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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Steve continues to bond with Stephanie and she urges her father to try to work things out with Kayla. Steve says he can't because he doesn't remember having any feelings for her, and he'd hate to hurt her by promising something he couldn't deliver. Later, we see Stephanie is bummed by the fact that Max hasn't come to see her.

Billie runs into Kayla and urges her to fight for Steve. Kayla is thrown. Billie admits she likes Steve, but unless they know for sure who he really wants a future with, one of them is going to get hurt and she can't go through that again. Billie is called away, but we see her words have affected Kayla. Later, when Steve goes out for food, Stephanie assures her mom that Steve will come back to her. And we see Kayla is optimistic.

Abe works the case involving the gloved figure. Bo is convinced their culprit is Patrick, but Abe warns Bo to calm down or he will lose his job and Hope. Abe resets his conversation with Hope. She still hasn't made up her mind about Patrick. Bo realizes he still has a good chance with Hope.

Lexie tells Tek it's over but he refuses to believe her. Later, Lexie meets Abe at Chez Rouge. Abe is proud of her, but warns that in order for their marriage to work she must stay away from Tek. Lexie agrees but all hell breaks loose when Tek shows up and asks Lexie to marry him.

Mimi joins Willow to meet her new "friend." Mimi is stunned when she sees it's none other than Shawn. A bitter Mimi lashes out and insults Willow revealing her past as a hooker, but she learns Shawn already knew.

After Mimi leaves, Shawn apologizes and takes Willow out on the boat where they make love. Little do they know they're headed directly into the path of a storm. Later, Mimi goes to the Salem PD and tells Bo that Shawn took a hooker out on the boat. Bo is concerned about his son, but has no luck tracking him down. He calls the harbor master and learns the Fancy Face III is not in its slip. The harbor master urges Bo to recall the boat ASAP as a squall line has been spotted. Bo tells the harbor master to radio the boat, he's on his way. However, Bo gets sidetracked when he learns Chelsea has been arrested for prostitution.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hope takes Belle to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Belle admits she's feeling very alone. Hope is sure Shawn will want to be a part of Claire's life, but Belle thinks otherwise. After all, he dropped the custody suit. Hope assumes her son was just trying to give Belle space and a chance for things to work out between her and Philip. Hope asks Belle point blank if she still loves Shawn. Belle admits she does, but she's afraid he's moved on.

At the same time, Victor and Kate arrive for dinner. Unfortunately Victor doesn't have any news on Philip's whereabouts but he is still trying to track him down. Kate feels guilty for their part in the Claire cover up. She sees Belle across the restaurant and wonders if they will ever be able to make amends with those they hurt. Later, after Hope receives a call from Mimi about Shawn's boating mishap, Victor does his best to apologize to Belle. Now that Philip's gone he'd like to help out if she ever needs anything. Strong Belle says she wouldn't come to him if he were the last man on earth!

Shawn and Willow find themselves in a bit of trouble on the Fancy Face. We see they're headed into the direct path of a cluster of storms. The boat loses power. They are eventually rescued. Hope is thankful he's alive, but furious that Bo gave Shawn the keys to the boat.

Bo and Billie deal with Chelsea who has been arrested for prostitution. No charges are pressed but Billie and Bo rip into her, realizing she was only acting out to get them together. Bo and Billie decide the three of them need to see Marlena to discuss these problems.

Tek proposes to Lexie in front of Abe. Lexie holds firm and says she's staying with Abe. Later, Lexie and Abe leave the restaurant together, but we see this triangle is far from over.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lucas and Sami are blindsided when Carrie and Austin arrive with annulment papers. Lucas is upset and Sami takes the high road, defending him by slamming Carrie and Austin. Unfortunately for Sami, the gloved hand has other ideas. A note is mysteriously left and it reveals that Sami was responsible for Lexie lying to Carrie about having a baby with birth defects. Austin, Carrie and Lucas unite in excoriating Sami for her behavior. Sami tries to apologize, to no avail. An enraged Carrie tackles Sami and the two sisters viciously fight.

Hope and Bo are relieved that Shawn's boating accident had minor physical consequences. Hope, however, is furious and blames Bo for once again putting their child in danger and not being there for his family. After being told about the accident by a devious Chelsea, Patrick arrives in the middle of Bo and Hope's argument, making the situation worse. Later, Hope leaves Bo to clean up his mess and agrees to go away with Patrick for a weekend in Chicago. Chelsea is delighted her plan is working.

John and Marlena offer conflicting romantic advice to Belle. Marlena's perspective prevails, and when Belle hears about Shawn's accident, she goes to support him. Unfortunately, she finds him in a heated liplock with Willow.

Kate berates Chelsea for getting herself arrested as a hooker. She's surprised to learn that Chelsea deliberately planned it, based on Kate's advice. Kate realizes, for good or bad, she has a true protégé in Chelsea.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bo tracks down Hope and Patrick at Chez Rouge. Bo admits that Hope was right about everything. He closed down after Zack died and made all the wrong choices. Bo promises he'll let Hope go if that's what she wants, but insists she stay away from Patrick, who is bad news. Hope refuses and Patrick accuses Bo of being a low-life dirty cop. Bo explodes and decks Patrick. Patrick swears he'll file assault charges against Bo. Roman reads Bo his rights and leads him off in handcuffs.

After Carrie discovers Sami's treachery, the sisters battle it out in a vicious cat fight. Neither wins, but they do get smeared with Will's cake. Austin and Carrie promise to expose Sami's actions to everyone she loves. Lucas says he's moving out and Sami will have to explain the reason to Will. Later, Austin suggests to Carrie they should move to Europe. She agrees, but only after she destroys Lexie.

Belle discovers Shawn and Willow in a passionate kiss. Shawn asks Willow to leave. He tries to clear things up with Belle, but she realizes that his declarations are too little, too late. His actions are self-destructive and she refuses to let him back into her and Claire's life.

Kate attempts to enlist Roman in keeping Sami away from Lucas. Roman refuses but promises he'll talk to Marlena about Sami's actions and how best they can protect Will during his parents' antics. E.J. lets Kate know their plan is working. Sami will be an outcast and E.J. will be there to pick up the pieces. Later, Kate suspects E.J. knows more than he's telling, but he brushes off her suspicions with a kiss.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bo is brought in for assaulting Patrick. He says it's a misunderstanding but Abe lays into him. He warned Bo to stay away from Patrick. Bo insists Patrick coerced him. Having witnessed it all, Hope says Bo was the one doing the coercing. Later, Hope confides in Abe, saying she doesn't know what's going on with Bo. Abe says he'll find out. Patrick arrives and Hope cleans his wound. She apologizes for Bo's behavior but Patrick plays it cool. In private, he makes a furtive one-way call to someone, saying they need to meet. When Patrick goes to leave, Bo sees him with his arm around Hope and goes ballistic. Abe restrains him and takes away his gun and his badge. Patrick later meets with this mystery person -- E.J.!

With Lucas watching over her, Sami is forced to tell Will the truth about what she did to Austin and Carrie. She blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she would never be able to have children with Austin. Will is stunned but Sami tries to lighten her crime by saying she did it months ago. Will doesn't care; he can't believe his mom could do this. It's clear she only thinks about herself. Will announces he's moving out. Upset Sami begs him to stay but it's no use. He charges into his room and he packs his bag. Sami angrily tells Lucas he's not taking her son. Lucas says Will's an adult, capable of making his own decisions.

Later, Kate arrives and hears the sordid details of Sami's latest debacle. Sami thinks she's there to gloat, but Kate keeps her cool and offers the boys a place to live, with her. Sami is livid. She begs for forgiveness, but it's no use. Will, Lucas and Kate leave a devastated Sami as she crumples to the floor in tears.

Carrie tells Austin she intends to confront Lexie about what she did. Meanwhile, Lexie serves Tek with a restraining order, telling him it's over. If he comes near her, she'll have him arrested. Later, Carrie shows up and lays into Lexie. She can't believe what she did! Lexie tries to apologize, but Carrie vows Lexie will lose Abe, her medical license and her job.

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