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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Steve tells Kayla he remembers everything about his life with her. She wants to believe him but is afraid. He encourages her to confront her fears and emotionally reveals how much he loves her and how sorry he is for not being there for her while she was raising Stephanie. He promises to protect her from now on. Steve then signs the word "courage," just as he'd done long ago at their wedding. Kayla, affected, kisses Steve and the two end up making explosive love.

Shawn tries to do damage control after Belle learns that he and Willow are living together, but Belle rushes out. Shawn then lays into Willow for purposely trying to ruin things between him and Belle. Willow says she just wanted to hold onto the best thing that's ever happened to her. Later, Shawn finds Belle and apologizes for not being honest with her about Willow. Belle admits she really has no say in who he sees or doesn't see. If Shawn wants Willow in his life, Belle will deal with it. Shawn says he's going to ask Willow to move out -- because he's in love with Belle.

Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope he's moving out. He can't stay in a house with someone who doesn't trust him. Hope stops him from leaving by revealing she does believe he's innocent of Patrick's attack. Then she begs Bo to drop his investigation of Patrick and E.J., but he refuses, saying if he walks away, he'd be giving them carte blanche to continue hurting people. Bo asks Hope to promise that she won't spend time alone with Patrick. Hope fudges the promise, and she and Bo share a warm moment in each other's arms.

John and Marlena break into the DiMera crypt and discover it's empty, which can only mean one thing: Stefano is behind all of the trouble in Salem. That night, they consummate their marriage, unaware that Rico is lurking outside their hotel door.

Chelsea gives Nick the photo of "Lonely Splicer" and asks him to check it for clues that may help her find him.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On their wedding night, John and Marlena are surprised when Rico sneaks into their hotel room intent on killing them. John overpowers Rico, and finds out Stefano's whereabouts. John insists on tracking Stefano alone, but Marlena makes a passionate case why she must go with him. John grudgingly relents, but supplies her with a hand gun in case of emergency.

Shawn and Belle are having dinner with Victor when they make what they think is a simple request: no more visits with Claire until Shawn bonds with his daughter. Furious Victor lets them know in no uncertain terms what he thinks of their parenting skills. Shawn doesn't back down and Victor warns him he'll regret this. Meanwhile, Max and Mimi are sharing what they've learned about Philip's disappearance with Kate. Max and Mimi think Victor has Philip stashed away somewhere. Later, Kate sneaks into the Kiriakis mansion, about to enter the "mystery room" when Victor arrives. He makes no move to stop her and Kate enters, shocked to discover her seriously wounded and bandaged son in a wheelchair.

Max and Mimi return to the garage. Mimi worries what Victor will do if he finds out they blabbed. Max puts her at ease and the talk turns to Mimi's broken marriage to Shawn. Mimi guesses she's better off not being married to a man who's in love with someone else. The sexual tension between Max and Mimi rises, but just as they're about to kiss, Mimi's phone rings. Max watches her go, clearly smitten.

Steve and Kayla blissfully reconnect in the aftermath of his memory returning. Steve admits there are still chunks of his past missing, years he can't remember. Kayla tries to put him at ease by assuring him they'll deal with it together. Eventually, they acknowledge the elephant in the room: Steve's relationship with Billie. Steve allows that Billie's a wonderful woman but nothing he felt for her comes close to what he feels for his "sweetness."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kate has an emotional reunion with Philip. Victor reveals his master plan: Philip will get a new face, and Victor will manipulate Shawn and Belle so Philip will win sole custody of Claire. But he's worried that Max and Mimi could interfere. He asks for Kate's help in stopping them. At the same time, Max tells Roman that he and Mimi have been investigating Philip's disappearance. Max thinks Victor is involved. Roman advises Max and Mimi to back off, but he's intrigued when Max mentions that Victor has been spending a lot of time with Claire. When Max leaves, Roman calls Bo. They realize Victor may have had something to do with Claire's temporary disappearance. Meanwhile Max goes back to the garage, where Abby is nervous because a suspicious van has been casing the place. Later, Abby accuses Max of getting involved in the Philip investigation only because he's interested in Mimi. Max finally admits that's true. An upset Abby takes off as Max gets a call from Kate, who wants to talk to him and Mimi at the garage about Philip. Little do they know this is a set-up. After Mimi arrives, the garage goes dark and we don't know what's happened to Max and Mimi.

Bo and Hope continue to grow closer. She teases him that she would have made love but he didn't take the hint. They promise things will be different. But when Bo leaves to meet Roman, Patrick arrives with tickets for Cabo San Lucas. He's excited, but Hope shuts him down. Patrick is furious that he's been used. Hope swears she'll fulfill her promise to go away with him, but absolutely nothing else. After Patrick leaves, Bo comes home and he and Hope begin to make love.

Patrick accuses Bonnie of stealing his money. Bonnie denies it, but when Mimi confronts her she is finally forced to admit she did it. Patrick, livid, takes his money and leaves. Bonnie lies to Mimi about why she needed the money. Later, Bonnie meets with the surrogate, who wants yet more cash.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shawn tells Willow that the two of them are through and asks her to move out. Upset, Willow goes to Bo and Hope's house and asks them to talk to Shawn on her behalf. Willow claims the only reason Shawn is dumping her is because he thinks it's what his parents want. If Bo and Hope truly had Shawn's happiness in mind, they'd encourage him to follow his heart. Hope tells Willow that Shawn makes his own decisions and that she and Bo will not interfere in their son's life.

Meanwhile, Shawn goes from cutting ties with Willow to cutting ties with E.J. Shawn admits he's concerned that E.J.'s dealings may not be legal. E.J., who was anticipating this, presents Shawn with "evidence" that makes it seem like the envelopes Shawn has been delivering for E.J. and Patrick are indeed harmless. Nonetheless, Shawn sticks to his guns, and leaves E.J.'s employ. He heads back to his apartment where he finds smoke billowing out from under the door. Unbeknownst to him, Willow has set his belongings on fire.

E.J. tells Sami that the two of them are leaving on a business trip to Talladega -- that night. Jealous Lucas tells Sami she can't go. Sami argues and insists that Lucas can trust her. She'll be loyal to him. Eventually Lucas gives in, then privately arranges to take some time off for work so her can go to Talladega as well.

After arriving at the garage to find it dark, Abby calls Nick to help her find out what's going on. They discover that someone has tampered with the fuse box. When they finally get the lights working, they see that the garage has been ransacked. Roman and the police arrive to investigate and Abby tells them about the suspicious van she saw earlier. Afraid that Max and Mimi have been kidnapped, Abby cries in Nick's arms.

Friday, December 15, 2006

John and Marlena are in Stefano's hospital room. Marlena flashes back to her nightmare of John being there, dead. She wants to leave now. John says they have to get proof of E.J.'s crimes. He's going to go in to see Stefano. Just outside the hospital room, Rico pulls a gun and tells John to leave. John refuses. Just as Rico is about to shoot him, Marlena appears with her gun. She breaks the stand-off by telling Rico that she wants to see Stefano -- alone. John tries to talk her out of it, to no avail. Marlena goes inside, and Stefano, hidden in an oxygen tent, beckons her closer.

Shawn tries to put out the fire Willow started in his apartment, but can't. The ceiling sprinklers come on and extinguish it, leaving the apartment a sodden, ruined mess. The fire marshall questions Willow, and leads her out in handcuffs. Shawn's landlord evicts him and tells him he's responsible for the damage. Shawn calls his parents and they arrive at the scene. They're thankful no one was hurt. Bo and Shawn reconcile, and he tells a now-homeless Shawn he wants him to move back home.

Sami and E.J. are in Talladega, selling ads on Mythic race cars. Lucas sneaks in and E.J. seems him, taunting him that when Sami sees he didn't trust her, she'll hate him. But E.J. promises he won't tell Sami that Lucas was there if he leaves now. Lucas reluctantly moves off, and E.J. turns around and tells Sami that Lucas showed up. Later, Sami overhears E.J. on the phone with Stefano.

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