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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, November 6, 2006

Bo and Hope re-establish a sense of intimacy after reliving their memories to help Steve. They're interrupted when Patrick comes looking for Hope. Bo backs off, not wanting to add to Hope's stress. Hope returns to the hospital with a list she thinks might jog Steve's memory. She runs into Billie and accidentally reveals that Steve bought her a necklace. Billie is thrilled with the news. Later, Billie overhears what she thinks is Steve recovering his memories and committing to Kayla. An upset Billie goes straight to Bo. At the same time, Patrick pampers Hope, with the ulterior motive of convincing her to leave town with him. She agrees, but she won't leave until Kayla is well. Billie and Bo commiserate, and start to make love, while back at the hospital, Steve's memorized recitation of their life together reaches Kayla and she opens her eyes.

Flush with cash from E.J., Shawn shows off to Willow. She is thrilled and suggests she and Shawn get an apartment together. Shawn is wary, but ultimately agrees. He later visits his dad, saying he still owes him for the loss of the boat. Bo doesn't want his son's money. He just wants Shawn to get his life together. He's worried about Shawn working for E.J. Meanwhile, Willow tells Mimi that she and Shawn are moving in together. Mimi reads her the riot act: there's no way Belle will allow her child to stay in the same house with Shawn and a hooker. Later, Mimi watches as Willow is thrilled by Victor's $10,000 gift to Shawn, but Shawn refuses to take it.

Mimi tells Bonnie she's worried about Patrick, who has a huge amount of cash in the house. Bonnie dismisses Mimi's concerns. When the surrogate calls Bonnie demanding more money, she swipes Patrick's stash. Patrick later realizes that his money's been stolen.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Steve is galvanized, as Kayla wakes up and whispers his name. She's still in danger, but the doctors are amazed that Steve brought her back. Kayla wants the truth about how long she has. Unfortunately, if they can't find an antidote she can tolerate, it's only a matter of time. Steve, feeling guilty, realizes he has to keep pretending he has his memory back.

Billie and Bo almost make love, but stop short. Little do they know, Chelsea has snapped a picture of them in bed. Hope gets a call and learns that Kayla is awake. She rushes over to tell Bo, but finds him now fully dressed - with Billie. Bo and Hope give Caroline the news, and rush to the hospital where an emotional family reunion ensues.

Hope is wary, as angry Patrick searches for his missing cash. Patrick has to give Hope a cover story about the money. It's obvious he's trying to impress her, to show her he can provide for their baby. He still wants a future with Hope, but she's still torn between him and Bo. Later, after Hope is gone, Patrick accuses his mother of stealing his money. Bonnie adamantly denies this and blames Mimi.

Maggie introduces Abby to Nick Fallon. He's Abby's cousin and he'll be living with them for a while. Abby welcomes him, but is less than thrilled that her new housemate is a total geek. Maggie forces Abby to take Nick out dancing. Chelsea meets up with them at Dune, and Nick is left breathless. Chelsea, however, won't even give him the time of day. Later, it's Nick to the rescue when Chelsea gets caught with a fake I.D.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Due to NBC News coverage of an address by President Bush, extended election coverage and reports on the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted.

However, NBC plans to rebroadcast the missed episode tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of the preemption, but for a short time the show will be one day "behind" in its broadcasts.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

When Chelsea can't pay for the martini glasses she broke at Dune, the bartender starts to call the police. Nick intervenes, trying to persuade him to give Chelsea a break. The bartender strikes a bargain; he'll take Nick's expensive watch in exchange for Chelsea's freedom. Nick thinks it's too steep a price to pay, so the bartender proposes a wager: Nick has to execute a fancy bar trick with an olive, and if he succeeds, Chelsea can walk free. If he fails, though, the bartender gets the watch. Nick uses his brain power to figure the trick out, to the amazement of all -- especially Chelsea.

Belle and Shawn come to Victor's office to return his money. They will not be bought. Victor explains he was just trying to make up for keeping Claire's paternity a secret from them and asks for forgiveness. He also asks to remain a part of Claire's life. In fact, he'd like her to come to his house for visits. This leads to an argument between Shawn and Belle. She reminds Shawn he hasn't been responsible enough to make wise choices, but he tells her he has a new job working for E.J. which will provide him with a lot of money. He gives Belle a wad of cash for child support. She is impressed with Shawn's new, mature approach to life -- even more so when he gives her the power to decide the question of whether Claire will visit Victor. Belle agrees to it, which pleases Victor. But when he's alone, we see an icy cold look cross his face.

Sami, Lucas and Will eat at the Penthouse Grill after a day at the amusement park. They all agree it was a great time. Will wishes it would be like this all the time; he wishes his parents didn't argue at all! They soon notice Abe and Lexie across the room. Lucas persuades Sami to apologize to Lexie for blackmailing her. Sami does it, but Lexie refuses to accept her apology. Later, in the ladies' room, Lexie douses Sami with a bottle of champagne. Sami returns to her table with a sense of grace, and Lucas says he's proud of her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bo figures out the significance of the mysterious set of numbers they found with Eve Michael's possessions. It's the numbers on Patrick's police ID card. Bo tries to call Hope to warn her about Patrick, but learns they're together at the hospital for her prenatal exam. Hope and the baby get a clean bill of health, though Dr. Bader suggests she have an amniocentesis. Patrick tries to dissuade Hope, but she insists and sets up an appointment. In a private moment, Patrick tells Dr. Bader that she has to oversee the test because no one can learn the baby's true paternity.

Kate tells E.J. that John warned her about him. Later, John asks E.J. to meet him at the Penthouse Grill, which he does. As this is going on, Kate sneaks back into E.J.'s apartment in search of any incriminating evidence against him. There's a close call when we see E.J. returning as an unsuspecting Kate continues her search.

Steve continues his ruse with Kayla, who is barely hanging on. Kayla soon starts to have problems breathing. The doctors stabilize her, but warn that she could go any time.

Kate and Billie meet at the Penthouse Grill to catch up. Billie tells her that she and Steve are most likely over. He's started to recover his memory. Kate encourages Billie to talk to Steve instead of assuming things. Billie goes to the hospital to talk, but just as Steve is about to clear the air, Stephanie arrives. Billie takes off thinking that Steve has remembered the past and chosen Kayla.

Sami and Lucas bond after the previous day's events. They had so much fun as a family. Later, Lucas asks if Sami slept with E.J. She admits that they haven't then turns the tables on him and asks him if he's been with anyone since Carrie. Lucas says he hasn't, and we get the feeling that both are inwardly pleased by the other's response.

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