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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, December 4, 2006

At the station, Bo, Roman and Billie returned from Bo's arraignment. Bo was bitter that Chelsea meddled again by emailing around the photo of him and Billie together. Roman suggested that going forward the two keep their clothes on when they're around each other. Roman went to retrieve Bo's personal effects, leaving Bo and Billie to talk about Hope and Patrick and their near-sexual encounter. Bo explained that Hope has lost in faith in him since he can't seem to keep his pants on around Billie.

Patrick got dressed at the hospital in anticipation of his release. Bonnie came to visit. Patrick asked what she knew about the money that was stolen from his room. Bonnie said she asked around, but nobody 'fessed up. He accused her again, but she denied it. Hope arrived; Bonnie left to get Patrick's release papers. Hope asked Patrick to drop the charges against Bo. Patrick protested. Hope explained that Bo said he didn't beat up Patrick. "So you're saying I'm lying?" Patrick queried. He refused to drop the charges, but did pledge his love to Hope. She said if he really loved her, he would drop the charges. He gave in and said he'd do it. She thanked him. He said that in exchange, she had to go away with him. She said she couldn't leave town just then, but when they did they would have to have separate rooms. Patrick was dismayed, but reluctantly agreed. In the hallway, Bonnie counted her stolen cash. Mimi came by and asked her mom for money. She said she needed it to buy plane tickets for her and Max to follow a lead on Philip. Bonnie claimed poverty. Mimi asked her to take some from the stash she stole from Patrick. They argued. Mimi blackmailed her mother into giving her the money.

Abby asked Max why he changed his mind about Atlanta. When he didn't answer, she pushed him to admit that he likes Mimi. Mimi showed up later with the plane tickets. She claimed that Patrick loaned her the money for them. Max left Abby in charge. "I hope you know what you're getting into," she said pointedly.

At the Mythic offices, Kate and E.J. talked over plans for the company. E.J. suggested they hire Sami to be the Mythic spokesperson. "Over my dead body," replied Kate. E.J. pointed out that Sami already works for them, since they merged with Austin. She was peeved that Sami was dining out on Mythic money and refused to consider giving Sami a better job. She then accused him of trying to get Sami into bed. E.J. reminded Kate that he outranks her as majority stockholder and that if Sami wants the job, it's hers.

Lucas and Sami got cozy while eating pizza and watching a movie. They got hot and heavy on the couch, so Lucas suggested they take it to the bedroom. E.J. called and broke the mood. He told Sami that she still works for him and has been cashing her checks. "I thought it was severance pay," she said. He ordered her to come over to his office and hung up the phone. Kate warned him that Sami would turn him down and stormed off. Back at the apartment, Sami broke away from Lucas's kiss and said she had to go meet with her boss. Lucas told her to call E.J. and quit. Sami said no, she had to fight her own battles. Sami got very dressed up for a daytime meeting. Lucas asked her to change, but Sami seductively said no. Victor summoned Lucas to the mansion, so Lucas and Sami agreed to meet up later to "finish what they started."

Bonnie visited E.J. to shake him down for cash in exchange for her silence about his connection to Patrick. He handed her a wad of cash and claimed that he wants to be friends. Bonnie then met with Lauren the surrogate and gave her the money. Greedy Lauren demanded more.

Sami arrived at E.J.'s office and chided him for summoning her there like a servant. She said she didn't know that she was now working for Mythic and offered to return the money she was paid. He said he wanted to make her a full partner with him and Kate.

Patrick and Hope arrived at the police station, where Patrick revealed he was dropping the charges.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

At the police station, Bo refused to "grovel" in front of Patrick and thank him because he wasn't pressing bogus charges. Hope pulled Bo aside so they could talk privately. He realized that Hope sweet-talked Patrick into getting him to drop the charges. Bo decided to face the charges instead. Roman pulled his little brother into his office and asked what was going on. Bo explained what Hope had done. Roman told him to "Stop being a child and get the hell out of here before he changes his mind." Outside, Patrick complained about Bo. Billie told him to knock it off and that nobody believed he had actually beat up Bo. Billie asked if Patrick dropped the charges as a way to get closer to Hope. Hope turned on Billie; a heated exchange ensued. Bo came out and said he just wanted to go home. Hope asked him to come home with her and told Patrick that she needed to spend time with her husband. Billie offered to give Patrick a ride. Once alone, Patrick advised her to mind her own business. "If you ever cross me again, I will make sure you and your daughter regret it," he warned.

Sami was stunned by E.J.'s offer to make her a partner in Mythic and be their company spokesperson. She asked what Kate thought about it. He said it didn't matter. She suspected that he was trying to get her out of town and away from Lucas and said she wouldn't prostitute herself to him like Kate did. E.J. insisted it wasn't a proposition and showed her a file of Austin's shares that would be hers if she joined. "You'll be a very wealthy woman," he pointed out and urged her to take the job.

Victor made arrangements to meet Belle. Lucas arrived at the mansion. Victor explained that he had to go out of town and needed Lucas to run Titan. He also asked him to have the jet ready to go to Montreal for Victor and a guest. A bandaged Philip listened in on their conversation. Lucas asked who was joining Vic on the trip. Victor hesitated at first, then said it was a man named Andrew Spivey. He also stressed the confidentiality of the trip.

On the plane to Atlanta, Max asked Mimi why finding Philip was so important to her. She said it was because she felt responsible for him re-enlisting. "My lies hurt so many people," she sighed and explained that she wanted to be a better person. He asked if she was also trying to get Shawn back. She said no, but asked if Abby put the idea in his head. He admitted that she had. They talked about how friendly they had become. He then asked her if she had said, "love ya" when they talked on the phone a few days before. She said yes, then said she was going to be sick and went to the bathroom, leaving a confused Max in his seat. When Mimi came back, it was awkward, but she told Max that the "love ya" just popped out and she didn't mean it. She said she hoped he didn't take it the wrong way. He assured her her that he didn't. The duo landed and headed to the Veteran's Hospital, where they learned that Spivey had been there, but was then moved in the middle of the night. "So he just disappeared?" Mimi asked. Captain Shepherd, the hospital administrator, approached and revealed that Spivey's documents were classified and he couldn't tell them anything more.

Lucas came by Mythic looking for Sami, but encountered Kate. Kate said she didn't think Sami was quitting because she had been in with E.J. too long. In the office, Sami looked over the file. E.J. implored her to take the job because his reputation had been damaged by Roman and Bo and he needed her to give the company a new face. He also said he wasn't giving her 1/3 of the company just to get her into bed. When Sami realized how annoyed Kate would be if she took the job, she accepted. Lucas overheard and was peeved. He and Sami talked privately. She detailed E.J.'s offer. Lucas worried that E.J. was trying to bed Sami, but noted that he trusted Sami, not E.J. Sami insisted she had no interest in E.J., but wanted to make a better life for her family. They worked it out and Sami accepted the offer. Kate groused to E.J. that she had to work with Sami and doubted that he knew what he was doing. "You want to earn my trust? Do something to make me trust you," she said.

Belle arrived at the Hudson Street Diner with Claire, awaiting Victor's arrival. A woman watched them from another table. A leather jacket clad man approached Claire and said how pretty she is. The phone rang at the counter. It was Victor, calling for Belle. She left Claire at the table and asked Vic why he didn't call her cell phone. Victor claimed he couldn't get through. He said he'd be a little late but wanted to discuss a $250,000 trust fund he wanted to set up for Claire. She asked why. During the discussion, Belle turned her back on Claire. When she turned back around, the tot was gone. Belle panicked and went outside to look. The waitress helped her look for Belle, but the diner was empty. "Someone took her. Someone took my baby," cried an alarmed Belle. The waitress called 911. Roman rushed to the diner, as did Bo and Hope, who were at the station. Victor arrived and Belle broke down in his arms. Vic insisted it wasn't her fault and went to talk to the waitress. He got the receipt from the man who admired Claire — and who also paid by credit card. Bo showed a devastated Belle something they found of Claire's in the parking lot.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The drama continues, as Belle frets that Claire has been kidnapped. Suddenly, the main suspect barges into the diner with a gun drawn! Bo thinks fast and wrestles the guy to the floor. It turns out to be a misunderstanding. Suspicion shifts to the woman who was in the diner earlier. We see that she's indeed the one who has Claire and it seems the child could be in real danger.

After getting a call from Hope, Shawn shows up and lashes out at Belle. How could she let this happen?! Belle is stung. Sami arrives and defends her sister. The gulf between Belle and Shawn widens. Bo and Hope leave when he gets a hunch. They confront E.J., who claims total innocence. Back at the diner, Nancy Everett brings Claire back! She says the child somehow wandered into the back of her car. Everyone is wary, but Belle and Shawn are hugely relieved to have their child back. Victor goes home to a bandaged Philip. Nancy Everett shows up, and Victor pays her off. He warns her to get out of town. Alone with Philip, Victor explains this was the first step in getting Claire away from Belle and Shawn.

Kate is convinced E.J. had an ulterior motive in making Sami a full partner. E.J. finally levels with her: he wants Sami to have his baby! Rocked, Kate goes to tell Lucas. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas almost make love, until she gets a call about Claire, and has to take off. Kate arrives, and tells Lucas that E.J. wants Sami to have his baby. Lucas is furious. When Sami returns, he gives her the news. She assures Lucas it's a joke. There's no way that will happen because she's only interested in Lucas. In fact, she'd like them to make love right now. Lucas, though, isn't in the mood.

In Italy, John brings Marlena to a beautiful fountain. Romance is in the air, as he takes out a coin, and Marlena makes a fervent wish -- that they will always be honest with each other. John has more surprises in store for Doc. Romantic music plays, building to John saying he wants to marry her right here, right now! Music soars and they kiss. Little do they know a sinister stranger looks on ominously.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

John and Marlena are re-married in a beautiful al fresco ceremony in Italy. Rico, a sinister thug, watches from the shadows. After they've tied the knot, Rico reveals himself: he brings word from the DiMeras. He insists that Tony is still in prison and Stefano is dead. Rico advises John and Marlena to return to Salem, if they know what's good for them. John, aware of the threat, wants to get to the bottom of this. Against Marlena's wishes, he decides to visit the DiMera crypt. If Stefano's body is there, they'll go home. If not, John will have a long overdue reunion with his stepfather.

Max and Mimi fly home to Salem. They're still suspicious about what they learned and decide to confront Victor when they get home. Meanwhile, Victor promises Philip he will deal with Mimi and Max and make them stop investigating. When Max and Mimi show up, Victor pretends to take them into his confidence. He knows all about "Andrew Spivey." Max and Mimi want to know where Philip is now. Victor lies, saying he was taken to a secure location by the CIA. Victor has no idea his where he is. After they leave, Max and Mimi agree that Victor was lying through his teeth. They'll have to keep investigating.

Chelsea rants on her video blog. Nick is riveted on his laptop at work and sends her an anonymous message, opening his soul to her. Chelsea is deeply moved. Later, at Chez Rouge, she tells Abby and Stephanie about this cool guy she met online and that "Lonely Splicer" is the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nick's handsome boss, Dr. Rebert, catches him not working. Nick swears it won't happen again. Later, he meets up with the gang at Chez Rouge. Chelsea continues to disparage Nick. She exits to see if Lonely Splicer tried to reach her. Alone with Abby, Nick reveals he's "Lonely Splicer." Abby is shocked and says this will never work. Chelsea will want to see his photo, then the jig will be up. Confident Nick already took care of that. Meanwhile, Chelsea downloads a photo of Lonely Splicer and we see it's the dashing Dr. Rebert.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Kayla brings Steve to the bungalow where they hid out from Victor twenty years earlier, hoping to find out once and for all if he's really regaining his memories. The bungalow does indeed trigger a series of memories of Steve's time with Kayla. And in a big moment, he tells her he remembers everything!

Shawn is upset that Belle doesn't trust him with Claire. Willow insists Belle isn't being fair. Shawn decides he has to be honest with Belle and tell her everything. Meanwhile, Belle is confessing to Hope that she can't trust Shawn because he's sleeping with a hooker. Hope suggests she talk to him. While Willow is getting her check from Chez Rouge, Belle comes to see Shawn. It's clear they want to be close again but Willow interrupts and spoils the moment.

E.J. gives Bo information that the woman who "saved" Claire was arrested for a previous kidnapping scam. Bo finds her flashing her newfound money, but she denies any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Patrick that E.J. admitted he was the one who beat him up. Patrick tells her to stay away from E.J. He later goes to Hope and says he's holding her to her promise to go away with him. At the same time, Bonnie extorts more cash from E.J. and tries to seduce him. He resists, pays her off and warns her not to threaten him again.

Chelsea shows Billie the photo she got from her new love, Lonely Splicer. She's determined to find him. Billie worries that he's an Internet predator. Chelsea doubts it. She takes a closer look at his picture and notices the man is wearing a stethoscope. Her new man is a doctor! Meanwhile, Stephanie shows a copy of the photo to Nick and Abby. Abby knows Nick is "Lonely Splicer" and can't believe he sent a photo of someone he works for. Nick is confident he can keep Chelsea from finding him, but Abby warns him it's all going to blow up in his face.

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