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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, January 22, 2007

On the run from Philip, Belle and Shawn hole up with Claire in an abandoned church. Belle notices Claire got a new tooth when she was with Philip. She's worried that if Philip wins, they'll miss everything. Shawn promises that they'll be there for every event in Claire's life. Max comes by with supplies for them. He tells them that Philip and Victor have called the cops, who are watching every inch of Salem. Meanwhile, Philip stops by to see Mimi and forcibly makes her reveal Shawn and Belle's whereabouts. Later, Max finds Mimi locked up and comforts her. They make love for the first time.

Steve comes back from Mexico and tells Bo that E.J. is planning to return to Salem. Bo leaves to tell Abe, as Kayla and Steve have it out. She's angry because he went after E.J. without her. She warns him that he could lose her trust. Steve pleads with her, explaining that he didn't want to put her in danger. She reveals that she's been thinking of the two of them raising a child together. Steve is overjoyed with the idea. Later, after talking with Bo, Steve decides to help Shawn and Belle escape.

Abe realizes that Lexie lied to him about seeing John get shot. He confronts her, and she finally admits what really happened. She wanted to protect Abe and was fearful he wouldn't believe that Tek's attentions were unwanted. Lexie swears she didn't want E.J. to get away with murder. She declares her love for Abe, but this time he has to draw the line. Abe doesn't believe her, and wants her gone. Lexie fights it, but leaves, heartbroken. Later, Lexie meets up with Tek. He wants them to run away together, but she wants nothing to do with him. As they argue, a car forces them off the road and there's a horrendous crash.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Steve arrives at the church to help Shawn and Belle get to Canada. He's stolen a delivery truck, and it's waiting right outside. But they get an unwelcome visitor -- Philip. He tells them the cops are on the way, and he's not leaving without Claire! Shawn and Philip face off, and end up in a fight. Shawn goes down, and Belle finds herself alone with a very menacing Philip. She pleads with him not to do this, but Philip won't back down. Just when he's about to take Claire from Belle's arms, Steve shows up and knocks him out. Shawn and Steve stuff him in the basement, then take off for Canada with Belle and Claire. Later, as Belle and Shawn get some much-needed rest, Steve represses his traumatic flashbacks, for fear of putting the kids at risk. Back at the church, Philip is rescued and learns about the delivery truck that was stolen.

Lucas and Sami are trying to have a romantic evening at home, but she is distracted. She's concerned about what Kate is really up to. Lucas wants her to give Kate the benefit of the doubt, and tries to segue into love-making, but Sami is still uneasy. Lucas makes a heartfelt declaration of love, which almost puts her at ease, until she gets nauseated and runs into the bathroom. Before Lucas can find out what's going on, Roman calls. Lucas learns that Tek and Lexie are missing. A distraught Sami thinks E.J. killed them! Lucas tries to calm her, but she soon breaks down in tears and confesses that she's pregnant!

Marlena and Kayla are holding vigil, waiting to hear from Steve and the kids. After Steve calls and says everything's fine, Marlena drifts to sleep and dreams about John. She awakens just before John is able to tell her something important. Marlena confesses to Kayla that she thinks John is trying to warn her that Steve is in danger. Kayla isn't surprised. She tells Marlena about Steve's strange episodes.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Philip storms into the police station and demands to know what Roman's doing to find Claire. Roman tries his best to provide a professional response but Philip accuses him of having it out for the Kiriakis family. Roman disagrees. He points out that Philip and Victor have been planning for Philip to win Claire and take her out of the country.

Meanwhile, Steve is driving Shawn, Belle and Claire to Canada when he feels an 'episode' coming on. Steve reacts when the delivery truck they're in is pursued by police. With Shawn at the wheel, a crazed Steve moves to the back of the truck and pelts the oncoming police car with boxes, ultimately causing the cop to pull off the road. Victorious, Steve instructs Shawn to drive straight through to Canada, then jumps from the speeding van! Shawn, Belle and Claire safely make their way past the border.

As Lucas rejoices about Sami's pregnancy, Sami privately thinks about the night E.J. raped her. Lucas hurries out to buy ingredients for a proper celebration, while Sami gets a call from E.J. which leaves her in tears. Lucas returns to find her upset and assumes she doesn't want to have another baby. Sami assures him she does want to have his baby. Nothing would make her happier. Lucas tries to get her to open up about what's bothering her, but Sami can't summon the courage to tell him the truth.

In hopes of becoming a girl more worthy of Shane Patton, Chelsea tries again to turn over a new leaf. She takes Abby and Nick out to dinner and apologizes for all the horrible things she's said. Dr. P's made her want to be a better woman; she thinks she loves him. Billie enters, surprised to run into Chelsea (and Nick, whom she hasn't seen since they made love). Chelsea announces her intention to enroll at Salem U, and wants Abby to enroll too, so they can do the whole 'college thing' together. When Chelsea mentions Billie's 'mystery lover', Billie makes a quick exit. Nick follows. He thinks they need to talk.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bonnie and Connor are exhausted from burying the bag of bones in their back yard. Mimi arrives and wonders why they're covered in dirt. Bonnie and Connor try to cover, but Mimi is on to them. Later, Mimi discovers the police sketch Abe faxed her. The person suspected of stealing bones from the hospital morgue looks suspiciously like Connor. Mimi questions further, but gets nowhere, and finally resolves to solve the mystery herself. As bonnie and Connor argue, Mimi returns from the back yard with the bones she dug up. Connor finally reveals that the bones belong to their father! Mimi wants to know what happened, but Bonnie remains tight-lipped. Mimi tells her she has until morning to start talking or Mimi's going to take the bag of bones to the police.

Sami and Lucas are celebrating her pregnancy when Roman arrives to tell them that E.J. is back in town and turned himself in. Due to Lexie and Tek's disappearance, however, there's no case against E.J. and he'll probably walk. Sami believes E.J. murdered Lexie and Tek. Roman tries to calm her but Sami fears E.J. will try to get back at her for cooperating with the police and setting him up. Later, Lucas gets a call from Victor summoning him to work in the morning. Lucas fears that Victor's going to want him to track down Shawn and Belle and bring them home. Thinking about her own situation, Sami says she sympathizes with Philip, a man who loves a child who isn't biologically his.

Kate blasts E.J. for running out on her. As a result of his legal problems, her personal/professional accounts have been frozen! E.J. tells Kate she needs to decide if she's with him or against him.

Billie apologizes to Nick for not acting responsibly. She shouldn't have let them make love. Nick says it was the greatest night of his life. Billie tries to steer him toward Chelsea, but Nick confesses that she isn't interested. Later, Chelsea presses Nick for a job, but he isn't so sure he can recommend her.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Shawn and Belle have made it to Toronto, where they meet an old hippie, Merle, who brings them to a safe house. They're low on cash, but decide they have to get to another country, and fast. Belle asks Shawn if he's sure he wants to be on the run with her, and he says Claire's the most important thing in his life. Belle would like to call home, but they're afraid the call will be traced. Shawn suggests they call the pay phone at the Brady Pub. When they do this, we see Chelsea and Nick at the pub contemplating whether or not they should answer the phone.

Victor tells Lucas that Belle and Shawn are in Toronto. He wants Lucas to find them. Victor is afraid if he sends Philip, he might get violent. Victor orders Lucas to bring Claire back no matter what it takes. Lucas argues. Shawn is his cousin. He doesn't want to get in the middle of this mess. Victor tells him if he doesn't go to Toronto he'll lose his job. Lucas refuses, and Victor fires him.

Sami confronts E.J. about Lexie and Tek's disappearance. E.J. denies any involvement, but agrees Sami's the only one left who could put him in prison. E.J. insists he wouldn't hurt her. He loves her, and thinks she feels the same about him. Sami hotly denies it. E.J. wonders if she's pregnant, but she lies. He then proceeds to offer her her old job back. Disgusted, Sami turns him down.

Sami goes home to find Lucas upset about losing his job. Sami offers to work until he finds another one, but he asks her not to. He should be the one to support their family. Later, they agree to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Nick is worried because Chelsea has asked him to find her a job at the lab, where Dr. Rebert works. It gets even worse when Dr. Rebert says they need a new lab assistant. Meanwhile, Abby and Chelsea learn they've both been accepted to Salem U. Chelsea's excited about the thought of joining a sorority so she can give Billie some space. She thinks her mom is in love. Nick arrives, and Chelsea grills him about her mom's mystery lover. He insists he didn't see anyone at the Lockhart house that night.

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