Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on DAYS

Carrie destroyed Lexie's career by reporting her to the medical board, but Abe decided to stand by his wife. Tek was determined to find a way back into Lexie's life. Sami received no sympathy from Marlena and Roman and fell right into E.J.'s trap, until Lucas and Will decided that they should all live together as a family, even if Sami and E.J. were not a romantic couple. Carrie and Austin were married and left Salem for Switzerland, but not before Sami tried to disrupt the wedding. Marlena and John were scheduled to be married as well, but the attack on Steve and Kayla by the 'gloved hand' postponed the ceremony. that the residents of Salem were unaware that E.J. Wells was the 'gloved hand' and that Patrick was taking orders from him to destroy the Bradys. Stephanie was crushed when she learned that Max wanted to break up with her. Max stood up for Mimi in front of Shawn. Bo and John worked together to try to uncover Patrick's actions.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on DAYS
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Now that Bo's been suspended from the force, he can't officially investigate Patrick. But he's convinced Lockhart is a criminal and John has to help him prove it!

In counterpoint, Patrick meets secretly with E.J. – the mastermind behind the gloved hand. E.J. gave Patrick money to pay off Hope's doctor to lie about her pregnancy test. She's really carrying Bo's baby! E.J. warns Patrick that if he doesn't want Bo to find out the truth, he'd better toe the line. Patrick gives in. But if Brady discovers what they're up to, Patrick will turn on E.J. E.J. insists that would be a fatal mistake. Their work will not be finished until E.J. reveals who he really is. Later, John calls Patrick, and they set up a time to get together. We get the feeling Patrick is suspicious.

John reminds Marlena they're not married, because of her ordeal with Alex North. It looks like John is about to propose, but Sami interrupts. Marlena sees Sami is upset, so John gives them time alone. Sami, doing damage control, confesses her blackmail of Lexie. Sami begs her mom to understand. She needs her to intercede with Roman. Marlena feels for Sami. But when Sami hears Marlena and John are getting re-married, she makes a dig at John and Marlena is reminded of Sami's true colors. It's time for Sami to take responsibility for her actions. Feeling rejected, Sami storms out and runs into E.J. Sami says he's the only who still believes in her. Sami is drawn into E.J.'s web when he invites her back to his place for a romantic evening.

Max confides in Shawn that he's been leading Stephanie on. Shawn thinks Max needs to be honest with her. Meanwhile, Abby visits Stephanie at the hospital. Stephanie is insecure and wonders why Max hasn't been in to see her? Abby figures he's just busy. Abby leaves and gets a present for Max to give to Stephanie. Later, Max visits Stephanie and gives her the gift, privately shocked when he sees it's a loving stuffed bear. He tries to let her down easy, but Stephanie starts to hyperventilate. Not wanting to make her condition worse, Max backpedals. He'll be here for her.

Mimi needs to borrow money from her mom to get her car fixed. Bonnie is broke, but can't tell Mimi why, since she spent the money bribing Mimi's surrogate. Later, upset Mimi blurts to Hope that Shawn is dating a hooker. Hope flies off the handle and confronts Shawn.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

John is about to propose to Marlena when Roman interrupts. John leaves for an important meeting and we learn that Marlena called Roman over. Initially, he thought it was a romantic call but she soon reveals that she called him over because of Sami. Roman promises he'll talk to her. The conversation switches gears when Roman tells Marlena how he feels about her. She gently lets him down.

John meets Patrick at Chez Rouge and tries to befriend him in hopes of getting useful info for Bo. Patrick, however, is suspicious. Later, John enlists Marlena's help. While Patrick is ordering a drink, she swipes his cell phone and gives it to John who's waiting for her in the ladies room. John jots down the numbers in Patrick's call log. Just as Patrick starts to panic about his missing phone, Marlena sweeps in and hands it to him, saying she found it on the ground. Later, Patrick tells E.J. about his encounter with John. E.J. cryptically says John's future has already been mapped out.

Sami tells E.J. she's nervous about speaking to her father now that everything she's done is out in the open. E.J. advises her to be her own person. She shouldn't have to apologize for what she did. Besides, E.J. loves her the way she is. Sami is flattered by this and they soon start to make love -- but Roman arrives and interrupts them. E.J. leaves, and Sami takes his pompous advice when she encounters her dad. But this flip attitude doesn't sit well with Roman.

Mimi goes to the garage to ask Max if he could fix her car. She runs into Shawn and the two exchange some harsh words. It soon escalates when Willow shows up and informs Shawn that Mimi told his mother that she was a hooker. Max finally steps in. He and Shawn battle it out until Shawn angrily exits with Willow in tow. Later, Max tells Mimi if she needs a friend he'll be there for her.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kayla gets a suspicious page while visiting Stephanie in the hospital. Stephanie has a bad feeling about it and tries to persuade her mother not to check on it, to no avail.

Steve drops by to see Billie. While he's there, he tries to explain to Chelsea his feelings for her mom. Upset, Chelsea tells Steve that Billie used to be a hooker. Billie is livid, and Steve gives Chelsea hell. Just then, Stephanie calls him. She's worried about her mom. Steve takes off, and Chelsea snipes to Billie that he will always go running back to Kayla. At the hospital, we see Kayla get trapped in an exam room and where she hears a man's heavy breathing. An eerie voice calls out her name through an air vent. Kayla freaks out, but Steve comes to the rescue, breaking down the door. He holds her in his arms. They go to investigate the air vent when suddenly lethal-looking smoke explodes from the vent, suffocating Kayla and Steve!

In a romantic series of scenes, John proposes to Marlena. She is swept away by his undying love for her. He waits for her answer, but she has a proposal of her own. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie discuss moving to Zurich to start their new life together. Carrie says she'll go on one condition: she wants to get married first. They head off to tie the knot -- that day! At the Justice of the Peace, Carrie and Austin are forced to wait because another couple is ahead of them. They're stunned when they come face to face with John and Marlena!

At work, Carrie and the hospital administrator confront Lexie, who is officially accused of medical malpractice and is fired effectively immediately. Devastated, Lexie goes to face Abe. She tells him the news, assuming he'll never want to speak to her again. Lexie is blown away by Abe's response. He married her for better or for worse. He will stand by her, and he promises to help her weather this storm.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Steve and Kayla are now unconscious in a quarantined area of the hospital. They were exposed to an unspecified bio-toxin. Doctors are scrambling to save their lives, as members of the Brady clan keep close watch. Billie later arrives and Stephanie pleads for her to leave her father alone. The antidote arrives and it's given to Steve and Kayla, but we're left to wonder if they received it in time.

Bo and Abe clash with regards to Bo being reinstated on the force. Later, John tells Bo about E.J. and Patrick's connection. Bo is encouraged by the development. At the same time, after being tipped by Tek, Abe escorts his wife from the hospital.

At the home of the Justice of the Peace, Carrie and Austin reveal that they're leaving Salem for Switzerland after they get married. Marlena and John admit they'll be sad to see them go, but at the same time they're happy for them. Just as Carrie and Austin are about to say their "I do's" Sami interrupts the ceremony. She and Carrie exchange some harsh words, but Sami soon leaves in a huff. Carrie isn't going to let anything spoil her day. She and Austin exchange vows in front of John, Marlena, Roman and Kate. They have an emotional farewell, leaving Salem for good.

Meanwhile, Sami hits Chez Rouge and tries to drown her sorrows. E.J. convinces her to forget about her family, and the two agree to meet later for an evening filled with romance.

Friday, October 27, 2006

John and Bo now suspect E.J. is in cahoots with Patrick. John thinks they need to go to Abe, but Bo is reluctant. Later, Bo talks to Grandpa Shawn who offers words of wisdom to his son. He encourages Bo to do the right thing. Bo arrives at the station and Abe goes ballistic when he hears that John and Bo are investigating Patrick. They start to tell Abe about E.J., but he says before they give him the suspect's name he wants some proof. Bo guesses this means Abe is okay with their private investigation. Abe agrees but only if John keeps Bo on a short leash. Later, Bo has a revelation that could further indict E.J.

Steve and Kayla have been given an antidote to combat the deadly toxin but only time will tell if it's going to work. Upset about her parents, Stephanie reaches out to Max, who is indifferent towards her. Frankie calls him on this and Max privately admits he intends to break up with Stephanie, but when he tries to do it, he can't bring himself to. Stephanie, however, senses something is up. Later, Frankie admits to Stephanie that Max intends to break up with her. Stephanie tries to remain cool but she breaks down.

At the garage, Max tells Abby about his predicament. Abby feels horrible for giving him the gift to give to Stephanie, especially if he's not even really in to her. Max says it's not her fault and we see their growing bond. Back at the hospital, Kayla and Steve take a turn for the worse. The antidote is not working and it appears all bets are off.

Sami and E.J. prepare for a night of love but once again it is derailed by Lucas and Will. To Kate's dismay, Will wants to give his mom another chance. Lucas agrees and they go to see E.J. and Sami. E.J. is less than thrilled and asks Sami to choose between him and Lucas and Will.

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