip takes the baby and races out. Angry Shawn charges after him.

The Horton family throws an emotional going-away party for Jack, Jennifer and Jack Jr. Everyone is thrilled that Jack is in remission and back with Jennifer. They're less happy that the Deveraux's are moving across the pond to London. Abby is excited for her parents. She'll miss them, but knows it'll be best for her to stay in Salem to finish college.

Emotional Jo doesn't want Jack to leave. Jack assures his mother they have to do this. Besides, she'll still have her other son Steve with her in town. Steve joins the party, but we see he feels out of place.

In counterpoint, Bo has to convince Kayla to attend the party. She admits she's still upset after seeing Steve dancing with Billie at the Cheatin' Heart. Bo resets he's not giving up on being with Hope -- and Kayla can't give up on Steve. Kayla finally gives in and goes to the party. She greets Steve and reminds him they're still married; Jack is her brother-in-law and she wanted to say goodbye.

Hope confides in Maggie; she's torn about her future with Bo. When Bo arrives at the party, he urges Hope not to over-think her decision. They're the loves of each other's lives, just like Jack and Jennifer, and true love like that can't be denied. We see Hope is deeply affected. Jack and Jennifer share very emotional goodbyes with their family and friends. Alice won't say goodbye, only "bon voyage," as Jack and Jennifer set off on a new adventure, and an exciting new phase of their lives.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sami and Lucas continue to fret over their missing son. E.J. arrives and says everything is set for them to do an on-air plea via Kate and E.J.'s newly purchased television station. Lucas isn't only concerned about Will's whereabouts, he can't seem to find Carrie, either. She and Austin went to look for Will earlier but have yet to return.

Carrie and Austin are at Dune. Carrie feels guilty for taking a break from their search, but Austin thinks it'll do them some good. They discuss their relationship, and we can see they truly are meant for each other. Carrie, however, thinks they need to wait until the Will situation is resolved. After they arrive home, Carrie reluctantly makes love with Lucas. Wishing he was with Carrie, Austin takes his anger out on the punching bag. Later, an emotional Carrie joins Austin on the roof. E.J. drops a hint to Lucas that Carrie is up there. When Lucas arrives, he finds his wife in a passionate kiss with Austin.

Belle and Mimi freak out. They can't believe Philip ran off with Claire! They rush to the Salem PD where John, Bonnie and Roman meet them. Meanwhile Shawn tracks Philip down at the hospital lab. He tries to talk some sense into Philip, but it's no use. Finally, the lab tech calls security and they arrest Philip. He's taken to the station for processing and Shawn takes Claire home. Mimi and Bonnie go with him, and much to their dismay, see the bond Shawn shares with his little girl. Later, Philip vows that Claire will remain with him.

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