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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Java Café: Kayla meets Bo for coffee at the Java Café, and tells him the details about Steve's hypnosis session. Kayla informs Bo that Steve has been tortured, more than likely by the DiMera's. Bo tells Kayla that he has talked to Marlena, she talked to John through a dream, and John warned Marlena that Steve has been brainwashed to do things he has no control over. Bo implies the details may not be so accurate as they were only dreams. Kayla feels that her dreams may have some merit, as John and Marlena have a strong connection and how would Marlena know otherwise that Steve had been brainwashed. They chatter back and forth as to what may really be going on. Bo tries to explain to Kayla that Steve is only trying to protect her, but she fears something terrible is going to happen. Kayla receives a call from the hospital informing her that Steve has taken off. Bo feels he knows exactly were Steve is and they leave in a rush.

Mythic Communications: We see E.J on a business call as Steve comes bursting in exclaiming that he knows what happened to him. E.J drops his call immediately as Steve keeps demanding that he tell him why he was tortured and what more have they done to him. He tries to take a swing at E.J, and E.J retaliates by pulling out a devil tarot card and holding him back via some sort of mind control. Steve tries with all his might to attack E.J but he is unsuccessful. E.J pats Steve on the head, teasing him, calling him a "good little dog," telling him that he was picked directly by Stefano to be their soldier, and that he will be better than John Black. This upsets Steve further, who is still trying as hard as possible to get his strength back. Steve tells him that he isn't anyone's soldier and he won't get away with this. E.J goes on to further say, if he doesn't do what is required of him, it may affect the ones he loves, Kayla and Stephanie. E.J keeps using this tarot card to keep Steve down as we see Bo and Kayla come charging into E.J's office. E.J has his back to Bo and Kayla, so they don't get to see the tarot card that E.J has in his hand. He quickly slips the card back into his pocket as Bo and Kayla directly help Steve up. An exhausted Steve keeps trying to mumble that he seen E.J in the room. That it was him that tortured him. Bo wants to know what E.J did to him. He claims he didn't do anything and that Steve broke out of the hospital and barged in and tried to attack him... Again! Steve practically begs Bo to take him back to jail. Bo agrees that if that's where he wants to be he will take him back to the station. Bo asks Kayla to take Steve out of the car while he speaks to E.J , she agrees, but before she does, she tells E.J she has something to say to him, and slaps him hard across the face, after, telling him he is going to pay for what he's done to Steve.

Bo tells E.J that they are aware of the reasons that Benjy gave the tarot card to Steve. Bo tries to tell E.J that Steve has been through enough. E.J tells Bo that this is the third time he has tried to attack him and that he won't drop the charges. Bo insults E.J by telling him "he is sick and twisted just like his old man." E.J says, "I am a DiMera, you are a Brady, why can't we just get along?" E.J goes on to tell Bo that Steve should be locked up, he is dangerous and out of control. Bo calls E.J by his whole name saying, "You, Elvis Junior DiMera, can go to hell!" and storms out, as we then see E.J looking at the tarot card again and saying, "not be fore you Bo, not before you."

Aboard the Cruise Ship: Shawn and Belle tell the doctor that "Lucy Ann" has had all of her shots. The doctor suggests that maybe the couple were given a form. Belle agrees that must be the case and looks in all the suitcases and bags. She tells the doctor that they are tired and that they will look for the form and give it to him first thing in the morning. They have been traveling a lot and must have misplaced it. The doctor agrees and says they will meet in the morning and deal with this matter.

With that the doctor leaves and immediately Belle starts to worry about not having the information for the doctor. Shawn tells Belle not to worry. The worst that can happen is that he gives Claire a shot, which she needed anyway. Belle is a little more at ease. She thanks Shawn and tells him that he is good at dealing with the problems that arise, while she is always a wreck. He comforts Belle by saying that there would be no need for him to be there with her if she handled every situation calmly and collectedly. Belle decides that she wants to go have a shower. While she's doing that, Shawn hangs a sheet at the edge of the bed to give Belle some privacy to change. He tells Belle that he will sleep on the couch and she can have the bad. Belle tells Shawn that isn't necessary, but he insists on being a gentleman. Meanwhile Belle is getting dressed as Shawn can see her image on the sheet. Shawn decides he needs to go have "cold" shower.

Shawn comes out after having his shower and we see the same torment Belle goes through seeing his image through the sheet. He comes out from behind the sheet, and gives Claire a kiss goodnight. He and Belle seem to get a little close as he tells her they should get some sleep, as they will need it. They will figure out something to do regarding the doctor in the morning. Belle turns out the light, both lie awake thinking of each other.

Victor's Mansion: Philip is in the living room studying a map of possible routes the ship could be taking, yelling at a detective on the phone to do his job, severely frustrated by the whole situation. Lucas comes walking in, at first not realizing he is Philip, and then asks him how he's doing. Philip asks him is he really wants to know, and goes on to say, "I lost my leg, my face, but neither hurt as bad as loosing my daughter." Lucas tells Philip that he is sorry for that but he doesn't feel that he has a right to take Claire away from her parents. Philip is angry at Lucas for turning his back on him. He asks Lucas why he is there. Lucas tells him that he would like his help to get his job with Titan back. Philip makes a remark about only coming over when he wants something, but agrees to talk to Victor.

Victor walks in right at that moment and had heard, he tells Lucas that he made his choice and walked away. Lucas retaliates by saying he was forced to go get Claire, he didn't want to be involved with that personal matter, and that he was "loyal to Titan and his work there. Victor tells Philip to call security and tell them they have an intruder. Philip won't do that to Lucas, but tells him he thinks Lucas can find his own way out.

Victor tells Philip he made the right choice. Philip feels bad saying that Lucas has always been good to him and he doesn't like that he is stuck in the middle. He tells Victor that he as been up all night but cannot find Belle and Shawn. Victor suggests that Philip goes over tax records of everyone on the ship. If they are traveling under assumed names then they can find them. Philip doesn't know how to get that sort of information and Victor says he will be right back.

Lucas comes back in telling Philip that he can't start his car. Philip apologizes for the way he treated Lucas earlier and tells him that he must please Victor. He goes on to say that Victor is getting old and soon will hand over Titan to him, and he will re hire Lucas. Lucas says that he can't work for E.J that long. Philip pulls out a huge brick of cash to give Lucas. Lucas won't except it, he tells Philip he likes to work for his money. With that Philip offers Lucas his car for however long he needs it, and Lucas leaves.

Victor comes back in with the tax records Philip needs. Philip is in awe of the power his father has. Victor tells him to get busy and find them. At that point Willow comes in going on and on about how big the house is, and Victor insults her on his way out. Willow tells Phil that she doesn't think his dad is very happy about her being there. He tells her Victor will live with it. She tells Philip that she just came from her doctor appointment and that she is four months pregnant. She goes on further to say she doesn't need and amnio as she knows Shawn is the father. Philip tells her she better hope he is or she is out on her butt. Willow tries to come on to Phil but he will have none of it. He says he doesn't mix business with pleasure. He explains what he is doing with the tax records and wants her to help. She asks him what she gets if she finds Shawn and Belle and he tells her his undying gratitude. Willow says that would be a start. Willow and Philip get to work and again she comes on to him. She realizes that isn't smart and stops. After awhile of going over the records Willow excitedly tells Philip that she thinks she found Shawn and Belle.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sami's Apartment: Roman stops by to chastise Sami for showing the video at Kate's presentation. He tells Sami that he is very disappointed in her for her actions, and tells Sami that Kate is threatening to sue the P.D for Sami stealing the video surveillance and publicly humiliating her. Roman assures Sami, if that happens, Kate will win. He goes on to say that he should be arresting her for taking evidence out of his office. Sami isn't at all ashamed of her actions. She goes on to tell her dad that Kate was the one who started it, and she deserved what she got, and that if Kate wants to sue someone it should be her. Sami goes further by telling her dad he has her on a short leash, that she did one bad thing and that's going to erase all the good actions of past. Roman insists she convinced everyone she did change, but these actions prove otherwise. Sami tells her dad to arrest her. She is more than willing to do the time; however Roman informs his daughter that he has already put the disc back. He warns Sami to stay away from both E.J and Kate. Roman tells Sami, just before leaving, that he has also told Kate to back off, and asks if she has told Lucas what she did. Sami informs her dad that she hasn't told Lucas yet but will.

Lucas comes home to a very upset crying Samantha. He wants to know what is going on. Sami tells him that she did something and he isn't going to like it. Sami goes on to tell Lucas what she did to his mother with the video of Kate and E.J. Lucas, over happy about the situation, tells her that he knows. He talked to his mother and when she told him the story, he laughed so hard he almost drove off the road, which would have sucked, as he is borrowing his brother's car. Sami looks really relieved, but can't help but feel like Lucas maybe a little angry with her actions. He tells her Kate deserved what she got. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her fire, as long as it's not pointing at him. They chit chat back and forth about how he hates to be working with his mom and E.J, but he will make sure that Kate stops meddling in their affairs. Lucas goes on to say that he's been feeling bad for Marlena and John. Marlena sits and hopes day after day that John will wake up and come back to her. He says he also feels bad for Shawn and Belle, he knows they're in love, and are now on the run to keep their child. Every moment counts, he continues his speech, as he tries to muster up the courage, and again finally, he asks her to marry him.

Nicks Lab: Max and Mimi have come to find out the test results. Nick tells her the DNA matched. Mimi is upset to hear the remains of the skeleton are those of her father. Max tries to comfort her as she goes on to say that she thought her father didn't care about her. That he just left and never looked back. She tells Max that she knows that Connor and Bonnie know what happened. Otherwise, why would her mother and brother go through the trouble to steal the bones and try to bury them in the backyard Max tells Mimi that they should go and see Abe and tell him what they know, but tells her, it's her call.

Meanwhile Nick goes back into his office, only to find out that there was an ad placed in the paper for a lab assistant. He is clearly distraught about this and leaves in a hurry.

Billie and Chelsea's Apartment: Chelsea is on the phone with Abigail, who is teasing her by saying that she thinks Chelsea has a crush on Nick. Billie arrives and Chelsea ends her call. She tells Billie about how she needs and wants to work. She wants to be able to take care of herself. Billie jokingly asks if this lady is her daughter Chelsea, who always wanted something for nothing. Chelsea tells her mom its time she grew up. Billie asks Chelsea if she talked to Nick about his office. Chelsea tells her mom that he doesn't have an opening, at the same time she comes across an ad in the paper for and assistant in the lab at the hospital. Chelsea seems to be a bit confused, because Nick told her there were no openings, and now she is reading one in the paper. Billie tries to give supporting advice to Chelsea, like perhaps there wasn't an opening but now there is. Chelsea still seems at odds over the job, and is hurt that Nick wouldn't recommend her for the position, since Chelsea thought they had become so close. They differ back and forth for a bit. Chelsea brings up to Billie that Nick slept with an older woman, and maybe that's why he doesn't want her around. Billie is shocked, but asks Chelsea if he told her who this older lady was. Chelsea doesn't know but pledges that she will find out. Chelsea decides she wants to go to the hospital and find out what is going on with Nick and corner him until he tells her what is really going on.

At the hospital Chelsea fills out an application for the lab assistant position and asks Billie what to put down for the question; have you ever been convicted of a felony. Billie tells Chelsea to put down that she hasn't, because she wasn't convicted, she only got community service. As Chelsea finishes filling out the form she looks over to see the one and only... "Dr. Shane Patton." Who is really Dr. Rebert? Chelsea calls his name and quizzically, he looks at her. She runs up to him and plants kisses all over him and hugs him.

Java Café: Nick meets Abby at the Java Café. He tells Abby he's horrified to find out what Chelsea will say if she finds the listing for the job in the paper. Abby tells Nick he needs to come clean and finally tell the truth. He can't, he is afraid of hurting her and what she would think. Abby warns him if Chelsea gets the job, and comes face to face with the "Lonely Splicer" that would be disastrous. Nick tells Abby he needs to go find Chelsea and explain, and Abby offers to come for support.

Abe Carver's House: Celeste comes over to see Abe and Theo. Abe asks her if she could pick up a small Valentine's Day gift for Theo, which she has, a toy truck. Celeste asks Abe if there is any word on Alexandra. Abe tells her no. Celeste believes that she would never turn her back on Theo, or Abe for that matter. Abe stumbles into a stool and Celeste asks him how his eyesight is, to which he replies is getting worse. Abe asks Celeste if she would be willing to let Theo come live with her for awhile. He can't take care of Theo with his failing eyesight; he needs someone to take care of him. She doesn't think that would be a good idea. With Lexie gone, Theo shouldn't loose his father too. Celeste comes up with an alternative; she will come and live with Abe and Theo. He agrees and tells her, she can tell Theo about it while she takes him out.

Max and Mimi arrive over at Abe's and tell him that the DNA matches Mimi's. The skeleton is her father. Abe tells Mimi how sorry he is. He tells Mimi further that she will have to talk to Roman, as he isn't on the force anymore. With that, Max and Mimi leave.

Celeste and Theo come back from getting an ice cream and Celeste tells Abe she talked to Theo about moving in to take care of them, and he is ok with it. He tells her she can have the master room. He can't sleep in there anymore.

Aboard the Cruise Ship: The doctor that treated Claire is talking to the ship captain. The doctor tells him that something isn't right with the couple and suggests he check them out.

Shawn brings some new clothes to Claire, and Belle clearly isn't happy about him spending money that they need to live. Later on Belle has taken Claire swimming and after they are lying on the deck getting some sun. Shawn comes back dressed in scuba gear. He tells Belle that he won the gear in a diving competition. They both are sitting on deck, lounging, talking about how beautiful the islands in the distance are. Shawn tells Belle the ship is going to dock there, and it would be nice to go hiking on the island and get off the ship for awhile. Belle is adamant that they should stay on the boat, Shawn finally agrees. Belle comes across a newspaper article that features her and Shawn. How they are on the run from the law and are wanted by the police. Belle becomes hysterical, takes Claire, and heads back for the cabin room.

Once in the cabin, Belle continues to freak out, saying they need to get off the ship. Shawn tells Belle to calm down. Belle is scared that someone on the ship will recognize them, they will be sent back to Salem and Claire will be given back to Philip. At that moment there is a knock on the door; Shawn answers it to find the ships captain, who says, "Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, there is a problem with your passports."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sami's Apartment: Lucas is down on his knee waiting for an answer to his proposal of marriage. Sami asks him t repeat the question. He does so, he also adds that he has never stopped loving her, and that their life has been a rollercoaster of trials and tribulations, but they have gotten past them all. Sami tells Lucas, she can't marry him. Lucas, who is totally confused by her response, asks why. She claims she doesn't deserve him. Kate definitely wouldn't like them being married. Lucas tries to get Sami to reconsider, by telling her that if Kate doesn't like it she's out of his life. He loves her and can't see those as being good reasons for them not to be married. He wants to live his life with her. Lucas asks her again to marry him. Sami's response this time is; "yes!" Lucas passionately kisses Sami.

Later, we see the two cuddling on the couch. Sami is admiring her ring, she says, "it's a perfect fit," but is worried about the cost of it. Lucas tells her not to worry about that. Lucas gives Sami a stuffed Kangaroo for the baby. She asks Lucas when he got so romantic, to which Lucas replies that she brings out the best in him.

They start talking about family and Lucas brings up Philip, and how he is obsessed with a child that isn't even his. Lucas comments about how when their baby is born, he'll know it is his right off the bat this time. Sami is completely puzzled and starts getting all worked up again, asking Lucas how he can say such a thing. Lucas apologizes. He didn't mean for the statement he made to come out like that. All he meant is that when Will was born they had a lot of baggage. He didn't know that Will was his son for quite a long time, but this time it will be different, they will be married when the baby comes, and nobody can ever question this new baby's paternity. Sami apologizes for getting upset again. She tells him for the second time that she doesn't deserve him. Lucas asks her to stop implying that. Sami says she is just worried about Kate and E.J. Lucas wants to know what E.J has to do with it. She was never with him. Sami tells Lucas she just wants everything to be perfect, that she wants to do things right this time, and that she promises she'll do everything she can to make him happy. Lucas goes on to tell her that no one will ever come between them.

After a bit more chit chat back and forth, E.J knocks on the door. He comes in wondering how Sami is doing. He gives her kudos for how she stood up to Kate. E.J asks Sami and Lucas what they have been celebrating. Lucas tells E.J that they are now engaged. E.J seems a little shocked and asks what inspired the fast engagement, as he picks up the stuffed animal that Lucas bought the new baby, and further asks Sami if she is expecting. Lucas almost spilled the beans and answered yes, but Sami interrupts and tells E.J, the stuffed toy is for her niece, Claire for when she arrives back home. We can see that E.J doesn't quite believe Sami. On his way out, he stops to remind Lucas and Sami not to forget about the conference, it will be very family oriented. Once he closes the door he says out loud, "you're hiding something, Samantha."

At the Station: Kayla is trying to get Steve to reconsider and go back to the hospital for treatment. E.J comes in to announce that he is going to drop the charges. Steve tells E.J, "No thanks, I'd rather stay in jail." E.J sends the rookie cop to go get the release papers. Steve tells E.J he doesn't want his help, and knows that he tortured him am will not stop until he finds out why. For everything E.J has done to him he is going to get it back a thousand times worse. E.J says to Steve and Kayla that he is a business man and doesn't want this situation to interfere with that. Kayla sends Steve, who is now all worked up, to go and sign his release papers. Kayla stays back to talk to E.J. He tells her that Steve is dangerous and needs help. He dropped the charges out of compassion. Kayla tells E.J it wasn't compassion, he has none. Kayla tells E.J it will be her that keeps Steve out of trouble, and if E.J even lifts one finger to hurt him, she'll kill him herself.

Kayla leaves and Steve comes back in. He wants to know what is going on. E.J tells Steve to just play along with the game, or someone, like Kayla for instance, will get hurt. E.J leaves and almost instantly Steve has some kind of episode. Kayla comes back in and asks if Steve is alright. He drops a box on the floor and Kayla asks what it is. He tells her it's a Valentine gift for her, he's been carrying it around. Kayla opens it and it is a necklace with two hearts intertwined. Kayla loves it and wants to go home and put all of this behind them. Steve tells her, he won't stop until he finds out what happened to him.

At the Hospital: We see Chelsea and the doctor together. He doesn't seem to respond to her. She realizes something is up and asks if he is Dr. Shane Patton. He tells her his name is Dr. Rebert. Now Chelsea is confused, she further asks if he's been online as the "Lonely Splicer." He still isn't sure what she is talking about. Chelsea tells the doctor that she has been chatting online with someone with his picture. He isn't sure what is going on, but he assures her it wasn't him. Chelsea tells him not to hold it against her when he reviews her application for the lab assistant position. Chelsea tells him that her friend Nick Fallon works there and she thought he would recommend her for the job. The doctor apologizes again, and leaves. Billie tells Chelsea perhaps when she was doing her community service; someone liked her and used the doctor's picture to message her because he was too shy. Chelsea wants to go find Nick so he can help her figure it out. Billie takes time out to call Nick, who was waiting outside of their apartment, so he could talk to Chelsea. He wants to come clean and tell her the truth that "Lonely Splicer." Billie tells Nick that Chelsea ran into Dr. Patton, only he isn't who she thought he was. Billie further tells him that someone played a really cruel joke on her. Nick asks where she is. Billie tells him she went looking for him, and is more than likely at his house.

Meanwhile, Chelsea arrives at Maggie's and she lets her in to wait for Nick in his room. She is snooping around and comes across two different movie posters, one Shane and one Patton. We can see that Chelsea has just figured out Nick was Shane Patton. After a few moments Nick comes into his room to find Chelsea upset. She asks Nick how he could do this to her. He tries to explain but Chelsea cuts him off. She tells him she was embarrassed because she thought she had found her dream man and he didn't even know she existed. She continues on to tell him that she believed the things he told her, and that "lonely Splicer was the one who inspired her to change and become a better person. He finally gets a word in, and tells her that, while he was at work one day, he came across her blog. She sounded sad and lonely and he just wanted to help her. He made up the name because he knew how much she didn't like him at the time and he was afraid he would never be able to tell her how he felt about her. Chelsea says that she told him things that she hasn't ever told anyone and how she was honest with him. She goes further to say that he is the one responsible for ruining her life and she will never forgive him for it and storms out.

Aboard the Cruise Ship: Shawn and Belle are trying to come up with reasons why they cannot find "Lucy Ann's" immunization papers. The Captain doesn't think they are who they say and demands their passports. He gives them a look and states that they are indeed fake passports. Finally Shawn and Belle try to compromise with the truth. That Philip is paying everyone off to take their little girl away from them. Shawn tells the captain to turn his cheek and they will get off the ship. The captain tells Shawn and Belle that he has to keep them detained to wait for authorities. Shawn tries to talk him out of it further, as Philip and Willow walk into the room. Philip asks Shawn if he really thought he would get away with this. Belle tells the captain that Philip can't have her little girl. Philip demands that the captain take Claire and give her to him or he will find out that he can't get another job better than a tramp steamer.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sami's Apartment: Lucas and Sami just finished with an afternoon delight, and are talking together on the couch. Sami tells Lucas that she is afraid that her wedding with be cursed yet again, and can't help herself from feeling that way. Lucas tells her not to worry about that. Nothing is going to happen and goes further saying if Sami wants, he will make sure Kate isn't there. At the door, E.J is pounding away insistently. Lucas answers the door snidely and E.J tells him that Billie is upset. He was just at her apartment and she received an eviction notice from Victor. Seems that Lucas is still leasing the apartment from Victor, and he has decided to evict Billie. Lucas thinks he needs to go over and see if there is anything he can do for Billie.

Lucas talks to Billie telling her he will find them a place to live. In the mean time he suggests they stay with him and Sami. Lucas tells her that he proposed to Sami and they are getting married for sure this time. Lucas offers Billie some money to help her out and at first she refused, telling him that she needs to take responsibility for her actions, than a few moments later she takes it. Billie informs Lucas that she will be going into business with E.J. Lucas tries to talk her out of it saying that would be dangerous and she will regret it. Nick arrives at Billie's door looking for Chelsea. He explains the situation at the hospital, and how all the emails were from him, but his true feelings were hidden behind a picture that was really his boss. Billie is upset with him, telling him he never should have done that to Chelsea. Nick and Billie decide they need to go find her.

While Lucas is gone E.J tries to get Sami to admit that she is pregnant, by asking her to have celebratory drink with him. He runs back to his apartment to grab a bottle of champagne after Sami tells him she doesn't keep alcohol in her apartment anymore. E.J returns with the champagne and pours two glasses and makes a toast to her and Lucas's engagement. Sami tells him she would rather not drink since Lucas doesn't and she has lost the taste for it. Sami tells E.J she can toast him just as well with juice. E.J decides to light up a cigar while Sami stops him and says that she doesn't allow smoking of any kind in her home for any reason. E.J suggests another toast; to their child. This throws Sami for a loop; she doesn't know what to say. After a few moments of silence E.J informs her he meant Will. Sami is adamant that E.J leave. He decides to test fate one more time, and ask her point blank if she is pregnant. Lucas arrives outside to hear Sami insist that she is not pregnant. He comes in telling E.J he needs to leave, and goes further to say the next time E.J feels the need to stop by...don't. Lucas tries to calm Sami down, telling her it doesn't matter if E.J knows. Outside E.J says he will find out what he wants to know, he always does.

Bo and Hope's Place: Chelsea comes in to see her dad and tells him why she is upset. She tells Bo and Hope about throwing herself at this doctor who didn't even know who she was. Chelsea comments that it must be payback for all the mean things she has done. Chelsea goes on to apologize to Bo and Hope for circulating pictures of Bo and Billie on the internet. She goes on apologizing for everything, and Bo's phone rings right in the middle of it. Its Roman, he tells Bo they have a statement from Patrick and he needs to come down to the station. Bo tells Chelsea he has to go. Hope suggests Chelsea stays with her and enjoy some ice-cream until Bo comes back. Chelsea tells Hope she doesn't deserve this, and that she hope can forgive her one day. Hope tells Chelsea that she already has, and hopes that Chelsea can forgive her too. Hope goes on to say that she was hurting really bad, but didn't stop and think about how Chelsea felt, and that from now on she wants her and Chelsea to have a fresh start. Baby Girl Brady wakes up and Hope asks Chelsea if she wants to hold her. Chelsea talks to her new little sister and tells her that they will be proud of her one day. Hope talks about the goings on with Nick and her, and says perhaps this is a shy- guy's way of revealing his true feelings, and maybe Chelsea shouldn't be too hard on him.

Down at the station Bo learns that Patrick signed a sworn statement that in no way incriminates E.J. Bo is disappointed that they can't lock him up. He tells Roman that he must be really afraid of E.J. Roman tells Bo that he does incriminate someone and he won't like it. Bo flips through the pages until he finds out what Roman is talking about. Patrick has stated that it was Chelsea helping him. She gave him information as to what goes on with Hope and Bo and that he called on her for help. Bo leaves to go home and confront his daughter.

Chelsea and Hope are still talking when Bo comes in clearly very angry, he tells Chelsea that Patrick signed a confession that she has been helping him. Chelsea denies this; she tries to get her dad to listen. Bo tells her that he is finished, there are no more excuses, he won't do this anymore... she isn't his daughter.

Aboard the Cruise Ship: We see Philip trying to throw his power around. He orders the captain to take Claire from Belle. Philip takes a step toward Belle and Shawn cuts him off, saying that he has no problem throwing him overboard. The captain informs the group that he wants to talk to the authorities to see what they suggest, but if they can't stop fighting, he'll throw all of them in the brig. After he leaves, Philip wants to talk to Belle alone. Reluctantly, Shawn agrees, and he and Willow step outside. Philip talks with Belle, but she doesn't want to listen. He would like to hold Claire. We can see Belle is petrified to hand her over, but Philip advises her he can't go anywhere, they're on a ship. Once she is in his arms, he tells her how much he missed her and loves her. Philip tells Belle it didn't have to be this way. Belle agrees that she doesn't like all the fighting that has taken place and Philip makes the suggestion that they move back in together for Claire's benefit. Philip lays Claire down for a nap, while Belle tells him he is crazy. She doesn't love him. He tells her that he still loves her, and inside he is still the same man, and it is ok if she doesn't love him back. He goes further telling her that he has sole custody right now and Belle may want to reconsider, or she may never see her daughter again. Belle comments that he is sick and delusional and that he will never get Claire, and he better get over it.

Outside the cabin, Willow tells Shawn that she is living in the mansion. Shawn asks her what kind of trick she pulled on Philip to live there. She says it isn't a trick; Philip wants to take care of her and her baby. Shawn laughs at her, as she informs him that the baby is his. Shawn doesn't believe her, but she tells him it's true, she is four month pregnant. Shawn tells her she is a liar and figures that Philip is going to use the baby she is carrying as a bargaining chip to get Claire back.

The captain returns and asks Shawn and Willow to come back inside the cabin. Inside he tells them that his decision is to wait until they dock in Australia and let the port authorities deal with the mess. Shawn and Belle and Claire must stay locked in the cabin until they arrive. Philip insists that he take the cabin next to them so he can make sure they don't take off. The captain is agreeable to that, and offers the cabin right across from Shawn and Belle. With that the captain takes Philip and Willow to their cabin, locking the door when he leaves. Belle is horrified about what will happen once they get to Australia. Shawn tells her not to worry; he will find a way for them to get off the ship before it arrives there.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Max's Garage: Max is on the phone with Mimi explaining that he cannot meet her because he has to do three oil changes, a brake job and has to work on a transmission. He hangs up with Mimi and enters the garage suspiciously, as the lights are on and he never left with them on. Abby rolls out from under the car and tells Max she feels bad for leaving him; she knew he was backlogged at work and finished off the oil changes and brake jobs for him, but left the transmission for him to tackle. Max is shocked, but thankful. Abby tells him she learned a lot just by watching him. Max invites Abby to go out for dinner with him; she agrees, but thinks she should clean herself up first.

Max and Abby are having dinner at Chez Rouge. Max fills Abby in on all the details about the skeletal remains being Mimi's father and that nobody knows how he ended up behind a brick wall in an old church basement. He feels strongly the police will figure it out. Mimi feels terrible for all the nasty things she said about her dad, and all the while, he was dead. Abby asks Max if perhaps Bonnie has anything to do with it. Max tells her he is not sure, but Mimi is petrified that her whole family will end up in jail and she will be alone. Max comments how he is trying to be there for her, but admits the whole situation is overwhelming. Abby takes the opportunity to confess to Max that she was very jealous of their relationship, but has gotten past it and now understands why he likes her. Max tells her that his life feels empty and that there is something out there right in front of him -- he just cannot figure out what it is. Abby suggests that Max might miss racing and asks him to consider getting back into it. Max admits that he is scared after the accident, he is afraid something will happen, and that someone will get hurt. Abby tells him to get back in the pit, and it will not take long for him to gain his confidence again. Max then informs Abby that she was not the only one with a crush. He goes on to tell her that he had a crush on her as well. Max tells her that he wanted to ask her out when she started working for him, but he did not because she is Chelsea's friend. He also tells her that their age difference was another reason why he did not ask her out. Abby is a bit vexed about the comment, telling Max that she is just about the same age as Chelsea. Max tells Abby if they were older, a six-year age difference would not be a problem -- but right now six years is a big difference. Max comments on how Jack would swim across the ocean just to kick his butt.

Billie's Apartment: Nick and Billie return from looking for Chelsea. He is very upset with himself for hurting her and not confessing the truth earlier. Billie tells Nick that he was responsible for the change in Chelsea. Nick tells her "Shane Patton" was responsible for that change. Billie tells him that those were his thoughts and his words that spoke to her, and that Nick is "Shane Patton." Nick tells Billie that he is afraid that another truth will find a way of coming out: that everyone will find out that he and Billie slept together. Billie tries to assure him that will never happen. Nick questions why Billie would want him to be around her daughter after what happened between them. Billie responds that she thinks Nick is perfect for Chelsea and that he brings out the best in her. As they continue to talk about the situation, Hope calls Billie, telling her that Chelsea and her father had an argument. She goes on to say that, Chelsea is very upset and Billie needs to go find her. Billie hangs up with Hope and Nick suggests that Chelsea will try to find Abby. They both leave in a hurry.

Bo and Hope's House: Bo is furious about Chelsea helping Patrick. Chelsea denies it, but Bo gives her Patrick's statement, telling her to read it for Hope to hear as well. Chelsea reads out loud all of Patrick's accusations. He states that he got Chelsea to call her dad and tell him that Hope is leaving town for good, and Bo remembers her calling him and that was why John ended up at the boathouse instead of him. She agrees that Patrick did call her and tell her that, but she only called her dad because it seemed suspicious. Chelsea begs Bo to believe her, but Bo insists that she has tried to break their family up too many times, and he does not believe a word she is saying. Chelsea agrees that at one time she thought she could brake up Bo and Hope and hoped he and her mother would get back together, but she does not feel that way now. She tries to convince Bo that she has changed, but Bo insists that she get out of his house and never come back; she is not welcome in their home anymore. She tries to plead with him, but he repeats his demand, telling her if she does not get out, he will throw her out. Chelsea takes a moment to collect her things, and leaves with Bo slamming the door behind her. Hope picks up the phone and makes a call to Billie, telling her what happened and to go find Chelsea.

At the Garage: Billie shows up and finds her daughter very unhappy. She tells Chelsea that she heard what happened. Nick comes in very slowly. Chelsea spots him and starts to yell at him asking; hasn't he done enough, she told him she never wanted to see him again, and to get out! Billie asks Nick to leave her and Chelsea alone to talk. He agrees and leaves. Billie tells Chelsea that everything will be all right. Bo has a hot temper but he will get over it and everything will be okay. Chelsea tells her mother that they are cursed. Billie disagrees, but tells Chelsea how blessed she feels that Chelsea came back to her after all the years she thought she was dead. Billie goes on to say how much she loves her, and everything will work out in the end, and convinces Chelsea they go home and raid the chocolate cupboard. Meanwhile, Nick goes back to the lab. He talks to Dr. Rebert, who is there working. He tells him how he is mad at himself for hurting Chelsea, and how she will never forgive him. Dr. Rebert tells Nick that he is sorry, turns to leave and says under his breath that he thinks he just filled the position.

Bo and Hope's House: Hope thinks Bo was too hard on Chelsea, telling him that Chelsea is a Brady and is part of their family too. Bo tells Hope that he is sick of her lies and tired of her trying to manipulate them and that he has decided to turn his back on Chelsea for Hope's sake. Hope tells Bo that is not what she wants. Hope goes on to explain that what happened between her and Bo was just as much their fault. They turned in different directions, when they needed each other most. Hope tells Bo that she and Chelsea talked tonight as they have never talked before, and she believes that Chelsea has changed. Hope also reminds Bo what Chelsea did for Shawn, that she put herself on the line for her brother, and that she is desperately seeking Bo's approval. Bo tells Hope that she has a big heart, but he will not give Chelsea another chance.

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