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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, February 5, 2007

Philip tracks Belle down to the abandoned warehouse, but Chelsea manages to pull a bait-and-switch, sneaking Claire out of there before he realizes it. Philip and Belle finally hash out what happened between them. Philip blames her for the dissolution of their marriage, and Belle will never forgive him for walking away from her and Claire.

Meanwhile, Nick helps Shawn by convincing the police to call Roman. The cop does, and finds out this is a family court violation, not kidnapping. Shawn is released, but finds himself with no money left to bolt Canada. Chelsea shows up with Claire, and Shawn is reunited with his daughter. Before Shawn can go after Belle, Merle arrives and says the freighter left. He has a back-up plan, but it'll take money. Nick comes up with an idea; he sells his graduation watch for the money. Belle is reunited with Shawn and Claire, and they head off. Chelsea, meantime, finds herself impressed with the way Nick has handled everything.

In counterpoint, Philip catches Willow stealing his belongings from the hotel room. He kicks her out, telling her to find someone else to leech off of. Later, Willow sets her sights on revenge and ropes Merle into her scheme.

Sami tells her story to the TV crew, but when she tries to re-enact what happened the night she saved Lucas, she finds herself unable to move the heavy beam. Kate is privately pleased. When Lucas sees Sami trying to lift it he orders her to stop before she hurts the baby! Kate is floored when she learns that Sami is pregnant. Later, we get the feeling that Sami is nervous about getting caught in her lies.

Steve takes Kayla out for dinner and they run into E.J. Steve is shocked that E.J. has gotten out of jail and confronts him about the episodes he's been having. E.J. sets off Steve's memories, and Steve attacks him with a knife. Kayla tries to calm him down, but he loses it and tackles E.J. through the window at Chez Rouge.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

persuade him to check himself into the psych ward at University Hospital to undergo hypnosis for his missing memory. Benjy drops by as well, having read in the paper about Steve's fight with E.J. After some coaxing, Benjy admits that Stefano threatened him if he didn't give Steve the devil tarot card. Unfortunately, Benjy doesn't know any details about the card. Later, Steve admits to Kayla that he feels betrayed by his old friend. Kayla convinces Steve that Benjy did what he did because he was scared, just like Kayla is scared for Steve's and her future. Finally, Steve agrees to commit himself to the hospital after his arraignment.

E.J. meets with his attorney and with Lucas and announces he's going to file criminal charges of assault against Steve. He also wants to bring a civil suit against Steve and Kayla, vowing to bring down anyone who crosses him.

Worried how it will look that she wasn't able to lift the beam during the recent TV shoot, Sami calls the network to insist they remove that footage from the story. She discovers, however, that the show is no longer on the air and soon realizes Kate set her up.

Kate meets with Roman and a physics expert, who has examined a DVD with footage of Sami trying to move the beam. The expert asserts that Sami was incapable of lifting the beam. Kate suggests to Roman that it was E.J. who helped Sami. Later, Roman calls Sami to the police station.

Willow tells Philip she's pregnant with Shawn's baby. Realizing he can use this as leverage against Shawn, Philip makes a deal with Willow. If he gives her money, he wants her to give him access to the baby after it's born. Later, Philip learns that Shawn, Belle and Claire left Toronto on a cruise ship to an unknown destination.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Doctors and nurses prepare John to be moved to a long-term care facility. Guilt-ridden Marlena is visited by his spirit. He says he's been trying to reach her in her dreams but can't get through. When she kisses his lips, John's spirit returns to his body and he whispers that he'll find her in her dreams. Marlena asks the medical staff if they saw what she saw, but they didn't. She makes a decision: she doesn't want John moved from the hospital.

Steve is being released on bail, and Kayla wants him to keep his promise to check into the psych ward so they can find the source of his episodes. Steve is reluctant, especially when Dr. Beale says he needs to commit himself for two weeks. But he eventually agrees to do it for Kayla's sake.

Sami breaks down in tears when Roman questions her about the video Kate made showing her unable to move the beam. Sami blames herself for letting Kate fool her, but insists she's telling him the truth. Later, while Roman is out of the office, Sami finds E.J.'s case file and swipes a disk labeled "John Black Surveillance."

E.J. offers to help Billie move her things into her new apartment. They flirt and banter, and Billie mentions she wants a new start. She describes her idea for a home security business, and E.J. thinks it's a good one. In fact, he'd like for them to discuss it further in his apartment.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kate is about to conduct a press conference when Lucas charges in. He demands to know why his mother staged the fake documentary to try to humiliate Sami. Kate maintains that Sami's lying about what really happened that night. Clearly someone helped her lift that heavy beam. Lucas doesn't care. All that matters is that she saved his life. If Kate keeps pushing, Lucas warns her he'll have no choice but to cut her out of his life forever.

Meanwhile, Sami runs into flirtatious Billie and E.J. outside her apartment. Sami privately warns Billie she's playing with fire. Billie, however, explains that E.J. is interested in her business proposal, nothing more. Later, Lucas has a talk with his sister, echoing Sami's warning.

Sami arrives at Kate's presentation and secretly switches Kate's film with the surveillance disk she swiped from her father. The press notices E.J.'s arrival and question him regarding his notoriety. Kate makes an impassioned speech about E.J.'s innocence and the high moral standards she and E.J. insist on at Mythic. To illustrate this, Kate starts the film, which turns out to be salacious footage of her and E.J. ripping each other's clothes off in a sexual frenzy.

Unable to communicate any other way, John and Marlena meet in their dreams. John explains to a frightened Marlena that he has to tell her something critically important, something E.J. told him the night he was shot: Steve was brainwashed by the DiMeras. Marlena peppers him with questions, trying to get more information. But before he can respond, John vanishes from her dream.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Aboard the Cruise Ship: Shawn comes into the suite going on, and on about how big it is and how there is a lot they could do. He tells Belle that they could even buy swimsuits and take Claire to play in the pool. Belle is adamant that she and Claire will not be leaving their room until the ship docks. They are back and forth on the subject for awhile and Shawn reminds Belle that he will protect their family. Finally Belle gives in and says they can leave the room only if they follow certain rules. They have to go by the names on their passports, and they tell all who ask that they are from Nova Scotia. Belle tells Shawn that she doubts that anyone would be asking them to sing "O, Canada." They talk back and forth a bit about missing home and family and then Claire wakes up. Belle notices she has a fever and insists that Shawn call the ship's doctor. The doctor arrives and tells Belle that her fever isn't really all that bad. Belle comments that she has been cutting her molars and the doctor accredits her fever to that reason. He tells Belle to keep giving her fluids every fifteen minutes to be sure she doesn't get dehydrated, and to call him if the fever gets worse. Shawn thanks the doctor, but before he leaves he insists on seeing "Lucy Ann's" passport. Shawn hands it to the doctor and he immediately notices there is no immunization stamp on her passport.

Mythic Communications: We first see a replay of the X Rated material of Kate and E.J. Sami claims this is how personal Kate and E.J take their business, should anyone happen to do any with Mythic. Sami leaves the room and an obviously furious Kate follows her out. Sami reminds Kate that it was her that saved Kate's butt while she was searching E.J's apartment, and that it was her who saved Lucas' life, but that wasn't good enough for Kate, she had to go and try to humiliate Sami with a fake documentary. Sami asks Kate how she likes being publicly humiliated. Kate reminds Sami that it was not only her on that video, that it was E.J as well, and he is not going to be very happy with her.

Billie disgustedly asks E.J how he could sleep with her mother, E.J replies with, life is short, and one takes pleasure where one can find it. She remarks that she thought he was interested in Sami. E.J says that Samantha is with Lucas now and therefore, not available.

Kate tells E.J she is worried about the presentation and what everyone thinks. E.J tells her not to worry he has a plan. E.J goes back into the conference room and playfully addresses everyone. He asks, how many of you thought that was me. Everyone's hands go up. He asks, how many of you thought that was Kate Roberts. Again, everyone show their hands. E.J goes on to excitedly explain that this is ground breaking new technology called CGI technology, and explains it as animated reality. He seems to win everyone over with his rant and as Kate approaches him, he turns the presentation back over to her.

Billie finds Sami and asks her how she could do that to her mother. Sami goes on to explain how Kate set her up with a farce cable company to do a fake documentary to humiliate her. She goes further to say if Kate wants a war, she'll give her a war, and Kate will lose. Sami then warns Billie about her involvement with E.J. She tells Billie that she knows that's she is interested in him, but she is worried. Billie turns the table on her telling her she knows she loves Lucas but there is still a small part of her that wants E.J. Sami is angry at Billie for saying that and leaves to go to the bathroom.

E.J comes out of the conference room looking for Sami. He and Billie make small talk about conducting business together. Billie makes herself clear to E.J that she is not like her mother and will not be one of E.J's trophies. E.J kisses her hand and comments that Billie is a very attractive woman, but their arrangement is whatever she wants it to be. Kate comes out of the conference room and overhears the last bit about their business deal and tells E.J he must come back in to answer some questions.

Sami comes back out of the bathroom and Billie goes to town on her again. Billie realizes that Sami is not feeling very good and asks her why she even came, was it all worth it. After some chatter between the two, Billie feels her head and tells her she doesn't have a fever. After a few seconds she puts the two together and figures out Sami is pregnant. Sami tells her she is, and tells Billie that her dad and Kate knew and now she knows. Billie can sense that Sami isn't happy about it and asks if the baby is Lucas'. Sami is clearly disgusted at Billie's accusation. Sami tells Billie that she has never cheated and that she loves Lucas. Everything she has ever done has been for the man she loves. Billie apologizes. Kate and E.J come back out of the room saying the damage is under control. Kate tells Sami that Lucas still has a job, as he would have been unemployed had Mythic gone under, and she can't wait to tell him what she did. Sami didn't realize this and looks uncomfortable. Billie tells her mom to be quiet; Sami has the flu, and doesn't feel well. E.J remarks she looks terrible and then leaves. Kate takes the opportunity to warn Billie about E.J. Billie tells her mom that she can take care of herself and to butt out.

At the Psych Ward: Steve is really jumping out of his skin. He is clearly very uncomfortable. He makes comments how jail is much better than being locked up in the loony bin. He tells Kayla that they should be making love right now. Kayla tells him that he has to stay. It is in the conditions of bail. Dr. Beal comes in and after a little chatter finally gets Steve to lie down and starts hypnosis. Once under, he asks Steve to go back and remember when he first heard this, and demonstrates a constant bang noise. We see Steve in a room with bare walls, strapped to a bed, shaking violently, undergoing electric shock therapy. He remember seeing E.J in his face holding the devil tarot card saying "you're one of us now Steve." He wakes up very suddenly saying he doesn't remember anything. Steve tells the doctor that he wants to leave, but of course the bail conditions are brought up again. We clearly see that Steve does remember the session. He goes to the bathroom. The doctor tells Kayla it's obvious that he has been tortured, and that his memories are being suppressed, and that he would like to try another session later in the week, and leaves the room. Kayla insists Steve tell her what he remembers, and he claims he doesn't remember anything. He tries to get her to leave the room by saying he has to make some craft and they will pay him for every inch he makes. He hugs Kayla and she leaves. Steve takes a coin out of his pocket, uses it to take the screws out of the bars that cover the window, and then escapes from the hospital.

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