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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Steve returns home from his trip to Toronto and finds an anxious Kayla waiting for him. She grows even more worried when she realizes he's been injured. Steve, however, doesn't tell Kayla the real reason for his wounds. Later, after Bo arrives, Chelsea and Nick stop by and say that they talked to Shawn. He's going to call the pay phone at the pub in an hour to speak with Bo. The group heads to the pub where they run into Roman, who accuses Steve of transporting Shawn and Belle to Canada, then jumping out of his stolen delivery truck in order to get a state trooper off their tail. Kayla is heartsick when she hears this, realizing Steve had another of his "episodes." Roman agrees to look the other way regarding Steve but cautions them all not to break the law again, or he'll have to arrest them.

At the safe house in Toronto, Shawn and Belle learn from Merle that they can stow away on a boat to Africa, but it'll cost them five thousand dollars. Belle tries to sell her wedding ring from Philip but has no luck since he reported the ring stolen. Shawn then decides to ask his dad for the money. Bo and Shawn finally connect on pay phones, and Bo agrees to give his son the five thousand dollars. Hoping to get in her dad's good graces, Chelsea volunteers to take the money to Shawn.

Mimi, along with Max, tells Roman she found the skeleton that was stolen from the hospital morgue buried in her backyard. She begs him not to interrogate Bonnie or Connor about the incident. Mimi convinces Roman to do a DNA test in order to find out who the bones belong to. Later, when Max and Mimi are alone, she reveals that Connor told her the bones are her dad's. A scared Mimi fears Bonnie or Connor killed her father. Max comforts her, and the two grow ever closer.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It isn't easy, but Chelsea finally convinces Bo to let her take the money to Shawn, on the condition that she brings someone along. Nick jumps at the opportunity and immediately volunteers. Later, Kayla is arguing with Steve about his strange behavior. She wants him to meet with Marlena, but Steve wants to talk to Benjy first, to see if he knows anything about his episodes. Right now they need to help Shawn and Belle. Steve and Kayla give the cash to Nick and Chelsea. Just as the kids leave, they run into Abby, who tells them she suspects Philip is on to them.

Willow goes to Chez Rouge to pick up her last pay check. While she's waiting, Nick shows up and tells Maggie about Toronto. Willow overhears and meets with Philip. She'll tell him where Shawn and Belle took Claire, as long as he lets her tag along: she wants to see the look of pain on Shawn's face when his daughter is taken away. Philip agrees, but as they shake on it, Abby shows up and witnesses their handshake. Once Abby compares notes with Maggie, they realize that Willow and Philip may be on to Nick and Chelsea's plan.

Hope runs into Willow, who spills the beans that she's pregnant. Hope doesn't buy it for a second. Even if she is going to have a baby, there's no proof it's Shawn's. Willow insists it is and threatens to take Shawn to family court. Hope vows to destroy Willow if she tries to hurt her family. Hope storms out and meets up with Bo. She fills him in on the Willow situation and fears her family is falling apart. Bo gives her the good news: Chelsea is turning over a new leaf, and going to Canada to help Shawn. Bo assures Hope their family is stronger than ever.

Abby calls her parents and tells them about going to college, but first, she has to make a decision about Max. Meanwhile, Philip visits Max and tries to bribe him into revealing Shawn and Belle's location. Max refuses and Philip storms out. Later, Abby shows up and tells Max she's quitting. When Max asks why, Abby comes close to telling him how she feels about him, but she ultimately can't muster up the courage to do it. They share a close moment, and Max finds himself more affected than he thought he'd be.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

At dinner with Sami and Kate, Lucas asks his mom for a job. Kate would love to work with her son, but it won't be possible. She's still working with E.J. Sami and Lucas are upset when E.J. drops by and tells them he's been cleared of all charges. Lucas refuses his job offer. When E.J. moves off, Sami and Kate try to convince Lucas to change his mind. Lucas finally agrees to talk to E.J., who covers his on-going interest in Sami. Lucas lays down some ground rules. E.J. has to keep his distance from Sami and Will. In fact, he wants E.J. to move out of their apartment building. E.J. agrees, and Lucas accepts the job. Lucas tells Sami and Kate the news. Kate is thrilled and Sami is stunned.

Kate reels Sami in, telling her a TV producer is interested in profiling her and her heroics saving Lucas. Sami is amped. She'd love to be on TV. Later, Kate privately tells E.J. she hopes he's not up to one of his tricks with regards to hiring Lucas. E.J. plays innocent. But once he's alone, he makes a secret toast: the closer Lucas is to E.J., the closer E.J. will be to Sami!

Nick and Chelsea realize Philip and Willow are following them to the airport. Nick, however, has a plan. He stops at Maggie's house to pick something up. At the airport, Nick and Chelsea wait in line at the security checkpoint. Nick gets Chelsea to distract Philip so he can put his plan into action. Nick and Chelsea pass through security with ease. Philip is stopped when the guard finds a knife (that Nick planted) in his bag. A relieved Nick and Chelsea board the plane, leaving Philip livid.

Shawn, Belle and Claire are trying to get some sleep at the safe house. Easier said than done. When the roar of a stereo wakes Claire, Shawn risks his life to make the guys quiet down. Despite her dad's efforts, Claire still won't fall back asleep because she's teething. Shawn goes out to get medication and ultimately quiets the child. A cop later shows up outside, and we're left to wonder if they'll soon be caught.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Belle and Shawn bond while at the safe house, but they're worried that Claire is suffering because they're on the run, so they sing a sweet lullaby to their daughter to calm her. There's a close call when the cops arrive, but Shawn diverts their attention by pretending to be drunk. Belle and Claire manage to hide, but Shawn is arrested for public intoxication. Belle worries they'll never make it to the freighter in time to escape, but Nick and Chelsea show up, and promise to bail Shawn out.

Meanwhile, Philip is still stuck at the airport in Salem after TSA officials found a knife in his carry-on. Victor manages to get him released, but Philip fears he's lost too much time in the chase for Claire. Victor supports him, but is concerned that his son's anger will ruin their plans. Philip defends himself, assuring Victor he's got it under control. Victor, however, is appalled that Willow is traveling with Philip. Later, Victor provides his private plane for Philip's use. Philip and Willow take off, hoping to catch up with Shawn and Belle before they can escape.

Chelsea and Nick bond on their flight to Toronto. She catches him stealing a glance at her and they share a light moment. Chelsea says she thinks the reason he's so awkward around women is because he's a virgin. Nick hotly denies this, but Chelsea presses, wondering how many women he's slept with. Nick turns the tables and asks her the same questions, but she too tries to change the subject. Nick busts her, not believing she's ever been with anyone. Their playfulness leads to a near-kiss.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Shawn pleads with the jailer to let him out, promising to pay whatever fines he's incurred. He's stunned when Philip and Willow arrive to confront him. Philip says he'll let Shawn and Belle off scot-free if they hand over Claire. Shawn refuses, says no matter how brave Philip was in battle, he's a coward in his personal life. Enraged Philip leaves, but discovers where Belle is hiding. Nick appears at the jail to pay Shawn's fines, but the jailer tells them it's more complicated now because Shawn's implicated in a kidnapping.

In counterpoint, Belle is horrified that Shawn is in jail. Chelsea and Nick promise they'll get him out. They've brought money from Steve and Kayla to do whatever's necessary. When Merle comes back from the jail, he reports that a man and woman are there intimidating Shawn. A distraught Belle realizes that Philip has caught up with them. Nick goes to the jail to bail Shawn out, and Chelsea stays to take care of Belle and Claire. The three 'women' bond, and Chelsea feels very protective of Belle and Claire. But later, Philip is pounding on the safe house door, yelling for Belle to come out.

Kate introduces Sami to the producer and director of a cable show, and touts Sami as a perfect candidate to have her courageous story told. Sami is flattered -- and seduced by the glory -- but is nervous when she realizes they want to go to the cabin to do a re-enactment. When the producers offer to showcase her, Sami accepts happily. After Sami leaves to give Lucas the good news, we see this is all a set-up and the producer and director are private investigators Kate hired to prove Sami was lying.

E.J. shows Lucas plans for expanding Mythic and describes his possible role in the company. Lucas is reluctant to commit. After all, the guy is a DiMera. E.J. thinks Lucas's real concern is that he doesn't want to work with his mother. Lucas doesn't argue with that. They're interrupted when Will comes home and wonders why E.J.'s out of jail. E.J. tries to buy him off with a brand-new Playstation. Later, Lucas and Sami reluctantly realize he needs the job to support their growing family.

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